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So you wanna know who could be stupid and crazy enough to spend all this time on NSYNC, huh? No? Ah well, too bad. Here's the low down on the women of the present who bring you this great site.. even if you don't care it makes us feel special. =)

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NAME: Tabz

See? I can do cute! LMAO When my Mother makes me.

AGE: 27 and that's sadder than when it was 25. Wanna know what's saddest of all? I've been here since I was 23...

FROM: Delaware. Ever hear of it? Didn't think so. But that's ok, because when I piss people off, they can't find me on a map...

FAMILY: Brother James WHO NO LONGER LIVES WITH ME WOOHOO!, daughter Dakota and son Skye, two ferrets, Kricket and Kodiak, and two dogs, Kiara and George, and an ex-husband who will be an adult one day but...YAMISSEDOUTPEACE! I also have a Mom and a Dad but THEY NO LONGER LIVE WITH ME WOOHOO!

Hobbies: Softball, websites, bartending, traveling, painting ceramics, and "playing *NSYNC", trading cards, games, and DRIVING TO ORLANDO. Swimming at the Liki Tiki covered in the oil of death, stalking "Little Head", being a grown retard with "action figures" in public, concert hopping, and apparently, playing the field?

Music I Like: *Obviously *Nsync, but my all time favorite songs are Hard Habit To Break by Chicago (and everything else they did) and Faithfully by Journey (ditto). Bread, Toto, Kansas, Christopher Cross. Matchbox Twenty is my current favorite band, but I love old Poison, Cinderella, and Warrant, along with OLD L.L. Cool J. Regulate by Warren G. Will Smith, old Faith Hill, Reba, and Shania Twain. OLD Metallica, Smashing Pumpkins, ALWAYS AEROSMITH, Temptations, Marvin Gaye, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Diana Ross, Sting, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins (and Genesis of course), Prince when he was still with the Revolution, Monica, and Aaron Carter of all people, as well as a new love for both Eminem and Nelly. Apparently I couldn't hang with their first albums.

Food: Grilled Cheese and Tomato soup. Potato Skins with Cheddar cheese. Mozarella Sticks, and Chicken Quesadillas. Ghetto and I really enjoy mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce from Dennys. Most things Italian, and most vegetables. I DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES DO SEAFOOD! Nor will I eat asparagus, but that's just a whole notha' story...OH YEAH! And unsweetened applesauce with brown sugar.

*N Sync Member: Justin is just so much fun, but then again so is Chris. Jayce I think needs serious one on one counseling with me. Lance I vote most likely to go postal and kill someone. I don't trust the quiet types. Joey. Hmm. I haven't seen T.R. in so long that I may well be getting over my Joey issues. Can you imagine that???

*N Sync Song: Selfish, Something Like You, and If Only Thru Heaven's Eyes are my favorites at the moment, but then again, Kenny and I just broke up. LOL It may change tomorrow. The Lion Sleeps Tonight, and Up Against The Wall are great. The Nelly Nsync remix of Girlfriend may come close to an all time fave when I'm over myself. I wish I Need Love would erase itself from existence. Other than that, there isn't one I don't like. That's an outright lie. I NEED LOVE should account for more than one. And to say that I dislike that song, well that's just against God. I hate that song even more strongly than I hate Enya and Moby. More than Eminem hates his Mom.

*N Sync Concerts: Hershey, PA (05.31.01); Washington, DC (08.13.01)

Stuff That Pisses Me Off:

Men in general. But mostly just Kenny right now.

Chris Kirkpatricks whereabouts

Not enough Eminem

Ms. High and Mighty Aguilera <-- this may never change

Philly on Sundays

Orlando anytime I can't be there.

Crazy ass lunatic Lance fans.

Olivia doesn't live on the East Coast.

No one around here gets my sense of humor, and my *NSYNC jokes here are like Nazi jokes at a bar mitzvah.


