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Movies so far have included: Scream, Spawn from Hell, Freddy Vs. Jason (2003), The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the incredible Hulk, So I Married An Axe Murderer (Mike Myers comedy), Joe's Apartment (with 10,000 singing/dancing cockroaches), Krippendorf's Tribe (Richard Dreyfuss, Jenna Elfman), Pulp Fiction, Pirates Of The Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl (a ghost ship with a real skeleton crew), Pirates Of The Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest (Davy Jones wants your soul), Godzilla movies, The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra (a 1950s movies spoof), Lawnmower Man 2: Jobe's War, 007 James Bond movies, A League Of Their Own, An American Werewolf In Paris, Dick Tracy (fantasy based on the comic strips), Judge Dredd (Stallone as judge, jury & executioner in the future), Look Who's Talking Now, Look Who's Talking Too, the new Thunderbirds movie, Hocus Pocus (goofy witches try to take over modern Salem), Canadian Bacon (comedy, US declares war on Canada. Dan Aykroyd, John Candy), Down Periscope (comedy spoof of Hunt For Red October; Bruce Dern, Kelsey Grammer), Bewitched (Nicole Kidman as the modern witch, Shirley MacLain & Michael Caine as her magic parents, Will Ferrell as Darren). If you missed any of them, it's a Low Down Dirty Shame
                                    July 2007

ALIEN RESURRECTION [R]·Action·1997·(1:49)
Two hundred years after her death, Ripley is brought back to
life by evil scientists who want to resurrect the alien that died
inside her. The fourth installment of the Alien series. 6/25.

ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN II [G]·Animated·1996·(1:23)
Charlie and Itchy return to Earth to find Gabriel's Horn, but
along the way meet up with a young boy named David, who
ran away from home. 7/14.

ALL THE KING'S MEN [PG13]·Drama·2006·(2:08)
Sean Penn gives a riveting performance as Louisiana
governor Willie Stark in this intricate drama about power,
corruption, and betrayal in 1950s America. The all-star cast
includes Jude Law, Kate Winslet, and James Gandolfini.

ANNAPOLIS [PG13]·Black·2006·(1:43)
A brawny young man fulfills his mother's dream of attending
the Naval Academy, where he's assigned a pudgy but brilliant
roommate - and both must literally fight their way to
acceptance in a boxing competition. 8/2.

THE ASSOCIATE [PG13]·Comedy·1996·(1:54)
When a black female financial analyst can't get ahead on
Wall Street, she invents a mysterious white man to front her
new company. From the director of "Miss Congeniality," with
Tim Daly. 8/2.

BAMBOOZLED [R]·Black·2000·(2:16)
A black television writer, as a protest, produces a modern
minstrel show, complete with black-face make up and taboo
caricatures - but then it becomes a hit! A stinging satire from
Spike Lee, with Mos Def, Tommy Davidson. 7/29.

THE BAXTER [PG13]·Romantic Comedy·2005·(1:31)
Who is the baxter? He's the guy left standing at the altar when
the bride's true love bursts in. And Elliot is determined not to
become the latest victim when his fiancee's ex-lover returns.
Look for Peter Dinklage as the gay dwarf. 8/2.

THE BENCHWARMERS [PG13]·Comedy·2006·(1:25)
Seeking revenge for being bullied as kids, a trio of nerdy guys
- with backing from a wacky billionaire - form a three-man
baseball team and take on the local Little League thugs in
this outrageous comedy. With Jon Lovitz. 7/13,14,8/2,3.

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER [PG13]·Comedy·1992·(1:25)
A high school cheerleader reluctantly accepts her destiny -
she is her generation's warrior in the never-ending war against
vampires! Campy fun, with Donald Sutherland, Paul Reubens. 

CARPOOL [PG]·Comedy·1996·(1:30)
A carpool of school kids gets hijacked by bumbling robbers.

CARS [G]·Animated·2006·(1:56)
When Lightning McQueen, a hot-shot stock-car en route to a
big race, gets waylaid in small-town Radiator Springs, he
finds the true meaning of friendship and family in the Pixar /
Disney smash hit. Owen Wilson, Paul Newman, George Carlin,
Katherine Helmond, Cheech Marin, Bonnie Hunt, Tony Shaloub, 
Richard Petty, Larry the Cable Guy. 7/2,6,7,26, 8/1,2,4,5.

