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Movies so far have included: the comedy Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery (Mike Myers), Blast From The Past (1999, comedy raised in a fallout shelter), Delirious (2005, John Candy as writer who wakes up in town he created), Love Potion #9 (Sandra Bullock, 1992), Once Bitten (Jim Carrey falls for an older woman, a vampire), Hitchcock movies, Walk Like A Man (Howie Mandell as a man raised by wolves in a Tarzan spoof), AIRPORT '77 (in the Bermuda Triangle), Xanadu (1980, Olvivia Newton John as dancer Gene Kelly's muse), AMAZING STORIES: THE MOVIE, James Bond 007 movies, and others
January, 2009
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ALIEN [R]·Action·1979·(1:56)
The original classic! The frightening, intense story of the
discovery of a vicious alien species by blue-collar space crew
has become a sci-fi landmark. Oscar-winner for Best Visual
Effects, directed by Ridley Scott (Gladiator).

ALIENS [R]·Action·1986·(2:17)
The rip-roaring sequel to "Alien" finds Ripley heading back to
the monster-infested planet when she joins a military
contingent sent to investigate. Non-stop action, Oscar-winner
for Best Visual Effects. 

THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN [G]·Drama·1971·(2:11)
It's the ultimate biological weapon! A satellite carrying a killer
virus crashes, and the alien disease wipes out the entire
town except for an old man and a baby - now a team of
scientists races to discover a cure! 

ARABESQUE [TVPG]·Mystery·1966·(1:45)
A hip, swingin' sixties adventure caper! A professor of ancient
heiroglyphics falls into wildly complicated plot to murder a
Middle Eastern prime minister - and whose side is the
stunning mistress really on? 1/1,19,24.

BACK TO THE FUTURE [PG]·Adventure·1985·(1:56)
Rev up your Flux Capacitor and get behind the wheel of that
DeLorean - join Marty McFly and Doc Brown as they travel
back in time to save the future! A classic comedy, with
Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Crispin Glover, 
Lea Thompson. Oscar-winner for Best Sound. 1/13,18,30

BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II [PG]·Adventure·1989·(1:47)
Marty McFly and Doc Brown must take the customized,
time-traveling DeLoriean to the future - 2015 - and back to
the past - 1955 - in order to save Marty's present! The
second installment of the classic trilogy! 1/14,25,30

BACK TO THE FUTURE, PART III [PG]·Adventure·1990·(1:58)
Doc Brown's life is in danger, and the only way for Marty
McFly to save him is to - you guessed it - take a time
traveling adventure to the wild west of 1885! A crazy finale to
the trilogy, with Mary Steenburgen. 

CHARADE [TVPG]·Comedy-Mystery·1963·(1:53)
A widow seeks help from a stranger (Cary Grant) to find a 
large sum of money from WW2 her husband hid before his murder
in this superbly comic mystery thriller. George Kennedy, 
Audrey Hepburn, Walter Matthau. 1/3,14,19,25,30

CHARLEY VARRICK [PG]·Action·1973·(1:50) Walter Matthau.
A crook dedicated to robbing low-profile banks finds out his
latest heist netted laundered Mob money - but it turns out it's
not easy to give it back! A solid drama with plenty of action,
directed by Don Siegel (Dirty Harry) 

THE CHEYENNE SOCIAL CLUB [PG]·Comedy·1970·(1:42)
Two shy cowboys (Jimmy Stewart, Henry Fonda) ride from Texas to 
Wyoming to claim an inheritance which turns out to be a brothel! 

COMES A HORSEMAN [PG]·Drama·1978·(1:58)
A returning WW II vet helps a woman fight off attempts to
grab her Montana ranch from a bitter neighboring rancher
and an oil company prepared to do whatever it takes.
Co-starring Jason Robards. 2/1.

THE CONCORDE... AIRPORT '79 [PG]·Action·1979·(1:53)
The airborne disasters go supersonic! The passengers of the
Concorde must endure aerial acrobatics when a bomb is
discovered aboard a flight headed for the Moscow Olympics!
The final film of the Airport series, with Charo. 1/3,12,27

The apes enslaved by the human population of the Earth,
which is under the control of a Fascist-like government are
led in a revolt by Caesar, a talking chimp, son of Cornelius
and Zira. 1/5,10,14,23,27

THE ELECTRIC HORSEMAN [PG]·Comedy·1979·(2:00) Robert Redford.
A world champion rodeo rider has fallen on hard times - now
he's a pitchman for breakfast cereal. But he finds purpose
rescuing a valuable show horse - and love when a
determined female reporter joins his escape into the desert.

