*about the editors

So you wanna know who used to be stupid and crazy enough to spend all this time on NSYNC, huh? No? Ah well, too bad. Here's the low down on the women of the past, who brought you this great site.. even if you don't care it makes us feel special.=)

Profiles are representative of the editors variously between 1999-2001.
There are no profiles available for Amy, Nikki, and Missy.
Don't forget the crew that's kept up the tradition. View their profiles here.

NAME: Brittany

My first picture with Stever.

AGE: 20

FROM: Pennsylvania

FAMILY: 3 brothers, (22, 16, and 15) and 2 sisters, (14, and 12)

Hobbies: Clubbing. Spending money on NSYNC. Listening to music. Going travelling. Hockey (watching not playing) And, doing stupid things that I later regret.

Music I Like: This is going to strike some people as weird, it is quite a big range, *N Sync, BSB, ... so sue me, I like "The Boy Bands". Britney, Destiny's Child, Eminem, Billy Joel, ANYTHING from the 80's, Jay-z, JOE (Canadian music superstar...), Limp Bizkit.. I can go one forever.

Food: Soup, any kind.. it's practically all I eat, and cheese

*N Sync Member: This week (7.10.00) It's JC, Joey, Steve, Justin, Lance, Chris.

*N Sync Song: You Got It, Whatever It Takes (which may never be released.. grr, but it's a great song), It's Gonna Be Me, I Thought She Knew or Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.. am I the only one that listens to Christmas music in August?

Stuff That Pisses Me Off: My computer.

Concert tickets being so expensive.

Richard Simmons.

My car being crap.

The Band "Smashmouth."

Howie D. (Sweet *wink* D, Latin *wink* Lover)

Northeast PA

My job.

America Online

MTV ex-VJ Jesse Camp

WhEn PeOpLe TyPe LiKe ThIs. I rEaLlY hAtE tHaT.

The guy in the morning on the radio. I really hate that guy.

NAME: Alex

AGE: 16


FAMILY: Mom, Brother (20)

Hobbies: Sports, ASB, Chillin with my friends, Listening to music, Dance

Music I Like: Oddly nuff, 'N Sync's pretty much the only boy-group I'm a fan of. I like 98 also, but other than that... not many boy bands. BLINK 182!!! Limp Bizkit, Kid Rock, Unwritten Law, Santana, Christina Aguilera, TLC, Brian McKnight, and a whole mess of other really cool musicians

Food: Anything Edible, yo! Hah, umm Ookay... Ribs... drenched in BB-Q sauce... My Grandmother's Mexican cooking... Mexican food... and those sandwiches from Vill-Inn *YUMMY*

*N Sync Member: If JC and Justin were to combine their DNA, and end up with some new member... we'd have a flaming IDIOT, but that would be my fav member.

*N Sync Song: that one that goes... uhhh... Some Dreams were meant to stay... like yesterday, some say... oh-oh-ohhh... Some dreams just fade awaay... she's one dream I'll never forget... oh-oh-ohhh... *yes, i know it's called Some Dreams, or Sun Dreams, depending on which side of the CD case u look at* and Music of My Heart, cuz I've been a Gloria Fan since I was little.

Stuff That Pisses Me Off: So ya really wanna get me started? umm... Ookay:

When people call me a ditz or stupid... I'm not *and I have the grades, test scores, and witnesses to prove it... I act goofy sometimes, but we're all joking around, but they can't take a damn JOKE and it ANNOYS the hell out of me*

My math teacher *Get to sleep at 9:00 my BIG GHETTO BOOTY!! You try doing the work you give us*

My Big Ghetto Booty *Hey, I was on the subject*

When my friend acts like she knows everything about everybody

When my other friend gets all teenybopperish

When people call my school names, just cuz it's an all-girl school *I am not a lesbian... I LOVE GUYS!!! A LOT!!!!!*

People who assume I'm a bad kid because I have a pierced belly button and listen to "that noise you young hooligans listen to" *I'm actually more into the mellow music... and 'N SYNC for cryin out loud*


My local radio station *We coulda had LFO at my school... but NOOooOOOO*

The fact that it says both "Sun Dreams" and "Some Dreams" on the Together Again Single... come'n, it's the SAME song!

Guys that have views right out of the Stone Age concerning women

I think I'm done, and it pisses me off, but I'm really laid-back, so me getting pissed off is like... nothing. Unless you really piss me off, then ALL HELL breaks loose.