CASANOVA [R]·Comedy·2005·(1:51)
The legendary seducer carries on the family tradition - love
'em and leave 'em - until he meets his match in Venice: a
cross-dressing femininst whose swordplay is the equal of any
man in this fast-paced, ribald costume comedy. 8/1,2.

THE CAVE [PG13]·Action·2005·(1:37)
Bloodthirsty creatures await a pack of divers who become
trapped in an underwater cave network. 7/3,4.

CHRISTMAS WITH THE KRANKS [PG]·Christmas·2004·(1:39)
With their daughter away, a couple decides to skip Christmas
altogether. But when the daughter decides to come home
after all, an uproar ensues when the holidays have to be
celebrated at the last minute. 7/8,9,15,16,25,31.

CLICK [PG13]·Comedy·2006·(1:47)
What happens when a "universal" remote can literally control
everything? A workaholic architect finds out that it presents
unexpected dilemmas in this clever comedy. With Christopher
Walken, Sean Astin, Henry Winkler. 7/3,4,15.

THE COVENANT [PG13]·Action·2006·(1:37)
Four young men who belong to a supernatural legacy are
charged with stopping the evil force they released into the
world years earlier. Another great force they must face is the
suspicion that threatens to tear them apart.

THE DA VINCI CODE [PG13]·Book Based·2006·(2:29)
Director Ron Howard brings the best-seller novel to the
screen: a Harvard symbology professor goes on the run with a
beautiful cryptologist, tracking down clues to solve a murder
while unravelling a centuries-old mystery. Tom Hanks.

DALTRY CALHOUN [PG13]·Comedy·2005·(1:33)
A former pot farmer struggles to keep his once lucrative
Tennessee sod empire intact while dealing with a parade of
problem women - including his estranged 14-year-old
daughter unexpectedly left in his care. 7/5,9,25.

DAWN OF THE DEAD [R]·Black·2004·(1:40)
A gripping, gory remake of the cult horror classic: the undead
walk the earth as flesh-eating zombies, trapping a disparate
group of desperate people in a suburban shopping mall. From
the director of "300". 7/4,5,13,22,23,28,29.

This movie continues the wonderous adventures of Deuce
Bigalow. Sent off to a gigalo school in England where he can
be trained to develop his full potential as a man-whore,
Deuce discovers a secret society of he-whores. 8/3,4.

DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE [R]·Action·1995·(2:08)
Rogue NYC cop John McClane is back, this time dealing with
a grisly mad bomber who delights in setting up puzzles that
McClane's unwilling Harlem store-owner partner solves.
Blows up good from beginning to end. Bruce Willis. 7/16.

DOOGAL [G]·Animated·2006·(1:17)
Led by the candy-loving mutt Doogal, friends Dylan, Brian,
and Ermintrude embark on an epic adventure to save the
world from the evil wizard Zeebad. With the voices of Jimmy
Fallon, Jon Stewart, Whoopi Goldberg, Ian McKellan and mor

DOWNFALL [R]·Drama·2005·(2:35)
Gripping account of the final days of Adolf Hitler and Eva
Braun, inside the bunker as the Russian Army closes in on
Berlin to end the Nazi regime during World War II. Powerful
and intense, with standout performances. 7/8.

DROP DEAD GORGEOUS [PG13]·Comedy·1999·(1:38)
Over the top "mockumentary" finds two sexy teen contestants
- and their mothers - pulling out all the stops to win the local
Miss Teen Beauty Pageant. A wicked black comedy,
co-starring Kirstie Alley and Ellen Barkin. 8/3.

Prequel to Dumb & Dumber finds best friends Harry and Lloyd
as teenagers trying to escape the "special needs" department
and fit into regular high school life. 8/1.

EIGHT BELOW [PG]·Adventure·2006·(2:00)
Based on true events: a group of Antarctic researchers are
forced by a major storm to leave their team of sled dogs
behind to fend for themselves in the brutal polar landscape. A
gripping and inspirational adventure. 8/2.

ENEMY OF THE STATE [R]·Action·1998·(2:12)
In this explosive thriller, a lawyer gets evidence implicating
government officials in a political murder, and is soon on the
run as the NSA tries to eliminate him. From producer Jerry
Bruckheimer. 7/1,10,11,13,14,23.

FACING THE GIANTS [PG]·Drama·2006·(1:51)
A losing coach with an underdog football team faces their
giants of fear and failure on and off the field to surprising
results. 7/30.

