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Welcome to the homepage dedicated to discussing extraordinary events which have occurred in the lives of otherwise ordinary people. The short stories contained within are NOT works of fiction, but rather the honest recounting of those individuals which have experienced a supernatural encounter. These tales of terror include shuddering stories of ghosts, poltergeists, apparitions, precognition, ESP, witchcraft, and UFOs.

The objective of this site is to illustrate the large number of unusual activities which occur that seem to be well outside the explanations of current scientific knowledge. In addition, it is sometimes eerie and strangely comforting when one discusses a terrifying experience in an open forum such as this only to discover that others have had a similar experience!

I am eagerly anticipating that this site will grow quickly, especially with the proximity of Halloween and the onset of Autumn (there seems to be an innate need to explore the occult and supernatural events during this time of year). PLEASE, I need you to submit TRUE short stories of your supernatural encounters to the following email address: or (preferably) just use the link below. Although there is no limit on the length of any submission, please try and be as concise as possible! Check back often!

As I mentioned before, one of the main purposes of this site is to DISCUSS the stories which are submitted. Once some stories have been posted, PLEASE feel free to submit RESPONSES. Just be sure to include the TITLE of the story you are referring to.

I look forward to reading your chilling tales!!!

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Fairie Fire

The Girl in the Gigham Dress (UPDATED: 8/1/99)

Summer Wonder

Sarah and Scott


The Entity (UPDATED: 8/1/99)

The Doll

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