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Last Updated - 6.18.10
Editors' Note - 6.17.10 - Finished moving Julie's stuff from Dirty Popstars to EF

Welcome to *NSYNC Jaded Everybodys Free
We are often still recognized and referred to as Everybodys Free [to make fun of nsync] This is an NSYNC humor site, that means we make fun of them. But we DO like the group, keep that in mind! Check out the love and encounters sections for proof! Anyway, have fun, check it out.. and sign the guestbook or email us and let us know what you think! And if you want MORE humor, and to know when the sites updated, sign up for our elist.. details below.

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Brittany, the site's creator, gives a summary about Everbody's Free and its many changes.

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Everybody's Free has been around for a decade. Check out our "brag bag" of awards and reviews.

Featured Quote:
"I am NOT a dork! Take it back!" -Chris Kirkpatrick
"I'm not a grump, I'm just tired!" -JC Chasez
"I am a ski bunny, going down the slopes." -Joey Fatone
"I'm a love machine...well, yeah, no, maybe I'm not." -Lance Bass
"I'm Justin, and I'm 21 and... maybe not... I'm 17 and I'm from Memphis, Tennessee." -Justin Timberlake

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