Men with no sense of responsibility. It's okay to be a kid guys, but learn the definition of PRIORITY. <---WOOHOO did I hit the nail on the head with that one!

AOL sucks

"the world sucks" music

Mary-Kate and Ashley have their own magazine now, and everything else in the world of wonder.

Being called an *Nsync fan pisses me off, because that carries some SCARY ASS stereotypes nowadays

While I'm at it, defending my *Nsyncable hobbies really pisses me off. So I collect. How many freakin people collect Elvis, or country artists, The Beatles, or sleep with Nascar blankets? Bite my ass, the lot of you

*NSYNC Merchandisers who think if they can sell one line of bears, WHY NOT MAKE 50?

How O-Town was formed

When people talk to me once and think I'll remember it a year later.

That R&B stations here play *NSYNC now, BUT AT 4 A.M.


NAME: Olivia

Yeah, that's me and Buddy on the PopOdyssey Tour.

AGE: God, I don't even wanna list it anymore. I've been here too long. lol Let's just say I'm a rejuvenile.

FROM: Michigan

FAMILY: Dad, Mom, Bro

Hobbies: Music. Sleeping. Soaking in the rain and basking in the moonlight. Writing. Reading. Traveling. Going to concerts, plays, sports events. Hockey and basketball (watching not playing). Clubbing. Watching the The Office, Singing Bee, NBA Basketball, MTV Hits. Being proud of having the same birthdate as Chris and Eminem. Making sandwhiches and taking pictures with my "boyfriend." YAY BUDDY!

Music I Like: *NSYNC, JC Chasez, Justin Timberlake, Sureshot, Will Smith, Destiny's Child, Beatles, Janet Jackson, Eminem, Tony Lucca, Joe Firstman, Johnny Stevenson, Alexz Johnson, Frank Sinatra, Aerosmith, No Doubt, Nelly, Christina, Elvis, Sheri Shaw, Chopin, cool band music, kick-ass piano compositions ... basically, a lil of everything.

Food: I'm not picky, but I eat a lot of salad and mac & cheese. Steak! *drool* There ain't nothin' like some authentic Philippine cuisine (luff ya mom!) Frango (and sometimes Godiva) chocolates are divine. I have a fondness for sandwiches. I'm especially addicted to Olga's and their Orange Cream Coolers! *smacks lips* Faygo Red Pop! Pina coladas, cranberry vodka, Hypnotiq, and wine are my choice drinks.

*N Sync Member: JC.

*N Sync Song: I'll Be Good For You, You Don't Have to Be Alone, O Holy Night (I listen to Christmas songs ALL year round), That's the Way Love Goes, The Two of Us, Up Against the Wall, Selfish, Falling. Right now I'm diggin' anything JC has sung, written or produced. Because...yes.

*N Sync Concerts: Royal Oak, MI (7.31.98); [Janet's Opening Act] Auburn Hills, MI (10.18.98); Auburn Hills, MI (12.5.98); Auburn Hills, MI (3.25.99); Pontiac, MI (7.31.99); Pontiac, MI (7.18.00); Toronto, Canada (11.16.00); Detroit, MI (6.29.01); Detroit, MI (6.30.01); Washington, DC (8.13.01); Jackson, MS (8.24.01); Auburn Hills, MI (4.1.02); Grand Rapids, MI (4.2.02); [CFTC IV] Orlando, FL (7.26.02-7.28.02); [Justified & Sripped Tour] Chicago, IL (7.23.03); [J's Club Show] Detroit, MI (10.17.03); [Lance's Lecture] Mount Pleasant, MI (4.26.04); [Schizophrenic Tour] Pontiac, MI (5.8.04);[JC @ Blast on the River/Super Singer Contest] Detroit, MI (6.23.04); [CFTC VI] Miami, FL (7.23.04-7.25.04); [CFTC VII] Chicago, IL (7.15.05-7.16.05); [FutureSex/LoveShow] Detroit, MI (3.10.07)

Stuff That Pisses Me Off: PLAGIARISTS.


