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You may have different beliefs, but here's mine: I believe that God created aliens. I mean, why would he stop after creating us? Too tired? I don't think so. And just because he didn't put them in the bible doesn't mean they don't exist. Not every creation of his is in the bible. Maybe he put them out there as a thrill for us. So we don't get so bored with ourselves here. Maybe he did it to increase our imaginations? Ya can just never know. But I know I believe he created them. That is the only way that I can believe in aliens, because God created everything. Please email me for bliefs/opinions/questions/comments/or just to say hi.
Even art from hundreds of years ago relate to UFOs..
Roswell- Today: Cloudy with a slight chance of falling weather balloons. Officials deny all knowledge and ask motorists to ignore any strange lights or little green roadkill.
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