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Royal Hardcore Wrestling


"Human Horror Show"

The "Kings of Minnesota Hardcore/Extreme Wrestling" return to the underground for one last bloody venture!

Main Event

World Heavyweight / Hardcore Championship

Hell's Asylum Grudge Match

Cannon (c) [vs] Maddog

No Rope, Barbed-Wire Double Hell style ring configuration will be used, incorporating several aspects of the "4 Corners of Pain" style contest, plus a special reinevention of a Japanese "death match" stipulation that will be added on a later date.

Full description of stipulations involved with this contest will be posted when they become finalized.

The Human Horror Show main event...the building grudge..

The summer of 1999 saw the crowning of the current RHW heavyweight champion, Cannon...since that day, after choking down the bitter grit of defeat, the "Suicide King" Maddog yearned for one more shot at the champion...even with a mutual dislike for one another, the two managed to walk away as the RHW tag-team champions and have remained the undefeated champions to this very day.

Could the final main event bout in RHW history lead the "Suicide King" Maddog back toward number one contendership to take on the technical master of RHW, the heavyweight champion - Cannon? If so, there is only one way this feud could come to an end...pooled in the blood of both men in the most hardcore encounter witnessed in RHW's history.

This summer...RHW takes back their crown...the true Kings of Minnesota Hardcore will leave a bloody reminder of the face of not only RHW history, but the history of "underground" (backyard) wrestling as a whole!

More information to be revealed as it comes to be.