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Starz Movies & TV Specials

2008 Month and day listed, all times EST

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Movies so far have included: Scream, Spawn from Hell, Freddy Vs. Jason (2003), The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the incredible Hulk, So I Married An Axe Murderer (Mike Myers comedy), Joe's Apartment (with 10,000 singing/dancing cockroaches), Krippendorf's Tribe (Richard Dreyfuss, Jenna Elfman), Pulp Fiction, Pirates Of The Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl (a ghost ship with a real skeleton crew), Pirates Of The Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest (Davy Jones wants your soul), Godzilla movies, The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra (a 1950s movies spoof), Lawnmower Man 2: Jobe's War, 007 James Bond movies, A League Of Their Own, An American Werewolf In Paris, Dick Tracy (fantasy based on the comic strips), Judge Dredd (Stallone as judge, jury & executioner in the future), Look Who's Talking Now, Look Who's Talking Too, the new Thunderbirds movie, Hocus Pocus (goofy witches try to take over modern Salem), Canadian Bacon (comedy, US declares war on Canada. Dan Aykroyd, John Candy), Down Periscope (comedy spoof of Hunt For Red October; Bruce Dern, Kelsey Grammer), Bewitched (Nicole Kidman as the modern witch, Shirley MacLain & Michael Caine as her parents, Will Ferrell as Darren). If you missed any of them, it's a Low Down Dirty Shame

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                                             March-April, 2008

ALIEN 3 [R]·Sci-Fi/Horror·1992·(1:55)
After surviving the terrors of Alien and "Aliens," Ripley
(Sigourney Weaver) once again faces the monster, this time
on a grim prison-planet. 3/31

ALL THE KING'S MEN [PG13]·Drama·2006·(2:08)
Sean Penn gives a riveting performance as Louisiana
governor Willie Stark in this intricate drama about power,
corruption, and betrayal in 1950s America. The all-star cast
includes Jude Law, Kate Winslet, and James Gandolfini.

AMERICAN PIE [R]·Comedy·1999·(1:35)
The original gross-out comedy classic! Join Stifler, Jim and
the rest of the gang as they attempt to lose their virginity
before graduating from high school. 3/17,21,25

ANIME: DRAWING THE REVOLUTION [TV14]·Documentary·2007·(:56)
Enter the colorful, action-packed world of Japanese animation,
"anime." Its history and impact on global pop culture, movies 
and the future is explored in this Starz Inside special.

APOCALYPTO [R]·Action·2006·(2:18)
Director Mel Gibson's epic story - set during the last days of
the Mayan civilization - finds a young man, captured and
destined for sacrifice, making an escape and setting out on a
dangerous, gripping journey to save his family. 2/27.

ARE WE DONE YET? [PG]·Comedy·2007·(1:32)
In the sequel to "Are We There Yet?", Nick, Suzanne and the
kids leave the apartment and buy a fixer-upper - but the
remodelling contractor is crazy, so who knows if or when they
can move into this old house! With John C. McGinley.

BACHELOR PARTY VEGAS [R]·Comedy·2006·(1:30)
Four friends in Las Vegas watch their bachelor party go off
the hinges when strippers, gangsters and showgirls make the
scene! Starring Kal Penn ("Harold & Kumar Go To White
Castle"). 3/6,9,10,18.

BEAUTIFUL [PG13]·Comedy·2000·(1:52)
A cynical, self-promoting young woman wants to be crowned
MIss American Miss in the worst way. 3/7,18,19.

THE BENCHWARMERS [PG13]·Comedy·2006·(1:25)
Seeking revenge for being bullied as kids, a trio of nerdy guys
- with backing from a wacky billionaire - form a three-man
baseball team and take on the local Little League thugs in
this outrageous comedy. With Jon Lovitz. 3/2,15,16,26

BIG NOTHING [R]·Comedy·2006·(1:26)
Two frustrated call-center colleagues blackmail a preacher
with an affinity for porn - but their plan spirals out of control,
and soon the pair are dealing with crooks who mean
business in this rowdy comedy! With Mimi Rogers. 3/2,10

BLACK BOOK [R]·Foreign·2007·(2:26)
The story of a Dutch Jewish girl who narrowly survives WWII
in Holland, she joins the resistance to find out who betrayed
her family. 3/26.

BLOODSUCKING CINEMA [TVMA]·Documentary·2007·(:57)
The hypnotic attraction that only a stake or sunlight can defeat!
An in-depth look at the origins of the vampire myth, its
evolution in cinema and the endurance of the vampire genre;
the hypnotic attraction that only a stake or sunlight can
defeat! The history of vampires is explored via interviews
and clips from Interview With A Vampire, The Lost Boys,
Dracula, Blade and more. A Starz original special. 2/28.

BON COP, BAD COP [TV14]·Action·2006·(1:57)
Two Canadian cops with radically different styles - one
speaking French from Montreal and the other from Toronto -
team up to capture a serial killer bent on slaying hockey
managers in this action-comedy. 3/11,26.

BOTTLE ROCKET [R]·Comedy·1996·(1:31)
An offbeat comedy about three young men learn the
importance of friendship, honor and duty as they ineptly
pursue a life of crime. Based on a short film by Wes Anderson
and Owen Wilson. 2/26.

BOWFINGER [PG13]·Comedy·1999·(1:37)
A hilariously resourceful producer shoots his dream movie
around a major Hollywood star using candid footage and a
dim-witted look-alike. 3/18,28.

BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA [PG]·Adventure·2007·(1:35)
An unlikely pair of young schoolmates become the King and
Queen of Terabithia - a fantasy land whose challenges offer
the boy and girl guidance in making their way in the real
world. A rousing adaptation of the cherished book from the 
producers of The Chronicles Of Narnia. 4/1,2

BULLETPROOF [R]·Action·1996·(1:24)
Wayans stars as a black cop forced to befriend a white drug
runner to bring down a drug lord. He winds up with a
"bulletproof" head; shackled to the dealer, both run for their 
lives in this action-comedy. With James Caan. 4/3

CARLITO'S WAY [R]·Crime·1993·(2:24)
Released from prison early, a Puerto Rican crook buys a
nightclub and decides to go straight - but his cronies and
enemies pull him back to the dark side in director 
Brian DePalma's action-packed crime story. 2/27

CARS [G]·Animated·2006·(1:56)
When Lightning McQueen, a hot-shot stock-car en route to a
big race, gets waylaid in small-town Radiator Springs, he
finds the true meaning of friendship and family in the Pixar /
Disney smash hit. Owen Wilson, Paul Newman, George Carlin,
Katherine Helmond, Cheech Marin, Bonnie Hunt, Tony Shaloub, 
Richard Petty, Larry the Cable Guy. 4/6

CATCH AND RELEASE [PG13]·Comedy·2007·(1:52)
Struggling with the untimely death of her fiance, a woman
moves to Colorado to be with his best friends - and learns
about the secrets he had kept from her while new love
blooms. From the writer of Erin Brokovich and In Her Shoes.

CHOCOLAT [PG13]·Drama·2000·(2:02)
Spirited woman shakes up a conservative French town when
she opens a lively chocolaterie during Lent. 3/6,7,11,26,31.

CLICK [PG13]·Comedy·2006·(1:47)
What happens when a "universal" remote can literally control
everything? A workaholic architect finds out that it presents
unexpected dilemmas in this clever comedy. With Christopher
Walken, Sean Astin, Henry Winkler. 4/3,4.

CLOUD 9 [R]·Comedy·2005·(1:33)
A down-on-his-luck con man, desperate to keep his Malibu
lifestyle, recruits strippers to create a beach volleyball team -
and is surprised when the girls head for the championship!
Look for the star cameos! 3/14,18.

CONTACT [PG]·Science-Fiction·1997·(2:30)
After devoting her entire life to the search for extra
terrestrials, astronomer Dr. Ellie Arroway, finaly discovers
evidence of intelligent life in outer space, through radio
signals sent to earth. 4/1.

THE COVENANT [PG13]·Action·2006·(1:37)
The current descendants of the Salem witches - four young
warlocks - make new discoveries about their powers when
they must stop a destructive mega-evil force in an
apocalyptic battle. 3/31,4/1.

The lavish, atmospheric story of the spiritual journey of a
legendary warrior - and the extraordinary women in his life -
features breathtaking martial arts action. Winner of 4 Oscars,
including Best Foreign Language film.

CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER [R]·Action·2006·(1:54)
Betrayals, lies, ill-fated romance - and murder - amongst the
dysfunctional Imperial Tang dynasty royal family propel this
colorful, hyper-intense experience! From the director of "Hero"
and "House Of Flying Daggers." 2/27

THE DA VINCI CODE [PG13]·Book Based·2006·(2:29) Tom Hanks.
Director Ron Howard brings the best-seller novel to the
screen: a Harvard symbology professor goes on the run with a
beautiful cryptologist, tracking down clues to solve a murder
while unravelling a centuries-old mystery. 3/3,4,7,8,20,21,23

DAWN OF THE DEAD [R]·Action·2004·(1:40)
A gripping, gory remake of the cult horror classic: the undead
walk the earth as flesh-eating zombies, trapping a disparate
group of desperate people in a suburban shopping mall. From
the director of 300. 3/19,20.

DEJA VU [PG13]·Action·2006·(2:06)
An ATF agent investigating a bombing becomes interested in
the beautiful woman found dead minutes before the explosion
- then he's introduced to FBI technology that allows him to
"see" into the past in this solid action thriller. 4/4.

DEUCE BIGALOW: MALE GIGOLO [R]·Comedy·1999·(1:28)
He's a man-whore! The gross-out misadventures of a fish
tank cleaner who falls into a career as a male prostitute,
complete with crazy clients and a sleazy cop on his tail.

DOUBLE TAKE [PG13]·Action·2001·(1:28)
An investment banker - framed as a cop killer - is on the run
to Mexico and gets mistaken for a fast-talking con man who
may be a crook, an FBI agent - or an assassin! From the
creator of Bad Boys and Midnight Run. 4/1.

ED TV [PG13]·Comedy·1999·(2:03)
Ed, a video store clerk, becomes the star of a 24/7 reality
show - but as the cameras follow his every move, the family
skeletons appear and soon Ed is eager to cancel his fame.
With Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Hurley, Jenna Elfman.

EMMA [PG]·Comedy·1996·(2:01)
The comic tale of an attractive young matchmaker whose
pairings often fail, and who cannot see that she has known
the love of her own life since childhood. Based on the Jane
Austen novel, Oscar winner for Best Original Score. 3/13,18.

EVEN MONEY [R]·Drama·2007·(1:53)
"Even Money" details the manner in which gambling and
drugs affect a variety of people's lives during the weeks
leading up to a championship college basketball game. 3/20.

EVITA [PG]·Drama·1996·(2:15)
Rousing adaptation of the Tony Award-winning musical
biography of beloved, yet controversial, Argentine first lady
Eva Peron. Oscar winner for Best Song. 2/26

FALLEN [R]·Crime·1998·(2:04)
After a disturbing death-row talk with a convicted serial killer,
a detective is slowly convinced that a new series of murders
is being committed by a supernatural spirit. But without solid
evidence, will the cop become the suspect? 4/2

FARCE OF THE PENGUINS [R]·Comedy·2006·(1:20)
An outrageous spoof of a famous penguin documentary,
featuring the voices of Samuel L. Jackson, Dane Cook, Jason
Alexander, Whoopi Goldberg, Mo'nique, Lewis Black, Tracy
Morgan and more. 2/25

THE FLINTSTONES [PG]·Comedy·1994·(1:30)
Everyone's favorite modern Stone-Age family comes to
big-screen life! Success goes to Fred's head when he gets a
phony promotion. With Rick Moranis, Halle Berry, Rosie
O'Donnell, Elizabeth Taylor and the B-52s. 3/11,15.

FREEDOMLAND [R]·Black·2006·(1:53)
A white child goes missing in a black neighborhood - his
emotionally wrecked mother claims it's kidnapping - and
ignites a firestorm of racial tensions as a black police
detective struggles to solve the mystery. 3/10,11,17,22,23

THE FRIGHTENERS [R]·Comedy·1996·(1:50) 
A con man volunteers to exorcise a small town's spirits, but
one of the nasty demons goes on a killing spree. John Astin, 
Michael J. Fox, directed by Peter Jackson. 3/1,2

FROM DUSK TILL DAWN [R]·Action·1996·(1:48)
Two brothers blast their way through Texas in a bloody crime
spree, escaping across the border to Mexico, only to land in a
gory vampire biker bar. Directed by Robert Rodriguez, written
by Quentin Tarantino. 2/27

FUN WITH DICK AND JANE [PG13]·Comedy·2005·(1:30)
A business exec tells his wife to quit her job - just when his
company folds due to cooked books. As the debts mount, the
pair become klutzy, yet successful criminals, and finally
decide it's payback time! With Alec Baldwin. 4/6

GHOST RIDER [PG13]·Action·2007·(2:03 director's cut)
To save his dying father, stunt cyclist Johnny Blaze sells his soul
to the devil - but the devil tricks him! Years later, the evil one 
makes another offer- become the supernatural Ghost Rider and 
transform into a fiery, skull-headed superhero to battle a dark 
force to save your soul! Nicolas Cage, Sam Elliot.
Based on the Marvel comic. 3/1,13,14,19,26,27

GLORY ROAD [PG]·Black·2006·(1:58)
Based on the true story of the 1966 Texas Western Miners,
the first college basketball team to sport an all-black starting
lineup while fighting for the NCAA championship. Produced by
Jerry Bruckheimer (Remember The Titans). 3/2,3

GRINDHOUSE [R]·Action·2007·(3:11)
Recreating the no-budget action titles of the past, directors
Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez combine their talents to
create two over-the-top "films" with a host of crazy stuff in
between! Zombies, machine-guns, car crashes! Descriptions of
each "half" follow below. Includes spoofs of sex & violence
movie trailers in between by various directors including Rob
Zombie, with one for "Werewolf Women of the SS". 3/30,31

The Unrated extended version:Grindhouse Presents Quentin
Tarantino's Death Proof! Psycho Stuntman Mike uses his
souped-up car as a murder weapon against beautiful women
- until he meets his match while taking on a bevy of sexy
babes! Kurt Russell. 3/8,9,11,14,15,20.

The Unrated extended version: Grindhouse Presents Robert
Rodriguez's Planet Terror! Sexy Rose McGowan as Cherry Darling
sports a machine-gun for a leg, her ex-boyfriend is a one-man
army - and they'll need help facing down an army of gory zombies!

THE GRUDGE 2 [PG13]·Horror·2006·(1:42)
A ghostly supernatural curse continues its murderous ways in
this white-knuckle sequel! The sister of a woman killed by the
horrible haunted house is out to confront the spirits- now
operating globally - that will not die! 2/28

THE GUARDIAN [PG13]·Action·2006·(2:19)
A hot-shot young swimmer joins the U.S. Coast Guard's elite
rescue program, where a veteran teaches him tough lessons
about heroism and sacrifice. Exciting action sequences, from
the director of The Fugitive. 4/2.

HE GOT GAME [R]·Black·1998·(2:17)
A convicted murderer is given a week-long leave to convince
his heavily recruited basketball-playing son to attend the
governor's alma mater - if successful, his sentence will be
cut. Written and directed by Spike Lee. 3/29.

HEAD CASE (E101) [TVMA]·Comedy·2007·(:25)
Hollywood's "it" therapist to the stars is judgmental,
unorthodox and unusual - but everybody who's anybody must
get in to see her! A Starz Originals production. 3/19,21,24
HEAD CASE (E102) [TVMA]·Comedy·2008·(:24) 3/26,28,31
HEAD CASE (E103) [TVMA]·Comedy·2008·(:23) 4/2,4
HEAD CASE (E106) [TVMA]·Comedy·2008·(:27) 3/3
HEAD CASE (E107) [TVMA]·Comedy·2008·(:28) 3/5,7,10
HEAD CASE (E108) [TVMA]·Comedy·2008·(:28) 3/12,14,17

HIGH FIDELITY [R]·Comedy·2000·(1:54)
The thirtysomething owner of a small record store examines
his Top 5 worst breakups in an effort to discover why his
latest relationship has also hit the skids in this insightful,
musically-driven comedy. With Jack Black.

