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Homeschool Links

My Own Homeschool Sites

My eBay auctions
My foreign auctions-username is Kimmers1
School Of Tomorrow (Paces/Keys for Sale)
Homeschool Forum
Blue Ribbon Academy
Community Chat

Other Great Homeschool and/or Educational Sites!
Career Explorer
Minnesota Dept. of Public Safety
Education PLUS
Family Learning Organization
Harcourt Religion Publishers
Heart, Mind & Soul Homepage
Homeschool Central
Homeschoolers' Homepages
Hutt's Hut
Library Recommended Great Sites!
Minnesota Web Library Catalog
Northern Lights Cooperative Online Library Catalog
Online Summer Reading Program
Online Study Guide for Student Drivers
Sewing Projects
Quintessentail Careers

Correspondance Schools, Distance Learning, Etc...

Computer Training Tutorials
Distance Learning
ICS Learning Systems
Southeastern Institute of Computer Technology