Oh Way Back When

I've been assured that the last few appearances, the guys looked like "ass" (nice, Nik) and dressed worse. So as the men of *NSYNC fall apart, let us revisit these pics awhile, linger in all the hotness that they were...and crack a joke or two.

Sexy Psychos...No?

What's with the lens that makes their heads skinny? Chris looks rejected. ~ Tabz in this color

Ah, the beloved FRO. It's no wonder he shaved it off though...it looks like it weighed a lot. See how both he and Chris are leaning to the side? ~ Olivia in this color (cuz Tabz stole mine! lol)

My beautiful, beautiful curls! I MISS YOU FRO! Skinny head or not...that's my FRO! Oh, and that's Chris too...~BexXx in this color.


LMAO Tabby! But I gotta say that I love JC in that sweater...it's just sexy. I love it when guys wear turtleneck sweaters. Bonus points cuz it's orange! lol

There it is again! You two are trying to torture me...

Ok, here's that skinny lens thing again. Really look at that! I never noticed how very LONG JC's neck is. That isn't pretty.


Hey Jayce...isn't your head supposed to be a bit WIDER than your neck? Your head looks like a pencil eraser...

He reminds me of one of those woodland trolls here. Maybe it's the dirt on his chin.

I am diggin' this picture. It's that whole turtleneck sweater thing again.

Sis...hold me back before I lick my computer screen...

This is just hot. Man I luv those pants. But look at his damned neck! What is up?

Those pants are hot! Does his belt say 'Justin'? Why, yes, it surely does!

His name is on his belt buckle so I won't forget it when I'm on my knees...=X

And as is custom with me, when you have hotness, you must follow it with humor to avoid becoming delusional. And what could be funnier than 'Pimp Daddy J'?

Pimp Daddy J? The first thing I thought was "My name is JJJJJ...!!" Okay, that was lame, but Detroit WHAT?!

*giggles* Justin's fuzzy!

This might not be so bad if he didn't have that look like he believes that outfit is really fly. They shoulda left it with one shot. Tards.

I wonder why Justin WANTED to borrow JC's coat?

Does the press know that Justin mugged Kid Rock?

It instantly becomes hotter when you throw the 'lethal duo' together, and you can't see the whole outfit. But just knowing what he's wearing is hurting me in the pancreas.

Those eyes, those lips...that FUR! I am still having trouble believing that JC ISN'T wearing something fuzzy.

And right after this shot was taken the otter climbed off Justin's neck...

"ASSUME CONSTIPATION POSITION!" "He works hard for the money. So hard for it honey..." Gotta give 'em snaps though, for not putting the shimmy in this video.


OMG Liv...you killed me with that one...LMAO!

"Spear Britney"? Is that safe when you're standing so close to her boyfriend? Amusing. I'm assuming this is LFI's, whatever the hell that is. But someone sent it to me so I'm gonna use it. And I lied about the hotness. They look like filthy bastards here.

Is it just me or does Lance look REALLY excited about grabbing his crotch? And DAYUM Josh...that's quite a handful ya got there!

And it looks like Chris is discovering that he has a crotch for the very first time! Congrats on that, Chris...

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