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The legendary 300 mph, 1980s series is now on the Sci-Fi Channel!
"Knight Rider! A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist: Michael Knight a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless, in a world of criminals who operate above the law."
If you would rather hear a rinky-dink version of the cool Knightrider themesong which is being narrated by Richard Basehart (see below),
click here (this is a wav that actually sounds like as bad as a midi)

Or click here for the real Knightrider themesong narrated by Richard Basehart

unless you'd rather hear the song Cars

     Previous Knight Rider episodes / movies on the Sci-Fi Channel 2004 to now
     Previous Knight Rider episodes / movies on the Sci-Fi Channel 2001-2003

           Michael Knight  ..... DAVID HASSELHOFF  
           Devon Miles  ........ EDWARD MULHARE  
           Bonnie Barstow  ..... PATRICIA McPHERSON (Seasons 1, 3-4)  
           April Curtis  .....   REBECCA HOLDEN (Season 2)  
           Reginald "RC3" Curtis III ..... PETER PARROS (Season 4)  
           Voice of KITT  .....  WILLIAM DANIELS (the spirit of 1776) 
        Creator & Executive Producer  ..... GLEN A. LARSON  
        Executive Producer  ....... ROBERT FOSTER (1983-86)  
        Executive Producer  ....... R.A. CINADER (1982) 
        Supervising Producer  ..... JOEL ROGOSIN (1983-84) 
        Supervising Producer  ..... BURTON ARMUS (1985-86) 
        Supervising Producer  ..... BRUCE LANSBURY (1985-86) 
Official Knight Rider website at - with description of the series, bios, etc.

Not to be confused with the vampire cop tv-series Forever Knight, which returned to the Sci-Fi Channel schedule in October 2002 and left after March 31 - Forever Knight intro narration (if it's still there)
Or check out the original Airwolf themesong (coming to the Scifi channel May, 2007)

Richard Basehart, who played the dying millionaire that financed and set up the Foundation For Law & Order to run the Knightrider program, had previously starred as The Admiral in the
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea tv series (1960s)
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