Starz Movies & TV Specials

2007 Month and day listed, all times EST

Movies so far have included: Scream, Spawn from Hell, Freddy Vs. Jason (2003), The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the incredible Hulk, So I Married An Axe Murderer (Mike Myers comedy), Joe's Apartment (with 10,000 singing/dancing cockroaches), Krippendorf's Tribe (Richard Dreyfuss, Jenna Elfman), Pulp Fiction, Pirates Of The Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl (a ghost ship with a real skeleton crew), Godzilla movies, The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra (a 1950s movies spoof), Lawnmower Man 2: Jobe's War, 007 James Bond movies, A League Of Their Own, An American Werewolf In Paris, Look Who's Talking Now, Look Who's Talking Too, the new Thunderbirds movie, Hocus Pocus (goofy witches try to take over modern Salem), Down Periscope (comedy spoof of Hunt For Red October; Bruce Dern, Kelsey Grammer), Bewitched (Nicole Kidman as the modern witch, Shirley MacLain & Michael Caine as her magic parents, Will Ferrell as Darren). If you missed any of them, it's A Low Down Dirty Shame
                                    May-June 2007
Tuesday, 5 ·1
6:05a Canadian Bacon (comedy, US declares war on Canada. Dan Aykroyd, John Candy)
7:50a The Prize Winner Of Defiance...
9:35a When A Stranger Calls
11:10a Cars
1:10p Starz The Hollywood Reporter...
1:40p Eraser (Schwarzenegger) "You've been erased"
3:40p Ultraviolet
5:15p The Prize Winner Of Defiance...
7:00p Cars
9:00p When A Stranger Calls
10:30p Ultraviolet
12:05a Kung Fu Hustle
1:50a Wolf Creek
3:35a The Vanishing
5:30a HEAD CASE (E2)
5:50a The Fog
Wednesday, 5 ·2
7:35a Fun With Dick And Jane
9:15a Ultraviolet
10:50a Underworld: Evolution
12:45p Kung Fu Hustle
2:30p Fun With Dick And Jane
4:05p The Fog
5:50p Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (Mike Myers comedy)
7:30p Underworld: Evolution (vampires vs. werewolves, the sequel)
9:20p Fun With Dick And Jane
11:00p HEAD CASE (E3)
11:15p Martin Lawrence Presents 1st...
11:40p Bronx Bunny (E3)
12:00a The Fog
1:40a Find Me Guilty
3:50a The Prophecy
5:35a Underworld: Evolution
Thursday, 5 ·3
7:30a Silver hawk
9:10a Dick Tracy (fantasy based on the comic strips)
11:00a Darkman
12:40p Batman And Robin
2:50p Blade
5:00p Starz The Hollywood Reporter...
5:35p Silver hawk
7:20p Judge Dredd (judge, jury & executioner, in the future)
9:00p Sin City (Bruce Willis)
11:10p Blade
1:15a Kingpin
3:15a Proof
5:00a The Professional
Friday, 5 ·4
6:50a RV
8:30a For Love Of The Game
10:50a Memoirs Of A Geisha
1:20p Kingpin
3:15p The Legend Of Zorro
5:30p RV
7:10p Stick It!
9:00p Cars
11:00p The Legend Of Zorro
1:15a Memoirs Of A Geisha
3:45a RV
5:30a Starz The Hollywood Reporter...
Saturday, 5 ·5
6:00a Stick It!
7:45a The Prize Winner Of Defiance...
9:30a Cars
11:30a The Legend Of Zorro
1:45p Stick It!
3:35p She's All That
5:15p Cars
7:15p Flightplan
9:00p Monster House (animated)
10:35p Stealth
12:45a Ultraviolet
2:20a One True Thing
4:35a Underworld: Evolution
Sunday, 5 ·6
6:30a Flightplan
8:15a Stealth
10:20a Monster House
12:00p Underworld: Evolution
1:50p Ultraviolet
3:30p Stealth
5:40p Monster House
7:15p Ice Princess
9:00p Ultraviolet
10:35p Underworld: Evolution
12:30a Goal! The Dream Begins
2:30a The Libertine
4:30a Marilyn Hotchkiss' Ballroom...
Monday, 5 ·7
6:20a Ice Princess
8:00a For Love Of The Game
10:20a The Truth About Cats And Dogs
12:00p When A Stranger Calls
1:30p Ice Princess
3:10p The Astronaut's Wife
5:05p For Love Of The Game
7:30p When A Stranger Calls
9:00p The Libertine
11:00p The Astronaut's Wife
1:00a London
2:35a When A Stranger Calls
4:05a Austin Powers: International...
5:35a Head Case (E3)
5:50a The Three Burials Of Melquiades...
Tuesday, 5 ·8
8:00a Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands
9:50a The Benchwarmers
11:20a Monster House
1:00p Keeping Up With The Steins
2:35p Living Out Loud
4:15p The Benchwarmers
5:45p Austin Powers: International...
7:20p Keeping Up With The Steins
9:00p Monster House
10:35p The Benchwarmers
12:05a The Matador
1:50a Find Me Guilty
4:50a Monster House
Wednesday, 5 ·9
