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Gaia Community Scholarship Autumn 2008

What is your purpose? (25 words or less.) If you had to describe your calling in life, what would you say? What are you here to do? What gift is yours to give to the world?

I feel my purpose in life is to use my unique gifts, talents, and skills to "help" others less fortunate (family, community, state, etc..)

What do you love, and how do (or will) your actions demonstrate this? (250 words or less.) We at Gaia believe that following your heart is the best way to help the whole planet. What do you care about, and what do you most enjoy doing?

Write your ideal job description. (250 words or less.) Forget about job titles like 'doctor' or 'artist' or 'lawyer.' If you could get paid just devote your life to? What would your days be like?

OP Loftbed $500 Scholarship Award, from Op Loftbed

1) What personal characteristics are most important to you in a Presidential candidate a

"I believe a Presidential candidate should do his/her best to "walk the talk". We get too many candidates who "talk", but "not" actually follow it with "action". Yes, we are only humans, so we can't be perfect. However, we should take responsible on following through what we say. For example, if a candidate will "try" to find ways to decrease our dependence on "oil", they should at least "live it out" by driving a gas efficient vehicle. If the candidate does get elected and somehow can't do what he/she promised. He/she should at least have the "guts" to humbly ask the people to "forgive" him and explain him-herself. This is a sign of good integrity, honesty, and humbleness-some characteristics of a "good" candidate-hoping for in this year's election! "

2) Some psychologists say all families are dysfunctional to a degree. What makes your family dysfunctional?

" Ahh ha ha! What a question! Yes, there are no "perfect" families out there as there are no "perfect" individuals (e.g. Presidential candidate). What makes my family dysfunctional is somewhat private, but I'll share some general aspects. My parents immigrated here from the Philippines in the early 1970's for a "better life", like many immigrants that come to "America". The way they raised my siblings and I wasn't the "best" (e.g. "bad" decisions on finances causing "burdens", "jealousy" causing misconceptions, "mental illness" causing uproars, etc..) but they did "tried to do the best" according to their abilities. As I've grown older, I'm beginning to understand my parents' situation or past circumstances. I see my family's past "dysfunctions' as just part of life's "domino effect" (cause and effect). We can't blame our "dysfunctions" to one individual because our world is one big global "interactive" community. However, we each individually can "make a dent" in "bettering our world" one individual, family, community, etc.. at a time "together"! "

3) If you could be a living advertisement for any product or company, what product or company would you choose? (Answer must be 120 words or less.)

" It would be a "book" to promote literacy. I'm going back to school (grad school) to get a teaching license in ESL (English as a Second Language). I've been volunteering for almost 4 years (this coming "Fall") with the Minnesota Literacy Council teaching ESL and ABE (Adult Basic Education). I believe the importance of educating people in particularly "literacy" will help bridge our global community and to break down walls of "miscommunication". I also teach Sunday School at my local church, which I feel "planting a seed" (impacting them to make a difference in the world around them) in a child's life is a "duty" as an adult.

4) Nike has, "Just Do It." Larry the Cable Guy has, "Git-R-Done!" What is your life motto? (Answer must be between 80 and 120 words.)

" "Keep it positive" has been my motto, which was given to me when I served as a mentor at a summer program at the college (University of Minnesota-Morris) I attended back in 95'-99'. The reason for this was I "try" to keep a smile and give a "positive" look on any situation (bad or good). As a mentor to these young college students (e.g. many from "inner-city" neighborhoods) during this 3-week summer program, I tried to be the "best role-model" I can. Our college campus was located in a rural-community setting (2 1/2 hours from Minneapolis-St. Paul area), which was the environment was challenging enough. Many come here and get depressed, lonely, homesick, etc... I tried to show them the "positive" (e.g. quiet, no distractions, more one and one interaction, etc..) of going to school in this setting. Thus, I created websites that deal with "Keep it positive"..." encourage and lift others locally, state-wide, nationally, and globally! I have to give some credit to my dad, who taught me to look at the positive of everybody. This is a key ingredient to getting along with everybody you meet!"

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