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You wind your way through the bushes and trees to come upon a clearing within the forest. You step into the sunlight and pull some burrs from your hair and brush off the leaves that stick to your clothes. It was a long journey here and you have a feeling that it has only just begun. The blue sky sparkles overhead and the sun winks down on you. A rustle is heard in the bushes, the wind picks up, and then all is still. You wait for whatever it is to come out but nothing appears. Just as you begin to turn around to leave, something stirs in the bushes next to you and a head pops out.

She eyes you up and down and then disappears back in to the bushes. ~She's not much of a talker~ you here in your mind and whirl around. There's Lessa sitting there watching you. "Here, her stats are over here." She leads the way over to a piece of parchment hung where it won't get wet.

Name: Veifra Perfan (Thorny Winter)
Rank: Pride Lady
Pride: Pride of Dark Wisdom
Sex: Female
Parentage: Unknown
Head: A#Fc
Ears: tt/ss
Mane: ls
Horns: NN
Wings: NN
Front Legs: Fc
Back Legs: Fc
Tail: A#Ll
Coat Type: Wc
Snow Coat: fa
Animal: Mh/Bd (porcupine)
Try to find your own Felcan.

While you were reading, a second Felcan appears, this one a cub. She nudges your leg and giggles a little when you start.

She stands up as tall as she can when you look at her and struts about. "Rarr lelam stranger. Miu Aruau Vuitokira, Prickled Howler in your language, firstborn of the Pride of Dark Wisdom," the little one says proudly.

Not waiting for a reply, she promptly tackles her mother and bounces up and down excitedly. "Will you take me hunting today ma, will you, will you?" she begs of her mother. "You're still too young my dearling, soon you'll go on your first hunt, but for now you must wait."

The little one proceeds to fire off a string of questions several miles long and you feel it best to leave before you yourself become the one being questioned. You'd hate to be that mother right now.
Name: Aruau Vuitokira (Prickled Howler)
Rank: Cub
Sex: Female
Parentage: Biyutah Srel X Veifra Perfan
Head: cc
Ears: ft/Ls
Mane: ls
Horns: NN
Wings: NN
Front Legs: A#Fc
Back Legs: FF
Tail: A#Lf
Coat Type: Wp
Snow Coat: Nf
Animal: Mh/Rp (hedgehog)
Notes: She's the first-born of the Pride and tends to have a big ego about it. She loves playing and mock-fights.