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RoseRiver  Center

The  Prayer Chapel

Nestled in the forest, surrounded by dogwoods, meadows and benches, is RoseRiver's Prayer Chapel, a very special place. It's solitude and purpose beckon both the small group and the individual to linger in prayer, to worship, to seek the face of God.

This small cedar structure has a fireplace and is close-by, yet secluded from the Lodge. Just outside the Chapel's door are the hiking trails and paths of the International Prayer Mountain.

The Chapel is available to all; retreaters as well as day guests, local pastors and friends. Use of the building is at no charge, donations are accepted.

Please call us if you would like to visit for a few hours or the day. (540) 923-4670

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RoseRiver Center
HCR 02  Box 157
Syria, Virginia  22743
(540) 923-4670