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Starz Movies & TV Specials

2008 Month and day listed, all times EST

Movies so far have included: Scream, Spawn from Hell, Freddy Vs. Jason (2003), The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the incredible Hulk, So I Married An Axe Murderer (Mike Myers comedy), Joe's Apartment (with 10,000 singing/dancing cockroaches), Krippendorf's Tribe (Richard Dreyfuss, Jenna Elfman), Pulp Fiction, Pirates Of The Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl (a ghost ship with a real skeleton crew), Pirates Of The Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest (Davy Jones wants your soul), Godzilla movies, The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra (a 1950s movies spoof), Lawnmower Man 2: Jobe's War, 007 James Bond movies, A League Of Their Own, An American Werewolf In Paris, Dick Tracy (fantasy based on the comic strips), Judge Dredd (Stallone as judge, jury & executioner in the future), Look Who's Talking Now, Look Who's Talking Too, the new Thunderbirds movie, Hocus Pocus (goofy witches try to take over modern Salem), Canadian Bacon (comedy, US declares war on Canada. Dan Aykroyd, John Candy), Down Periscope (comedy spoof of Hunt For Red October; Bruce Dern, Kelsey Grammer), Bewitched (Nicole Kidman as the modern witch, Shirley MacLain & Michael Caine as her parents, Will Ferrell as Darren). If you missed any of them, it's a Low Down Dirty Shame

