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Girl Bands This list is about girl bands / women in rock. I run this list. Go see my Bands With Chicks page.

Parker Posey Queen of the Indies!

Heathers One of the best movies ever.

Heather Graham Rollergirl!

Elastica Who cares if they sound like Wire?

Girl World Another cool list about girl bands / riot grrrl run by Athena. Write to this address to subscribe.

KOVA A Virgin mailing list run by Lily. Put "subscribe" in the body of the message, minus the quotes.

The Dandy Warhols Dandys Rule OK?

The Revolution No topic, none needed.

Hole The most fantastic list on the internet... I love this list! Run by Moe.

Music A cool music list run by Tanis.

Christina Ricci Yaayyyyyy..... yah.

The Geraldine Fibbers Lovely lovely Lovely band. Put "subscribe" in the subjectline I think.

Babes In Toyland Notha loverly band.

Hole List Outtake A Non-Hole-Related Hole list.

16 October 1998.

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