Ignorant and closed minded people.

How the media regards Justin as the only member of the group, and now that he's released his solo album, the way they swear that "NSYNC is over!" Pssh.

How JC doesn't get enough props. Why is it that Justin can be identified by his first and last name, but JC is only known as "JC of *NSYNC." The man has a last name, and it's NOT that hard to pronounce. Which brings me to my next point...

How NOBODY can pronounce JC's last name right. It's Sha-Zay, damnit.

JIVE Records for not supporting JC enough.

How I busted my knee during the Blackout, and how it was misdiagnosed, and how a year later I had to have surgery on it and do six months of physical therapy.

How the whole Krew is really spread out, and how much I miss everyone.

People that can't drive and talk on their cell phone at the same time; bad drivers in general.

Pot holes!

Construction! It irritates me...A LOT.

People who ask, "You're from Detroit? Do you know where Eminem [or Kid Rock] lives?" Yeah, I do know but stalking is illegal ya know.

Concert tickets being so expensive, and me buying all those tickets anyway. =P

Gas prices changing once or twice a day.

Christmas being so commercialized.

Commercial holidays such as Sweetest Day, Secretaries Day, etc. Greeting card companies just want to give you another reason to spend your money.

America Online.


How when I'm in the middle of something important or have 150 billion things to do, my laptop decides to crash on me.

People who tell me to "grow up" when I do stuff like have my picture taken with Santa, play with stuffed animals or carry around my action figure. All I gotta say is "BITE ME!" Being young at heart is WAY better than growing old and irritable.

Those who don't understand that retail is always 2-3 months ahead of the game. It's always been that way. It'll always BE that way. Bathing suits are out in mid-January. School supplies are out at the end of July. Christmas stuff is out before Halloween. Please understand that! Ugh! Don't get pissed off at ME because you MISSEDOUTPEACE on buying the stuff you needed! (Sorry...I've worked in retail, so this ticks me off in a hard core way.)


People who don't have senses of humor and can't understand that this website is all in fun. Sheesh!

This actually doesn't tick me off, but I figured if Mel can plug Neopets, then I can plug Kiwibox:


NAME: Allison

AGE: 21

FROM: Dirty Jersey

FAMILY: some parents and a brother

Hobbies: umm..drinking beer. i don't do much of anything else which kinda is depressing

Music I Like: Good Charlotte, Name Taken, Natural Breakdown, Anadivine, The Reunion Show, U2, Count the Stars, Fallout Boy, Matchbook Romance, Gibbler, Anberlin, Mest, Something Corporate, Lola Ray, Bayside, Newfound Glory, the Offspring, My Chemical Romance, Mae, Days Away, Boys Night Out, Midtown, Coheed and Cambria, Tokyo Rose, the Early November, Hawthorne Heights, AFI, Violent Femmes, 311, Armor for Sleep, Brand New, Thursday, Senses Fail, Saves the Day, Punchline, Minor Threat, Social Distortion, The Starting Line, Taking Back Sunday, Dynamite Boy, Off by One, The Working Title, Runaway Orange, Jersey, the Matches, Copeland, From Autumn to Ashes, and Maxeen.

Food: umm..anything vegetarian...morning star farms buffalo veggie wings KICK !

*N Sync Member: i couldn't tell ya nowadays...

*N Sync Song: here and now

*N Sync Concerts: Philly, PA (04.17.02)

Stuff That Pisses Me Off: girls who flaunt there not so hot boyfriends

money, and my lack thereof

how i want a million piercings but society looks down on that

how no matter how old i get the same shit still happens to me

how my hair is beautiful on the bottom but dead on top

how i'm constantly hungry, but there's never anything to eat.