Chimpanzees with human intelligence from the year 3955
arrive on planet Earth in the 1970's in a spaceship. 

FRANKIE AND JOHNNY [TVPG]·Musical·1966·(1:27)
Entertainers on a Mississippi showboat, love each other, but
Frankie is afraid to marry Johnny because of his gambling.
Elvis sings 11 new songs, plus the title song and "When the
Saints Go Marching In." 1/9,17,28.

GOING BERSERK [R]·Comedy·1983·(1:24) John Candy.
A clumsy young fool gets engaged to the daughter of a stuffy
congressman. 1/4.

GOLD OF THE SEVEN SAINTS [TVPG]·Adventure·1961·(1:28)
Based on Steve Frazee's "Desert Guns," a pair of cowboys
with a cache of gold trek across perilous deserts, mountains
and raging rivers, while being pursued by money-hungry
outlaws. 12/30.

GORDON'S WAR [R]·Action·1973·(1:30)
A Green Beret returns from Vietnam to find his wife and
Harlem community falling prey to drugs - with the aid of his
army buddies, he declares bone-crushing war on the
pushers! A blaxploitation classic, directed by Ossie Davis.

HEAVEN'S GATE [R]·Western·1980·(3:37)
An Ivy League marshal defends immigrant settlers against
cattle barons in 1890s Wyoming. Directed by Michael Cimino.

HOLIDAY INN [TVG]·Comedy·1942·(1:41) Bing Crosby.
The musical classic that introduced the Best Song Oscar-winner
White Christmas! A lazy singer opens a New England hotel and
club that is only open on holidays - leaving him 340 days off!

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson protect Sir Henry from a
killer-dog family curse. Directed by Terence Fisher. 

THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES [TV14]·Mystery·2000·(1:30)
The mysterious death of Sir Charles Baskerville is blamed on
a longstanding curse that has followed his family for 200
years, a supernatural hound who roams the moors. Detective
Sherlock Holmes attempts to uncover the truth. 

I'LL TAKE SWEDEN [TVPG]·Comedy·1965·(1:37)
Single father Bob Holcomb, dissatisfied with his daughter
JoJo's choice of partner, seizes an unexpected opportunity to
bring her on a trip to Sweden in order for her to forget all
thoughts on marriage. 1/1,17.

ISLAND IN THE SUN [TVPG]·Drama·1957·(1:59)
Lives of characters interweave in tale of love, racism and
murder on small Caribbean island. 1/3,9,15,19,25.

IT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD [G]·Comedy·1963·(2:34)
A wild, cross-country treasure hunt ensues after a dying
motorist reveals to the occupants of four other cars where
$350,000 is buried. An all-star cast includes Sid Caesar,
Buster Keaton, Milton Berle; Oscar-winner for Best Effects.

THE JACKIE ROBINSON STORY [TVPG]·Biography·1950·(1:17)
Jackie Robinson himself stars in this biographical film of his
rise from UCLA to become the first black man to play in the
major leagues. 1/5,11,15,24,30.

JULIA [PG]·Drama·1977·(1:57)
Playwright Lillian Hellman smuggles money into Nazi
Germany to help her childhood friend in the Resistance. Jane
Fonda, Vanessa Redgrave, Jason Robards. 1/4,15,30

JUNIOR BONNER [PG]·Comedy·1972·(1:40)
One week in the life of an aging rodeo cowboy - broke,
bruised and looking to leave the circuit, Junior Bonner heads
home hoping to score one last big money ride. Directed by
Sam Peckinpah. 1/6,10,14,22,26.

KING OF HEARTS [TV14]·Dark Comedy·1966·(1:42)
A Scotsman (Alan Bates) on a mission for the Brits during
World War I becomes crowned a king by an asylum of
lunatics. 1/3,23,26.

A KISS BEFORE DYING [TVPG]·Mystery·1956·(1:34)
A poor college student murders his rich girlfriend then charms
her sister. With Robert Wagner, Joanne Woodward, and
Virginia Leith. 

