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My Trip To Costa Rica

Ok, here are my pics (not too many) and a quick explanations of them all.

This is the waterfall we went to see. I don't even know the name of it, but oh well.

This was a darling little waterfall we saw on the way to the volcano. So, the bus was pulled over for pictures.

At the resort, this was just sitting outside our door, casual as can be. There were a lot of them. Most of the retarded chicks with us were scared of them. I think they're kinda cute.

This is the cathedral in San Ramon. It was in the process of being whitewashed, so one side was plain, and one side looked new. This is the only way I could find my house.

Here's a lovely bunch of lizards. The iguana is different from the one you saw above. This one was outside my teacher's room. It loved mini-pretzels, although we wouldn't know 'cause we weren't allowed to feed them. ;)

On our rain-forest tour, we saw some leaf cutter ants, however I was only using a disposable camera, so these didn't turn out very well. These chains of ants would stretch for miles going both ways. Very cool.

These are two really cool trees I saw. The first was on my host family's ranch, and the other one was at the volcano and reminded me of a Lion King type thing.

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