THE HOAX [R]·Drama·2007·(1:56)
In what would cause a fantastic media frenzy, Clifford Irving
sells his bogus biography of Howard Hughes to a premiere
publishing house in the early 1970s. 3/22,23,25,28,29,4/2,3

THE HOLIDAY [PG13]·Romantic Comedy·2006·(2:16)
Two women with romance issues - one American, one British
- agree to swap homes, and find themselves falling for new
men in their new locales. A winning romantic comedy from
the director of What Women Want. 2/29

HOLLYWOOD RESIDENTIAL (E101) [TVMA]·Comedy·2007·(:23)
Starz Originals production. "Hollywood Residential" goes to
celebrity homes where host Tony King wreaks havoc with the
production and has issues with hot new co-host Lila Mann.
HOLLYWOOD RESIDENTIAL (E102) [TVMA]·2007·(:21) 3/26,28,31
HOLLYWOOD RESIDENTIAL (E103) [TVMA]·2007·(:19) 4/2,4
HOLLYWOOD RESIDENTIAL (E106) [TVMA]·2007·(:18) 3/3
HOLLYWOOD RESIDENTIAL (E107) [TVMA]·2007·(:23) 3/5,7,10
HOLLYWOOD RESIDENTIAL (E108) [TVMA]·2007·(:23) 3/12,14,17

HOME ALONE 3 [PG]·Comedy·1997·(1:42)
The slapstick kid vs. bad guys adventures continue in
winning fashion, as little Alex discovers spies are trying to
retrieve a top-secret microchip - but they encounter a maze
of hilarious booby traps when they enter Alex's house! 3/7,16

HOUSE OF CARDS [PG13]·Drama·1993·(1:49)
A precocious six-year-old falls mute when her father is killed,
and is soon building elaborate houses of cards in an attempt
to communicate with her mother. 3/27.

HURLYBURLY [R]·Art House·1998·(2:03)
Sean Penn stars as a drug-addled Hollywood casting agent
who trades barbs and lines of coke with a variety of
acquaintances even as he struggles to find meaning in his
life. 3/3,13.

THE ILLUSIONIST [PG13]·Drama·2006·(1:49)
Romance, magic and murder: in 1900 Vienna, a mysterious
traveling magician arrives and takes the town by storm - but
when he reconnects with a childhood sweetheart engaged to
a prince, both their lives are in danger! 2/29.

INSPECTOR GADGET [PG]·Comedy·1999·(1:18)
The human dynamo Inspector Gadget - a surgically enhanced
cypercop - goes after the evil Dr. Claw in a live-action version
of the classic 80s animated series. Go, go gadget! 2/27.

INVINCIBLE [PG]·Drama·2006·(1:44)
Based on a true story: struggling Philadelphia Eagles fan
Vince Papale fulfills a dream by trying out for the team - he
surprisingly makes the grade. But can the dream last? A
rousing story from the producers of "The Rookie." 4/1.

THE INVISIBLE [PG13]·Drama·2007·(1:42)
A murdered teenager, now a ghost, must track down his killer
to be given a second chance at life. 3/29,30,4/1,2,4,5.

IRISH JAM [PG13]·Comedy·2006·(1:34)
The patron of an Irish pub concoct a scheme to save their bar
from a corporate buy-out - stage a poetry contest with the
watering hole as the prize. But little did they know that the
winner would be a wanna-be rapper from L.A.! 2/27.

THE ITALIAN [PG13]·Drama·2007·(1:39)
An inspiring drama based on a true story - an abandoned
Russian boy escapes from a dangerous orphanage and sets
out on a perilous journey to find his mother before he's
handed over to a wealthy Italian couple. 3/28.

JUNIOR [PG13]·Comedy·1994·(1:50) Arnold Schwarzenegger.
A male fertility research scientist decides to test the latest
drug on himself - and becomes the world's first pregnant
man! With Emma Thompson, Frank Langella, directed by Ivan
Reitman (Ghostbusters) 4/4

KEEPING THE FAITH [PG13]·Comedy·2000·(2:09)
Lifelong best friends, a priest and a rabbi, fall in love with a
woman they've both adored since childhood. 3/12,22,23,31.

KICKIN' IT OLD SKOOL [PG13]·Comedy·2007·(1:49)
A break-dancing teen endures a freak accident and falls into
a coma in 1986, waking up to a new world twenty years later
- but his hospital stay has bankrupted his parents, so he vies
for the cash prize in a tv dancing show.

A KID IN KING ARTHUR'S COURT [PG]·Family·1995·(1:30)
An earthquake transports a hapless California teen and his
knapsack of belongings back to 6th-century England where
he meets King Arthur and Merlin the Magician at Camelot.
With Kate Winslet, Daniel Craig. Loosely based on a story
by Mark Twain. 4/1.

LIFE [R]·Comedy·1999·(1:48)
In Depression-era Mississippi, two black men are framed for
murder and sentenced to life in prison - and they spend the
next 60 years bickering, arguing, and planning their big
escape in this hilarious comedy. With Bernie Mac. 4/3

LITTLE MAN [PG13]·Comedy·2006·(1:38)
A wannabe dad mistakes a vertically challenged criminal on
the lam as his newly adopted son. From the creators of 'White
Chicks' and 'Scary Movie.' 4/4,5.

LONDON [R]·Drama·2006·(1:32)
Syd awakens in his NYC apartment and discovers his
girlfriend is leaving town and having a going-away party -
and he's not invited! So he concocts a wild plan to crash the
party and win back the girl. With Jason Statham. 4/3.

THE LOOKOUT [R]·Crime·2007·(1:39)
A former high-school hockey star, struggling to overcome
long-term brain injuries, becomes a janitor at a bank when
old "friends" enlist his help to rob the place - what will he do?
A darkly humorous, suspenseful crime thriller. 4/2,3,5

LOST IN SPACE [PG13]·Action·1998·(2:10)
Danger Will Robinson! The cult classic tv space family
Robinson embark on a mission to save the earth, but the evil
Dr. Smith sends their ship spinning off course into the
cosmos! With Gary Oldman, Heather Graham, Matt LeBlanc. 3/5

MAFIA! [PG13]·Comedy·1998·(1:27)
From the director of Airplane!, the slapstick adventures of a
young Sicilian boy who becomes a mob godfather in America.
With Christina Applegate (Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead)

THE MATADOR [R]·Comedy·2005·(1:38)
A chance hotel bar meeting in Mexico City between a frazzled
businessman and a lowlife professional hit man will
drastically alter both their lives in this hilariously off-kilter
story. Not to be missed! 3/3,9,14,26,27

THE MESSENGERS [PG13]·Horror·2007·(1:30)
A Chicago family moves to the country in an effort to rebuild
their lives - but their farm seems to have its own past horrors
and secrets, and only the kids can see the danger dead
ahead! 3/1,2,6,10,21,22,26,27.

MIMIC SENTINEL [R]·Sci-Fi/Horror·2003·(1:16)
The final episode of the Mimic trilogy: the nasty, bloodthirsty
Judas Breed roaches have returned, and it's up to an earlier
survivor to find a way to stop them! 3/17,21.

MONEY TRAIN [R]·Action·1995·(1:50)
A free-spirited NYC transit cop decides the best way to pay
off his gambling debt is to rob the subway train carrying the
daily revenue - but can his brother, also a cop, keep him in
line? An early film role for Jennifer Lopez. 3/4,16.

MONSTER HOUSE [PG]·Animated·2006·(1:31)
In a squeaky clean suburb, three kids discover that their
mysterious neighbor's scary house comes to life on
Halloween! An animated treat, featuring Steve Buscemi, Fred
Willard, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Nick Cannon, Catherine O'Hara.

MOTHER'S BOYS [R]·Drama·1994·(1:35)
She left her family without explanation three years ago, and
has now returned - but when she can't win her husband back, 
Mom begins an eerie campaign to recapture her sons in this 
dark thriller. 3/6.

The proud, private Mrs. Palfrey moves into London's
Claremont Hotel following the death of her husband, where
she begins an unlikely - and rewarding - friendship with a
young writer. A poignant, audience pleasing story. 3/17,26

THE MUMMY [PG13]·Adventure·1999·(2:05)
All hell breaks loose when a solider (Brendan Fraser)
unwittingly unearths a cursed Egyptian priest. The 
blockbuster action-adventure story of the resurrection of
the cursed Imhotep - with supernatural powers - and the 
intrepid adventurers who band together to defeat him.

Clark and Ellen Griswold's disastrous family outing includes a
visit with Cousin Eddie and a date with Wayne Newton. 4/2

NEXT [PG13]·Action·2007·(1:36)
A man who can see into his own future has to avoid capture
by a government organization and win the love of a woman
who will be the mother of his child. 4/5,6.