6:30a Head Case (E3)
6:50a Stay Alive
8:20a The Associate
10:15a The Matador
12:00p Kingpin
2:00p Stay Alive
3:30p One True Thing
5:40p The Matador
7:20p Find Me Guilty
9:30p Stay Alive
11:00p HEAD CASE (E4)
11:15p Martin Lawrence Presents 1st...
11:43p The Bronx Bunny Show (E4)
12:00a The Fog
1:40a Kingpin
3:35a Summer of Sam
Thursday, 5 ·10
6:00a Cars
8:00a The Fog
9:40a The Prize Winner Of Defiance...
11:20a The Corruptor
1:20p Cars
3:20p Thumbsucker
5:00p Starz The Hollywood Reporter...
5:30p The Prize Winner Of Defiance...
7:15p The Fog
9:00p Cars
11:00p The Corruptor
1:00a Wolf Creek
2:40a Underworld: Evolution
4:30a Thumbsucker
Friday, 5 ·11
6:10a Fun With Dick And Jane
7:45a Starz The Hollywood Reporter...
8:15a The Truth About Cats And Dogs
10:00a Zathura: A Space Adventure
11:45a Underworld: Evolution
1:35p On The Set: 149
2:00p Fun With Dick And Jane
3:35p Ice Princess
5:20p Zathura: A Space Adventure
7:10p Underworld: Evolution
9:00p Monster House
10:35p Fun With Dick And Jane
12:10a Proof
2:00a When A Stranger Calls
3:30a The Benchwarmers
5:00a Austin Powers: International...
Saturday, 5 ·12
6:35a Zathura: A Space Adventure
8:20a Proof
10:05a The Benchwarmers
11:35a Monster House
1:10p When A Stranger Calls
2:40p The Squid And The Whale
4:05p Proof
5:50p Monster House
7:30p The Benchwarmers
9:00p Little Man
10:45p When A Stranger Calls
12:15a The Squid And The Whale
1:40a Keeping Up With The Steins
3:20a Judge Dredd
5:00a She's All That
Sunday, 5 ·13
6:45a Starz The Hollywood Reporter...
7:15a The Matador
9:00a Keeping Up With The Steins
10:35a Little Man
12:15p Man Of The House
2:00p Austin Powers: International...
3:30p Find Me Guilty
5:40p Little Man
7:20p Keeping Up With The Steins
9:00p Man Of The House
10:45p The Matador
12:30a Thumbsucker
2:10a Silver City
4:20a Underworld: Evolution
Monday, 5 ·14
6:10a The Prize Winner Of Defiance...
7:50a Man Of The House
9:35a RV
11:15a Find Me Guilty
1:20p Underworld: Evolution
3:10p Silver City
5:20p HEAD CASE (E4)
5:35p The Prize Winner Of Defiance...
7:15p RV
9:00p Underworld: Evolution
10:50p Bats
12:30a Flightplan
2:10a HEAD CASE (E4)
2:30a Wolf Creek
4:10a RV
5:50a Little Man
Tuesday, 5 ·15
7:35a My Favorite Martian
9:20a Fun With Dick And Jane
11:00a Flightplan
12:40p Bats
2:15p Little Man
4:00p Darkman
5:40p Flightplan
7:20p Fun With Dick And Jane
9:00p Little Man
10:45p Wolf Creek
12:30a Kingpin
2:30a Darkman
4:15a Fun With Dick And Jane
5:50a Cars
Wednesday, 5 ·16
7:50a The Benchwarmers
9:20a Ice Princess
11:05a Valiant
12:30p The Wild
2:00p Kingpin
4:00p Ice Princess
5:45p On The Set: 149
6:05p Cars
8:05p The Wild
9:30p The Benchwarmers
11:00p HEAD CASE (E5)
11:15p Martin Lawrence Presents 1st...
11:43p The Bronx Bunny Show (E5)
12:00a Cars
2:00a Starz The Hollywood Reporter...
2:35a Stay Alive
4:05a The Benchwarmers
5:40a Monster House
Thursday, 5 ·17
7:20a HEAD CASE (E5)
7:45a Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
9:10a Ultraviolet
10:45a Stay Alive
12:15p Monster House
1:50p The Truth About Cats And Dogs
3:30p Ultraviolet
5:00p Starz The Hollywood Reporter...
5:30p Eraser (Schwarzenegger will erase you)
7:30p Stay Alive
9:00p Monster House
10:35p Ultraviolet
12:10a Freedomland
2:10a London
3:50a HEAD CASE (E5)
4:15a Tim Burton's The Nightmare...
5:40a Find Me Guilty
Friday, 5 ·18
7:50a Delivering Milo
9:30a Starz The Hollywood Reporter...
10:00a Rocketman
11:40a London
1:20p Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands
3:10p Thumbsucker
4:50p Find Me Guilty
7:00p Freedomland
9:00p Little Man
10:40p Stealth
12:45a The Legend Of Zorro
3:00a Valiant
4:20a RV
Saturday, 5 ·19
6:00a Stealth
8:05a The Legend Of Zorro
10:20a Little Man
12:00p RV
1:40p Valiant
3:00p Stealth
5:05p Little Man
6:45p The Legend Of Zorro
9:00p Pirates Of The Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest
11:35p RV
1:20a Stay Alive
2:50a The Astronaut's Wife
4:50a Starz The Hollywood Reporter...
5:20a Zathura: A Space Adventure
Sunday, 5 ·20
7:09a The Wild
8:40a Pirates Of The Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest
11:20a Cars
1:20p HEAD CASE (E5)
1:40p Zathura: A Space Adventure
