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May 18, 1999
Although the Wolves lost, I'm happy to sy my bro and I are well on the way to pro croquet careers. We've been working on a harder, more violent game of croquet called "urban croquet". It's played on a smaller blacktop court with bricks for wickets. We're still working out the little details. Stay tuned.
May 12, 1999
The Wolves have taken game two from the Spurs in San Antonio. Coming home for two thursday and saturday, they should become the second eighth-seed ever to beat a first-seed in the first round (remember the Sonics vs. Nuggets highlight when Dikembe Mutumbo was lying in the lane with the ball over his head? that was the other). KG had a big game. I'll be at the game thursday to watch the Wolves use the homecourt.
May 10, 1999
We're all winners just for playing. My bro and I have come up with what we think could be the sport of the future. It's called "Urban Croquet". It has the same basic rules as croquet, but is played with brick/wire wickets on blacktop. It rocks. There'll be more info shortly.
May 7, 1999
I was hanging out last night with an old high school friend and we talked a little about how popular culture and academic culture are so unrelated. My friend explained that as a "philosopher", Marx was pretty weak. But he changed the world. And there are tons of solid philosophers who never will. What matters more... to change the world or be right?
May 6, 1999
The big croquet show-down is approaching on Saturday with my bro in the Minnesota Professional League.
The Wolves are playing the Spurs first-round of the playoffs. Whoopee. You heard it here first: Wolves in four. They almost did it last year and they're full strength now.
May 5, 1999
Well, it's Cinco de Mayo. I don't have any cerveza around, but I don't drink anyway. In my spanish class today we asked a young man of mexican-american ancestry where the holiday comes from, but because he answered in spanish, and he doesn't know how to speak spanish, I didn't get it. Oh, well. I still hold to the theory that it's just an excuse for another holiday. Pass the cerveza!
May 4, 1999
The Wolves are in the playoffs for the third straight year... is it too early to use the label dynasty? I hope Joe Smith does well in his first playoff series ever. Remember how rotten Vin Baker was last year against the Wolves with the Sonics?
On an unrelated note, I'm going to join the pro Croquet circuit. Croquet is the game of champions.