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The Doctor needs help

                                       THIS MONTH (Jan-February 2009)
Thursday, 1򈚐9 
7:25a Bridge To Terabithia
9:05a The Cable Guy
10:45a Desperado
12:35p Gridiron Gang
2:50p No Country For Old Men
5:00p Bridge To Terabithia
6:45p The Fugitive
9:00p Gridiron Gang
11:10p No Country For Old Men
1:25a The Fugitive
3:45a Bridge To Terabithia
5:30a Gridiron Gang
Friday, 1 2
7:45a Mad Money
9:35a Gone Baby Gone
11:30a Fashion In Film
12:30p The Lookout
2:10p The Invisible
4:00p Mad Money
5:50p Gone Baby Gone
7:55p National Treasure: Book Of...
10:00p Crash (E112)
11:00p Mad Money
12:50a Gone Baby Gone
2:45a Interview
4:10a The Lookout
5:50a Resident Evil: Extinction
Saturday, 1 3
7:30a National Treasure: Book Of...
9:40a Air Bud
11:20a Wild Hogs
1:00p Resident Evil: Extinction
2:35p National Treasure: Book Of...
4:40p Armageddon
7:15p Wild Hogs
9:00p Crash (E109)
9:55p Crash (E110)
10:50p Crash (E111)
11:45p Crash (E112)
12:45a Armageddon
3:20a Resident Evil: Extinction
5:00a Wild Hogs
Sunday, 1 4
6:40a Bridge To Terabithia
8:20a Ghost Rider
10:15a Dawn Of The Dead
12:00p Armageddon
2:40p Reign Over Me
4:50p Bridge To Terabithia
6:35p Spider-Man 3
9:00p Ghost Rider
11:00p Crash (E101)
11:50p Crash (E102)
12:37a Crash (E103)
1:30a Apocalypto
4:00a Dawn Of The Dead
5:45a Ghost Rider
Monday, 1 5
7:40a Youth Without Youth
9:50a 30 Days Of Night
11:50a Spider-Man 3
2:15p Apocalypto
4:40p No Country For Old Men
6:50p The Bone Collector
9:00p 30 Days Of Night
11:00p Crash (E104)
11:53p Crash (E105)
12:47a Crash (E106)
1:40a No Country For Old Men
3:45a Starz Inside: Fashion In Film
4:45a Superbad
Tuesday, 1 6
6:45a 30 Days Of Night
8:40a Emma
10:45a No Country For Old Men
1:00p Dan In Real Life
2:45p The Grand
4:40p Superbad
6:40p Armageddon
9:15p Dan In Real Life
11:00p Crash (E107)
11:50p Crash (E108)
12:50a Superbad
2:50a Armageddon
5:30a Hannah Montana And Miley Cyrus:...
Wednesday, 1 7
6:50a Dan In Real Life
8:35a Bridge To Terabithia
10:15a Starz Exclusive: Quantum Of...
10:40a Wild Hogs
12:30p Hannah Montana And Miley Cyrus:...
1:50p Armageddon
4:30p Vacancy
6:00p Bridge To Terabithia
7:40p Hannah Montana And Miley Cyrus:...
9:00p Wild Hogs
11:00p Crash (E109)
11:55p Crash (E110)
12:55a Walk Hard
2:35a Moving McAllister
4:05a Bridge To Terabithia
5:45a Steep
Thursday, 1 8
7:20a Wild Hogs
9:05a Moving McAllister
10:35a Boynton Beach Club
12:25p Starz Inside: Fashion In Film
1:25p Austin Powers: The Spy Who...
3:05p College Road Trip
4:30p Winter Passing
6:10p The Brothers Solomon
7:45p Six Days Seven Nights
9:30p College Road Trip
11:00p Crash (E111)
11:55p Crash (E112)
1:00a Screwed
2:30a Species
4:20a Interview
5:50a The Brothers Solomon
Friday, 1 9
7:30a Six Days Seven Nights
9:20a College Road Trip
10:50a Funny Money
12:30p Untraceable
2:15p The Rock
4:35p Primeval
6:15p Enchanted
8:10p Untraceable
10:00p Crash (E113)
11:00p Dawn Of The Dead
12:45a The Rock
3:05a Untraceable
4:50a Starz Inside: Fashion In Film
5:50a Enchanted
Saturday, 1 10
7:40a P2
9:20a The Rock
11:40a Mad Money
1:25p Gone Baby Gone
3:20p Enchanted
5:10p Rounders
7:15p Mad Money
9:00p The Other Boleyn Girl
11:00p Gone Baby Gone
12:55a The Lookout
2:35a P2
4:15a Twelve Monkeys
Sunday, 1 11
6:25a Gone Baby Gone
8:20a Reality Bites
10:00a Mad Money
11:45a Spider-Man 3
2:05p Desperado
3:50p College Road Trip
5:20p The Other Boleyn Girl
7:20p The Perfect Holiday
9:00p Spider-Man 3
11:20p College Road Trip
12:50a Resident Evil: Extinction
2:30a Scorched
4:05a Spider-Man 3
Monday, 1 12
6:25a Frequency
8:25a College Road Trip
9:50a The Perfect Holiday
11:30a Resident Evil: Extinction
1:05p The Ice Storm
3:00p Vacancy
4:30p The Jane Austen Book Club
6:20p Resident Evil: Extinction
8:00p Frequency
10:00p Crash (E113)
11:00p Vacancy
12:25a Crash (E113)
1:30a The Bone Collector
3:40a The Ice Storm
5:45a Last Action Hero
Tuesday, 1 13
8:05a The Water Horse: Legend Of The...
10:05a Boynton Beach Club
12:00p National Treasure: Book Of...
2:15p Starz Inside: Fashion In Film
3:20p Ghost Rider
5:20p Austin Powers: The Spy Who...
7:05p The Water Horse: Legend Of The...
9:00p National Treasure: Book Of...
11:10p Ghost Rider
1:05a Grosse Pointe Blank
3:00a Starz Inside: Fashion In Film
4:50a The Dog Problem
Wednesday, 1 14
6:30a National Treasure: Book Of...
8:45a Ghost Rider
10:40a The Brothers Solomon
12:20p 30 Days Of Night
2:20p Grosse Pointe Blank
4:15p Primeval
6:00p The Other Boleyn Girl
8:00p 30 Days Of Night
10:00p Crash (E112)
11:00p Crash (E113)
12:00a Primeval
1:40a Vacancy
3:10a 30 Days Of Night
5:10a Airheads
Thursday, 1 15
6:50a Tortilla Soup
8:40a Mad Money
10:30a High Fidelity
12:30p Reign Over Me
2:40p The Other Boleyn Girl
4:40p Vacancy
6:10p Mad Money
8:00p Reign Over Me
10:10p Jerry Maguire
12:35a Swingers
2:15a Walk Hard
4:00a Twelve Monkeys
Friday, 1 16
6:10a Resident Evil: Extinction
7:50a Funny Money
9:30a Last Action Hero
11:45a The Ten
1:25p Resident Evil: Extinction
3:00p Winter Passing
4:40p The Perfect Holiday
6:20p Starz Exclusive: 25th Hour
6:40p Dan In Real Life
8:20p Resident Evil: Extinction
10:00p Crash (E101)
11:00p Crash (E102)
12:00a Dan In Real Life
1:45a Superbad
3:50a The Perfect Holiday
5:35a The Ten
Saturday, 1 17
7:20a Chocolat
9:30a Dan In Real Life
11:20a Ghost Rider
1:20p The Perfect Holiday
3:05p The Cable Guy
4:50p Boiler Room
7:00p Ghost Rider
9:00p Vantage Point
10:35p Superbad
12:35a The Fugitive
2:50a Vacancy
4:20a The Watcher
Sunday, 1 18
6:00a Austin Powers: The Spy Who...
7:40a Ghost Rider
9:35a Vantage Point
11:15a Starz Exclusive: 25th Hour
11:40a Wild Hogs
1:20p Austin Powers: The Spy Who...
3:00p National Treasure: Book Of...
5:05p The Fugitive
7:20p Vantage Point
9:00p Wild Hogs
10:45p National Treasure: Book Of...
1:00a Dawn Of The Dead
2:50a U-571
4:50a Starz Exclusive: 25th Hour
5:10a Wild Hogs
Monday, 1 19
7:00a The Water Horse: Legend Of The...
9:00a The Rock
11:20a National Treasure: Book Of...
1:35p College Road Trip
3:05p Grosse Pointe Blank
5:00p U-571
7:05p The Water Horse: Legend Of The...
9:00p College Road Trip
10:30p The Rock
12:50a Walk Hard
2:30a Vantage Point
4:05a The Cable Guy
5:45a Grosse Pointe Blank
Tuesday, 1 20
7:40a College Road Trip
9:10a Reign Over Me
11:15a Vantage Point