Name: Brianne

Age: 18

From: Boston

Family: 2 sisters (20 & 28), 2 nieces (6 & 3), brother-in-law, 38

Hobbies: writing, dancing, clubin' partying too hard for my own good. Basketball, hockey, tennis, I love sports!!!!!!

Music I Like: I like all different kinds of music. Jay-Z, Smash mouth, Matchbox 20, Barenaked Ladies, 98 Degrees, *NSYNC, BSB, even oldies.....hey sometimes I can even stand some country music.

Food: Shrimp ramen, and the greek salad from the place up my street.

*N Sync Member: JOEY JOEY JOEY JOEY.....if I'd have to choose, hmmmm JOEY!

*N Sync Song: Best Of My Life, off the debut europe album, they were so young!!!! coincidently my fave song ever is also Lance's fave song, sung by Shania Twain, the first song on her Come On Over album, "Man, I Fell Like A Woman"......LOL!!!!!!!!!

Stuff That Pisses Me Off: People who can't drive but somehow got a license.

Concert tickets being so expensive......yeah Brit, I'd have to agree with that one.

Kenny G is much worse and more annoying then Richard Simmons....sorry Brit.

My big stupid St. Bernard, and how he believes he can still jump up into my lap.

Ananda, the biggest slut VJ ever, a crap VJ, ranks right up there with that 'replaceable' Jesse Camp.

Howie Dorough being in a band, making money, thinking that girls want him, among other things.

People talking about Y2K.

Dan Quale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do we spell potato again sir..ooopppss, I forgot the 'E'.

NAME: Mary

AGE: 15

FROM: Colorado

FAMILY: two sisters, both named jessica, 19 and 16

Hobbies: Stuff involving music, pretending i can sing, spending endless hours on my computer doing pointless taskes, writing N Sync humor, working, spending time with my partner in crime: Jenna, memorizing comedians' shows on Comedy Central

Music I Like: N Sync, NEVE, Guster, Garbage, Aimee Mann, Mandy Moore (even if she does annoy the hell outta me when she talks), No Doubt, Letters To Cleo, Pink, The list is endless

Food: Gyros, if that's all they eat in greece, send me on over :) My step mom's mexican food, Italian food of all sorts

*N Sync Member: I would like to bring Lance home, tie him to the back of my sofa, spray him with a seltzer bottle of water for roughly, lets say, 3 hours, and then suck the residual droplets off of his body with a crazy, twisty straw that you get a 7-11, answer your question?

*N Sync Song: Digital Getdown, 'cause that song has SUBSTANCE, lol. I thought she knew, if i'm not the one, i'll never stop, the new one with Joe, best of my life, more than a feeling.

Stuff That Pisses Me Off: Rachael Lampa and her 'singing ability' on top of the fact that she isn't a 'good lil' christian girl' she's a snob


the song 'lucky' by Britney Spears

The way that Mandy Moore was a sellout before she was even popular

My small, stuffy bedroom

That strange noise britney makes in all of her songs? What the hell is that?!!?

People with no determination

Those people i end up sitting next to at EVERY concert I attend, that would be the drunk, high and annoying ones.

The band 'the Violent Femmes'

mosh pits

the tv show 'Win Ben Stien's Money'

Visine commercials with Ben Stien in them

The Man Show

the show Southpark, southpark isn't really even a town, it's more of an area that exists in the mountains

The price of T Shirts at concerts

Lacking the legal age of 18

Integrated Math classes


the movie 'Titanic'

Guys who wear sweatpants and hiking boots, good lord, is it THAT hard to wear jeans and a white t shirt?!?! is it?!?!?!

NAME: Nina

AGE: 16

FROM: Colorado

FAMILY: Mom, 2 Brothers, Sister.. all moved out.

Hobbies: Music, music, music... Horseback Riding, Singing, Dancing, Writing, Painting, Drawing, Going to the theatre.. not the movies.. theatre.

Music I Like: Nsync is aiight. Mandy Moore, Madonna, The Violent Femmes :) Korn, NIN, Sublime (RIP lead singer) Venga Boys, FatBoy Slim, Sting, Eagles, George Micheal... A lot more, I like everything.