ON THE SET: 143 [TV14]·(:15)

OPEN SEASON [PG]·Adventure·2006·(1:26)
A 900-pound bear raised by humans is returned to the forest,
where he teams up with a wise-cracking mule deer to disrupt
the hunting season in this zippy, witty animated adventure.
With Gary Sinise, Debra Messing. 3/12,13,21,22,30.

OUTLAW TRAIL [TVG]·Adventure·2006·(1:30)
The teenage great-nephew of outlaw legend Butch Cassidy
discovers the existence of a hidden stash of loot - now he
and his friends race to get there before the bad guys do!
Breakneck action sequences in a terrific famiy adventure!

OPERATION: DUMBO DROP [PG]·Comedy·1995·(1:48)
During the Viet Nam war, two U.S. Army captains and their
crew wheel and deal to keep a village's loyalty by replacing
their prized elephant - but how to they get a pachyderm
across 200 miles of dense jungle? With Denis Leary, who 
denies the other actors said he was harder to work with than
the elephant.

PERFECT STRANGER [R]·Thriller/Suspense·2007·(1:49)
A deadly cat-and-mouse game develops when a beautiful
reporter goes undercover at an ad agency to investigate her
best friend's murder - but the prime suspect, the head of the
firm, is falling for her. Or is he?

Captain Jack Sparrow and friends try to save their souls from
the evil pirate Davy Jones and his army of sea-phantoms.
Oscar-winning special effects highlight this sequel to the
blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl
starring Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, and Keira Knightley.

PIRATES OF THE PLAIN [PG]·Adventure·1999·(1:33)
A fantasy-obsessed farm boy finds an unlikely playmate
when a dastardly pirate is magically transported to his
Nebraska farmhouse. 3/3.

PITTSBURGH [TVMA]·Comedy·2006·(1:24)
When Jeff Goldblum's new found love is cast in The Music
Man and must move to Goldblum's hometown of Pittsburgh,
he decides to put his Hollywood life on hold and audition for
the lead role so he can be with his girlfriend. 3/5,20,21.

PLAY IT TO THE BONE [R]·Comedy·1999·(2:04)
Two small-time boxers on their last legs find themselves
agreeing to fight each other for a $50,000 purse and a shot at
the title - but will they survive the road trip to the ring in
Vegas? With Lucy Liu, Tom SIzemore. 3/4,15,26.

THE PRESTIGE [PG13]·Action·2006·(2:10)
As young magicians, they were a team - but now their
escalating rivalry results in a fierce battle to top each other's
spectacular stunts in Victorian London. With Michael Caine,
Scarlett Johansson, David Bowie. 3/3,14,17,30

PRIMEVAL [R]·Action·2007·(1:34)
A news team is assigned to film and capture giant
man-eating crocodile in a war-torn African country - but all
bets are off when a local warlord brutally intervenes in the
hunt for the bloody behemoth! 3/1,6,30,31.

PULP FICTION [R]·Action·1994·(2:34)
Two outrageous hit men, a small time boxer looking to even
the score, and a gangster's drug-addled girlfriend all connect
in director Quentin Tarantino's violently comic contemporary
classic. Make that a royale with cheese... 3/4,13,22

THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS [PG13]·Black·2006·(1:57) Will Smith.
Based on true events - a man struggles to keep himself and
young son from diving headlong into homeless poverty while
pursuing his dreams of a better life in this inspirational story.
Featuring Will's real-life son, Jaden Smith. 3/5,6,10,11,14,15,24

THE QUEEN [PG13]·Drama·2006·(1:43)
In the wake of Princess Diana's death, the British royal family
and newly elected prime minister Tony Blair struggle to find
the proper way to honor the popular divorcee in this
compelling story. Winner of Best Actress Oscar. 3/8,12,18,21

THE QUIET [R]·Drama·2006·(1:36)
An orphaned teen girl - who has gone mute as a way to deal
with her tragedies - moves in with her godparents and their
hostile daughter, where she learns new definitions for
"dysfunctional family" - including drugs and incest.

REALITY BITES [PG13]·Comedy·1994·(1:38)
Generation X'ers try to unravel love, careers and the legacy
their parents have left them. 3/4

RENAISSANCE [R]·Action·2006·(1:45)
A stunning black-and-white, motion-capture animation, set in
Paris, 2054, finds an intrepid cop hired by a
mega-corporation to locate a kidnapped scientist. An
action-filled treat, for fans of Blade Runner and Sin City. 4/4

THE ROCK [R]·Action·1996·(2:16) Sean Connery.
A nervous FBI chemist and a hardened, resourceful British
convict team up to take on a rogue general and his soldiers
who set up deadly bio-weapons on the island of Alcatraz. A
smashing action hit, with Nicholas Cage, Ed Harris. 

RUNNING WITH SCISSORS [R]·Comedy·2006·(2:02)
Based on the best-selling memoirs - a boy leaves his
alcoholic dad and unstable mom to live with the eccentric
and often surreal family of his mother's therapist. WIth Alec
Baldwin, Jill Clayburgh, Brian Cox and more. 4/6

RUSH HOUR [PG13]·Action·1998·(1:38) Jackie Chan.
What happens when a rebel Hong Kong detective and a
hotshot, loudmouth L.A. cop team up to rescue a diplomat's
kidnapped daughter? Lots of hilarious one-liners and
high-kicking martial arts action in this hit action-comedy!

SCARY MOVIE 4 [PG13]·[TV14]·Comedy·2006·(1:23)
An all-star cast and serious spoofs of The Village, War Of The
Worlds, Saw, The Grudge highlight the story of Cindy, just a
girl looking to help a little boy ghost. With Leslie Nielsen, Bill
Pullman, Molly Shannon, Carmen Electra.

THE SHAGGY DOG [PG]·Comedy·2006·(1:39) Tim Allen.
The world of a workaholic lawyer turns upside down when his
encounter with a 300-year old Tibetan pooch results in his
changing into shaggy sheepdog! With Kristin Davis, Danny
Glover, Craig Kilborn. 2/25.

SHE'S THE ONE [R]·Comedy·1996·(1:36)
Two married NYC brothers - one's a cabbie, the other a Wall
Street broker - find themselves at odds over a beautiful
woman in this frank, funny tale of rivalry and fidelity. With
Cameron Diaz. 3/31,4/5

SILENT HILL [R]·Horror·2006·(2:05)
A mother takes her traumatized daughter to an eerie ghost
town called Silent Hill, hoping to cure the child's demons - but
when the girl disappears, a deadly game of gory, nightmarish
scenes begins! Not for the squeamish! 3/15,16,27,28

SIMPATICO [R]·Drama·1999·(1:46)
When they were young, a trio of friends pulled off a
horse-racing scam. But now, one is down-on-his luck with a
score to settle against his old partner and his ex-girlfriend.
With Nick Nolte, Albert Finney. 3/12,29.

SISTER ACT [PG]·Comedy·1992·(1:40)
When a worldly singer witnesses a mob crime, the police hide
her as a nun in a traditional convent where she has all kinds
of trouble fitting in! 3/9,13,21,30.

SPEED 2: CRUISE CONTROL [PG13]·Action·1997·(2:05)
Annie Potter survived a madman's runaway bus plot in Los
Angeles in the first movie, only to board a Caribbean cruise 
ship rigged for destruction by a disgruntled computer expert!
With Willem Dafoe. 4/5

STAY ALIVE [PG13]·Horror·2006·(1:26)
A group of friends play a mysterious horror video game, only
to discover that when they die in the game...they die for real!

STICK IT! [PG13]·Comedy·2006·(1:43)
The law puts the brakes on a talented young woman's wild
life and sends her back to the world of competitive
gymnastics, where her talent and rebellious attitude shake up
the system! From the writer of "Bring It On." 4/4.

STOMP THE YARD [PG13]·Dance·2007·(1:54)
Stylish, energetic story of a talented young street dancer who
enrolls in college and finds himself courted by two fraternities
engaged in competitive dancing - featuring a booming
hip-hop soundtrack! With Angela Bassett. 4/5,6

STRANGER THAN FICTION [PG13]·Comedy·2006·(1:53) Will Ferrell.
A mild-mannered IRS auditor suddenly hears his own life
story--narrated by an author's voice in his head. But can he
change the story's ending...before it's too late?