12:50p Gone Baby Gone
2:50p The Cable Guy
4:30p The Brothers Solomon
6:10p Reign Over Me
8:25p Vantage Point
10:00p Ladies Or Gentlemen
11:00p Gone Baby Gone
1:05a Superbad
3:10a Gone Baby Gone
5:15a Ladies Or Gentlemen
Wednesday, 1 21
6:20a Air Bud
8:05a Screwed
9:35a Airheads
11:10a The Other Boleyn Girl
1:10p Starz Exclusive: 25th Hour
1:30p Untraceable
3:15p P2
5:00p High Fidelity
7:00p Superbad
9:00p Untraceable
10:45p The Other Boleyn Girl
12:45a Resident Evil: Extinction
2:20a Frequency
4:20a Untraceable
Thursday, 1 22
6:05a My Fellow Americans
7:50a The Other Boleyn Girl
9:50a Resident Evil: Extinction
11:30a The Bone Collector
1:30p The Dog Problem
3:05p Chocolat
5:10p The Jane Austen Book Club
7:00p The Bone Collector
9:00p Resident Evil: Extinction
10:40p Walk Hard
12:20a U-571
2:20a The Grand
4:10a Southland Tales
Friday, 1 23
6:40a Bridge To Terabithia
8:20a Ladies Or Gentlemen
9:20a Armageddon
12:00p The Grand
1:50p U-571
3:50p Starz Exclusive: 25th Hour
4:10p Bridge To Terabithia
5:50p Armageddon
8:25p Vantage Point
10:00p Crash (E103)
11:00p Crash (E104)
12:00a Spider-Man 3
2:20a Moving McAllister
3:50a Screwed
5:15a Vantage Point
Saturday, 1 24
6:50a Spider-Man 3
9:10a Godzilla 2000
10:50a National Treasure: Book Of...
1:00p 30 Days Of Night
2:55p Spider-Man 3
5:15p Vantage Point
6:50p National Treasure: Book Of...
9:00p Step Up 2: The Streets
10:50p 30 Days Of Night
12:45a The Brothers Solomon
2:20a Gone Baby Gone
4:15a Six Days Seven Nights
Sunday, 1 25
6:00a National Treasure: Book Of...
8:05a The Water Horse: Legend Of The...
10:00a Step Up 2: The Streets
11:45a 30 Days Of Night
1:45p Gone Baby Gone
3:40p The Brothers Solomon
5:20p Step Up 2: The Streets
7:05p The Water Horse: Legend Of The...
9:00p Gone Baby Gone
11:00p The Other Boleyn Girl
1:00a Walk Hard
2:40a Grosse Pointe Blank
4:30a Primeval
Monday, 1 26
6:05a Bridge To Terabithia
7:45a The Other Boleyn Girl
9:50a The Perfect Holiday
11:30a Grosse Pointe Blank
1:20p Armageddon
4:00p Primeval
5:35p Mad Money
7:20p Bridge To Terabithia
9:00p The Perfect Holiday
10:45p Armageddon
1:20a Mad Money
3:10a Frequency
5:10a The Perfect Holiday
Tuesday, 1 27
6:50a Step Up 2: The Streets
8:35a Armageddon
11:15a Six Days Seven Nights
1:05p Mad Money
3:00p Spider-Man 3
5:30p The Lookout
7:15p Six Days Seven Nights
9:00p Step Up 2: The Streets
10:45p Spider-Man 3
1:15a The Cable Guy
3:00a Step Up 2: The Streets
4:50a Dawn Of The Dead
Wednesday, 1 28
6:40a Starz Exclusive: 25th Hour
7:00a Six Days Seven Nights
8:50a Spider-Man 3
11:20a Gone Baby Gone
1:20p Starz Exclusive: 25th Hour
1:45p The Watcher
3:30p Dawn Of The Dead
5:15p U-571
7:15p The Cable Guy
9:00p Gone Baby Gone
11:00p Dawn Of The Dead
12:45a Species II
2:20a The Band's Visit
3:50a Gone Baby Gone
5:45a Vantage Point
Thursday, 1 29
7:20a The Rock
9:45a U-571
11:50a National Treasure: Book Of...
2:05p Ladies Or Gentlemen
3:10p Vantage Point
4:50p P2
6:40p Last Action Hero
9:00p National Treasure: Book Of...
11:10p Vantage Point
12:50a P2
2:35a Superbad
4:35a City Of Men
Friday, 1 30
6:30a National Treasure: Book Of...
8:35a Reign Over Me
10:45a Eagle Vs. Shark
12:20p P2
2:05p The Invisible
4:00p Superbad
6:05p Reign Over Me
8:20p Step Up 2: The Streets
10:00p Crash (E105)
11:00p Superbad
1:05a Austin Powers: The Spy Who...
2:50a Vacancy
4:20a The Animal
5:50a The Invisible
Saturday, 1 31
7:45a Step Up 2: The Streets
9:30a Austin Powers: The Spy Who...
11:15a No Country For Old Men
1:30p The Other Boleyn Girl
3:35p The Animal
5:05p Step Up 2: The Streets
6:50p No Country For Old Men
9:00p Smart People
10:40p Apocalypto
1:05a The Other Boleyn Girl
3:05a No Country For Old Men
5:15a The Brothers Solomon
Sunday, 2 1
6:50a The Santa Clause 3: The Escape...
8:30a Keeping The Faith
10:40a Smart People
12:15p Untraceable
2:00p The Santa Clause 3: The Escape...
3:35p Resident Evil: Extinction
5:15p Smart People
6:50p Keeping The Faith
9:00p Untraceable
10:45p Resident Evil: Extinction
12:20a Erin Brockovich
2:35a Sleepwalking
4:20a Untraceable
Monday, 2 2
6:10a Across The Universe
8:35a Daddy Day Camp
10:10a Hannah Montana And Miley Cyrus:...
11:30a Resident Evil: Extinction
1:10p Starz Exclusive: Underworld:...
1:35p Kickin' It Old Skool
3:30p Erin Brockovich
5:45p Hannah Montana And Miley Cyrus:...
7:05p The Game Plan
9:00p Daddy Day Camp
10:40p The Age Of Innocence
1:00a The Messengers
2:40a Sex And Death 101
4:45a The Game Plan
Tuesday, 2 3
6:45a Smart People
8:20a Casper
10:05a The Water Horse: Legend Of The...
12:00p Stomp The Yard
2:00p Smart People
3:35p The Messengers
5:10p One Fine Day
7:05p The Water Horse: Legend Of The...
9:00p Smart People
10:40p Stomp The Yard
12:40a The Hoax
2:45a Youth Without Youth
5:00a Vantage Point
Wednesday, 2 4
6:40a The Water Horse: Legend Of The...
8:40a The New Guy
10:15a Enchanted
12:10p Next
1:50p Vantage Point
3:30p Bubble Boy
5:00p The Hoax
7:05p Enchanted
9:00p Vantage Point
10:40p Next
12:20a The Brothers Solomon
2:00a The Final Season
4:10a Starz Exclusive: Underworld:...
4:35a Enchanted
Thursday, 2 5
6:30a Next
8:15a The Santa Clause 3: The Escape...
9:50a Step Up 2: The Streets
11:35a Starz Exclusive: Underworld:...
12:00p Billy Madison
1:35p The Game Plan
3:35p Resurrecting The Champ
5:35p The Brothers Solomon
7:20p The Santa Clause 3: The Escape...
9:00p The Game Plan
11:00p Step Up 2: The Streets
12:45a Sleepwalking
2:30a The Santa Clause 3: The Escape...
4:05a Across The Universe
Friday, 2 6
6:20a Step Up 2: The Streets
8:00a The Game Plan
10:00a The Hurricane
12:30p The Messengers
2:05p Erin Brockovich
4:20p Coyote Ugly
6:05p *Starz Exclusive: The...
6:30p The Water Horse: Legend Of The...
8:25p Smart People
10:00p Crash (E106)
10:50p Erin Brockovich
1:10a The Messengers
2:50a Smart People
4:30a Resident Evil: Extinction
Saturday, 2 7
6:10a Hannah Montana And Miley Cyrus:...
7:30a The Water Horse: Legend Of The...
9:30a Erin Brockovich
11:50a Dan In Real Life
1:35p Resident Evil: Extinction
3:20p Smart People
5:05p Se7en
7:15p Dan In Real Life
9:00p 21
11:10p Resident Evil: Extinction
12:50a Se7en
3:05a Vantage Point
4:45a Dan In Real Life
Sunday, 2 8
6:30a Ratatouille
8:30a *Starz Exclusive: The...
8:50a 21
11:00a Vantage Point
12:40p Stomp The Yard
2:45p Holy Man
4:50p 21
7:00p Ratatouille
