What NOT to bring...

Drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, knives or weapons, boom boxes, fireworks, lazer pointers, etc..

Ordering Tickets

Order tickets through your church if they are sponsoring this event ($18 per person in groups of 12 or call us at 1 (320) 589-2808 for a ticket order.

(Tickets are NON refundable)

Parents information...

(Parents, keep this information with you)
All youth need to either come with another church group or get dropped off and picked up by someone not attending this event! This is very important safety concern!


The "Release Form" (that is on your ticket) MUST be completed and signed by a parent or guardian.


7:15pm doors open at R.F.C. (Regional Fitness Center) 626 E. 2nd St., Morris, MN
11:15 pm to 7:45am Three places open:

1. R.F.C. 626 E. 2nd St., Morris 589-6485 [UMM Campus Area]
2. P.E.C. (Physcial Education Center) 626 E. 2nd St., Morris 589-3984 [UMM Campus Area]
3. L.C.C. (Lee Community Center) County Rd. 22, Morris 589-3984

7:45am Youth can be picked up after 8am between 8am and 8:30am at the R.F.C. 626 E. 2nd St., Morris

EMERGENCY PHONE # is 1-500-425-8288 or: 1-320-589-6485

What to Bring:

1. A duffle bag or back pack for extra gym clothes, a towel for showering, toiletries (no pillows, blankets or sleeping bag, there will be no time to sleep)
2. Their S.Y.A.T.P. 2000 ticket with the back Release Form signed by a parent or guardian with a contact phone number.
3. Extra $ for Bang Merchandise, CD's, Stickers, Posters, T-Shirts, etc.
4. Safety gear if you are using the Skate Park. Must mark all boards, skates and gear with your name and phone number.
5. Friends!!

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