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Stanley Generations

My Stanley Genealogy Page

Part I

Upated August 7, 2010

Information provided by Ian Stanley and Tom Wagstaff of England. Thank you Ian and Tom. My Gr.Gr.Gr. Grandparents were William Stanley and Sarah Smart. If there is anyone who can trace them back further, please let me know. I was told William was descended from the Earls of Derby. I would really like to know for sure if this is true. The following pages will have the line of Stanley as I know it from England to Illinois, Iowa and Missouri. Some have gone on to Australia. William Stanley and Sarah Smart

Generation 1

William Stanley and Sarah Smart were married about April 03, 1825 possibly in Kingswinford,STS,England. William was born about 1806the city of Wolverhampton,STS,England(hasbeen verified)and died about 1898 in England. Where is unknown at this time. He married Sarah Smart on April 3rd, 1825. Sarah was born in England but her birth and death date are not known. Of this union were born nine(9) children. From England To America Information provided by Ian Stanley and Tom Wagstaff of England and my own research. Thank you Ian and Tom.

William Titus Stanley and MaryAnn Whitehouse

Generation 2

William Titus Stanley and MaryAnn Whitehouse William Titus Stanley was born Sept. 15, 1835 in Dudley,Worcestershire,England. He married MaryAnn Whitehouse in 1855 in England. She was born Aug. 03,1836 also in Dudley,Worcestershire,England. She is the daughter of John Wilhelm Whitehouse and Rosannah Robinson also of Dudley, Worcestershire, England. William and Mary Ann were both Christened atSt.Thomas in Dudley*. From this union were born four(4)children in England. Somewhere between 1862 and 1865 they came to America. They settled in the State of Illinois in the city of Kewanee which is located in Henry County. While residing in Kewanee there was born to them seven(7)more children. Some years after the birth of their last child, Nellie May, they went on to Lamoni, Iowa with John Whitehouse. That was then the headquarters of the RLDS. As of yet I have not been able to find the exact date when they left, but I a still searching for that. If anyone knows please contact me. William passed away 1902 in Eagleville,Missouri. MaryAnn passed away 1933 in Eagleville, Missouri. They are buried in the Andover Cemetery in Eagleville, Missouri.

William Titus Stanley and Matilda Peterson

Generation 3

William and Matilda William Titus Stanley,Jr. was born Sept. 15, 1867 in Kewanee, Illinois. He married Matilda Peterson on May 29, 1890 in Kewanee. Matild Peterson was born Sept. 20, 1870 in Sweden. Not exactly sure when she came to America, but I am still working on that one. William was a retired coal miner. He owned and operated a coal mine north of Kewanee, Illinois. He retired in 1933. After the death of his wife Matilda on May 21,1950 his son Ira and his wife Ellen moved in with him in the house that he built on North Main in Kewanee. William passed away on Feb. 7, 1961. From this union were born(2)children. Ira Stanley and Ellen Marie Beck

Generation 4

Ira and Ellen

Ira Stanley was born Oct. 23, 1893 in Kewanee, Illinois. He was a veteran of World War I, and a member of the William R. Euard Barracks 300 World War I Veterans. After the war he was employed by the Walworth Company in Kewanee, Illinois, where he retired in 1958. In 1924 he married Ellen Marie Beck. Ellen was born March 6, 1894 in St.David, Fulton County, Illinois. She was the daughter of Swedish Immigrants and they moved to Kewanee, when Ellen was 3 years old. She lived the rest of her life there. During the war she was civil secretary to General Pershing and Bradley. When the war was over she worked for the Public Service in Kewanee, Illinois. Ellen was also a member of the Covenant Church and the Covenant Women. Ira passed away May 20, 1971 and Ellen passed away thirteen(13)years later on May 13, 1984.

Lois Stanley and Joseph Herbert(Herb)Hampton

Generation 5

Lois and Herb Lois Stanley was born March 2, 1926 in Kewanee, Illinois. On Oct. 21, 1944 she married Joseph Herbert(Herb)Hampton. Today they reside in Lois' parents home on North Main Street in Kewanee, Illinois. Herb retired from the transportation business several years ago. At one time they owned and operated a small truck stop in Manlius, Illinois. Lois managed it while Herb was on the road. She worked very hard at it. But with children graduating from high school and going their own ways, they decided to sell it. From this union was born two(2)children Janice Hampton and James(Jim)Edward Mercer

Generation 6

Jim and Janice

Janice(that's me)was born December 17, 1947 in Kewanee, Illinois. Married James(Jim as he prefers)Mercer on June 1, 1968. Jim was born July 22, 1939 in Sheffield, Illinois. We moved to Iowa in 1971. Jim has been in transportation for several years. For a while went to work in a fertilizer plant in Ft. Madison, Iowa and when it closed he went to the Iowa State Prison in Ft. Madison as a Correctional Officer. With transportation still in the blood, he went back on the road. In 1991 I applied and was accepted to work on the Emerald Lady Riverboat Casino in Ft. Madison, Iowa. One year later it decided to leave and go to Biloxi, Mississippi. With my family here I decided not to go with it. In 1993 I went to work on a wild game farm. Later in 1997 I applied and was accepted to work on the new Riverboat in Ft. Madison, Iowa. This one was the Catfish Bend Riverboat Casino. Now I am staying home. This gives me time to work on these pages and maybe someday I will get them done. From this union was born three(3)children. 1 son and 2 daughters.

Now my line on the Stanley side looks like this.

1. William Stanley

---+Sarah Smart

----2. William Titus Stanley

-------+MaryAnn Whitehouse

--------3. William Titus Stanley,Jr.

-----------+Matilda Peterson

-------------4. Ira Stanley

----------------+Ellen Marie Beck

------------------5. Lois Eileen Stanley

---------------------+Joseph Herbert Hampton

-----------------------6. Janice Hampton

---------------------------+James Mercer

-----------------------------7. +Living Mercer male

-----------------------------7. +Living Mercer female

-----------------------------7. +Living Mercer female

For the rest of the Stanley Line, click here and see if there is anyone that you know or any name that sounds familiar. This will be placed later after I gather all the information.