9:00p Stomp The Yard
11:00p Vantage Point
12:35a Bubble Boy
2:00a Ratatouille
4:00a The Counterfeiters
5:40a The New Guy
Monday, 2 9
7:15a Feel the Noise
8:45a Stomp The Yard
10:50a End Of Days
1:00p The Santa Clause 3: The Escape...
2:35p Coyote Ugly
4:20p Bubble Boy
5:50p Feel the Noise
7:20p The Santa Clause 3: The Escape...
9:00p End Of Days
11:10p Coyote Ugly
1:00a The Edge
3:00a Youth Without Youth
5:10a A Little Trip To Heaven
Tuesday, 2 10
6:45a Surf's Up
8:15a Daddy Day Camp
9:45a Erin Brockovich
12:00p Delirious
1:50p 21
4:00p The Final Season
6:00p Daddy Day Camp
7:30p Surf's Up
9:00p 21
11:05p Erin Brockovich
1:20a The Messengers
3:00a Starz Inside: Ladies Or...
4:50a Keeping The Faith
Wednesday, 2 11
7:05a 21
9:15a National Treasure: Book Of...
11:20a Ratatouille
1:15p Ransom
3:20p *Starz Exclusive: The...
3:40p Step Up 2: The Streets
5:30p The Messengers
7:05p Ratatouille
9:00p National Treasure: Book Of...
11:05p Step Up 2: The Streets
12:50a This Christmas
2:50a Superbad
4:45a Untraceable
Thursday, 2 12
6:30a National Treasure: Book Of...
8:40a Ratatouille
10:35a Step Up 2: The Streets
12:15p Smart People
2:00p Feel the Noise
3:30p Untraceable
5:15p This Christmas
7:20p Smart People
9:00p Superbad
11:00p Untraceable
12:50a Resurrecting The Champ
2:45a CJ7
4:20a Smart People
Friday, 2 13
6:00a Dan In Real Life
7:45a The Age Of Innocence
10:10a *Starz Exclusive: The...
10:30a Stomp The Yard
12:35p The Hoax
2:40p Bubble Boy
4:15p Dan In Real Life
6:00p Stomp The Yard
7:55p 21
10:00p Crash (E107)
11:00p Dan In Real Life
12:50a Billy Madison
2:30a Stomp The Yard
4:30a Sleuth
Saturday, 2 14
6:00a 21
8:10a Volcano
10:00a Mad Money
11:45a Billy Madison
1:20p Next
3:05p 21
5:10p Becoming Jane
7:15p Mad Money
9:00p The Visitor
10:50p Next
12:35a Walk Hard
2:20a Step Up 2: The Streets
4:10a Mad Money
Sunday, 2 15
6:00a Next
7:40a The Pursuit Of Happyness
9:40a The Messengers
11:15a National Treasure: Book Of...
1:20p Step Up 2: The Streets
3:00p Ransom
5:05p The Visitor
6:50p The Pursuit Of Happyness
9:00p Step Up 2: The Streets
10:45p National Treasure: Book Of...
12:50a The Messengers
2:30a The Pursuit Of Happyness
4:30a Superbad
Monday, 2 16
6:30a National Treasure: Book Of...
8:35a Starz Inside: Fashion In Film
9:40a We Own The Night
11:40a The Water Horse: Legend Of The...
1:35p Gray Matters
3:15p Superbad
5:10p Bounce
7:05p The Water Horse: Legend Of The...
9:00p We Own The Night
11:05p Superbad
1:10a Dante's Peak
3:05a We Own The Night
5:10a This Christmas
Tuesday, 2 17
7:20a The Water Horse: Legend Of The...
9:20a Across The Universe
11:40a Enchanted
1:35p Resident Evil: Extinction
3:20p Feel the Noise
5:00p This Christmas
7:05p Enchanted
9:00p Keeping The Faith
11:15p Resident Evil: Extinction
1:00a This Christmas
3:00a Untraceable
4:45a Sleepwalking
Wednesday, 2 18
6:30a Enchanted
8:20a The Net
10:20a Untraceable
12:10p Smart People
1:50p Resurrecting The Champ
3:50p Dan In Real Life
5:35p Coyote Ugly
7:20p Smart People
9:00p Untraceable
10:50p Dan In Real Life
12:40a The Messengers
2:20a Coyote Ugly
4:10a We Own The Night
Thursday, 2 19
6:15a Dan In Real Life
8:00a Smart People
9:45a 21
11:50a Surf's Up
1:20p *Starz Exclusive: The...
1:45p Holy Man
3:45p We Own The Night
5:50p The Messengers
7:30p Surf's Up
9:00p 21
11:05p We Own The Night
1:05a The Visitor
2:50a Walk Hard
4:35a 21
Friday, 2 20
6:40a The New Guy
8:10a Surf's Up
9:40a The Brothers McMullen
11:20a The Game Plan
1:15p Starz Inside: Fashion In Film
2:15p The Hurricane
4:45p The Visitor
6:30p The Game Plan
8:25p Vantage Point
10:00p Crash (E108)
11:00p Walk Hard
12:40a Dante's Peak
2:35a Superbad
4:30a Backdraft
Saturday, 2 21
6:50a Vantage Point
8:30a The Game Plan
10:30a Dante's Peak
12:20p Untraceable
2:05p Vantage Point
3:40p Superbad
5:40p Daddy Day Camp
7:15p Untraceable
9:00p Prom Night
10:30p Superbad
12:35a The Brothers Solomon
2:15a Erin Brockovich
4:30a Untraceable
Sunday, 2 22
6:15a Hannah Montana And Miley Cyrus:...
7:35a Casper
9:20a Surf's Up
10:50a Prom Night
12:20p Enchanted
2:15p Hannah Montana And Miley Cyrus:...
3:35p Smart People
5:15p Prom Night
6:45p Erin Brockovich
9:00p Enchanted
10:50p Smart People
12:30a Resurrecting The Champ
2:30a Se7en
4:40a Enchanted
Monday, 2 23
6:30a Surf's Up
8:00a Billy Madison
9:35a Smart People
11:10a The Pursuit Of Happyness
1:10p Next
2:50p Se7en
5:05p Resurrecting The Champ
7:00p The Pursuit Of Happyness
9:00p Dan In Real Life
10:45p Next
12:30a The Hoax
2:35a The Pursuit Of Happyness
4:40a Prom Night
Tuesday, 2 24
6:20a Next
8:05a The Game Plan
10:05a Dan In Real Life
11:50a Untraceable
1:40p Sleuth
3:20p Prom Night
5:00p The Hoax
7:00p The Game Plan
9:00p Untraceable
10:50p Prom Night
12:30a The Visitor
2:20a The Game Plan
4:20a Untraceable
Wednesday, 2 25
6:10a Dungeons & Dragons
8:00a Kickin' It Old Skool
10:00a Surf's Up
11:35a Mad Money
1:20p The Visitor
3:15p 21
5:30p Surf's Up
7:05p Kickin' It Old Skool
9:00p Mad Money
10:50p 21
1:00a Erin Brockovich
3:20a Delirious
5:15a Surf's Up
Thursday, 2 26
6:50a 21
9:00a Ratatouille
11:00a *Starz Exclusive: The...
11:20a Disney's Teacher's Pet
12:45p Erin Brockovich
3:00p Across The Universe
5:20p Coyote Ugly
7:05p Ratatouille
9:00p Dan In Real Life
10:50p Backdraft
1:15a Coyote Ugly
3:05a *Starz Exclusive: The...
3:30a Ransom
5:40a Ratatouille
Friday, 2 27
7:40a This Christmas
9:50a Dan In Real Life
11:40a Cutthroat Island
1:50p Backdraft
4:15p This Christmas
6:20p Becoming Jane
8:30p Prom Night
10:00p Crash (E109)
11:00p We Own The Night
1:00a This Christmas
3:00a Prom Night
4:30a Becoming Jane
Saturday, 2 28
6:35a The Santa Clause 3: The Escape...
8:10a The New Guy
9:40a We Own The Night
11:40a National Treasure: Book Of...
1:45p The Santa Clause 3: The Escape...
3:20p Prom Night
4:50p We Own The Night
6:50p National Treasure: Book Of...
9:00p Redbelt
10:45p Walk Hard
12:30a Wind Chill
2:05a Desperado
3:50a The Frighteners
5:40a The Flintstones In Viva Rock...
Sunday, 3 1
7:15a National Treasure: Book Of...
9:25a Saving Shiloh
11:00a The Invisible
12:45p The Other Boleyn Girl
2:45p *Starz Studio: Head Case &...
3:05p The Hurricane
5:35p Redbelt
7:15p The Invisible
9:00p The Other Boleyn Girl
11:00p The Hurricane
1:35a No Country For Old Men
3:45a Wet Hot American Summer
5:30a 30 Days Of Night