Ricky Bobby, NASCAR's #1 driver, must defend his title
against a flamboyant French Formula One racer - both are
determined to win at any cost! With Sacha Baron Cohen, Gary
Cole, Michael Clarke Duncan, Will Ferrell. 

A TIME TO KILL [R]·Drama·1996·(2:29)
A white, Southern attorney defends a black man being tried
for killing the men who sexually abused his daughter. 2/26.

TO DIE FOR [R]·Dark Comedy·1995·(1:46)
A beautiful, ambitious - yet untalented - young woman will
stop at nothing to further her television career in a small town
in this dark, satirical comedy about media and fame. With
Joaquin Phoenix, Casey Affleck. 3/15,19.

TOMBSTONE [R]·True Story·1993·(2:10) Kurt Russell.
Wyatt Earp, his brothers and Doc Holliday take on the Clanton
gang in this action-packed, realistic account of the 1881
gunfight at the OK Corral. Look for Billy Bob Thornton,
Thomas Haden Church, Charleton Heston and more. 4/4

TOMCATS [R]·Comedy·2001·(1:35)
It's a friendly wager among buddies: the last bachelor to
marry wins the pool. Seven years later, there's a half-million
dollars waiting and two single guys left - but things get
complicated in this rowdy, over-sexed comedy!

THE TOUCH [PG13]·Action·2002·(1:24)
Sibling circus performers get involved in retrieving a precious
Buddhist artifact from an evil antiquities collector in this
acrobatic, fast-paced action adventure. 3/15,20,23.

THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS & DOGS [PG13]·Comedy·1996·(1:37)
A successful vet & radio show host - suffering from low
self-esteem - asks her gorgeous model friend to impersonate
her when a handsome man wants to date her. With Ben
Chaplin, Jamie Foxx. 3/4,9,17,29.

TSOTSI [R]·Black·2006·(1:34)
Tsotsi is the young leader of a violent Johannesburg street
gang - his name means "thug" - whose world changes when
an infant falls into his care . Gripping, ruthless and
absorbing, an Oscar winner for Best Foreign Language Film.

TWELVE MONKEYS [R]·Cult·1995·(2:09) Bruce Willis.
A convict from the future is sent back to the late twentieth
century to discover the source of a deadly plague that has
claimed millions of lives in director Terry Gilliams's surreal
sci-fi thriller. With Brad Pitt. 2/29.

TWO MUCH [PG13]·Comedy·1996·(1:58)
In a screwball comedy set in Miami, a con man falls in love
with his fiancee's sister, then pretends to be his own twin
brother in order to spend time with her.

ULTRAVIOLET [PG13]·Action·2006·(1:27)
She's a woman with a mission! Super-soldier Ultraviolet
possesses incredible physical powers, which she must use to
protect a boy who may hold the key to stopping a war
between humans and vampire-like Hemophages! 

UNDERWORLD: EVOLUTION [R]·Action·2006·(1:46)
Selene, the sexy vampire warrior, is back! The explosive war
between the Death Dealers and Lycans continues full throttle
as Selene and her werewolf lover go on the run, searching for
their future by seeking their past.

UNDISPUTED [R]·Action·2002·(1:34)
A heavyweight champion boxer is sent to prison, where he
must face the reigning incarcerated champ in the ring. A
gritty slugfest, with Peter Falk. 3/5,29

VACANCY [R]·Horror·2007·(1:25)
A couple find themselves stranded at a desolate, run-down
motel run by a twitchy manager - but are those real murders
on the in-room video tapes, and are those multiple video
cameras throughout the motel? They soon realize that unless
they escape, they'll be the next victims of a snuff film. 
A fast-paced thriller! 3/2,3,8,9,22

THE VALET [PG13]·Comedy·2007·(1:25)
A porter and a top-model have to pretend to be a couple in
order to salvage a CEO's marriage. 3/25

VENUS [R]·Comedy·2006·(1:35)
With more than 50 years difference in their ages, a veteran
small-time actor finds his manhood rekindled when he takes
an interest in his friend's young niece - a randy, wistful and
often hilarious story. With Vanessa Redgrave. 4/6

WILD HOGS [PG13]·Action·2007·(1:40)
Middle age crazy on wheels! Four suburban friends put on
their leathers and hit the open road on their motorcycles - but
they'll soon find out what they are made of in a confrontation
with a real biker gang! With Martin Lawrence. 3/31,4/1,5,6

THE WILD [G]·Animated·2006·(1:22)
When an adolescent lion is accidentally shipped from the
New York Zoo to Africa, his bickering zoo pals must put aside
their differences to help bring him back in this animated
DIsney adventure. 4/5

WIND CHILL [R]·Drama·2007·(1:31)
Two college students sharing a ride home during the winter
holidays find their car broken down on a lonely snowy road -
and the tension rises when they realize that they may not be
alone in this claustrophobic thriller! 3/4,5,12,13,16,24,25,29.

ZOOM [PG]·Action·2006·(1:28)
A has-been superhero - whose brother has become an
intergalactic villian - comes out of retirement to train an
unlikely bunch of kid superheroes. WIth Chevy Chase, 
Spenser Breslin, Rip Torn. 4/1,4,5.