Food: I LOVE food.. I'm surprised I'm not horribly fat... The only food I dont like is sea food, onions, and american food.. Other than that I'll eat anything italian, mexican, vietnamese and chinese are hella good.... AND HELL YEAH MACARONI AND CHEESE!!!

*N Sync Member: I dunno, I really do have a lot of respect for their talent.. I dig them all.. Justin's hot but JC makes me horny.

*N Sync Song: It Makes Me Ill, the entire first album (US release) rocks my world and I have an obsession with it now cause of a really long story about getting my tickets sold, pshh nm. And er I dunno itd be easier to say songs I don't liek. Giddy Up rocks!!!

Stuff That Pisses Me Off: Al Gore's a jack ass.. go Bush!

I also loathe the Backstreet Boys.. they're all weird lookin.. it used to be I could tolerate them.. but now they're just damn scary and their loser display with AJ "Say bye bye to Nsync" then their whole backing down oh it doesn't matter if we beat the record it's about quality not quantity.. ok jack ass the quality reflects on the sales. Damn they're all seriously so retarded it freaks me out.

My family being so damn weird all the time and hovering all around me trying to see what the hell I do on the net for hours on end...

Christmas cause it's starting to get boring now.. the same thing year after year whatever I'm not getting out of bed to noon on the 25th.

The way I know that I won't end up marrying a member of Nsync inherit all their money and have bad ass money makin lil kids. Damn them.

When people give me odd looks for groping myself and humping walls openly in public areas.

BRITNEY SPEARS I absolutely hate her.. I couldn't possibly hate anymore more. She is the most annoying person in the world and if you ask me she's goofy lookin but whatev...

I hate those teachers that treat students like crap because of their secret fear we're on our way to becoming more intelligent than them.. it's like they gotta squeeze in all the nit picking assish crap they can to drive me insane before I move on.. Psshh blow me all of you, your patronization is unnapritiated.

People who are reallyy weird about like sexuality, I guess I just don't see the problem.

The way I hate Dr. Pepper, but drink all the damn time anyway.

Everytime I get on an airplane I'm next to this big ol' guy who smells really weird and has like a huge growth on his face, or a tiny little old woman I would hate to ignore, but at the same time don't wanna listen to jabbering on about her 45 thousand grand kids and 13 children.

Christmas is horribly ghetto and commercialized I agree.. oh and the way parents say that when they were little they had to hike to school up hills both ways in 856 feet of snow with nothing but boxes on their feet... in the suburbs of Ca.

I dunno I hate a lot of crap. but I won't go into all of it. :D Enjoy the site guys!!

P.S. If you don't like me... blow me.. :) Enjoy the site some more!!!

NAME: Kari (or K-Rok)

AGE: 22

FROM: Born in DC, Raised in Orlando, living in Wisconsin for school (And NO, I'm NOT a cheesehead! lol)

FAMILY: ::grins evily:: I'm an only child :)

Hobbies: Clubbing, traveling, dancing, writing, sleeping, snow boarding.

Music I Like: I'm not all too picky, but keep in mind that you will not find me groovin to any bluegrass, classical, polka, yodeling, punk/ska (Unless you're Weezer) or country (unless your turned-to-pop Faith Hill, turned-to-pop Shania Twain, or the Dixie Chicks, who I'm sure will be turning pop anytime now.) I'm really diggin Destiny's Child and Ja Rule, though and of course I'm a long time fan of Janet, Ms. Jackson if you're nasty :)

Food: My favorite meal is crab legs drenched in melted butter, but I LOVE Tequilla Lime Chicken, Strawberry Cheesecake and Chex Mix (not all mixed together, though, lol)

*N Sync Member: Um, I'm indifferent. I'm really just an avid supporter of the whole group, cause like Jace said, "There is no I in *N SYNC!"

*N Sync Song: I Want You Back cause it's so old school for me and their cover of Everything I Own. More Than A Feeling and It's Gonna Be Me are close seconds.

Stuff That Pisses Me Off: Boys who say they're going to call you tomorrow and then they wait at least a week to ring you up...Just boys in general piss me off! You can't live with them and you can't live without them! Not fair! lol

Slow drivers.

People who always wanna argue with me over every little thing.

Jealous girls.

Friends who don't quite no what the meaning of friendship is (backstabbing and the whole 9 yards.)


And tons of other shit pisses me off but I'd be here for days if I listed it all! So, ONWARD!!!

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