THE LAUGHING POLICEMAN [R]·Crime·1974·(1:52)
In this gritty crime mystery, two determined San Francisco
detectives hunt the elusive murderer who machine-gunned a
loaded city bus. Witty dialogue spices this standout drama.

Story of Mrs. Lou Gehrig's life with her husband, the late
great New York Yankee immortal. Blythe Danner, Edward
Herrmann. 1/11,14,23

THE MAN FROM UTAH [TVPG]·Western·1934·(:52)
The town's deputy sheriff enters a rodeo in order to expose a
gang who have made a racket of the rodeo. 1/16,20,25.

THE MAN WHO LOVED CAT DANCING [PG]·Western·1973·(2:03)
In the old west, a wife runs away from her abusive husband,
only to find herself kidnapped from a train by a gang of
cutthroats - but one of the bad guys stands up for her. With
Lee J. Cobb, Jack Warden. 1/7,13,29.

MANHATTAN [R]·Comedy·1979·(1:36)
A divorced writer - his ex-wife has turned gay and written
about their marriage - raises eyebrows while dating a
high-schooler, but soon falls for the mistress of his best
friend. With Mariel Hemingway, Meryl Streep. 1/3,8,19.

MARAT/SADE [R]·Drama·1967·(1:59)
While in an insane asylum, the Marquis de Sade directs a
play on the assassination of French revolutionary Jean-Paul
Marat performed by fellow asylum patients. 1/9.

MCCABE AND MRS. MILLER [R]·Drama·1971·(2:01)
Robert Altman directs this anti-western about an ignorant
gambler (Warren Beatty) and a resourceful madam (Julie
Christie) who collaborate to save their brothel. 1/4,16,26,31.

THE MECHANIC [PG]·Action·1972·(1:40)
After being taught everything by the master about setting up
"accidental" deaths for the syndicate's victims, young
newcomer is assigned to kill his "teacher" who has set a trap
for his slayer. 

MELVIN PURVIS G-MAN [TVPG]·Action·1974·(1:14)
An action-packed crime adventure about the furious chase
and personal duel that took place between the notorious
"Machine Gun" Kelly and the legendary G-Man, Melvin Purvis
in the 1930s. 2/1

METEOR [PG]·Sci-Fi·1979·(1:47) Sean Connery.
A massive meteor is on a collision course with Earth - will
the American and Russian military agree to share their
satellite secrets to stop it? An all-star cast sweats it out,
from the director of The Poseidon Adventure. 1/9,10,20

MOBY DICK [TVPG]·Drama·1956·(1:55)
The sole survivor of a lost whaling ship relates the tale of his
captain's self-destructive obsession to hunt a white whale in
Ray Bradbury's adaptation of Herman Melville's celebrated story.
Directed by John Huston and starring Gregory Peck.

THE MONEY PIT [PG]·Comedy·1986·(1:31) Tom Hanks.
Now this is a housing crisis! It's a slapstick makeover when
a young couple buys a dream home for a price too good to be
true - and flip when it starts tumbling down! Produced by
Steven Spielberg. 1/2,3,18,23

MONKEY HUSTLE [PG]·Blaxploitation·1977·(1:30)
An inner-city Chicago community comes together to save their
neighborhood from destruction in this '70s era
blaxploitation-comedy. 1/6,9,24.

MOTHER, JUGS & SPEED [PG]·Comedy·1976·(1:38)
Story of hair-raising events, kooky employees and a nearly
bankrupt ambulence service in an outlaying section of Los
Angeles County. Bill Casby, Raquel Welch. 1/6,11,21,26

NOTHING BUT THE NIGHT [PG]·Horror·1973·(1:31)
This chiller stars Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing as a
Scotland Yard inspector and a forensics expert sent to
investigate a series of mysterious deaths among the elderly
caretakers of a Scottish orphanage. 

ODD MAN OUT [TVPG]·Crime·1947·(1:56)
Belfast police hunt for an IRA gunman wounded in a robbery.

THE OFFENCE [R]·Crime·1973·(1:52)
A London police sergeant is pushed over the edge while
questioning a suspected child molester - and the aftermath
proves psychologically devastating in this powerful crime
drama. 2/1.

