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Pics of "Suicide King" Maddog vs. Scar

Scar and Maddog in a lock-up(?) position..

Scar sidepowerbombing Maddog onto barb-wire/light-tube board

Maddog on the ground after being hit w/ a light tube

Scar recieving a bareback powerbomb onto thumb-tacks

Scar dropping a steel chair after giving Maddog a concussion with it!

Aftermath of Scar vs. Maddog

Scar's back after the match (thumb-tack holes)

Board that Maddog got powerbomed on (broken tubes and barb-wire)

Maddog's forehead the day after the match (Cuts on forehead)

Various bloody arm/face pics
Unknown's bloody arm

Maddog's bloody face..

Maddog's bloody arm after Wait and Bleed 2001..

Maddog laying on the ground, blood on forehead..

Mastadon w/ an atomic drop on Maddog

Maddog stumbling around like an idiot...

Mastadon rakes Maddog face first on a barbed-wire board

Maddog does a messed splash (botched up moonsault) onto Mastadon off a chair!

Maddog chokes slams Lucifer onto a thumb-tack, mouse trap, flaming table! (Part 1)

Maddog chokeslams Lucifer (Part 2)

Maddog chokeslams Lucifer (Part 3)

Lucifer piledrives Maddog off trampoline frame through a table! (Table is covered in thumb-tacks and barbed-wire!)

Maddog picks up Lucifer onto his shoulder.. and tosses him back first onto the chair, bending the seat down...

Maddog powerbombs Lucifer!

During a tag-team match Maddog pins Mastadon!

Maddog takes a vicious chairshot care of Renegade!

Lucifer about to nail Maddog with a light tube on the roof (Part 1)

Maddog just about to get hit by a light tube on the ROOF! (Blurry pic, low quality)