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RoseRiver  Center

The  FarmHouse

The Farmhouse is the heart of activities here at RoseRiver. It houses our kitchen and the dinning hall. We take great care to serve delicious meals, whatever the weather, whatever your age. 

Besides the resident staff, there is always dedicated group of regular volunteers who delight in preparing delicious dishes and we all pray that each meal will be abundant and satisfying.

The Farmhouse as we know it today is a recent work. The original building was constructed in the early 1830's, along with the springhouse (now serving as a pantry) and the slave quarters (now a private residence). It burned to the ground in December, 1996, leaving only a few structural timbers, the basement and the fireplaces intact.
Since then, it has been lovingly reconstructed by volunteers.   It now houses a modern, commercial kitchen and the downstairs is finished to accommodate 75 guests. The Farmhouse can also be configured for meeting rooms. Upstairs are four bedrooms that are being completed as Bed and Breakfast rooms.

The Farmhouse's rocking-chair lined front porch overlooks the Rose River and the front lawn. We have been restoring the gardens to the original plants and herbs and adding to it each year. Flanking the walk leading to the main entrance are two buildings from the original homestead. To the west is the Carriage House, now used as a workshop and storage for the landscaping equipment. On the east side is the original little red School-house, now home to our Gift-Shop. Sodas, candy and various handcrafted items, including wreaths, note-cards and Old Mill Company mustards can be found here. Some items are available for mail-order, check out their availability here.
The Farmhouse is available to host Receptions, Luncheons, High Teas and Dinner Parties. We can provide a menu to suit your occasion from casual to haute cuisine. Please call us for more information. (540) 923-4670

We need volunteers to finish some
of the details on the Farmhouse,
please click here if you are interested.

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