FIND ME GUILTY [R]·Comedy·2006·(2:05)
Based on a true story - during the longest organized crime
trial in U.S. history, one wise-guy decided to defend himself!
His serio-comic strategies frustrated the judge, lawyers and
co-defendants in this unusual, winning mob story. 7/31,8/5.

THE FLINTSTONES [PG]·Comedy·1994·(1:30) John Goodman.
Everyone's favorite modern Stone-Age family comes to
big-screen life! Success goes to Fred's head when he gets a
phony promotion. With Rick Moranis, Halle Berry, Rosie
O'Donnell and Elizabeth Taylor and the B-52s. 7/10,18,27.

THE FOG [PG13]·Horror·2005·(1:40)
A seaside Oregon town gets ready to celebrate its 100th
anniversary when an eerie - and murderous - fog settles in
and begins a mysterious reign of terror. 7/11,12,25.

FOREVER LULU [R]·Comedy·2000·(1:40)
Checking herself out of a mental ward, a woman convinces
her writer boyfriend from years before to travel from L.A. to
Wisconsin to meet the son he never knew existed. With
Penelope Miller, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. 7/19.

FOREVER MINE [R]·Drama·1999·(1:57)
A cabana boy and a married woman's torrid affair ends
violently when her politically-connected husband finds out.
But sixteen years later, the left-for-dead lover returns and
forces a confrontation in this steamy revenge thriller! 7/31.

FRIENDS WITH MONEY [R]·Comedy·2006·(1:28)
Four longtime girlfriends on L.A.'s tony west side find that
financial stability and success don't guarantee happiness - or
even sanity - in this sharp-edged comedy / drama. With
Frances McDormand, Joan Cusack. 8/4.

FUN WITH DICK AND JANE [PG13]·Comedy·2005·(1:30)
A business executive loses his job when his company folds
up - just after telling his wife to quit hers. As the debts
mount, the pair become klutzy, yet successful criminals, and
finally decide it's payback time. 8/3,4.

GOAL! THE DREAM BEGINS [PG]·Action·2006·(1:57)
A young man living in the barrios of L. A. dreams of becoming
a pro soccer player - and after being spotted by a talent
scout, he's on his way to England to make his dream come
true! Look for a cameo by David Beckham. 7/9.

Fore! The true story of a gifted young amateur golfer who
overcomes class prejudice and family objections to compete
in the 1913 U.S. Open - and a heated matchup with a
heavily-favored British pro. Directed by Bill Paxton.

THE GUARDIAN [PG13]·Action·2006·(2:19)
A hot-shot young swimmer joins the U.S. Coast Guard's elite
training program, where a veteran rescuer teaches him tough
lessons about heroism and sacrifice. Exciting action
sequences, from the director of "The Fugitive."

THE GUYS [PG]·Docu-Drama·2003·(1:24)
A fire captain and journalist are brought together in the
aftermath of September 11 to write the eulogies that will
commemorate the lives of the eight men the captain lost on
that tragic day. 7/11.

HACKERS [PG13]·Thriller/Suspense·1995·(1:45)
A master hacker unites teen computer geeks against an
embezzling computer-security agent known as the Plague.

HAVEN [TVMA]·Black·2006·(1:39)
Bill Paxton and Orlando Bloom star in this taut, gripping tale
of intrigue murder and romance boiling underneath the
beauty of the Cayman Islands. 7/31,8/1.

THE HEART OF THE GAME [PG13]·Black·2006·(1:38)
The true story of how a white middle age professor and an
African-American teenage girl come together on a high school
basketball court and overcome social and racial differences
to build a lifelong bond. 7/29.

HEAT [R]·Action·1995·(2:50)
A career criminal looking for retirement may spend it behind
bars if an obsessive cop can catch him. 7/11,18.

HEAVYWEIGHTS [PG]·Comedy·1995·(1:37)
Overweight kids are sent to a weight loss camp only to find
that it is run by a crazed ex-fitness instructor. Starring Ben
Stiller. 7/6,19.

HIGH HEELS AND LOW LIFES [R]·Comedy·2001·(1:26)
Two women - a nurse and an actress - overhear a cell phone
conversation that leads them to blackmail an organized crime
ring and steal $10 million in this clever, engaging crime
comedy. 7/25.