ACROSS THE UNIVERSE [PG13]稤rama2007(2:13)
An eye-popping fantasy set to the music of The Beatles
follows star-crossed lovers Jude and Lucy as they make their
way through the turbulent counterculture of the 1960s.

THE AGE OF INNOCENCE [PG]稤rama1993(2:18)
Martin Scorsese's Oscar-winning story of an impossible
romance set in the upper classes of New York City society in
the 1870s. Based on the Edith Wharton novel, co-starring
Winona Ryder. 2/2,13.

THE ANIMAL [PG13]稢omedy2001(1:23)
After a car crash, a perpetual loser Marvin is saved by a
doctor who replaces his damaged organs with ones from
animals - with the instincts of a dog, horse, dolphin and
vulture, Marvin's got animal magnetism! 1/30,31.

APOCALYPTO [R]稟ction2006(2:18)
Director Mel Gibson's epic story - set during the last days of
the Mayan civilization - finds a young man, captured and
destined for sacrifice, making an escape and setting out on a
dangerous, gripping journey to save his family.

ARMAGEDDON [PG13]稟ction1998(2:31)
A giant asteroid is hurtling towards Earth, and NASA enlists a
wise-cracking crew of oil drillers to rocket into space and
blow it up before the planet is destroyed. From director
Michael Bay ("Pearl Harbor" "The Rock")

BACKDRAFT [R]稟ction1991(2:17)
Explosive special effects highlight director Ron Howard's
action-packed story of battling fire-fighting brothers and the
hunt for a psychotic arsonist. Kurt Russell, Donald Sutherland,
William Baldwin, Robert DeNiro, Donald Sutherland. 2/20,26,27.

BECOMING JANE [PG]稡iography2007(2:01)
Young novelist Jane Austen, struggling to get published,
begins a secret romance with a handsome but poor Irish
lawyer in early 19th century Britian. An engaging romantic
drama, co-starring Maggie Smith, James Cromwell. 2/14,27.

BILLY MADISON [PG13]稢omedy1995(1:30) Darren McGavin.
A rich, spoiled young man who bribed his way through school
must go back and earn the grades - or face losing his
gazillion dollar inheritance! Adam Sandler's first starring role,
with Bridgette Wilson, Bradley Whitford. 2/5,13,14,23.

BOUNCE [PG13]稤rama2000(1:46)
In this stellar romantic drama, an ad exec who gave up his
seat to another man on a doomed airline flight falls into
alcoholism, and his recovery includes meeting the widow -
and both are wary of the feelings that arise. 2/16.

BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA [PG]稟dventure2007(1:35)
An unlikely pair of young schoolmates become the King and
Queen of Terabithia - a fantasy land whose challenges offer
the boy and girl guidance in making their way in the real
world. A rousing adaptation of the cherished book from the 
producers of The Chronicles Of Narnia 

THE BROTHERS MCMULLEN [R]稟rt House1995(1:38)
Prize-winning independent comedy / drama tells the story of
three Irish-American brothers who struggle with each other
and their women while living together on Long Island.

THE BROTHERS SOLOMON [R]稢omedy2007(1:33)
Two brothers - who are able to convince each other that their
most outlandish ideas are plausible - try to find women who
will bear their children as a gift to their dying father. A
beyond-outrageous comedy, with Jenna Fischer.

BUBBLE BOY [PG13]稟dventure2001(1:24)
The girl he adores plans to marry another man at Niagra
Falls, so young Jimmy sets out to proclaim his love - but he
was born without an immune system, so the giant bubble he
lives in makes for a wild road trip! 2/4,8,9,13.

THE CABLE GUY [PG13]稢omedy1996(1:36) Jim Carrey
He's a one-man horror show - the friend who won't go away!
A man regrets accepting an offer of a few free movie
channels from a wacked-out cable installer. Directed by Ben
Stiller, with Jack Black, George Segal. 

CASPER [PG]稢omedy1995(1:40)
A "ghost therapist" and his young daughter arrive at a house
haunted by three rambunctious spirits and Casper, the
friendly ghost, setting the stage for an eye-popping,
roller-coaster romp! 2/3,22.

CJ7 [PG]稢omedy2008(1:28)
A poor widower struggles to keep his young son in private
school - but a strange toy that turns into an alien will change
their lives! A surprising, slapstick family treat, from the
creator of Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle. 2/12.

THE COUNTERFEITERS [R]稤rama2008(1:39)
Oscar-winner for Best Foreign Language Film is the true story
of Nazi Germany's counterfeiting operation, creating fake
dollars and pound notes during WWII - but the gifted Jewish
prisoner forgers face intense moral challenges. 2/8.

COYOTE UGLY [PG13]稢omedy2000(1:41)
A young songwriter hits the Big Apple in search of stardom -
and her first break happens as part of the crew of waitresses
dancing on the bar in a rowdy, party-hearty nightspot called
Coyote Ugly! With John Goodman. 2/6,9,18,26.

CRASH [TVMA]稤rama2008(see description below) 
CRASH (E106) [TVMA]稤rama2008(:46) 2/6
CRASH (E107) [TVMA]稤rama2008(:50) 2/13
CRASH (E108) [TVMA]稤rama2008(:47) 2/20
CRASH (E109) [TVMA]稤rama2008(:49) 2/27

CUTTHROAT ISLAND [PG13]稟ction1995(2:04)
Massive non-stop action and spectacular stunts highlight this
old-fashioned, high seas pirate adventure! A swashbuckling
female pirate sets out for revenge and treasure. With Frank
Langella. 2/27.

DADDY DAY CAMP [PG]稢omedy2007(1:29)
A pair of fathers decide to re-open a dilapidated summer day
camp, and run into challenges - with the facilities and the
kids - that result in energetic slapstick comedy! 2/2,10,21.

DAN IN REAL LIFE [PG13]稲omantic Comedy2007(1:38)
A widower and a beautiful woman meet in a bookstore,
striking romantic sparks - inconveniently, she's the girlfriend
of his brother, making for an awkward family reunion! A
warm comedy, with Dane Cook, Dianne Weist, John Mahoney.

DANTE'S PEAK [PG13]稟ction1997(1:48)
The volcano towering above a bucolic small town has been
dormant for decades - but that mountain is going to blow its
top in spectacular fashion! An action-packed story
highlighted by riveting special effects. 2/16,20,21.

DAWN OF THE DEAD [R]稟ction2004(1:40)
A gripping, gory remake of the cult horror classic: the undead
walk the earth as flesh-eating zombies, trapping a disparate
group of desperate people in a suburban shopping mall. From
the director of "300"

DELIRIOUS [TVMA]稢omedy2007(1:47)
A spot-on, high energy comedy about fleeting fame: a
small-time papparazzi befriends a handsome, homeless
actor who manages to become the boyfriend of the hottest
pop star of the moment. With Gina Gershon. 2/10,25.

DESPERADO [R]稟ction1995(1:44)
A mysterious gunslinger is embroiled in a war with a local
drug runner. Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek star it this
explosive sequel to "El Mariachi." 2/28.

DISNEY'S TEACHER'S PET [PG]稟nimated2004(1:14)
The zippy, inventive story of Spot, the dog who can
masquerade as human boy, and his adventures with a crazy
scientist. A fast-paced animated hoot! 2/26.

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS [PG13]稟ction2000(1:48)
The classic role-playing fantasy game explodes onto the
screen! A young hero slowly learns to use his super-powers to
aid the Empress in her struggle against the evil wizard
Profion. With Thora Birch, Marlon Wayans. 2/25.