How skanky girls always seem to have the hottest guys

guys who don't know what they are missing

that drinking will make you fat

the fact my best friend left me for miami. damnit

how every day i fear i'll lose my job

that i'm single

that although everything happens for a reason, that reason is so obscure

when you meet your heroes they turn out to be douchebags

people just can't say what they feel

when people "like" you, but only when no one's around


NAME: *Lucky a.k.a. Lux, Luckers, Lucka-lucka-ding-dong, Jennifer, Jenn, Hermione.

AGE: ain't nuthin but a number... I'm old enough to know better but still to young to care.

FROM: Detroit WHAT?! and Hartwick Collge in New York! Woo-hoo!

FAMILY: is defunkt! The ones I will claim, however, are as follows: My mum, 2 cats, a beast (dog) ,my 2 neighbors and their 2 dogs and 3 fishes. My Grandparents and 3 cousins. And older one, Jeremy whose a chef and he looks like Kid Rock. and 2 younger ones, Kenn Shady (Aaron Carter) and Sandra D. (the sad thing is, that's really her name! no joke)

Hobbies: reading (esp. Harry Potter, Shakespeare, poetry, kids books, and random fiction), writing, acting, singling, DANCE, working for NJEF and going on road trips wiht my friends which often end up at concerts or Denny's. :o)

Music I Like: everything. I enjoy classical, hard rock, R&B, pop, rap, oldies and more. I <3 *NSYNC, No Doubt, Shakira, Aaliyah, Eminem, Britney, Incubus, Salena, Linkin Park, Kid Rock, Disney songs, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Broadway stuff and much more that I'm forgetting.

Food: I'm a budding vegetarian. I love fresh fruits and veggies. Rice ans Slurpees are my fave foods. along with potatoes and ice cream. Yummy! Pasta, pasteries, breads, chocolate ad peanut butter sandwitches. That's about it. Oh yeah! And Chinese, La Shish, Mexican and Dominoes. Nothing beats mushrooms and pinapples with fresh, hot Cinna stix! mmmm....

*N Sync Member: Chris is my favorite. i've got the Joey dool so he's my little friend. Jayce is, I fear, the only intelligent one so I repect him, lance is hot and has a seshy voice and Justin is.... Justin!

*N Sync Song: It's really hard to say while listening to Bush. um... Fallin, Are you gonna be there, The lion sleeps tonight, Thats the way love goes, the Christmas album, most of NSA and Celebrity, I drive myself crazy.

*Least Fave *N Sync Song: riddle, i need love and celebrity (Wade sings. It should have been Lance. Thats all i have to say about that.)

*N Sync Concerts: Pontiac, MI (07.18.00); Detroit, MI (06.30.01 & 06.30.01); Auburn Hills, MI (04.01.02)

Stuff That Pisses Me Off: The fact that the Malfoys will get away with it and no one will believe Harry. (read the 4th book, you'll understand)

My neighborhood and how unsafe it is.

Justin being "the I in *NSYNC"

Bad people.

Cat hair and dust

The annoying fact that I can memorize an endless amount of NSYNC trivia but i've been taking spanish for 4 years and I barely know it.

The way tons of money is poured into anti-smoking ads for teens when no one smokes, yet NO MONEY is spent on anti-alcohol ads and car accidents involving alcohol are the number one cause of death for teens in America.

People who make clothes for teens. Don't they realize hardly anyone is a size 2 and that most styles don't look good on smaller people?! Can get a pair of jean up in this piece?!

Harry Potter haters. The books are not the devil, they don't tell kids to worship Satan. People in the words of Madonna... Wake up America and get a fucking sence of humor!!! The books are damn good.



People who don't know how to drive yet feel the need to get behind the wheel anyway.

President Bush.


Bunny Killers. a.k.a. people who support animal testing, cause harm to animals or wear fur or hunt. You suck!

Creamed corn


NAME: My name is Becca...and I am a Little Red Monster!

I don't think I'll EVER change this picture...Mostly because I tend to break cameras when they photograph me...