HOODLUM [R]·Black·1997·(2:10)
Two gangs in 1930s Harlem - one headed by black godfather
Bumpy Johnson and another by white hothead Dutch Schultz
- fight for control of the numbers racket. With Vanessa
Williams, and an early role for Queen Latifah.

HOT SHOTS! [PG13]·Comedy·1991·(1:25) Charlie Sheen.
Hilarious spoof in which a talented but unstable "Top Gun"
fighter pilot, drummed out of the Navy, is called back for a
secret Middle Eastern operation. From the creators of Scary
Movie 4 and the Naked Gun comedies. 6/27.

HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE [PG]·Animated·2005·(1:59)
From the director of "Spirited Away" and "Princess
Mononoke", the lushly animated tale of a young woman
cursed by a witch, who discovers that her best chance to
break the spell lies with a young wizard and his four-legged
walking home. 7/12,17.

THE ILLUSIONIST [PG13]·Drama·2006·(1:49)
In 1900 Vienna, a mysterious traveling magician arrives and
takes the town by storm - but when he reconnects with a
childhood sweetheart engaged to a prince, both their lives are
at risk in this tale of romance, magic and murder.

INVINCIBLE [PG]·Drama·2006·(1:44)
Based on a true story: struggling Philadelphia Eagles fan
Vince Papale fulfills a dream by trying out for the team - he
surprisingly makes the grade. But can the dream last? A
rousing story from the producers of "The Rookie."

JUDGE DREDD [R]·Action·1995·(1:36) Sly Stallone.
In a terrifying futuristic society where the law officers known
as "Judges" act as judge, jury and executioner, a "Judge"
finds himself on the wrong side of the law. Co-starring Diane
Lane and Rob Schneider. 7/12,25.

JUNIOR [PG13]·Comedy·1994·(1:50) Schwarzenegger.
Two male research scientists turn childbearing on its head
when one of them becomes pregnant as the result of an
experiment. 8/1.

JUST VISITING [PG13]·Comedy·2001·(1:28)
An 11th century French knight and his squire find themselves
transported by a witch to modern America, where they must
find a wizard to send them back. Co-starring Christina
Applegate and Tara Reid. 7/11,23,31.

THE LEGEND OF ZORRO [PG]·Action·2005·(2:10)
Alejandro's secret life as the masked hero Zorro unravels his
family just when the citizens of California call: a wealthy
villian seeks to thwart the will of the people by stealing an
important election! Swashbuckling fun! 7/2,19,20.

A LIFE LESS ORDINARY [R]·Comedy·1997·(1:44)
A fired janitor kidnaps his boss's daughter in revenge, only he
gets way more than he bargained for - especially when two
rambunctious angels must convince the pair to fall in love.
Co-starring Holly Hunter and Delroy Lindo. 7/6,16.

LITTLE MAN [PG13]·Comedy·2006·(1:38)
A wannabe dad mistakes a vertically challenged criminal on
the lam as his newly adopted son. From the creators of 'White
Chicks' and 'Scary Movie.' 7/6,7,11,12,21,22,27,30,31.

LLOYD [PG]·Children·2000·(1:18)
Lloyd is an awkward sixth-grader who falls in love at the first
sight of a pretty new classmate - but can he overcome bullies
and his own shyness to win the girl? 7/10,13.

LONDON [R]·Drama·2006·(1:32)
Syd awakens in his NYC apartment and discovers his
girlfriend is leaving town and having a going-away party -
and he's not invited! So concocts a wild plan to crash the
party and win back the girl. With Jason Statham. 7/1,12,30.

THE LORDS OF DOGTOWN [PG13]·Action·2005·(1:47)
The true story of the birth of the modern skateboarding
culture, as a group of Southern Cal teens in the 1970s perfect
their outrageous moves on the sidewalks and empty
swimming pools of L.A. From the creator of "Dogtown and
Z-Boys." 7/1.

LOST IN SPACE, the Movie [PG13]·Action·1998·(2:10)
Danger Will Robinson! The cult classic tv space family
Robinson embark on a mission to save the earth, but the evil
Dr. Smith sends their ship spinning off course into the
cosmos! With Gary Oldman, Heather Graham, Matt LeBlanc.

A Latin scholar becomes the star executioner at the local
prison where his own brother is slated to die. 7/4,7,14,16.