3:30p Stay Alive
5:00p Pirates Of The Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest
7:35p The Wild
9:00p Cars
11:00p Stay Alive
12:35a The Matador
2:20a Ultraviolet
3:50a The Wild
5:15a The Benchwarmers
Monday, 5 ·21
6:50a Cars
8:50a Tim Burton's The Nightmare...
10:15a Starz The Hollywood Reporter...
10:45a Ultraviolet
12:20p The Squid And The Whale
1:45p The Benchwarmers
3:15p The Corruptor
5:10p Find Me Guilty
7:20p The Matador
9:00p The Benchwarmers
10:35p Ultraviolet
12:10a Pirates Of The Caribbean 2
2:50a Sueno
4:45a The Bronx Bunny Show (E5)
5:05a She's All That
Tuesday, 5 ·22
6:45a Proof
8:30a The Fog
10:15a Pirates Of The Caribbean 2
12:50p The Wild
2:20p She's All That
4:05p The Fog
5:50p Proof
7:35p The Wild
9:00p Pirates Of The Caribbean 2
11:35p The Fog
1:20a The Legend Of Zorro
3:35a The Prize Winner Of Defiance...
5:15a Fun With Dick And Jane
Wednesday, 5 ·23
6:50a The Wild
8:15a Monster House
9:50a The Legend Of Zorro
12:10p Freedomland
2:10p Fun With Dick And Jane
3:45p The Prize Winner Of Defiance...
5:30p The Legend Of Zorro
7:45p Monster House
9:20p Fun With Dick And Jane
11:00p HEAD CASE (E6)
11:15p Martin Lawrence Presents 1st...
11:41p The Bronx Bunny Show (E6)
12:00a When A Stranger Calls
1:30a Freedomland
3:35a Monster House
5:10a HEAD CASE (E6)
5:30a Little Man
Thursday, 5 ·24
7:15a When A Stranger Calls
8:45a Austin Powers: International...
10:20a RV
12:05p Man Of The House
1:50p When A Stranger Calls
3:20p Little Man
5:00p Starz The Hollywood Reporter...
5:35p Austin Powers: International...
7:15p Man Of The House
9:00p RV
10:40p Little Man
12:20a The Matador
2:00a The Three Burials Of Melquiades...
4:05a Man Of The House
5:45a RV
Friday, 5 ·25
7:30a Deep Blue
9:05a Goal! The Dream Begins
11:05a The Matador
12:45p Bats
2:20p The Benchwarmers
3:50p Mars Attacks!
5:45p The Matador
7:30p Stay Alive
9:00p Pirates Of The Caribbean 2
11:35p The Benchwarmers
1:05a Ultraviolet
2:40a Stay Alive
4:10a Mars Attacks!
Saturday, 5 ·26
6:00a The Wild
7:30a The Benchwarmers
9:05a Pirates Of The Caribbean 2
11:45a Stay Alive
1:15p HEAD CASE (E6)
1:35p Ultraviolet
3:10p The Wild
4:35p Pirates Of The Caribbean 2
7:10p Stick It!
9:00p Step Up
10:50p Ultraviolet
12:20a Fun With Dick And Jane
2:00a The Wild
3:30a Starz The Hollywood Reporter...
4:05a Proof
5:50a Stick It!
Sunday, 5 ·27
7:40a Monster House
9:20a When A Stranger Calls
10:50a Step Up
12:40p Fun With Dick And Jane
2:15p Monster House
3:50p Proof
5:40p Step Up
7:30p When A Stranger Calls
9:00p Monster House
10:35p Fun With Dick And Jane
12:10a Wolf Creek
1:50a Cars
3:50a When A Stranger Calls
5:20a Kingpin
Monday, 5 ·28
7:20a Zathura: A Space Adventure
9:05a Cars
11:05a Austin Powers: International...
12:40p Stealth
2:45p Zathura: A Space Adventure
4:30p Memoirs Of A Geisha
7:00p Cars
9:00p Stealth
11:05p Kingpin
1:05a Memoirs Of A Geisha
3:35a Underworld: Evolution
5:30a HEAD CASE (E6)
5:45a Austin Powers: International...
Tuesday, 5 ·29
7:20a Valiant
10:30a Step Up
12:20p Stay Alive
1:50p The Corruptor
3:50p Underworld: Evolution
5:45p RV
7:30p Stay Alive
9:00p Step Up
10:50p Underworld: Evolution
12:40a London
2:20a Step Up
4:10a When A Stranger Calls
5:40a Stay Alive
Wednesday, 5 ·30
7:10a Little Man
8:50a Starz The Hollywood Reporter...
9:20a When A Stranger Calls
10:50a Annapolis
12:45p Bats
2:20p Little Man
4:00p HEAD CASE (E6)
4:20p She's All That
6:00p Annapolis
7:45p When A Stranger Calls
9:20p Little Man
11:00p HEAD CASE (E7)
11:15p Martin Lawrence Presents 1st...
11:43p The Bronx Bunny Show (E7)
12:05a Annapolis
1:50a The Squid And The Whale
3:15a HEAD CASE (E7)
3:30a Wolf Creek
5:15a Pirates Of The Caribbean 2
Thursday, 5 ·31
7:50a My Favorite Martian
9:35a The Wild
11:05a Flightplan
12:50p Pirates Of The Caribbean 2
3:30p The Squid And The Whale
5:00p Starz The Hollywood Reporter...
5:35p The Wedding Singer
7:15p HEAD CASE (E7)
7:30p The Wild
9:00p Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead...
11:35p Flightplan
1:20a Don't Come Knocking
3:15a The Wedding Singer
5:00a Free Willy 3: The Rescue
                                    June, 2007

