Welcome to the unofficial newsletter's official webpage.


Okay all you cyber-Mormons, we've answered the call. With our fingers to the pulse of the Howard-reading community, we're on 'The Net'. And unlike the Sandra Bullock movie of the same name, our newsletter doesn't suck.

As bad.

To the left, we'll find an index to the eight editions of Howard that have been published thus far here at the University of Minnesota. Enjoy.

You can email Richard at < walc0015@tc.umn.edu > or Nels at < berge043@tc.umn.edu > with any comments or questions. Anything insightful may be punished with unauthorized publication.

Howard is a strictly uninsightful endeavor.

Oh,yeah- Check out the ward's hot new bulletinboardthing, brought to you by Trent Erickson.


This page is produced by the editors of Howard. The views presented should be taken as sacred and infallible.
Thanks to Al Gore for making all this possible.