THE EDGE [R]稟ction1997(1:57)
An intellectual believes that his fashion-model wife may be
having an affair with a photographer with whom he must
survive the Alaskan wilderness with and take on one mean
bear! 2/9.

ENCHANTED [PG]稦amily2007(1:47)
A Disney princess living in an animated fairy tale falls for a 
charming prince, but runs afoul of the evil queen, who banishes
her to the real world: what will happen when the princess finds
love in New York City? With Susan Sarandon. 2/4,17,18,22.

END OF DAYS [R]稟ction1999(2:02)
As the millenium approaches, the Devil arrives in New York
City to impregnate a young woman and create an evil empire
that will take over control of the universe - and it's up to an
atheist ex-cop to stop him. An explosive thriller! 2/9.

ERIN BROCKOVICH [R]稡iography2000(2:11)
Julia Roberts won the Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of
a flamboyant law firm secretary who worked tirelessly to gain
justice for a small town wrecked by a utility company's
pollution. Based on a true story. 2/1,2,6,7,10,21,22,25,26.

FEEL THE NOISE [PG13]稤rama2007(1:29)
A budding young rapper from Harlem runs afoul of local
gangsters, and makes his way to safety with his estranged
father in Puerto Rico - where his talent could make him a
reggaeton star if he'll agree to return to NYC. 2/9,12,17.

THE FINAL SEASON [PG]稤rama2007(1:59)
Tiny Norway (Iowa) High School is being shut down while the
baseball team is shooting for their 20th straight title - but
they must do it without their legendary coach. An inspiring
true story, with Rachel Leigh Cook, Tom Arnold. 2/4,10.

America's favorite Stone Age family returns! Barney meets
Betty, young Fred meets Wilma and they all head to Rock
Vegas - but Wilma's mom doesn't want a Flintstone in the
family! No-star cast, with Joan Collins. 2/28.

THE FRIGHTENERS [R]稢omedy1996(1:50) 
A con man volunteers to exorcise a small town's spirits, but
when one of the nasty demons goes on a killing spree, he
becomes the prime suspect! Michael J. Fox, John Astin.
A cool comedy-horror directed by Peter Jackson (Lord Of The Rings)

THE FUGITIVE [PG13]稢rime1993(2:10)
The 1960s tv series inspired this intelligent thriller - a
wise-cracking US marshall and his team hunt down a doctor
convicted of murder - but he's on the trail of the real killers.
Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Tommy Lee Jones. 

THE GAME PLAN [PG]稢omedy2007(1:50)
Times are good for a bachelor pro football quarterback -
stardom, endorsements, girlfriends. Then the 8-year-old
daughter he didn't know existed shows up one day, and his
life is changed forever! 2/2,5,6,20,21,24.

GHOST RIDER [PG13]稟ction2007(1:50)
To save his dying father, stunt cyclist Johnny Blaze sells his
soul to the devil - but the devil tricks him! Years later, the evil
one makes another offer- become the supernatural Ghost
Rider and save your soul! With Sam Elliot.

GONE BABY GONE [R]稢rime2007(1:54)
The disappearance of a little girl in a gritty Boston
neighborhood pairs two private detectives with the police in
this riveting, multi-layered mystery. Co-scripted and directed
by Ben Affleck, with Ed Harris, Amy Ryan. 

GRAY MATTERS [PG13]稲omantic Comedy2007(1:37)
What's a girl to do? A young woman finds herself questioning
her sexuality when she realizes she's in love with a woman
who just happens to be her brother's fiancee! With Bridget
Moynahan, Molly Shannon, Sissy Spacek. 2/16.

WORLDS CONCERT [G]稢oncert2008(1:15)
Join teen singing sensation Miley Cyrus, and her television
alter ego Hannah Montana, performing during her massively
successful 2007 concert tour. Also featuring The Jonas
Brothers. 2/2,7,22.

THE HOAX [R]稢omedy2007(1:56)
Can he pull off the publishing world's scam of the century?
Colorful swindler Clifford Irving convinces a premiere
publisher that he's the ghost writer of billionaire recluse
Howard Hughes' autobiography in this amazing true story.

HOLY MAN [PG]稢omedy1998(1:54)
When a new-age, platitude-spouting guru appears, the failing
producer of a cable tv home shopping channel sees big
ratings with a new "star". But gets more than he bargained
for! With Kelly Preston, Morgan Fairchild. 2/8,19.

THE HURRICANE [R]稡iography1999(2:26)
Wrongfully imprisoned for murder, boxer Rubin "Hurricane"
Carter battles his demons and despair while waging a
twenty-year battle to clear his name. An inspirational,
powerful true story. 2/6,20,3/1.

THE INVISIBLE [PG13]稤rama2007(1:42)
A teen murder victim, now a ghost, must track down his killer
to receive a second chance at life in this supernatural thriller
from the creator of "Jumper" 3/1.

KEEPING THE FAITH [PG13]稲omantic-Comedy2000(2:09)
Two lifelong friends - a rabbi and a priest - discover they're
both in love with the girl who was their childhood pal. But
how will this unlikely threesome find happiness? A clever
romantic comedy, with Jenna Elfman. 2/1,10,17.

KICKIN' IT OLD SKOOL [PG13]稢omedy2007(1:49)
A break-dancing teen endures a freak accident and falls into
a coma in 1986, waking up to a new world twenty years later
- but his hospital stay has bankrupted his parents, so he vies
for the cash prize in a tv dancing show. 2/2,25.

LAST ACTION HERO [PG13]稟ction1993(2:11) Schwarzenegger.
An 11-year old boy watching his favorite screen character -
an L.A. police detective - in a movie for the 37th time,
suddenly finds himself inside the film as the cop's pint-sized
partner! A slam-bang action comedy! 

A LITTLE TRIP TO HEAVEN [R]稢rime2005(1:30)
An insurance investigator travels to wintry Minnesota to
handle a suspicious car crash with a million-dollar payoff -
but as he gets deeper into the case, will he be able to handle
the truth behind the lies? A moody mystery. 2/9.

MAD MONEY [PG13]稢omedy2008(1:44)
A trio of female Federal Reserve employees concoct a plan to
relieve their workplace of paper money slated for destruction
- but comic complications threaten their foolproof scheme!
With Katie Holmes, Ted Danson. 2/14,25.

MAJOR PAYNE [PG13]稢omedy1995(1:37) Damon Wayans
A hard-nosed Marine finds himself out of the service and
looking for a job when he takes on his toughest assignment -
running a ROTC program for boys at a posh private school!
Remake of 1955's The Private War Of Mjr. Benson.

MEET THE ROBINSONS [G]稟nimated2007(1:34)
Young Wilbur is an orphaned genius whose inventions always
misfire - until the day when his memory-retrieval machine not
only works, but is stolen by villians from the future! An
action-packed Disney animated adventure. 

THE MESSENGERS [PG13]稨orror2007(1:30)
A Chicago family moves to the country in an effort to rebuild
their lives - but their farm seems to have its own past horrors
and secrets, and only the kids can see the danger dead
ahead! 2/2,3,6,10,11,15,18,19.