ALIEN RESURRECTION [R]·Action·1997·(1:49)
Two hundred years after her death, Ripley is brought back to
life by evil scientists who want to resurrect the alien that died
inside her. The fourth installment of the Alien series.

ANNAPOLIS [PG13]·Black·2006·(1:43)
A brawny young man fulfills his mother's dream of attending
the Naval Academy, where he's assigned a pudgy but brilliant
roommate - and both must fight their way to acceptance,
including entering the traditional boxing competition.

THE BACHELOR [PG13]·Comedy·1999·(1:42)
To receive an inheritance, a previously marriage-averse
young man must scramble to find a bride. 6/17,18,27.

THE BRONX BUNNY SHOW (E8) [TVMA]·Comedy·2006·(:16)
The Bronx Bunny and his politically incorrect sidekick go
outrageous on celebrity guests in their unconventional TV
studio. 6/6,9.
THE BRONX BUNNY SHOW (E9) [TVMA]·Comedy·2006·(:16) 6/13
THE BRONX BUNNY SHOW (E10)[TVMA]·Comedy·2006·(:15) 6/20

THE CAVE [PG13]·Action·2005·(1:37)
Bloodthirsty creatures await a pack of divers who become
trapped in an underwater cave network. 6/1,6,15,25,28.

CLICK [PG13]·Comedy·2006·(1:47)
What happens when a "universal" remote can literally control
everything? A workaholic architect finds out that it presents
unexpected dilemmas in this clever comedy. With Christopher
Walken, Sean Astin, Henry Winkler. 6/1.

CRAZY/BEAUTIFUL [PG13]·Drama·2001·(1:39)
A rebellious Los Angeles teenage anglo girl from the Westside
falls in love with a working-class Latino from East L.A.

CURTAIN CALL [PG13]·Comedy·1998·(1:34)
A young book publisher and his girlfriend move into a new
house, but their romance is complicated by the appearance
of two ghosts who were once celebrated performers of the
stage and screen. 6/4.

