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This web site is designed to promote the cause of liberty. Articles I have written, many quotes and lots of links are provided. This site will no longer be updated as of 2008. Thank you for visiting. To explore my web site use the Site Index or you can Search the site.

You can always reach this site by using the URL: www.rongstad.com

In December 2006 I started a blog Preserving Freedom, I post to this blog frequently. Please visit my blog for current views on politics and news

Why Freedom is Important.

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I supported
Ron Paul for President. For more information click on the links below

Congressman Ron Paul. The Ron Paul Campaign for President

Ron Paul 2008. The Ron Paul Campaign for President


Ron Paul 2008. The Ron Paul Campaign for President on You Tube




Ron Paul Revolution





I am supporter of the Blue Ribbon Campaign for free speech on the Internet. Only through freedom can people be responsible.





The Liberty Education Fund is dedicated to promoting the public understanding necessary for us to reclaim and maintain our individual liberties. Click on the banner below to find out more.

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Click on the Real ID Rebel link below to find out more about Real ID, the coming National ID card:

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