Treasure hunter Ben Gates is back in this action-packed
sequel, leading his team on a quest to discover new truths
behind the murder of President Lincoln - with stops at Mt.
Rushmore, Area 51, and a fabled City Of Gold along the way!

THE NET [PG13]稢rime1995(1:54)
A software engineer loses her identity to internet hackers and
stumbles into a larger, far more dangerous plot involving
global on-line theft espionage - can she keep one step ahead
of the bad guys and expose them? 2/18.

THE NEW GUY [PG13]稢omedy2002(1:28)
The nerdiest student at his school winds up in jail, where he
gets training from a crazy jailbird on how to look tough and
act cool - valuable lessons when he transfers to another
school! With Eliza Dushku, Zooey Deschanel. 2/4,8,20,28.

NEXT [PG13]稟ction2007(1:36)
A man who can see into his own future is pursued by federal
agents who want to use his psychic powers to prevent a
nuclear attack. A solid, fast-paced thriller from the director of
"XXX: State of the Union" and "Die Another Day."

NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN [R]稢rime2007(2:02)
In the aftermath of a desert shootout, a man finds $2 million
in cash - and is pursued by the local sheriff and a
psycho-killer hit man. Winner of 4 Oscars, including Best
Picture, Best Supporting Actor (Bardem), Best Director.

ONE FINE DAY [PG]稲omantic Comedy1996(1:49)
Two NYC professionals - who are also single parents - get
stuck watching their kids on a day that has important career
implications for both. Reluctantly, they team up to meet the
challege - will this turn into a romantic merger? 2/3.

THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL [PG13]稤rama2008(1:55)
Two sisters - one is an innocent and the other a schemer -
both vie for the attentions of England's King Henry VIII in this
sensational story of palace sex scandals and back-stabbing
court intrigue. With Eric Bana. 3/1.

PROM NIGHT [PG13]稨orror2008(1:28)
It's the night of the big dance, and a group of teens find
themselves in the deadly aim of an obsessed killer - will
anyone make it out alive? 2/21,22,23,24,27,28.

THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS [PG13]稡lack2006(1:57)
Based on true events - a man struggles to keep himself and
young son from diving headlong into homeless poverty while
pursuing his dreams of a better life in this inspirational story.
Featuring Will's real-life son, Jaden Smith. 2/15,23.

RANSOM [R]稟ction1996(2:01)
When his son is kidnapped, a mullti-millionaire goes on
television and ups the ante - not only does he refuse to pay
their ransom, he offers his own massive reward! An intense
thriller with Gary Sinise, Delroy Lindo. 2/11,15,26.

RATATOUILLE [G]稟nimated2007(1:51)
This is the mouse you want to find in the kitchen! The
hilarious story of a French five-star chef - he just happens to
be a rat - who finds a human cooking partner and a
restaurant that needs help. An animated delight from Pixar.

REDBELT [R]稟ction2008(1:39)
An upright jiu-jitsu instructor, a police officer, a distraught
lawyer, a movie star, and a family who accepts corruption as
a way of life - all play a part in this stylish film noir spiced
with cool fight sequences. With Tim Allen. 2/28,3/1.

REIGN OVER ME [R]稤rama2007(2:05)
A New York City man who lost his wife and children on 9/11
has spent the years since blocking out the world - but then
he runs into his old college roommate and things start to
change. A fine drama with Liv Tyler, Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Sexy, zombie-smashing Alice returns, joining up with some of the 
few remaining survivors in a post-apocalyptic United States 
to take on the undead zombies while evading the evil machinations
of the Umbrella Corporation as they journey to Alaska. Will it
turn out to be a bridge to nowhere? 2/1,2,6,7,17.

RESURRECTING THE CHAMP [PG13]稤rama2007(1:52)
A struggline young sportswriter stumbles into a winning story
- he discovers a homeless man who turns out to have been a
champion boxing contender. But getting the tale told becomes
its own journey in this surprising drama. 2/5,12,18,22,23.

THE ROCK [R]稟ction1996(2:16)
A nervous FBI chemist and a hardened, resourceful British
convict team up to take on a rogue general and his soldiers
who set up deadly bio-weapons on the island of Alcatraz. A
smashing action hit, with Ed Harris. 

Santa Claus has two problems - family visitors who don't
know they're at the North Pole, and mischevious Jack Frost,
the villian who is plotting to take over Christmas! Tim
Allen, Martin Short, Ann-Margaret, Adam Arkin. 2/1,5,9,28

SAVING SHILOH [PG]稢hildren2006(1:30)
A young boyand his dog, Shiloh, befriend a canterkous old
man. Based on the book by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. 3/1.

SE7EN [R]稢rime1995(2:07)
A gripping crime thriller finds a burned-out detective
unhappily teamed with a younger partner to identify a
gruesome psycho-serial killer. With Gwyneth Paltrow, from
the director of Fight Club and Panic Room. 2/7,22,23.

SEX AND DEATH 101 [R]稢omedy2008(1:57)
An engaged man receives an email naming every sexual
conquest of his life, and all those he'll have in the future. But
the list ends with a woman who's a mysterious femme fatale
renowned for getting away with murder! 2/2.

THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS [R]稢rime1991(1:58)
A young FBI agent forms an stomach-turning alliance with a
psychotic cannibal to capture a seial killer. Winner of 5
Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Actor (Hopkins), Best
Actress (Foster). Break out the fava beans and chianti!

SIX DAYS SEVEN NIGHTS [PG13]稟dventure1998(1:42)
She's a magazine editor, newly engaged, scouting a tropical
island for a photo shoot. He's a roguish bush pilot hired for
the day who crash lands their plane on a deserted beach -
where the adventure - and love - begins. 1/27,28.

SLEEPWALKING [R]稤rama2008(1:41)
Abandoned by her flighty mother, a young girl and her uncle
drive crosscountry to the farm of her estranged grandfather,
where family dysfunctions and tensions rise to the surface.
With Nick Stahl, Dennis Hopper, Woody Harrelson. 2/1,5,17.

SLEUTH [R]稤ark Comedy2007(1:29)
A young actor has stolen the heart of an aging writer's wife -
and when he arrives at the author's plush country estate, he
has no idea he's stepped into an elaborate revenge plot.

SMART PEOPLE [R]稢omedy2008(1:35)
The world of a surly, scruffy literature professor turns upside
down when his jobless brother arrives for a lengthy stay just
when a former student might be falling in love with him. With
Ellen Page, Thomas Haden Church.

SPECIES [R]稨orror1995(1:48)
Created by scientists working with DNA from another world, a
voluptuous half-human, half-alien female escapes and
begins to fulfill her destiny - to mate! But her style of
love-making proves spectacularly lethal.

SPECIES II [R]稴cience-Fiction1998(1:33)
An incredibly sexy alien-human hybrid is used to track down
an astronaut who returned from space infected with an urge
to mate and create a new master race! With Marg
Helgenberger, James Cromwell. 