THE DA VINCI CODE [PG13]·Literary/Book Based·2006·(2:29)
Director Ron Howard brings the best-seller novel to the
screen: a Harvard symbology professor goes on the run with a
beautiful cryptologist, tracking down clues to solve a murder
while unravelling a centuries-old mystery.

DARK WATER [PG13]·Drama·2005·(1:45)
Beautiful young mother, under intense stress from recent
divorce from belligerent husband, moves with her daughter
into run-down NYC building that takes on a mysterious life of
its own. 6/1,2,7,10,11,14,15.

DAWN OF THE DEAD [R]·Black·2004·(1:40)
A gripping, gory remake of the cult horror classic: the undead
walk the earth as flesh-eating zombies, trapping a disparate
group of desperate people in a suburban shopping mall. From
the director of "300". 6/11,12,22,23.

DON'T COME KNOCKING [R]·Drama·2006·(1:51)
During production on his latest movie, an aging cowboy star
walks away from the set and heads out on a journey to
rediscover his roots - and meets up with the kids he never
knew he had. With Eva Marie Saint, Sarah Polley, Tim Roth.

Prequel to Dumb & Dumber finds best friends Harry and Lloyd
as teenagers trying to escape the "special needs" department
and fit into regular high school life. 6/1,4,12,21,29.

EIGHT BELOW [PG]·Adventure·2006·(2:00)
Based on true events: a group of Antarctic researchers are
forced by a major storm to leave their team of sled dogs
behind to fend for themselves in the brutal polar landscape. A
gripping and inspirational adventure. 6/3,19,22,23,27,28.

ENEMY OF THE STATE [R]·Action·1998·(2:12)
In this explosive thriller, a lawyer gets evidence implicating
government officials in a political murder, and is soon on the
run as the NSA tries to eliminate him. From producer Jerry
Bruckheimer. 7/1.

FIND ME GUILTY [R]·Comedy·2006·(2:05)
Based on a true story - during the longest organized crime
trial in U.S. history, one wise-guy decided to defend himself!
His serio-comic strategies frustrated the judge, lawyers and
co-defendants in this unusual, winning mob story. 6/5,15.

FLIGHTPLAN [PG13]·Drama·2005·(1:38)
A recent widow and her daughter board an airliner together in
Berlin, but the child disappears midway through the flight -
and neither the crew or passengers remembers seeing her.
Taut, tightly wound thriller.

FREE WILLY 3: THE RESCUE [PG]·Adventure·1997·(1:26)
Jesse acts to save Willy and his family from whale poachers.

FREEDOMLAND [R]·Black·2006·(1:53)
A white child goes missing in a black neighborhood - his
emotionally wrecked mother claims it's kidnapping - and
ignites a firestorm of racial tensions as a black police
detective struggles to solve the mystery. 6/2,17,22,23.

FRIENDS WITH MONEY [R]·Comedy·2006·(1:28)
Four longtime girlfriends on L.A.'s tony west side find that
financial stability and success don't guarantee happiness - or
even sanity - in this sharp-edged comedy / drama. With
Frances McDormand, Joan Cusack. 6/5,6,17,18,26,29.

FROM DUSK TILL DAWN [R]·Action·1996·(1:48)
Two brothers blast their way through Texas in a bloody crime
spree, escaping across the border to Mexico, only to land in a
gory vampire biker bar. Directed by Robert Rodriguez, written
by Quentin Tarantino. 6/4.

FUN WITH DICK AND JANE [PG13]·Comedy·2005·(1:30)
A business executive loses his job when his company folds
up - just after telling his wife to quit hers. As the debts
mount, the pair become klutzy, yet successful criminals, and
finally decide it's payback time. 6/13.

GLORY ROAD [PG]·Black·2006·(1:58)
Based on the true story of the 1966 Texas Western Miners,
the first college basketball team to sport an all-black starting
lineup while fighting for the NCAA national championship.
Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer ("Remember The Titans"

THE GREAT RAID [R]·Action·2005·(2:13)
The true story of a daring rescue mission in the Phillipines
during World War II - a young American officer leads a team
of Army Rangers thirty miles behind enemy lines to liberate a
Japanese POW camp. 6/4,8,9,14.

THE GUARDIAN [PG13]·Action·2006·(2:19)
A legendary rescue swimmer mentors a young recruit.