MALLRATS [R]·Comedy·1995·(1:35)
Two Gen-X slackers lose their girlfriends and head for the
mall - but that's just an excuse for a dizzying array of surreal
situations and outrageous comedy from director Kevin Smith
("Clerks"). With Jay and Silent Bob, Ben Affleck. 7/20,26.

A widowed man's life turns upside down when he embarks on
a journey to find a dying man's long lost love. A charming
comedy featuring an all-star ensemble cast. 7/22.

MARS ATTACKS! [PG13]·Comedy·1996·(1:46)
Naive earthlings misread the intentions of visiting martians in
a parody of '50s sci-fi films. Directed by Tim Burton. 7/3.

THE MATADOR [R]·Comedy·2005·(1:38)
A chance hotel bar meeting in Mexico City between a frazzled
businessman and a lowlife professional hit man will
drastically alter both their lives in this hilariously off-kilter
story. Not to be missed! 7/10,18,27,28.

MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA [PG13]·Asian·2005·(2:25)
A legendary geisha looks back on her life and a disappearing
era in this lavish adaptation of the best-selling novel. Winner
of three Academy Awards, from the director of "Chicago."

MEMORY OF A KILLER [R]·Crime·2005·(2:03)
A weary professional hitman finds himself being chased by a
deadly trio - the police, his own bosses when he refuses a
job, and periodic amnesia caused by Alzheimer's disease. A
taut, intricate thriller. 7/23.

MONSTER HOUSE [PG]·CGI animated·2006·(1:31)
In a squeaky clean suburb, three kids discover that their
mysterious neighbor's scary house comes to life on Halloween!
An animated treat, featuring Steve Buscemi, Fred Willard, 
Maggie Gyllenhaal, Nick Cannon, Catherine O'Hara.

MYSTERY MEN [PG13]·Action·1999·(2:01)
A group of offbeat superheroes with various peculiar talents
must stop the evil Cassonova Frankenstein from destroying
their city. 7/20,21,24,30.

THE NIGHT LISTENER [R]·Drama·2006·(1:21)
A radio show host battling his own problems begins a on-air
telephone relationship with a troubled young boy. But when
the jock presses to find out more, he steps into a mystery -
does this boy even exist? 7/2,12,13,16,17,26.

A behind the scenes look at the making of "Pirates of the
Caribbean: At World's End," starring Johnny Depp, Orlando
Bloom, and Keira Knightley. 6/7

Behind-the-scenes look at the making of Brad Bird's
animated feature, "Ratatouille." 7/5,9,13

Captain Jack Sparrow and friends try to save their souls from
the evil pirate Davy Jones and his army of sea-phantoms.
Oscar-winning special effects highlight this sequel to the
blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl.

THE POSTMAN [R]·Drama·1997·(2:58)
A drifter picks up abandoned mail and delivers hope to
survivors in a post-apocalyptic world. 6/20.

THE PRESTIGE [PG13]·Action·2006·(2:10)
Two magicians in turn-of-the-century London battle each
other for trade secrets. 8/4,5.

She's the mother of ten kids and married to an alcoholic in a
small Ohio town. Yet her knack for writing prize-winning
advertising jingles keeps their turbulent family financially
afloat in this inspiring, spirited true story. 7/5,17,18,23.

THE PROFESSIONAL [R]·Crime·1994·(1:49)
A professional hit man finds himself the unlikely guardian of
a streetwise 12-year-old girl who seeks to learn the trade.
Gritty, explosive drama, with Gary Oldham. From the director
of La Femme Nikita. 7/18.

THE PROPOSITION [R]·Action·2006·(1:44)
A lawman captures two of the gang of brothers that brutally
murdered a family, giving one of the men a choice - help
capture and kill the oldest brother or watch the youngest one
hang. An intense, violent Australian western. 7/15.

PULSE [PG13]·Action·2006·(1:27)
A scary website - thought to be marketing ploy - turns out to
be the portal by which a sinister force, with gruesome
intentions, seeks out new victims in this techno-horror
thriller. Co-scripted by Wes Craven.

QUINCEANERA [R]·Drama·2006·(1:31)
Young Hispanic teenager becomes pregnant and moves in
with her sympathetic uncle. 7/10.

RACE THE SUN [PG]·Comedy·1996·(1:40)
A bunch of high school misfits in Hawaii, introduced by their
new teacher, attend a science fair in which they draw up
inspiration to build their own solar car and win a trip to
compete in the 1990 World Solar Challenge in Australia. 7/20.

