Ray An Fuentes Concerts w/other in Minnesota 02' & 03'

"Songs for the Soul: Ray An Fuentes & Kuh Ledesma"

Sunday, June 29th of 2003 @4pm-8p(?)

It was a sold out concert at Inver Hills Assembly of God Church in Inver Grove Heights, MN! It was so packed the people had to fan themselves with sheets of paper to keep cool as body heat or was it God's fire that kept all of thristy for "living" water!

Anyways, my personal feedback from the concert is this following report:

I remember some of the organizers of the last Ray An Fuentes concert wanted to see more youth coming to these. Well, I felt that answer came this evening as many young people were present there as the famous Kuh Ledesma, diva from the Philippines (compared to the 80's-present Cher of the U.S.A.), co-teamed with Ray An Fuentes.

Both teamed together in sharing their personal testimonies to reach the audience at where there at in life (marriage, single, looking for love..).

First, they had a short presentation by some young kids that performed and sang to start the concert off. Then MC-Boo, introduced Ray An Fuentes to the stage. He started the concert by telling the audience present that this will be a personal concert; a little different from the ordinary "less talked about themselves" concert. As a performer, he was able to get the audience to laugh a-lot with his Filipino-Phlippine comparision to America life. For example, when Filipinos come to American grocery stores; they are asked, "paper or plastic?". A Filipino would think, pay these groceries with cash or credit card! Ray then introduced...

Kuh Ledesma, who shared a lot of personal testimony on how God got her marriage out of the "rocks". She continued on what Ray shared on "who do we turn to" when we face the challenges in life. Filipinos hope to get that "green card" to become an American citizen...hope to get that "spouse"...hope to get a "good job"...ok...what's next? Are they happy? They need to fill that "void" in life with God! They can turn to their husbands/wives for support; but they need to turn to God for that "sufficiency"! Someone who will never dissappoint them. Some songs that was popular to the audience was "Ako ay Filipino" and another one that I forgot-she went to the audience and had fans join in the song that was very familiar to many of them. One of the messages she shared from her heart was a personal message to the youth on "looking for love", which you must first find it from God-the main source! Not from boyfriends or even husbands! Her testimony of how God has healed some wounds of her marriage is something that many of the audience (especially couples) can relate too. She shared how the difficult experiences she faced in life before accepting Jesus or becoming "born again" were probably her testimony to share with audiences she performs too now. It's like an encouragment to marriage couples that God can get them through any troubling relationships. Also, a warning to future couples that they have to be "right" with God and wait for His timing for a relationship.

It was "half-time" or intermission (15 minutes), which they took a break from the concert. Many scrambled to the pop machines to get water due to the warmth in the church building.

Ray An Fuentes sang more of fan's favorites: "Crucify...like a rose" (Prodigal Son tribute) and "Everybody Needs Jesus" (with video clips of world issues/problems: wars, crime, riots, etc...). I personally admire Ray's humbleness as he would repeatedly share about how he doesn't look to "man's" claps/cheers at the end of his performances because he gives it to God. In the end, He gets all the credit! At the end of his performance, he gave the "alter call" or invitation for people that raised their hands who needs Jesus to boldy come up front and accept Him to be the Lord of their life to "turn to" daily in front of the whole audience present-between them and God!

Lastly, Kuh Ledesma sang one of her famous songs to end the show. Fans crowded up front to take pictures as the stage was like a run way fashion show (repeated flashes). At the end, she invited people to come meet by the entrance to autograph their newly bought CD's. Also, many were able to take pictures with her as the crowds took awhile to disperse out of the church building.

Praise Reports
-several responded to the "alter call" or inviation to receive Christ in their lives
-many youth came for a "church" event
-sold out concert!
-sold out CD's of Kuh Ledesma
-different Filipino church backgrounds working together in Christ to reach the Filipino and others of the Twin Cities area
-seeds of faith from the Good News that was shared many times were planted in # in attendance -many diverse "nations" were represented based on appearance: Asian-Indian, Hmong, Caucasian Americans, etc..., which shows us that America has more than 1 specific nationality interest in these concerts and we are "all" working together in Christ to reach one nation and another in this land
-$ was raised to feed the needy and poor children of the Philippines

-Have some beverages or water available. Especially have a bottle or two for the performers.
-Not all of the audience understand Tagalog-Filipino language, so the performer(s) must know who their audience are and be able to have them understand what they are saying
-The concert was a "Beneffit Concert for the Children and Needy of the Philippines", which that should be mentioned throughout the concert
-have more CD's available to buy!
-have MC to end the show with prayer, thanks to people who helped-God of course too, and followup to this concert: suggestions in the future, e-mail sign-up list, newsletter sign-up to PSP or Filipino American Christian Church, etc...