HEAD CASE (E7) [TVMA]·Comedy·2006·(:14)
Hollywood's "it" therapist to the stars is judgmental,
unorthodox and unusual - but everybody who's anybody must
get in to see her! A Starz Originals production. 6/2
HEAD CASE (E8) [TVMA]·Comedy·2006·(:13) 6/6,8,12
HEAD CASE (E9) [TVMA]·Comedy·2006·(:14) 6/13,18,19
HEAD CASE (E10) [TVMA]·Comedy·2006·(:14) 6/20,24,26

HOODS [R]·Comedy·1998·(1:30)
A mafioso is asked by his father to kill a mystery man, whom
he learns is a young child. 6/4.

HOT SHOTS! [PG13]·Comedy·1991·(1:25) Charlie Sheen.
Hilarious spoof in which a talented but unstable "Top Gun"
fighter pilot, drummed out of the Navy, is called back for a
secret Middle Eastern operation. From the creators of Scary
Movie 4 and the Naked Gun comedies. 6/15,16,21,27.

INVINCIBLE [PG]·Drama·2006·(1:44)
Based on a true story: struggling Philadelphia Eagles fan
Vince Papale fulfills a dream by trying out for the team - he
surprisingly makes the grade. But can the dream last? A
rousing story from the producers of "The Rookie."

JOE'S APARTMENT [PG13]·Comedy·1996·(1:20)
Singing and dancing cockroaches help a luckless New York
transplant woo a pretty bureaucrat and avoid eviction. 6/19

Disney's A KID IN KING ARTHUR'S COURT [PG]·Family·1995·(1:30)
An earthquake transports a hapless California teen and his
knapsack of belongings back to 6th-century England where
he meets King Arthur and Merlin the Magician at Camelot.
With Kate Winslet, Daniel Craig. 6/13,18.

THE LIBERTINE [R]·Drama·2005·(1:54)
The sordid, kinky and strange true story of John Wilmot, the
Earl of Rochester, a 17th century aristocrat whose drinking
and sexual debauchery inspired and clouded his writing
talent and led him to an early grave. 6/4,28.

LITTLE MAN [PG13]·Comedy·2006·(1:38)
A wannabe dad mistakes a vertically challenged criminal on
the lam as his newly adopted son. From the creators of 'White
Chicks' and 'Scary Movie.' 6/3,4,15,16.

LONDON [R]·Drama·2006·(1:32)
Syd awakens in his NYC apartment and discovers his
girlfriend is leaving town and having a going-away party -
and he's not invited! So concocts a wild plan to crash the
party and win back the girl. With Jason Statham. 7/1.

THE LORDS OF DOGTOWN [PG13]·Action·2005·(1:47)
The true story of the birth of the modern skateboarding
culture, as a group of Southern Cal teens in the 1970s perfect
their outrageous moves on the sidewalks and empty
swimming pools of L.A. From the creator of "Dogtown and
Z-Boys." 6/4,5,7,19,22,27,30,7/1.

Comedy·2007·(:27) Protect your right to laugh! Martin Lawrence 
presents today's hottest African-American stand up talent. 
A Starz Originals production. 6/6

THE MATADOR [R]·Comedy·2005·(1:38)
A chance hotel bar meeting in Mexico City between a frazzled
businessman and a lowlife professional hit man will
drastically alter both their lives in this hilariously off-kilter
story. Not to be missed! 6/11,12,22,30.

THE MIGHTY [PG13]·Drama·1998·(1:40)
Strong friendship develops between two outcast young teens.

MIMIC SENTINEL [R]·Sci-Fi/Horror·2003·(1:16)
The third part of the Mimic trilogy finds the Judas Breed
roaches have returned and are hungry for new victims.

MONEY TALKS [R]·Action·1997·(1:36)
A manic, motor-mouth con man and a struggling tv journalist
team up to create a sure-fire hit news story, but everything
goes hilariously wrong when real crooks enter the picture.
From the director of the "Rush Hour" movies. 6/13,29.

MONSTER HOUSE [PG]·Animated Adventure·2006·(1:31)
In a squeaky clean suburb, three kids discover that their
mysterious neighbor's scary house comes to life on
Halloween! An animated treat, featuring Steve Buscemi, Fred
Willard, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Nick Cannon, Catherine O'Hara.

NEXT STOP WONDERLAND [R]·Drama·1998·(1:36)
Dumped by her boyfriend, a woman's mom places a wildly
fanciful personal ad for her, attracting a slew of Mr. Wrongs.
Meanwhile, she keeps running into Mr. Right, a marine
biologist who's in debt to the mob. A cool romantic comedy!