AGE: 27 Sweet Jesus, I'm old...

FROM: I was born in Detroit(WHAT!?!) and I have to admit that that's where my heart is, cause that's where two of my favoritest people are...but I currently reside in Southern California...Near San Diego.

FAMILY: My dad, My angel of a mom, That THING I call a brother (He's 22...don't even ASK for a picture...I LIKE you guys!), and how could I forget the most beautiful little 5 year old on EARTH Michaela Elizabeth. (My reason for living...aka my daughter.)

That's Kayla...Words can't even describe her..."Bawky" loves you, princess!

Hobbies:Writing stuff (like humor, fanfic, and the occasional smutty porn number...), Singing at the top of my lungs, Talking online to hippo *wiggles ears*, ANYTHING having to do with Harry Potter (Lemme just take a moment to say that Jo Rowling is my frackin' HERO!), Being random on the LRM Message Board, Hating Justin Timberlake with a PASSION unbeknownst to man, Ditto for Eva Longoria, Watching Animal Planet, Chillin' With Liv, Parading in front of the capital building for woodchuck rights, Standing in crowded places and screaming "EXPECTO PATRONUM!", Loving Lance Bass with the firey passion of a thousand suns...and the beat goes on...

Music I Like: Jason Mraz is my Baby-Daddy, *Nsync, JC "Buddy" Chasez, Barenaked Ladies, Black Eyed Peas, Usher, Avril Lavigne, Tony Lucca, Matt Morris, Josh Groban, Five For Fighting, Evanescence, Corky & The Juice-Pigs, silverchair, Matchbox 20, and a ton of others that I just can't think of right now, but will probably come to me later...

Food: Mexican Food is an all-time fave, but I've gotta give props to people who can cook the Philipino food the RIGHT way (When I lived in San Diego, there were some NASTY Philipino restaurants, man...) Gimme some Chicken Adobo, I'm good to go!

*N Sync Member:For once in my pitiful existance, I can honestly say that Lance is my favorite member of *_SYNC...because it sure as hell aint goat boy! *Yes Buddy, your kiddo still loves YOU too!*

*N Sync Song: If Only Through Heaven's Eyes. Now ask me what my favorite JC song is...go ahead...ask me! Okay! I'll tell you! It's a toss-up between three songs...Lose Myself (Not to be confused with Eminem's Lose YOURself...), Right There, and (Although it's not really HIS song, it's actually BT's song...) Force of Gravity.

*N Sync Concerts: These haven't changed because, let's see here...there have BEEN no *_SYNC concerts in like two fucking years!
Rose Bowl in Pasadena in 2000.
Staples Center in Los Angeles in 2000.
Comerica Park in Detroit on June 29th, 2001.
Comerica Park *AGAIN! 4th ROW!* June 30th, 2001.
Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego July 16th, 2001.

JC Concert in San Diego December 3rd, 2003.



Missing my angels...(Mom & Michaela)

How Liv knows all the Nsync news like, six years before I find out about it. *HA! This one stays!*

That the FUCKERS (And I don't mean that in the NICE way!) that are making the 4th Harry Potter flick have CUT a bunch of REALLY important shit out of the storyline...Fuckin' haters! Give me S.P.E.W. or hit me with Avada Kedavra!

The Backstreet Boys. (I do believe this has been here since the first time I ever made a bio for this page, and it's not about to leave...)

The fact that my sister STILL refers to Sirius Black as "Cyrus"...HE IS NOT BILLY RAY, VICTORIA!

Teenyboppers. *AMEN!*

Anyone who has ever gotten to hug Lance. *AMEN AGAIN! I wanna know what he smells like, dammit!*

Cameron Diaz. *Oh GOD yes...her and her GIGANTIC eats-her-entire-face smile...*Gag*

I hate lizards period, man...

