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Lady Galore (Ruth McArdle) Interview

Feburary 20th, 2000

Gina-Where did you get your start in the business?

Galore-I got accepted to the Performing Arts School in London. I choregraphed dancers and danced for cruiselines. I also worked on a series for the BBC called The Word. Mostly because that got me into The Ministry of Sound for free. (MOS is a big dance club in London) I met up with Lords of Acid when I was seventeen.

Gina-What happened with the Lords of Acid.

Galore-I recorded Voodoo U. The best thing to come out of the LOA experience was meeting the Thrill Kill Kult. (Galore goes onto explain that LOA's two core members were physically abusive on the tour to her and others.) They had a bad attitude like they were the world'd most popular rock stars.

Gina-Can you tell me about some of your influences?

Galore-Clarence McCena, he is a psychedelic professor. I like the comedian Bill Hicks. I believe that we are moving toward a more virtual reality society and that computers and psychedelics are the future.

Gina-How about movies?

Galore-I love Russ Meyers, especially Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. I love Sci-Fi and "B" movies. Taxi Driver is a favorite. My all time favorite however is Ticks. I just saw Natural Born Killers again. Some of the imagery in that movie is amazing really, and I like Dracula with Brad Pitt, even though the acting is bad. I remember this movie called PIN. I like Tarentino's work too. Groovie (Thrill Kill Kult) has been making me watch Divine movies. What is the one where she gets shagged by the giant lobster?

Gina-Multiple Maniacs?

Galore-Yeah, that's the one.

Gina- Did you watch Dr. Who as a kid?

Galore-The Daleks made me hide behind the sofa "EXTERMINATE!"

Gina-How about musically?

Galore-Musically, I know they aren't that popular anyomre but I like Prodigy, and some of the Chemical Brothers stuff like "Hey Boy Hey Girl." I like that song by the Basement Jaxx

Gina- How about your solo album?

Galore-I recorded a demo with Buzz (Thrill Kill Kult) and now we are working on the new songs. The project is all about virtual reality. I have a few songs about cybersex love and psychedelics. A few of the titles are; Cybersexman, Tripper, Out of Contro,l and Psychedelic Highway. The styles range from agressive techno to almost hip-hop and a nice bit of acid house. (Remember these may be working titles.)

Gina-What about Luna?

Galore-I recorded my vocals for it. We are playing it back today. Buzz wrote a few new songs. Lyrically Groovie has outdone himself this time.

Gina-Does the project have a running theme?

Galore-The songs are about spirital matters. (Reincarnation). I think its the best work yet.

Gina-Anything else?

Galore-I will be launching a website soon with some music samples once I get back to England. I wanna just say "Thanks for all of the support. I appreciate it."