THE NIGHT LISTENER [R]·Drama·2006·(1:21)
In the midst of his crumbling relationship, a radio show host
begins speaking to his biggest fan, a young boy, via the
telephone. But when questions about the boy's identity come
up, the host's life is thrown into chaos. 6/23,24,26,27.

A behind the scenes look at the making of "Pirates of the
Caribbean: At World's End," starring Johnny Depp, Orlando
Bloom, and Keira Knightley. 6/2,7

Behind-the-scenes look at the making of Brad Bird's
animated feature, "Ratatouille." 6/26.

OUT TO SEA [PG13]·Comedy·1997·(1:47)
Two grumpy old men find themselves on a cruise ship, where
they pose as dance instructors to search for wealthy older
ladies - but then love takes over! With Dyan Cannon, Brent
Spiner, Donald O'Connor. 6/8,12.

PICTURE PERFECT [PG13]·Comedy·1997·(1:42)
An ambitious advertising exec is deemed too unstable for a
promotion - so she asks a young man to pose as her fiance in
order to appear more grounded. But what happens when true
love enters the scene? With Kevin Bacon. 6/4,12,15,28.

Captain Jack Sparrow and friends try to save their souls from
the evil pirate Davy Jones and his army of sea-phantoms.
Oscar-winning special effects highlight the second
blockbuster in the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' series.

PLAY IT TO THE BONE [R]·Comedy·1999·(2:04)
Two friends, both former boxers, take a road trip to Las Vegas
for a last ditch match to revive their careers. 6/15,19.

THE POSTMAN [R]·Drama·1997·(2:58)
A drifter picks up abandoned mail and delivers hope to
survivors in a post-apocalyptic world. 6/20.

THE PROTECTOR [R]·Action·2006·(1:23)
A kickboxer travels to Australia to fight the gangsters who
stole his family's sacred elephants. 6/28.

PULSE [PG13]·Action·2006·(1:27)
A scary website - thought to be marketing ploy - turns out to
be the portal by which a sinister force, with gruesome
intentions, seeks out new victims in this techno-horror
thriller. Co-scripted by Wes Craven. 6/16,17,20,24,25,29,30.

RUSH HOUR [PG13]·Action·1998·(1:38)
What happens when a rebel Hong Kong detective and a
hotshot, loudmouth L.A. cop team up to rescue a diplomat's
kidnapped daughter? Lots of hilarious one-liners and
high-kicking martial arts action in this hit action-comedy!

RV [PG]·Comedy·2006·(1:39) Robin Williams.
What can go wrong when dad rents an ugly green RV for his
dysfunctional family's mountain vacation? How about no
brakes, unruly septic tanks, and being stuck with yodeling
traveling companions! From the director of "Men In Black."

THE SHAGGY DOG [PG]·Comedy·2006·(1:39)
The world of a workaholic lawyer turns upside down when his
encounter with a 300-year old Tibetan pooch results in his
changing into shaggy sheepdog! With Kristin Davis, Danny
Glover, Craig Kilborn. 6/5,6,9,10,14,22,23,25,26.

SILENT HILL [R]·Horror·2006·(2:05)
A mother takes her traumatized daughter to an eerie ghost
town called Silent Hill, hoping to cure the child's demons - but
when the girl disappears, a deadly game of gory, nightmarish
scenes begins! Not for the squeamish!

SIMON BIRCH [PG]·Drama·1998·(1:54)
Convinced he will one day become a hero, a very small boy
with a big heart and a strong belief in God seeks out his
destiny with the help of his best friend. 6/5,13,20.

SIX DAYS SEVEN NIGHTS [PG13]·Adventure·1998·(1:42)
She's a magazine editor, newly engaged, scouting a tropical
island for a photo shoot. He's a roguish bush pilot hired for
the day who crash lands their plane on a deserted beach -
where the adventure - and love - begins. 6/2.

THE SIXTH MAN [PG13]·Comedy·1997·(1:48)
Nutty comedy about a college basketball team whose star
accidentally dies mid-season and returns as a ghost with
powers to help the now-hapless team to the championship.

SKY HIGH [PG]·Action·2005·(1:39) Kurt Russell.
The son of Captain Stronghold enrolls in a high school for kids
with superpowers, but is relegated to the sidekicks courses -
but he's determined to advance, especially when an enemy
from the past returns to threaten his family.

SPEED 2: CRUISE CONTROL [PG13]·Action·1997·(2:05)
Annie Potter's vacation cruise gets rocked by a disgruntled
shipmate who plans to hijack the vessel and steal precious
diamonds in this sequel to Speed. 6/5,7,8,18.

