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September 1999 episodes on Comedy Central were:

(ep #023) "Ants In Pants" Highly-organized ants try to take over the city
(ep #024) "The Tick Vs. The Big Nothing" aliens kidnap The Tick to stop a plot by other aliens to wipe out everything
(ep #025) "The Tick Vs. Reno, Nevada" a performing dolphin plans to rule the world
(ep #026) Grandpa Wore Tights, a 100 year old villain comes back inside a giant steam-driven spider
(ep #027) That Moustache Feeling, a Charlie's Angels spoof about a cold-war experiment run amock
(ep #028) Devil In Diapers, a master hypnotist escapes prison using The Shadow's techniques
(ep #029) The Tick Vs. The Dot And Neil's Wedding, sequel to Dinosaur Neil ep
(ep #030) Sidekicks Don't Kiss
(ep #031) The Tick Vs. Filth, a crimefighter who works in the sewers below the streets (and sounds a lot like Dustin Hoffman) takes on monsters who use plumbing pipes to invade the upper world

October eps:
(ep #032) The Tick Vs. Arthur, who uses a mental-enhancer without realizing it will turn him into a meglamaniac
(ep #033) The Tick Vs. Europe, facing a villain in Antwerp on a hero-exchange program
(ep #034) The Tick Vs. Prehistory, a time-travel spoof
(ep #035) The Tick Vs. Science, a science-fair machine leaves everyone's mind in someone else's body
(ep #036) The Tick Vs. Education, as a night-school teacher
(ep #001) The Tick Vs. The Idea Man, 1st ep of series has badguys planting explosives on a dam and escaping by airship
(ep #002) The Tick Vs. Chairface Chippendale, who plans to use a beam-weapon to carve his name on the Moon
(ep #003) The Tick Vs. Dinosaur Neil, a scientist who accidentally mixed his DNA with a t-rex, creating a city-threatening giant mutant dinosaur
( ep#4) The Tick Vs. Mr. Mental
( ep#7) The Tick Vs. The Tick
( ep#9) The Tick Vs. Brainchild
( ep#8) The Tick Vs. The Uncommon Cold
( ep#10) The Tick Vs. Pineapple Pokopo

No more episodes scheduled, replaced by "Duckman"

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