10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU [PG13]·Drama·1999·(1:37)
A militantly-feminist teenage girl is courted by her high
school's resident "bad boy" as part of a convoluted scheme
by another guy to get to the girl's beautiful and popular sister.
An early role for Heath Ledger. 
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  11:00PM ET Scary Movie 4   
Sunday, Mar. 9
 12:30AM ET Ed TV   
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  5:05AM ET Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo   
  6:35AM ET Scary Movie 4   
  8:00AM ET Are We Done Yet?   
  9:35AM ET The Truth About Cats & Dogs   
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  10:00PM ET HEAD CASE:Ep #108 - Dreading Bells   
  10:30PM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #108 - "Lila's Party"   
  11:00PM ET HEAD CASE:Ep #108 - Dreading Bells   
  11:30PM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #108 - "Lila's Party"   
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Sunday, Mar. 16
 12:50AM ET Play It To The Bone   
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Monday, Mar. 17
  1:05AM ET Wind Chill   
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  8:30AM ET Freedomland   
  10:30AM ET The Truth About Cats & Dogs   
  12:10PM ET Catch And Release   
  2:05PM ET Tomcats   
  3:45PM ET Freedomland   
  5:45PM ET HEAD CASE:Ep #108 - Dreading Bells   
  6:20PM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #108 - "Lila's Party"   
  6:50PM ET Ed TV   
  9:00PM ET Catch And Release   
  11:00PM ET American Pie   
Tuesday, Mar. 18
 12:45AM ET The Prestige   
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  4:40AM ET Mimic Sentinel   
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  8:15AM ET Bowfinger   
  10:00AM ET The Mummy   
  12:10PM ET Cloud 9   
  1:50PM ET Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo   
  3:30PM ET Beautiful   
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  7:10PM ET The Queen   
  9:00PM ET The Mummy   
  11:10PM ET Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo   
Wednesday, Mar. 19
 12:45AM ET Bachelor Party Vegas   
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  8:20AM ET Beautiful   
  10:20AM ET Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby   
  12:15PM ET Two Much   
  2:20PM ET Ghost Rider   
  4:20PM ET To Die For   
  6:15PM ET Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby   
  8:10PM ET Kickin' It Old Skool   
  10:00PM ET Head Case:Ep #101 - Live and Let Diet   
  10:30PM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #101 - "The Hotness"   
  11:00PM ET Head Case:Ep #101 - Live and Let Diet   
  11:30PM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #101 - "The Hotness"   
Thursday, Mar. 20
 12:00AM ET Ghost Rider   
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  4:00AM ET To Die For   
  5:50AM ET Dawn Of The Dead   
  7:40AM ET 10 Things I Hate About You   
  9:30AM ET Even Money   
  11:30AM ET The Touch   
  1:00PM ET The Da Vinci Code   
  3:35PM ET 10 Things I Hate About You   
  5:15PM ET Even Money   
  7:15PM ET Dawn Of The Dead   
  9:00PM ET The Da Vinci Code   
  11:35PM ET Grindhouse Presents Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof   
Friday, Mar. 21
  1:35AM ET The Frighteners   
  3:30AM ET Anime: Drawing The Revolution   
  4:30AM ET Pittsburgh   
  6:00AM ET The Da Vinci Code   
  8:35AM ET Outlaw Trail   
  10:10AM ET The Queen   
  12:00PM ET Open Season   
  1:30PM ET Sister Act   
  3:15PM ET Head Case:Ep #101 - Live and Let Diet   
  3:40PM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #101 - "The Hotness"   
  4:10PM ET Pittsburgh   
  5:35PM ET The Frighteners   
  7:30PM ET Open Season   
  9:00PM ET The Messengers   
  10:35PM ET The Quiet   
Saturday, Mar. 22
 12:15AM ET American Pie   
  2:00AM ET Head Case:Ep #101 - Live and Let Diet   
  2:30AM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #101 - "The Hotness"   
  3:00AM ET Are We Done Yet?   
  4:40AM ET Mimic Sentinel   
  6:00AM ET Vacancy   
  7:30AM ET Stranger Than Fiction   
  9:30AM ET Open Season   
  11:00AM ET Are We Done Yet?   
  12:35PM ET Tomcats   
  2:15PM ET Vacancy   
  3:45PM ET The Messengers   
  5:20PM ET Stranger Than Fiction   
  7:20PM ET Are We Done Yet?   
  9:00PM ET The Hoax   
  11:05PM ET Vacancy   
Sunday, Mar. 23
 12:40AM ET Freedomland   
  2:40AM ET Pulp Fiction   
  5:20AM ET Keeping The Faith   
  7:40AM ET The Hoax   
  9:45AM ET The Da Vinci Code   
  12:20PM ET Freedomland   
  2:20PM ET The Mummy   
  4:35PM ET The Hoax   
  6:40PM ET Keeping The Faith   
  9:00PM ET The Da Vinci Code   
  11:40PM ET The Mummy   
Monday, Mar. 24
  1:50AM ET Perfect Stranger   
  3:50AM ET The Touch   
  5:20AM ET The Da Vinci Code   
  8:00AM ET The Mummy   
  10:15AM ET The Pursuit Of Happyness   
  12:20PM ET Kickin' It Old Skool   
  2:15PM ET Perfect Stranger   
  4:10PM ET Head Case:Ep #101 - Live and Let Diet   
  4:45PM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #101 - "The Hotness"   
  5:20PM ET The Quiet   
  7:05PM ET Kickin' It Old Skool   
  9:00PM ET The Pursuit Of Happyness   
  11:00PM ET Perfect Stranger   
Tuesday, Mar. 25
 12:50AM ET Wind Chill   
  2:30AM ET Catch And Release   
  4:30AM ET The Pursuit Of Happyness   
  6:35AM ET Anime: Drawing The Revolution   
  7:40AM ET Stranger Than Fiction   
  9:40AM ET The Hoax   
  11:45AM ET Tomcats   
  1:20PM ET Catch And Release   
  3:20PM ET Stranger Than Fiction   
  5:20PM ET Wind Chill   
  7:00PM ET The Hoax   
  9:00PM ET Catch And Release   
  11:00PM ET American Pie   
Wednesday, Mar. 26
 12:45AM ET Tomcats   
  2:30AM ET The Hoax   
  4:35AM ET The Valet   
  6:10AM ET The Benchwarmers   
  7:40AM ET Mrs. Palfrey At The Claremont   
  9:35AM ET The Messengers   
  11:10AM ET Chocolat   
  1:15PM ET The Benchwarmers   
  2:45PM ET Bon Cop, Bad Cop   
  4:45PM ET Play It To The Bone   
  6:50PM ET The Messengers   
  8:30PM ET The Benchwarmers   
  10:00PM ET Head Case:Ep #102 - El Finks   
  10:30PM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #102 - "Where's Tom?"   
  11:00PM ET Head Case:Ep #102 - El Finks   
  11:30PM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #102 - "Where's Tom?"   
Thursday, Mar. 27
 12:00AM ET The Matador   
  1:40AM ET Ghost Rider   
  3:40AM ET Black Book   
  6:15AM ET The Messengers   
  7:50AM ET House Of Cards   
  9:50AM ET Scary Movie 4   
  11:20AM ET Ghost Rider   
  1:20PM ET All The King's Men   
  3:35PM ET The Matador   
  5:20PM ET The Quiet   
  7:05PM ET Ghost Rider   
  9:00PM ET Scary Movie 4   
  10:30PM ET All The King's Men   
Friday, Mar. 28
 12:50AM ET Silent Hill   
  3:05AM ET Kickin' It Old Skool   
  5:05AM ET Scary Movie 4   
  6:40AM ET The Italian   
  8:30AM ET All The King's Men   
  10:50AM ET Bowfinger   
  12:30PM ET Rush Hour   
  2:15PM ET Head Case:Ep #102 - El Finks   
  2:45PM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #102 - "Where's Tom?"   
  3:10PM ET Silent Hill   
  5:20PM ET 10 Things I Hate About You   
  7:05PM ET Kickin' It Old Skool   
  9:00PM ET The Hoax   
  11:05PM ET Rush Hour   
Saturday, Mar. 29
 12:50AM ET Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby   
  2:45AM ET Head Case:Ep #102 - El Finks   
  3:20AM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #102 - "Where's Tom?"   
  3:45AM ET The Hoax   
  5:50AM ET Rush Hour   
  7:40AM ET The Truth About Cats & Dogs   
  9:20AM ET Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby   
  11:20AM ET Catch And Release   
  1:20PM ET Simpatico   
  3:15PM ET 10 Things I Hate About You   
  5:00PM ET The Hoax   
  7:05PM ET Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby   
  9:00PM ET The Invisible   
  10:50PM ET Catch And Release   
Sunday, Mar. 30
 12:50AM ET Wind Chill   
  2:30AM ET He Got Game   
  4:50AM ET Undisputed   
  6:35AM ET Catch And Release   
  8:35AM ET Open Season   
  10:10AM ET The Invisible   
  12:00PM ET Scary Movie 4   
  1:30PM ET Sister Act   
  3:20PM ET The Prestige   
  5:40PM ET The Invisible   
  7:30PM ET Open Season   
  9:00PM ET Scary Movie 4   
  10:35PM ET The Prestige   
Monday, Mar. 31
 12:50AM ET Grindhouse   
  4:10AM ET Open Season   
  5:45AM ET Primeval   
  7:30AM ET Scary Movie 4   
  9:05AM ET All The King's Men   
  11:20AM ET Chocolat   
  1:30PM ET Keeping The Faith   
  3:50PM ET Head Case:Ep #102 - El Finks   
  4:30PM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #102 - "Where's Tom?"   
  5:00PM ET Primeval   
  6:45PM ET All The King's Men   
  9:00PM ET Grindhouse   