Hollywood's most famous and trusted trade magazine teams
with Starz and takes their cameras to the biggest names in
tinseltown. New episodes every week take you straight to the
source for breaking entertainment news. 6/1
STARZ THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER (E21) [TV14]·(:24) 6/14,16,19
STARZ THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER (E23) [TV14]·(:24) 6/28,29,7/1

STAY ALIVE [PG13]·Horror·2006·(1:26)
A group of friends play a mysterious horror video game, only
to discover that when they die in the game... they die for real!

STEALTH [PG13]·Action·2005·(2:01)
An Artificial Intelligence (robot) pilot is brought into the naval
Air Force to learn combat skills from human pilots, but the
A.I. pilot begins to have ideas of its own on how to fly.

STEP UP [PG13]·Dance·2006·(1:43)
He's a free-styling street kid serving a community service
sentence, she's a dedicated classical dancer focused on her
senior performance - they couldn't be more opposite, yet their
dancing strikes sparks in this energetic story.

STRIKING DISTANCE [R]·Action·1993·(1:42)
A Pittsburgh cop, unjustly hounded out of the department and
drinking hard, hits rock bottom when he joins the River
Rescuesquad - but then he discovers the trail of a
supposedly jailed serial killer in this splashy action thriller.

When a rookie Border Patrol agent kills a Mexican illegal and
buries him in the Texas desert, the man's boss kidnaps the
agent and forces him on a journey to make things right. A
finely tuned drama, directed by Tommy Lee Jones. 6/18.

THUMBSUCKER [R]·Art House·2005·(1:36)
An all-star cast tells the tale of a teenage boy's addiction to
sucking his thumb, and the unexpected changes that ensue
when he learns how to break the habit. Witty and real, with
Keanu Reeves, Vince Vaughn, Vincent D'Onofrio. 6/7,11.

UNDERCLASSMAN [PG13]·Comedy·2005·(1:33)
A baby-faced 24-year-old detective, who never gets the
respect he deserves because of his boyish looks, goes
undercover in an elite private school where he stumbles upon
an international auto-theft ring. 6/8,14,18,24,27.

AN UNFINISHED LIFE [PG13]·Drama·2005·(1:48)
A grizzled rancher is trying to put his life back together when
his former daughter-in-law - who was the driver in the car
accident that killed his son - suddenly reappears with the
granddaughter he never knew. With Morgan Freeman.

THE WATERBOY [PG13]·Comedy·1998·(1:30)
It's smashmouth football in the Louisiana bayou! A hapless
waterboy discovers a special talent for tackling and becomes
the unlikely star of his college team. Co-starring Kathy Bates
and Henry Winkler. 6/6,7,12,15,23.

THE WEDDING SINGER [PG13]·Comedy·1998·(1:37)
Lost in the 80s: an aspiring singer and an attractive waitress
suffer through bad relationships - love stinks, you know -
before finally hooking up for their own white wedding in this
fresh, funny romantic comedy. 6/3,19,20,22,23,25.

WHEN A STRANGER CALLS [PG13]·Horror·2006·(1:27)
In an opulent estate, a teen babysitter answers the phone
and begins a long, suspenseful night evading a taunting
psychopathic stalker - who may be in the house with her!

WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR? [PG]·Documentary·2006·(1:33)
A surprising investigation into the death and resurrection of
the electric car, as well as the role of renewable energy and
sustainable living in our country's future. 6/19,25

THE WILD [G]·Animated·2006·(1:22)
When an adolescent lion is accidentally shipped from the
New York Zoo to Africa, his bickering zoo pals must put aside
their differences to help bring him back in this animated
Disney adventure. 6/11,12,26,30.

WOLF CREEK [R]·Horror·2005·(1:39)
A trio of young travelers, stranded in the Australian outback,
are relieved when a friendly local appears to help them. But
relief soon turns to horror and murder in this tense, gruesome
thriller - based on a true story! 7/1.

10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU [PG13]·Drama·1999·(1:37)
A militantly-feminist teenage girl is courted by her high
school's resident "bad boy" as part of a convoluted scheme
by another guy to get to the girl's beautiful and popular sister.
From the creators of "Legally Blonde." 6/10,14,22.

11:14 [R]·Dark Comedy·2005·(1:26)
A driver talking on his cell phone hits something in the road,
unwittingly connecting a father who thinks his daughter killed
her boyfriend, a clerk who agrees to help rob her own store,
and a trio of joy-riding friends. 6/21.

THE 13TH WARRIOR [R]·Adventure·1999·(1:43)
In 922 A.D., an Arab ambassador joins a group of Norsemen
to defend a village from a terrifying and mysterious enemy. 6/20

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