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Sweet Valley Rocks

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Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are identical twin that live in Sweet Valley, California. In Sweet Valley Twins they are 12 years old and go to Sweet Valley Middle School. Elizabeth is the editor-in -cheif in the sixth grade newspaper, her best friend after Jessica is Amy Sutton. Jessica belongs to an exclusive club named The Unicorn Club. They believe that they are the prettiest and most popular girls in school. Elizabeth secretly calls them "The Snob Squad." Jessica's best friend after Elizabeth is Lila Fowler. I n SVH Amy Sutton is now Jessica's best friend and Elizabeth's best friend is Enid Rollins. They are both in the school sority even though Jessica is more active in it than Elizabeth. !!!!!!Happy New Year!!!!!!
I'm making a Club it will be called"Pi Beta Alpha". If you want to join please e-mail at When you e-mail me with your name,age,e-mail address,and your screen name, I will e-mail you and comfirm that you are in the club.I will tell you if your screen name has already been chosen. I will also tell the other members until we get the memberlist and page. I will need people for certain jobs like, Oracle distributer, writers, people who already know html to make the club page and the member list. So if you wnat to join please e-mail at:

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