Tuesday, Apr. 1
 12:10AM ET The Covenant   
  1:50AM ET Alien 3   
  3:50AM ET She's The One   
  5:30AM ET Wild Hogs   
  7:10AM ET Double Take   
  8:40AM ET A Kid In King Arthur's Court   
  10:15AM ET Zoom   
  11:50AM ET Invincible   
  1:40PM ET Wild Hogs   
  3:20PM ET The Covenant   
  5:00PM ET Zoom   
  6:30PM ET Contact   
  9:00PM ET Wild Hogs   
  10:40PM ET Invincible   
Wednesday, Apr. 2
 12:30AM ET The Invisible   
  2:20AM ET Bridge To Terabithia   
  4:00AM ET Contact   
  6:30AM ET The Guardian   
  8:50AM ET The Invisible   
  10:40AM ET National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation   
  12:20PM ET Bridge To Terabithia   
  2:00PM ET Fallen   
  4:05PM ET The Invisible   
  5:50PM ET The Guardian   
  8:20PM ET Bridge To Terabithia   
  10:00PM ET Head Case:Ep #103 - A Tard For All Seasons   
  10:30PM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #103 - "Dominion Day"   
  11:00PM ET Head Case:Ep #103 - A Tard For All Seasons   
  11:30PM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #103 - "Dominion Day"   
Thursday, Apr. 3
 12:00AM ET The Lookout   
  1:40AM ET The Guardian   
  4:05AM ET The Hoax   
  6:05AM ET London   
  7:40AM ET Kickin' It Old Skool   
  9:35AM ET Anime: Drawing The Revolution   
  10:35AM ET Click   
  12:30PM ET The Lookout   
  2:10PM ET The Hoax   
  4:10PM ET Bulletproof   
  5:35PM ET Stay Alive   
  7:05PM ET Kickin' It Old Skool   
  9:00PM ET Click   
  11:00PM ET The Hoax   
Friday, Apr. 4
  1:05AM ET Stay Alive   
  2:40AM ET Bulletproof   
  4:15AM ET Life   
  6:10AM ET Click   
  8:05AM ET Deja Vu   
  10:20AM ET Stick It!   
  12:10PM ET Tombstone   
  2:20PM ET Head Case:Ep #103 - A Tard For All Seasons   
  2:50PM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #103 - "Dominion Day"   
  3:20PM ET Deja Vu   
  5:30PM ET Zoom   
  7:10PM ET The Invisible   
  9:00PM ET Stick It!   
  10:50PM ET Renaissance   
Saturday, Apr. 5
 12:40AM ET Deja Vu   
  2:50AM ET Head Case:Ep #103 - A Tard For All Seasons   
  3:20AM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #103 - "Dominion Day"   
  3:40AM ET Junior   
  5:35AM ET Little Man   
  7:20AM ET The Invisible   
  9:10AM ET The Rock   
  11:30AM ET Speed 2: Cruise Control   
  1:40PM ET Zoom   
  3:15PM ET The Wild   
  4:40PM ET The Rock   
  7:00PM ET Stomp The Yard   
  9:00PM ET Next   
  10:40PM ET Little Man   
Sunday, Apr. 6
 12:20AM ET The Lookout   
  3:05AM ET Bloodsucking Cinema   
  3:05AM ET Wild Hogs   
  4:50AM ET She's The One   
  6:30AM ET Stomp The Yard   
  8:30AM ET Cars   
  10:30AM ET Next   
  12:10PM ET Wild Hogs   
  1:50PM ET Stomp The Yard   
  3:45PM ET Fun With Dick And Jane   
  5:20PM ET Next   
  7:00PM ET Cars   
  9:00PM ET Wild Hogs   
  10:50PM ET Fun With Dick And Jane   
Monday, Apr. 7
 12:30AM ET Running With Scissors   
  2:35AM ET Venus   
  4:20AM ET Cars   
  6:20AM ET On The Set: Are We Done Yet?   
  6:40AM ET Jumanji   
  8:35AM ET Fun With Dick And Jane   
  10:15AM ET Bridge To Terabithia   
  12:00PM ET Winter Passing   
  1:50PM ET The Holiday   
  4:10PM ET Head Case:Ep #103 - A Tard For All Seasons   
  4:45PM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #103 - "Dominion Day"   
  5:15PM ET Running With Scissors   
  7:20PM ET Bridge To Terabithia   
  9:00PM ET The Holiday   
  11:20PM ET Independence Day   
Tuesday, Apr. 8
  1:50AM ET Renaissance   
  3:40AM ET Bridge To Terabithia   
  5:20AM ET Shanghai Noon   
  7:15AM ET The Holiday   
  9:35AM ET Our Very Own   
  11:30AM ET On The Set: Wild Hogs   
  11:45AM ET Next   
  1:30PM ET London   
  3:05PM ET Vacancy   
  4:35PM ET Independence Day   
  7:05PM ET Shanghai Noon   
  9:00PM ET Next   
  10:40PM ET Vacancy   
Wednesday, Apr. 9
 12:10AM ET The Lookout   
  1:50AM ET Dogma   
  4:50AM ET Anime: Drawing The Revolution   
  5:50AM ET Zoom   
  7:20AM ET Next   
  9:00AM ET Stomp The Yard   
  11:00AM ET Gone In Sixty Seconds   
  1:00PM ET Driving Lessons   
  2:45PM ET Zoom   
  4:15PM ET The Lookout   
  6:00PM ET Gone In Sixty Seconds   
  8:05PM ET Stomp The Yard   
  10:00PM ET Head Case:Ep #104 - Goode Vibes   
  10:30PM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #104 - "Sauna"   
  11:00PM ET Head Case:Ep #104 - Goode Vibes   
  11:30PM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #104 - "Sauna"   
Thursday, Apr. 10
 12:00AM ET Scream   
  2:00AM ET Gone In Sixty Seconds   
  4:00AM ET Stomp The Yard   
  6:00AM ET Fallen   
  8:10AM ET The Sixth Sense   
  10:05AM ET Junior   
  12:00PM ET On The Set: Are We Done Yet?   
  12:15PM ET Keeping Up With The Steins   
  1:45PM ET Fun With Dick And Jane   
  3:20PM ET Rounders   
  5:30PM ET Stick It!   
  7:20PM ET Bridge To Terabithia   
  9:00PM ET Fun With Dick And Jane   
  10:40PM ET Catch And Release   
Friday, Apr. 11
 12:40AM ET Wind Chill   
  2:20AM ET Stick It!   
  4:10AM ET The Messengers   
  5:50AM ET Next   
  7:35AM ET Catch And Release   
  9:30AM ET Bridge To Terabithia   
  11:10AM ET Wind Chill   
  12:45PM ET Stick It!   
  2:35PM ET Head Case:Ep #101 - Live and Let Diet   
  3:00PM ET Head Case:Ep #107 - Best Laid Plans   
  3:35PM ET The Covenant   
  5:20PM ET Catch And Release   
  7:15PM ET Next   
  9:00PM ET The Holiday   
  11:20PM ET Wild Hogs   
Saturday, Apr. 12
  1:00AM ET The Covenant   
  2:40AM ET Head Case:Ep #101 - Live and Let Diet   
  3:05AM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #101 - "The Hotness"   
  3:30AM ET Next   
  5:10AM ET Kickin' It Old Skool   
  7:05AM ET Wild Hogs   
  8:50AM ET Are We Done Yet?   
  10:30AM ET Independence Day   
  1:05PM ET The Holiday   
  3:30PM ET Deja Vu   
  5:40PM ET Wild Hogs   
  7:20PM ET Are We Done Yet?   
  9:00PM ET Surf's Up   
  10:30PM ET Deja Vu   
Sunday, Apr. 13
 12:40AM ET Little Man   
  2:20AM ET The Hoax   
  4:20AM ET Invincible   
  6:05AM ET Deja Vu   
  8:15AM ET Surf's Up   
  9:45AM ET The Wild   
  11:10AM ET The Guardian   
  1:30PM ET The Hoax   
  3:30PM ET Little Man   
  5:10PM ET Surf's Up   
  6:40PM ET The Guardian   
  9:00PM ET Invincible   
  10:45PM ET The Hoax   
Monday, Apr. 14
 12:45AM ET Stomp The Yard   
  2:50AM ET Even Money   
  4:50AM ET The Rock   
  7:15AM ET The Wild   
  8:45AM ET Doogal   
  10:10AM ET A Kid In King Arthur's Court   
  11:50AM ET Stomp The Yard   
  1:50PM ET National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation   
  3:30PM ET Gone In Sixty Seconds   
  5:35PM ET Head Case:Ep #104 - Goode Vibes   
  6:10PM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #104 - "Sauna"   
  6:40PM ET The Rock   
  9:00PM ET Stomp The Yard   
  11:00PM ET Gone In Sixty Seconds   
Tuesday, Apr. 15
  1:05AM ET Independence Day   
  3:40AM ET Tombstone   
  6:00AM ET Body Shots   
  7:50AM ET Gone In Sixty Seconds   
  10:00AM ET Neverwas   
  12:10PM ET Surf's Up   
  1:45PM ET The Covenant   
  3:30PM ET O Brother, Where Art Thou?   
  5:20PM ET Running With Scissors   
  7:30PM ET Surf's Up   
  9:00PM ET Independence Day   
  11:35PM ET The Covenant   
Wednesday, Apr. 16
  1:20AM ET The Invisible   