Steve Fatone and the fact that he has stopped responding to my emails! *C'mon Stever! I'm NICE! I've NEVER sent you porn!*


Places with no smoking signs OUTSIDE...It's OPEN AIR people...DEAL WITH IT!

Men who don't realize that I am their superior in both intellect AND personal hygiene

My 19 year old nephew who thinks he knows EVERYTHING, but dropped out of high school when he was 15, and can't barely write his own name...yet he calls ME an idiot?

Having to explain the idea of carrying around a small, plastic replica of a member of *_SYNC.

The fact that Julie is nowhere to be found...COME BACK JULEZ! MIFF JUSTIN WITH ME!


NAME: Mel is good. I'm not really picky. You can call me whatever, (just not collect)

Amber, Aaron, and Mel

AGE: 19

FROM:Born and raised in Louisiana. Lived in and around Jackson, MS for a year. Now, back in Louisiana again... temporarily.

Linz, Mel, Mels

FAMILY: Dad (deceased), Mom, sister, and a black lab named Michi.

JOURNAL: Find it here: http://www.livejournal.com/~dizzygirly Beware.

PICS: Okay here are some. They are new (as of 9/27/02), so don't expect updated ones for a very long time.

Hobbies: Traveling, SHOPPING, writing poetry (and NSYNC humor), music (playing marimba, flute, piano), listening to music, gawking over cool makeup I can't afford, downloading music online, sleeping, playing games online, going to concerts, fantasizing over how rich I'd be if I sold stuff on ebay, hanging out with my friends, singing the "Titties and Beer" song with my friend Dusty, making people laugh.

Music I Like:I have the most eclectic taste of any human I know. My favorites include: silverchair, NSYNC, joydrop, Dave Matthews, Doobie Bros, Nirvana, Limp Bizkit, Lifehouse, Hall and Oates, Norah Jones, John Mayer, Eva Cassidy, Meredith Edwards, SheDaisy, Madonna, Incubus, Vertical Horizon, SHEdaisy, Jamie O'Neal, KoRn, Kenny Loggins, Janet Jackson, Jars of Clay, Deftones, Stacie Orrico, Dido, Eminem, Destiny's Child, Eagles, System of a Down, No Doubt, Jamiroquai, Fiona Apple, Alana Davis, Suzanne Vega, Sarah Vaughan, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, Goo Goo Dolls, Spin Doctors, Pink, Gerswhin, cool piano solos by kick-ass composers.

Food:Vegetarian stuff. And seafood. Pizza, potato salad, baked fish, vegetable fried rice. If you have any cool vegetarian recipes, email them to me.

*N Sync Member: Lance

*N Sync Song: It's Gonna Be Me, because it's what started my "fanship and respect" of NSYNC. Once upon a time, I was actually a hater *GASP* but not anymore. If Only Through Heaven's eyes because the lyrics are amazing. And The Only Gift because it features Lance's voice. And we all know we don't get to hear it enough. :o(

*N Sync Concerts: Joliet, Illinois August 2000 and Jackson, Mississippi August 2001. Ya heard me?

Stuff That Pisses Me Off: Alarm clocks.

Cutesy and/or annoying cell phone ring tones. AGH!

People who don't know how to use their damn signal lights.


The whole college admissions process.

Tuition COSTS.



People who work in sales and they act as though it is a chore to be courteous. I mean, gee, is your life really THAT bad?

People who subject me to relentless torture and mockery because I choose not to eat meat. ESPECIALLY those who eat a hamburger in front of me and have the gall to go "Mmmmmmm, cow flesh, it's sooooooooooooooooooooo good."

People who smack their gum and/or their food.


KK Holiday.

Mandy Moore.

My own personal lack of money.

Boys. Especially this one in the picture with me


Coke machines that have PMS and won't take my perfectly straight dollar bill.

When I find clothes I LOVE, and they have a jillion of them on the rack, but all the ones in my size happened to be sold out.