THE REAL MCCOY [PG13]·Thriller/Suspense·1993·(1:45)
An ex-con (Kim Basinger) is forced to pull one last bank job to
free her son. 7/13.

RENT [PG13]·Black·2005·(2:15)
Film adaptation of multi-award-winning musical about a
group of Bohemian friends in late 1980s Greenwich Village.

RV [PG]·Comedy·2006·(1:39) Robin Williams.
What can go wrong when dad rents an ugly green RV for his
dysfunctional family's mountain vacation? How about no
brakes, unruly septic tanks, and being stuck with yodeling
traveling companions! It's supposed to be funny.

SCREAM [R]·Horror·1996·(1:51)
Hit comic horror that makes fun of the whole slasher-film
genre, busting age-old stereotypes while effectively telling the
story of a teenage girl grieving over her mother's murder. 8/3.

THE SHAGGY DOG [PG]·Comedy·2006·(1:39) Tim Allen.
The world of a workaholic lawyer turns upside down when his
encounter with a 300-year old Tibetan pooch results in his
changing into shaggy sheepdog! With Kristin Davis, Danny
Glover, Craig Kilborn. 7/5,8,12,13,16,17.

SHE'S ALL THAT [PG13]·Comedy·1999·(1:35)
The big man on campus wagers that he can transform a
"nerd girl" into a stunner in time for the senior prom - but he
never meant to fall in love with her! 8/3.

SILENT HILL [R]·Horror·2006·(2:05)
A mother takes her traumatized daughter to an eerie ghost
town called Silent Hill, hoping to cure the child's demons - but
when the girl disappears, a deadly game of gory, nightmarish
scenes begins! Not for the squeamish!

THE SIXTH SENSE [PG13]·Drama·1999·(1:47)
A child psychotherapist helps a young boy with an unusual
gift: he sees dead people. 7/28,29,8/3,4.

SKY HIGH [PG]·Action·2005·(1:39) Kurt Russell.
The son of Captain Stronghold enrolls in a high school for kids
with superpowers, but is relegated to the sidekicks courses -
but he's determined to advance, especially when an enemy
from the past returns to threaten his family.

SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE [PG]·Comedy·1993·(1:45)
A recently-widowed man's son calls a radio talk show to find
his dad a romantic partner - hundreds respond, but how will
he connect with Annie, the reporter who is "the one"? From
the writer/director of "You've Got Mail" and "Michael 7/12,23.

SPECIES II [R]·Science-Fiction·1998·(1:33)
An astronaut gets infected with alien DNA during the first
mission on Mars and runs amok on earth. The surviving team
members from the first film team up with a peaceful,
genetically re-engineered Sil to track the monster down.

SPEED 2: CRUISE CONTROL [PG13]·Action·1997·(2:05)
Annie Potter's vacation cruise gets rocked by a disgruntled
shipmate who plans to hijack the vessel and steal precious
diamonds in this sequel to Speed. 8/5.

STANDER [R]·Action·2004·(1:52)
The true story of Andre Stander, who went from a promising
career as a police detective to a notorious bank robber during
the waning days of Apartheid South Africa. 7/9.

Hollywood's most famous and trusted trade magazine teams
with Starz and takes their cameras to the biggest names in
tinseltown. New episodes every week take you straight to the
source for breaking entertainment news. 7/8,11
STARZ THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER (E25) [TV14]·(:24) 7/12,13,19
STARZ THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER (E27) [TV14]·(:24) 7/26,29,30,31,8/1

STAY ALIVE [PG13]·Horror·2006·(1:26)
A group of friends play a mysterious horror video game, only
to discover that when they die in the game... they die for real!

STEALTH [PG13]·Action·2005·(2:01)
An Artificial Intelligence (robot) pilot is brought into the naval
Air Force to learn combat skills from human pilots, but the
A.I. pilot begins to have ideas of his own on how to fly.

STICK IT! [PG13]·Comedy·2006·(1:43)
The law puts the brakes on a talented young woman's wild
life and sends her back to the world of competitive
gymnastics, where her talent and rebellious attitude shake up
the system! From the writer of "Bring It On."