  3:10AM ET O Brother, Where Art Thou?   
  5:05AM ET Surf's Up   
  6:40AM ET On The Set: Wild Hogs   
  7:05AM ET The Covenant   
  8:50AM ET The Holiday   
  11:15AM ET Rounders   
  1:20PM ET Little Man   
  3:10PM ET Contact   
  5:50PM ET The Invisible   
  7:40PM ET The Holiday   
  10:00PM ET Head Case:Ep #105 - Parental Guidance Required   
  10:30PM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #105 - "Awards Show"   
  11:00PM ET Head Case:Ep #105 - Parental Guidance Required   
  11:30PM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #105 - "Awards Show"   
Thursday, Apr. 17
 12:00AM ET Little Man   
  1:40AM ET Rounders   
  3:45AM ET Contact   
  6:15AM ET The Guardian   
  8:35AM ET Doogal   
  10:00AM ET Little Man   
  11:40AM ET Cars   
  1:40PM ET Jumanji   
  3:30PM ET Next   
  5:15PM ET She's The One   
  7:00PM ET Cars   
  9:00PM ET The Guardian   
  11:20PM ET Next   
Friday, Apr. 18
  1:00AM ET Venus   
  2:40AM ET Apocalypto   
  5:05AM ET Cars   
  7:05AM ET Cool Runnings   
  8:50AM ET Next   
  10:30AM ET Anime: Drawing The Revolution   
  11:35AM ET Stomp The Yard   
  1:30PM ET Life   
  3:20PM ET Head Case:Ep #105 - Parental Guidance Required   
  3:50PM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #105 - "Awards Show"   
  4:20PM ET Winter Passing   
  6:00PM ET Stay Alive   
  7:30PM ET Surf's Up   
  9:00PM ET Apocalypto   
  11:30PM ET Stomp The Yard   
Saturday, Apr. 19
  1:35AM ET Grindhouse Presents Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror   
  3:30AM ET Grindhouse Presents Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof   
  5:35AM ET Head Case:Ep #105 - Parental Guidance Required   
  6:05AM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #105 - "Awards Show"   
  6:35AM ET Surf's Up   
  8:10AM ET Stomp The Yard   
  10:15AM ET The Bachelor   
  12:00PM ET Click   
  2:10PM ET Stick It!   
  4:00PM ET Surf's Up   
  5:30PM ET The Lookout   
  7:10PM ET Click   
  9:00PM ET Ratatouille   
  11:00PM ET Stick It!   
Sunday, Apr. 20
 12:50AM ET The Sixth Sense   
  2:40AM ET Click   
  4:30AM ET The Wild   
  6:00AM ET The Lookout   
  7:45AM ET Ratatouille   
  9:45AM ET Zoom   
  11:15AM ET Deja Vu   
  1:30PM ET The Lookout   
  3:20PM ET The Wild   
  4:50PM ET Ratatouille   
  6:50PM ET Gone In Sixty Seconds   
  9:00PM ET Deja Vu   
  11:10PM ET Shanghai Noon   
Monday, Apr. 21
  1:10AM ET Stay Alive   
  2:45AM ET Gone In Sixty Seconds   
  4:50AM ET Zoom   
  6:20AM ET Shanghai Noon   
  8:35AM ET Contact   
  11:15AM ET The Hoax   
  1:20PM ET Stay Alive   
  2:50PM ET Life   
  4:50PM ET The Invisible   
  6:40PM ET Head Case:Ep #105 - Parental Guidance Required   
  7:05PM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #105 - "Awards Show"   
  7:30PM ET Vacancy   
  9:00PM ET The Hoax   
  11:00PM ET Contact   
Tuesday, Apr. 22
  1:40AM ET Wind Chill   
  3:20AM ET Ratatouille   
  5:20AM ET Doogal   
  6:45AM ET Dogma   
  9:05AM ET Vacancy   
  10:35AM ET Speed 2: Cruise Control   
  12:45PM ET Ratatouille   
  2:40PM ET National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation   
  4:20PM ET Wind Chill   
  6:00PM ET Cars   
  8:00PM ET Ratatouille   
  10:00PM ET The Pixar Story   
  11:40PM ET Bridge To Terabithia   
Wednesday, Apr. 23
  1:20AM ET Click   
  3:15AM ET Tombstone   
  5:30AM ET The Rock   
  7:50AM ET Next   
  9:30AM ET Bulletproof   
  11:00AM ET Click   
  12:50PM ET The Pixar Story   
  2:35PM ET Cars   
  4:35PM ET Alien 3   
  6:30PM ET Next   
  8:10PM ET Click   
  10:00PM ET Head Case:Ep #106 - Come Together   
  10:30PM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #106 - "Only Small Actors"   
  11:00PM ET Head Case:Ep #106 - Come Together   
  11:30PM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #106 - "Only Small Actors"   
Thursday, Apr. 24
 12:00AM ET The Rock   
  2:20AM ET Next   
  4:00AM ET Deja Vu   
  6:10AM ET Gone In Sixty Seconds   
  8:15AM ET Double Take   
  9:50AM ET Wild Hogs   
  11:40AM ET Deja Vu   
  1:50PM ET Surf's Up   
  3:20PM ET O Brother, Where Art Thou?   
  5:15PM ET Gone In Sixty Seconds   
  7:15PM ET Wild Hogs   
  9:00PM ET Surf's Up   
  10:35PM ET Deja Vu   
Friday, Apr. 25
 12:45AM ET Contact   
  3:20AM ET Wild Hogs   
  5:05AM ET London   
  6:45AM ET Surf's Up   
  8:15AM ET Junior   
  10:05AM ET Scream   
  12:00PM ET On The Set: Ratatouille   
  12:20PM ET Doogal   
  1:40PM ET Our Very Own   
  3:30PM ET Head Case:Ep #106 - Come Together   
  4:00PM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #106 - "Only Small Actors"   
  4:30PM ET Contact   
  7:05PM ET Ratatouille   
  9:00PM ET Little Man   
  10:45PM ET Invincible   
Saturday, Apr. 26
 12:35AM ET Stay Alive   
  2:05AM ET Head Case:Ep #106 - Come Together   
  2:40AM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #106 - "Only Small Actors"   
  3:10AM ET Scream   
  5:10AM ET Invincible   
  7:00AM ET Ratatouille   
  9:00AM ET The Wild   
  10:30AM ET Little Man   
  12:15PM ET The Guardian   
  2:40PM ET Ratatouille   
  4:40PM ET Invincible   
  6:35PM ET The Holiday   
  9:00PM ET Reign Over Me   
  11:10PM ET The Guardian   
Sunday, Apr. 27
  1:30AM ET Wind Chill   
  3:10AM ET The Holiday   
  5:30AM ET Bridge To Terabithia   
  7:10AM ET Reign Over Me   
  9:20AM ET Bulletproof   
  10:50AM ET The Holiday   
  1:10PM ET Independence Day   
  3:35PM ET Wind Chill   
  5:10PM ET Reign Over Me   
  7:20PM ET Next   
  9:00PM ET Bridge To Terabithia   
  10:40PM ET Independence Day   
Monday, Apr. 28
  1:05AM ET Shanghai Noon   
  3:00AM ET Next   
  4:40AM ET London   
  6:15AM ET Bulletproof   
  7:45AM ET A Kid In King Arthur's Court   
  9:20AM ET Stick It!   
  11:10AM ET Next   
  12:50PM ET Little Man   
  2:40PM ET The Sixth Sense   
  4:30PM ET Kickin' It Old Skool   
  6:20PM ET Head Case:Ep #106 - Come Together   
  6:50PM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #106 - "Only Small Actors"   
  7:15PM ET Stick It!   
  9:00PM ET Little Man   
  10:45PM ET The Sixth Sense   
Tuesday, Apr. 29
 12:40AM ET Fallen   
  2:50AM ET 25th Hour   
  5:15AM ET Bloodsucking Cinema   
  6:20AM ET Reign Over Me   
  8:30AM ET Little Man   
  10:15AM ET Deja Vu   
  12:30PM ET Fallen   
  2:40PM ET Reign Over Me   
  4:50PM ET Rounders   
  7:00PM ET The Hoax   
  9:00PM ET Deja Vu   
  11:10PM ET Reign Over Me   
Wednesday, Apr. 30
  1:20AM ET Stay Alive   
  2:50AM ET The Hoax   
  4:50AM ET Wild Hogs   
  6:30AM ET Deja Vu   
  8:45AM ET Anime: Drawing The Revolution   
  9:45AM ET Surf's Up   
  11:15AM ET The Pixar Story   
  1:00PM ET On The Set: Wild Hogs   
  1:20PM ET Wild Hogs   
  3:10PM ET Running With Scissors   
  5:15PM ET Stay Alive   
  6:45PM ET Surf's Up   
  8:20PM ET Wild Hogs   
  10:00PM ET Head Case:Ep #107 - Best Laid Plans   
  10:30PM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #107 - "It Happens"   
  11:00PM ET Head Case:Ep #107 - Best Laid Plans   
  11:30PM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #107 - "It Happens"  
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