My laptop. Don't get me wrong, it's a great tool and I love having it, but holy CRAP does it crash a lot. Liv's laptop hates her too. I think Laptops should come with a complimentary bottle of Prozac.


Gas prices.

Music written in a weird key.

Mariah Carey. I don't think she grasps the idea that she is getting OLD. She gets OLDER and OLDER and the outfits get SMALLER and SLUTTIER. WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU GOING IN REVERSE YOU STUPID TRAMP? Sorry, I just really had to get that out. Thank you for understanding.

Writer's block.

Ketchup bottles.

Whining, screaming children and the parents who don't discipline them.

The greedy RIAA. As if they and their artists aren't making enough money as it is. Boo f*cking hoo.


Lots of other stuff pisses me off too, but that's all I can think of off the top of my head.

Oh yeah. Something that DOESN'T piss me off... I have this little addiction called Neopets. They're virtual pets. They're totally web based. They are cool shit (just ask BexXx.) Anywho, click on this little button thingamajigger and go get yourself one. They're free. If you decide you don't like it, you can let it die of virtual starvation or something. Go get one of 'em.


NAME: My name be Julie, y'heard? I'll kick yo' ass to da curb.. and, oh nevermind.

AGE: 17

FROM: Connecticut. My town is straight up ghetto, lemme tell ya.. there's people walking around with mullets galore..

FAMILY: Momma dukes, Daddy-O, stepdad, twin brothers (Ryan & Devon) 2 sisters (Brittany and Alyssa) and my Angel up in Heaven, David :)

Hobbies: Chillin' with friends, going to the drive-in, playing pool, swimming, stalking random people, traveling, partying, spending WAY too much time online, hiking, listening to music, going to the beach in the middle of the night and getting frisked by angry cops (IT WASN'T MY FAULT MAN! I DIDN'T DO IT!), miffing Justin with BexXx, screaming DETROIT WHAT?! at Liv and Lucky, and well.. thats about it! What a WONDERFUL life I have!

Music I Like: *NSYNC, No Doubt, Bush, Silverchair, CKY, HIM, Filter, Liz Phair, Poe, Disturbed, DMX, JaRule, Eminem (DETROIT WHAT?!) Incubus, Led Zeppelin, Queen, old Metallica, old Snoop Doggy Dogg, Mama's and the Papa's, and many more..

Food: Anything with cheese, chicken noodle soup, chicken fingers, potatoe pancakes, MASHED POTATOES, fruit salad..

*N Sync Member: As of right now, it's Ghetto Bitch aka Joostin. HOLLA! But then at other times, I like Chris. I want him to adopt me. Then there's Lance, because damnit, I heard he can ride quite well. I enjoy JC's beatings and I loath the rash Joey gave me.. Oh, and then there's SteveR, the porn king.

*N Sync Song: Hmm, do I have to pick just one? I like Sundreams, If I'm Not The One, If Only Through Heaven's Eyes, It's Gonna Be Me, Somewhere, Someday, Here and Now, I Drive Myself Crazy - JC Remix, I'll Never Stop.. and POP!

*N Sync Concerts:

Stuff That Pisses Me Off: Ignorant people

Asshole drivers

Teenyboppers everywhere

Willa Ford

People who scream in my face like I'm deaf and can't hear them.



Men who just want ONE thing (y'all know what I'm talkin' about..)

AOL, the devil's spawn.

The song "Butterfly" by Crazytown. REAL MEN DON'T SING ABOUT BUTTERFLIES!

NSYNC.com, because it always freezes my comp. Those BASTARDS!

When the water in the shower is FREEZING.

NSYNC thongs. 'Nuff said.

While I'm at it, lets add the fruit snacks.


The fact that Steve doesn't appreciate the porn I send him. Ungrateful wench.

Waking up in the morning.


When people try to sound smart, but instead end up sounding like a first class idiot.

People who don't appreciate anything.

..And about 5,000 more things! But I'll stop now.


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