SUENO [PG13]·Comedy·2005·(1:48)
A Mexican-born musician travels to L.A. to further his career,
where two women fall for him - and one of them has the
singing talent to propel the band into the big time. Featuring
Jose Jose and a great Latin music soundtrack. 7/23.

Ricky Bobby, NASCAR's #1 driver, must defend his title
against a flamboyant French Formula One racer - both are
determined to win at any cost! Will Ferrell. With Sacha Baron Cohen, 
Gary Cole, Michael Clarke Duncan. 7/7,8,10,13,14,19,24,25,28,29.

Teenagers lost in the Texas woods after prom night,
encounter Leatherface and a family of psychopaths living in
an old farmhouse. 7/11,30.

TWO IF BY SEA [R]·Comedy·1996·(1:36)
A petty thief steals a priceless painting, hides out on an
island near Boston and bickers with his girlfriend. Sandra
Bullock. 7/13.

ULTRAVIOLET [PG13]·Action·2006·(1:27)
She's a woman with a mission! Super-soldier Ultraviolet
possesses incredible physical powers, which she must use to
protect a boy who may hold the key to stopping a war
between humans and vampire-like Hemophages! 7/3,20,21.

UNDERWORLD: EVOLUTION [R]·Action·2006·(1:46)
Selene, the sexy, sleek vampire warrior, is back! The
explosive war between the Death Dealers and Lycans
continues full throttle as Selene and her werewolf lover go on
the run, searching for their future by seeking their past.

VALIANT [G]·Clay Animated·2005·(1:16)
A clumsy misfit pigeon sneaks his way into the Royal Homing
Pigeon Service, eager to serve his country by flying military
messages past the German Falcon Brigade during World War
II, in this high-flying animated comedy. 8/2,3.

VENOM [R]·Horror·2005·(1:27)
Combine the mystical Louisiana swamps, a snake-filled
suitcase, Mr. Jangles - a man possessed by 13 evil souls - a
group of sexy young teens, add a dollop of voodoo, and you've
got a fun, gory screamfest! 7/4,10,30.

THE WATERBOY [PG13]·Comedy·1998·(1:30)
It's smashmouth football in the Louisiana bayou! A hapless
waterboy discovers a special talent for tackling and becomes
the unlikely star of his college team. Co-starring Kathy Bates
and Henry Winkler. 7/9.

WHEN A STRANGER CALLS [PG13]·Horror·2006·(1:27)
In an opulent estate, a teen babysitter answers the phone
and begins a long, suspenseful night evading a taunting
psychopathic stalker - who may be in the house with her!

WHEN FRIED EGGS FLY [TVG]·Documentary·2006·(:58)
Documentary about a public school music teacher who
organizes 162 eight-year-olds to write, perform, and record a
song about the environment. 7/18,30.

WHIRLYGIRL [R]·Drama·2004·(1:35)
A prep school student finds himself falling for a seductive,
mysterious exotic dancer - but can their friendship and
growing love survive their wildly different backgrounds?

THE WILD [G]·Animated·2006·(1:22)
When an adolescent lion is accidentally shipped from the
New York Zoo to Africa, his bickering zoo pals must put aside
their differences to help bring him back in this animated
DIsney adventure. 7/14,15.

WOLF CREEK [R]·Horror·2005·(1:39)
A trio of young travelers, stranded in the Australian outback,
are relieved when a friendly local appears to help them. But
relief soon turns to horror and murder in this tense, gruesome
thriller - based on a true story! 7/1,7,25.

ZATHURA: A SPACE ADVENTURE [PG]·Action·2005·(1:41)
A board game with magical powers hurtles two brothers into
an intergalactic adventure featuring wicked meteor showers,
alien lizards, and fearsome black holes. From the director of
"Elf" and the creators of "Jumanji." 7/19,24,28.

THE ZODIAC [R]·Crime·2006·(1:37)
A mysterious serial killer known as The Zodiac commits a
string of vicious murders in the San Francisco Bay area,
outwitting the local police force and plunging a community
into terror - based on the actual 1968 events. 7/9,26,27.

10TH & WOLF [R]·Crime·2006·(1:48)
After returning home to Philadelphia from the military, a
former street tough tangles with the local mob boss who
drove him out of the neighborhood. WIth Piper Perabo, Brad
Renfro, Dennis Hopper, Tommy Lee, Val Kilmer. 7/5,9,10,18.

2007 FILM YOUR ISSUE [TVMA]·(10 minute short) 7/14.

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