Please e-mail me more of your praise reports, suggestions, pictures taken, ``````````questions, or even prayer requests regarding to how God personally touched you at this "Songs for the Soul" concert. Keep Ray An Fuentes, Kuh Ledesma, and the needy and children of the Philippines in continuous prayer. Thanks for coming and please keep in touch

THANK YOU GOD! THANKS or SALAMAT PO RAY AN FUENTES & KUH LEDESMA for your obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ in being used by Him through your God-given gifts and talent to bless the Filipino people and others in the Twin Cities-Minnesota region! Also, thanks to all the faithful, committed, and hard-working organizers (including: Heart of the City to advertise this concert in their newsletter-both paper and e-mail, Minnesota Christian Chronicle=>

Benefit Concert for Children of Philippines

4p.m. at Inver Hills Assembly of God, 8265 Babcock Trail E. in Inver Grove Heights. $20 suggested ticket donation price. www.ministrytothepoor.org or 651-686-8938

, Inver Hills AG church for letting us use their facility for this concert and other related events in the past) behind the scenes to make this concert a success to please God-not man!

Tuesday, July 1st 2003

Dear Christian friends,

Our hardworking concert leader, Bro. Sieg expressed to me his gratitude to all of you, hardworking concert volunteers. I, myself would like to personally thanks everyone involved in the just recently concluded concert. Once again we saw the hands of God in this soul winning endeavor for Him and I believe also that this will continue in the future. I believe that God will continue to entrust us with greater works of Him in this End Times. I encourage everyone to stay faithful and obedient in doing His works. All His promise are true including the rewards that await all of us in heaven.

Please forward this thank you E-mail to anyone I missed. Praise the Lord.

Bro. Carlito

Contact: Salvador Monteagudo saldapal@hotmail.com

"A Weekend to Remember: Ray An Fuentes in Concert"

November 23rd of 2002
In behalf of

Filipino American Christian Church (FACC)


Pagtitipon Sa Panginoon (PSP)

We would like to PRAISE the LORD,
Give the Almighty God ALL the Glory
for the SUCCESS of His work this Weekend.
We would like to formally Thank God
for bringing Ray An Fuentes to the Twin Cities, Minnesota
through the efforts of Fil -Am Community.
We would like to “PERSONALLY” Thank You. Yes “YOU-ME”
for your Prayers, Active Participation, Labor of Love and Sacrifice.
We would like to testify that God did not only Listen to our Prayers
but God favorably Answered our Prayers.
We would like to thank Bethany and Calvary Baptist Church
for allowing us to use their facility for this purpose.


1. Praise God for over 50 people who attended last Friday’s Seminar on “Principle of God’s Economics” with RayAn at the Bethany Baptist Church. We’ve been blessed and challenged by God through His Word using Ray An Fuentes.
2. Praise God for sending over 350 invited guests who attended Ray An Fuentes In Concert last Night at Calvary Baptist Church. Not all “Decision Slip” had been return yet. Lots of people made decisions to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord & Savior and raised their hands. Only over 25 people came forward to publicly stand for Christ.

I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance. - Luke 15:7 (KJV)

The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. – 2 Peter 3:9 (KJV)

3. Likewise, we have distributed over 200 “Thank You” packet. Just to say “thank you” for attending the Concert. We’re hoping and praying that people will be “touched” to open and read the materials and filled up the “decision slip” inside and “mail” it to FACC address. Praise God for everyone who participated in prayers, given flyers, calling people, inviting them over to watch & listen to Ray An. Let’s continue to “touch – base” with our “invitees”.

4. Praise God for over 80 people who attended today’s (Sunday) conclusion of “Principle of God’s Economics” with Ray An at the FACC’s Mission Emphasis Service .

5. As of this writing, the Almighty God especially touched the hearts and pockets of ALL who attended and participated in this weekend endeavor. The Lord proved once again that “He Supplies All we Need according to His riches”. On the financial note, the Lord “doubled” our original budget. First, God supplied the needed finances BEFORE the actual work even started. Second, DURING the Concert, God allowed the people to “be Blessed” through their “thanksgiving offering”. This time, the original budgeted amount has been “matched” plus “extras”. “Nothing is impossible with God”. Praise God for His mighty power. Isn’t that “amazing” or what!??

6. If you have been “Blessed” by the Lord through Ray An’s ministry (in Seminar & Concert), kindly send him a Personal Note (raymondfuentes@telus.net or www.rayanfuentes.com).

7. Finally, please join with me “Rejoicing In the Lord” and personally thank Ray An for spending his weekend with us. THANK YOU BROTHER RAY AN. May your tribe increase and May God continue to enlarge your territories for the glory of God.

8. Again, Thank you. Indeed, this will be a “Weekend to Remember in November - 2002”.

Your brother in Christ,

Louie Santelices

“Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” - 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (NIV)

“Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord, ALWAYS GIVING THANKS to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” – Ephesians 5:19-20 (NIV)

Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, for as much as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.

– 1 Corinthians 15:58 (KJV)

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