Twilight Zone-thon:
July 4th Marathon 2012

There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears, and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call…THE TWILIGHT ZONE.
Jul 4 08:00 AM  Probe 7 Over And Out 
Jul 4 08:30 AM  Caesar And Me 
Jul 4 09:00 AM  The Old Man In The Cave 
Jul 4 09:30 AM  Mr. Dingle, The Strong 
Jul 4 10:00 AM  A Kind Of Stopwatch 
Jul 4 10:30 AM  A Hundred Yards Over The Rim 
Jul 4 11:00 AM  Little Girl Lost 
Jul 4 11:30 AM  A Game Of Pool 
Jul 4 12:00 PM  Long Distance Call 
Jul 4 12:30 PM  A Most Unusual Camera 
Jul 4 01:00 PM  Stopover In A Quiet Town 
Jul 4 01:30 PM  Number Twelve Looks Just Like You 
Jul 4 02:00 PM  I Sing The Body Electric by Ray Bradbury 
Jul 4 02:30 PM  Five Characters In Search Of An Exit 
Jul 4 03:00 PM  Night Of The Meek 
Jul 4 03:30 PM  Kick The Can 
Jul 4 04:00 PM  Where Is Everybody 
Jul 4 04:30 PM  Dead Man's Shoes 
Jul 4 05:00 PM  The Hitch-hiker 
Jul 4 05:30 PM  The Dummy 
Jul 4 06:00 PM  The Invaders 
Jul 4 06:30 PM  The Bewitchin' Pool 
Jul 4 07:00 PM  Living Doll 
Jul 4 07:30 PM  The Howling Man 
Jul 4 08:00 PM  Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up 
Jul 4 08:30 PM  The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street 
Jul 4 09:00 PM  Nightmare At 20,000 Feet 
Jul 4 09:30 PM  Time Enough At Last 
Jul 4 10:00 PM  To Serve Man 
Jul 4 10:30 PM  A Stop At Willoughby 
Jul 4 11:00 PM  Eye Of The Beholder 
Jul 4 11:30 PM  The Obsolete Man 
Jul 4 12:00 AM  The Midnight Sun 
Jul 4 12:30 AM  The Odyssey Of Flight 33 
Jul 4 01:00 AM  The Masks 
Jul 4 01:30 AM  Third From The Sun 
Jul 4 02:00 AM  It's A Good Life 
Jul 4 02:30 AM  Nick Of Time 
Jul 4 03:00 AM  Night Call 
Jul 4 03:30 AM  A Penny For Your Thoughts 
Jul 4 04:00 AM  The After Hours 
Jul 4 04:30 AM  The Little People 
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The Twilight Zone series of 156 episodes originally aired in 25-minute formats (50 minutes in Season Four) over five seasons from 1959 to 1964. Series creator Rod Serling wrote over half of the scripts.
Characters portrayed people caught in unusual circumstances where fantasy intrudes into reality or moral or ethical decisions come into question. There is always something to think about after the episode ends. A simple message runs through the series: that only by reaching out to others and trusting in their common humanity can people overcome fear, alienation, and despair. Giving in to fear means total loss; only through imagination, beauty, and our relationships with others can we transcend the darkness.

By today's standards, The Twilight Zone may appear dated or perhaps even heavy-handed to some viewers. There is no doubt television arts have developed considerably since Rod Serling and his crew created The Twilight Zone some forty years ago. Compared with today's color video with its seemingly unlimited possibilities for digital special effects, black and white film is a completely different, almost rustic, medium. As for content, today's primetime TV fiction features more situation comedy, serial drama, and suspense than analysis of moral and ethical dilemmas.

Although derived from and set in a different era, The Twilight Zone still captivates. Its twisting plots, interesting characters, surreal settings, and existential questions endure, as those of classics will. Young audiences who look beyond the surface, who suspend their techno-sophistication and allow themselves to explore the fifth dimension that Rod Serling drew upon, will find rich reward for their efforts.
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