SPIDER-MAN 3 [PG13]稟ction2007(2:19)
The second Green Goblin, the malevolent Sandman, and a
mysterious alien micro-organism that transforms Peter Parker
all find a way to confront Spider-Man in the epic third
chapter. With James Franco, Thomas Haden Church.

A Starz Exclusive look at the making of 'The International',
starring Clive Owen and Naomi Watts. 2/6,8,11,13,19,26.

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of 'Underworld 3'

STARZ INSIDE: FASHION IN FILM [NA]稤ocumentary2008(:57)
From the supermodels of Paris to the superstars of
Hollywood, this Starz Originals special explores the
connecting thread between fashion and film - including looks
at Flashdance, The Devil Wears Prada and Sex And The City.

Men playing women, women playing men - this Starz
Originals special takes a playful look at some of the most
daring cross-sexual performances in Hollywood history, from
'Some Like it Hot' to 'Mrs. Doubtfire' to 'Big Momma's House'.


STEP UP 2: THE STREETS [PG13]稤ance2008(1:38)
Romantic sparks fly between a poor girl and a rich boy when
they meet at a Baltimore arts school. Spectacular,
showstopping dance sequences propel this foot-stomping
good time! 2/5,6,11,12,14,15.

STOMP THE YARD [PG13]稤ance2007(1:54)
Stylish, energetic story of a talented young street dancer who
enrolls in college and finds himself courted by two fraternities
engaged in competitive dancing - featuring a booming
hip-hop soundtrack! With Angela Bassett. 2/3,8,9,13

SUPERBAD [R]稢omedy2007(1:53)
An ultra-raunchy comedy from the producers of 40-Year Old
Virgin and Knocked Up: two nerdy high school guys attempt to
hook up with the hottest girls in school at the last party
before college. "I am McLovin!" 2/11,12,15,16,20,21

SURF'S UP [PG]稟nimated2007(1:26)
Young penguin Cody is a surfing superstar-in-the-making
when he meets up with legendary mentor Geek at the Big Z
Memorial Surf-Off in this hilarious, witty animated comedy.
With Zooey Deschanel, Jon Heder, James Woods.

THIS CHRISTMAS [PG13]稢omedy2007(1:59)
The Whitfield family is getting together at Christmas for the
first time in four years - and the surprises and secrets never
stop spilling in this warm, smartly-paced and upbeat
comedy. With Mekhi Pfifer, Regina King. 2/11,12,16,17,27.

U-571 [PG13]稟ction2000(1:56)
An American WWII submarine crew hijacks a damaged
German sub to steal a secret communications device - but
then must take on a Nazi warship in a do-or-die battle! With
Jon Bon Jovi, Harvey Keitel. Oscar for Best Sound Editing.

UNTRACEABLE [R]稢rime2008(1:41)
A grotesque serial killer sadistically murders his victims live
on the internet - can an FBI cyber-expert track him down
before her friends and family fall into his psychotic sights?

VACANCY [R]稨orror2007(1:25)
A couple find themselves stranded at a desolate, run-down
motel run by a twitchy manager - but are those real murders
on those in-room video tapes, and are those multiple video
cameras throughout the motel? A fast-paced thriller! 

VANTAGE POINT [PG13]稟ction2008(1:30)
The President of the US is speaking outdoors in Spain when
bombs explode and he is shot - a tv director, a Secret Service
agent, a tourist with a camcorder, and more replay the event
to uncover the truth! With Forest Whittaker.

THE VISITOR [PG13]稤rama2008(1:44)
A reclusive widower and college professor finds his mundane
existence shaken up when he befriends a pair of illegal
immigrants - and pitches in to keep one of them from being
deported. An insightful, award-winning drama.

VOLCANO [PG13]稟ction1997(1:44)
Los Angeles is heating up - and it's not global warming!
Bubbling up from the La Brea tar pits, a massive volcano
begins to erupt in the heart of the city in this high-intensity
disaster tale. With Don Cheadle, Gaby Hoffman. 2/14.

WALK HARD [R]稢omedy2007(1:36)
The rise and fall of fictional rocker Dewey Cox is told in
bawdy, outrageous fashion in this wild spoof of traditional
musical biopics. From the creator of Knocked Up and
Pineapple Express. 2/14,19,20,28.

When the mysterious egg he found on a beach hatches an
unusual aquatic creature, a young Scottish boy is determined
to keep it a secret - even as the animal grows to an
enormous size! A first-rate family adventure! 2/3,4,6,7,16,17

WE OWN THE NIGHT [R]稢rime2007(1:58)
A NYC cop and his brother - a swank nightclub manager with
ties to the Russian mob - warily join together to infiltrate a
massive drug ring in this intense crime drama. With Eve
Mendes, Robert Duvall. 2/16,18,19,27,28.

WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER [R]稢omedy2001(1:37)
A mad assortment of camp counselors try to cram a
summer's worth of fun into a few short days. 3/1.

WIND CHILL [R]稨orror2007(1:31)
Two college students sharing a ride home during the winter
holidays find their car broken down on a lonely snowy road -
and the tension rises when they realize that they may not be
alone in this claustrophobic thriller! 2/28.

An elderly professor is struck by lightning - instead of dying,
he begins to grow younger, making him the object of intense
medical study. Then he meets a young woman from his past
in this romantic mystery from Francis Ford Coppola. 2/3,9.

102 DALMATIANS [G]稢omedy2000(1:40)
Cruella De Vil (Glenn Close) becomes the unlikely (and
Machiavellian) benefactor to an animal shelter on the verge
of bankruptcy in Disney's sequel to its live-action remake of
the animated classic. 

21 [PG13]稤rama2008(2:03)
Based on a true story: an MIT student joins a select group
trained by a professor to become experts in card counting -
they're winning millions in Vegas when a casino security
agent crashes the party! With Lawrence Fishburne.

30 DAYS OF NIGHT [R]稢omic Book Based2007(1:53)
Remote Barrow, Alaska experiences a month of darkness
every winter - that's bad news when a horde of bloodthirsty
vampires invade the small town in this action-packed
gorefest. 3/1.
From the producers of the Academy Award-winning Best Motion Picture, 揅rash is a provocative new 13-episode drama series premiering on Starz October 17, 2008. Starring an ensemble cast led by film icon Dennis Hopper, the series looks at the way different lives intersect and collide in the melting pot of L.A. The drama features a disparate group of Los Angelenos, including maverick record producer Ben Cendars (Hopper); impulsive cop Kenny Battaglia (Ross McCall); his actress-turned-police officer partner Bebe Arcel (Arlene Tur); frustrated Brentwood mom Christine Emory (Clare Carey); her pre-bust real-estate developer husband Peter Emory (D.B. Sweeney); former gang member-turned-EMT Eddie Choi (Brian Tee); Ben抯 street-smart driver Anthony Adams (Jocko Sims); illegal Guatemalan immigrant Cesar Uman (Luis Chavez); and cocky, hot-tempered detective Axel Finet (Nick Tarabay). With a creative team including writers, directors and producers from movies like Million Dollar Baby and Casino Royale, and premium shows like The Sopranos, The Shield and Deadwood, Crash pulls no punches.
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