In The Army Now

Sometimes I think to myself..."T.V. GUIDE ROX!" ~ Tabz

Pauly Neva' Looked This Good

I give you the A-Team. Minus Mr. T and all the guys with sense. -- Tabz in this color

Bring it ON Backstreet Boys! -- Olivia in this color (cuz Tabz stole mine! lol)

Aiight boys, let's play Army...y'all lay down, and I'll blow the hell out of you! *grin* -- BexXx in this color

Okay...the army people in my school always attack me, and I yell at them. But if they look like this...I'm there. BTW, notice the days of no facial hair...before they were trying to be cool and "older more reserved artists." Bite me!! --Alli in this color.

I'm convinced. He can make anything look retarded.

"I can still eat what I want and get ass, right? No? Screw this Army thing! Hmmm, female captives...bring on the Prisoners Of War!"

Here, we see Joey proving that even HE has a sensitive thoughtful side...*stifles laughter*

Contemplative...thinking...who is this? Not Joey

Top Gun." The Iceman " Ya'll know what I'm talking about.

"I feel the need...the need for speed!" Yeah Tabz! I KNOW who yer talkin' about! Grrrr...RAWR!

His neck...It's...umm...LONG!*Hides behind Tabz* And I think the Adam's Apple wants to eat me! Is this Lance's immitation of a flamingo that swallowed a rock?

Okay, who died and made Lance the Nick Carter of boybands?!? Get an attitude adjustment, BITCH!! Look at all that "bling-bling!!" So it's a ring and a bracelet...more bling bling than I got!!

Army time warp. You get to be ten again!

*sings* When Joshy comes marching home again...Hurrah! Hurrah!

JC looks like he's 12...I don't know...but he's still sexy!! I have mental problems...yeah I know...and well...if JC was ever in love with me and tried to give me those bracelets, I'd smack him...who's abusive now, BITCH?!?

"Finally! My home away from Home: Mash 4077!" *For those unfamiliar with anything that existed before 1995...MASH was a TV show about Doctors in Korea...another country*

Scuzz even looks edible here.

"Hmm what's on the agenda today? Kickin' some Backstreet ass? SWEET!" *An army of NSYNC fans led by Chris execute "Operation: Ego Squash" to teach BSB that they are NOT God's gift to Boyband-dom.*

Hey Chris? It looks like you picked up some strange disease out on the field...and the bug that gave it to you is STILL connected to your chin!!!!

Does Chris have a shirt on under there? Please tell me he does. I have this thing with chest hair...well, I hate it!! And Chris is older than me, and he's a guy, and that means one thing: chest hair! Well yuck...okay that was bad...but I can admit it.

HE WANTS YOU! Unless of course you aren't Britney...

The only thing Justin's missing is the Uncle Sam Hat. HOWEVER...if all army men looked like him...well, to quote from the movie 'Mulan': "SIGN ME UP FOR THE NEXT WAR!"

Geez...leave it to Timbercake to work the Sporty look into Military wear...geez!

If that was hanging in my 7th grade classroom it would probably say, "I want do your homework!" I'd just say, "I want you...back." Okay...corny again....what the hell is my frigen problem?!?

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