OLD DRACULA [PG]·Comedy·1974·(1:29)
The dapper vampire comes to mod London seeking the right
blood type for his wife, Vampira. 1/7,13,18,23,31.

OLIVER TWIST [TVPG]·Drama·1948·(1:56)
An orphan joins a gang of street urchins before being rescued
by a kind gentleman. 1/2,6,18,22,28.

ONE, TWO, THREE [TV14]·Comedy·1961·(1:49)
A Coca-Cola company man in West Germany panics when
the bosses daughter wants to marry a communist. Directed
by Billy Wilder. 1/17,2/1

THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN [PG]·Biography·1975·(1:42)
The true story of Olympic hopeful Jill Kinmont who fights to
rebuild her life after she is paralyzed in a near-fatal skiing
accident. 1/17,26

Continuation of the inspiring story of Jill Kinmont, the Olympic
hopeful ski racer who had a accident in 1955 that made her
a quadruple paraplegic and was voted 1976 "Woman of the Year."

OUT OF AFRICA [PG]·Drama·1985·(2:41)
The lush, sweeping true story of a Danish writer living in
Kenya and her romantic affair with a dashing adventurer was
the winner of seven Oscars, including Best Picture and Best
Director (Sydney Pollack). Meryl Streep as the writer 
Isaak Dinesen. Robert Redford, Klaus Maria Brandauer.

THE PLUNDERERS [TVPG]·Western·1948·(1:27)
Sioux uprising saves an Army officer from arresting a young
outlaw who saved his life. 1/2,15,21

POCKET MONEY [PG]·Comedy·1972·(1:40)
A down-on-his-luck cowboy and his free-wheeling, con-man
buddy become lassoed in a get-rich-quick scheme that lands
the pair in a Mexican jail. 1/16,22,31.

The Freeling family move into new house, but their troubles
with supernatural forces aren't over - a demonic spirit is
chasing after young Carol Anne and will stop at nothing to
gain her soul! The nail-biting sequel to Poltergeist. 1/4,14.

POLTERGEIST, Part III [PG13]·Horror·1988·(1:37)
Little Carol Anne moves in with an aunt and uncle in a
Chicago apartment tower - but the supernatural forces that
chased her in the first two Poltergeist movies are back for
more! With Lara Flynn Boyle. 

THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE [PG]·Action·1972·(1:57)
An all-star cast flips with the ship in producer Irwin Allen's
lavish, Oscar-winning disaster movie. 

RED SUN [PG]·Action·1972·(1:54)
A train-robbing outlaw and a Japanese samurai must team
up to recover a ceremonial golden sword - if they can make it
past the sexy women, Mexican bandits, and their own
distrust! An underrated spaghetti western classic! 

REPRISAL! [TVPG]·Western·1956·(1:14)
Man is blamed for the death of a rancher whose family
controls the town. 1/7,17,30.

RIDERS IN THE SKY [TVPG]·Western·1949·(1:11)
When an innocent rancher is framed for murder, cowboy
investigator Gene Autry rides to the rescue. 1/5,11,22

THE RIVER [PG13]·Drama·1984·(2:04)
A young couple, despite the economic challenges, have
continued their family's farming tradition - until they find
themselves battling not only a giant corporation but also a
terrifying flood! 1/2,15,26.

ROBIN HOOD: MEN IN TIGHTS [PG13]·Comedy·1993·(1:44)
The legendary hero of merry olde England's Sherwood Forest
gets the Mel Brooks (Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles)
treatment in this crazy comedy, featuring Dave Chappelle,
Isaac Hayes, Patrick Stewart and more.  1/31

ROBOCOP [R]·Action·1987·(1:43)
A law-enforcement corporation transforms a mutilated
policeman into a chrome-plated, crime-fighting cyborg -
Robocop - to fight the crooks in Old Detroit. From the director
of "Total Recall" and "Starship Troopers." 

ROBOCOP 3 [PG13]·Action·1993·(1:45)
Robocop is back! There's no shortage of bad guys waiting to
be pummeled when an evil corporation schemes to remove
homeless people who populate the site of a future upscale
development using a merciless cyber-ninja from Japan!

THE ROSE [R]·Drama·1979·(2:14)
A phenomenally successful rock singer is both physically and
mentally exhausted as a major tour marches on - then she
meets a limo driver who could change her life. Bette Midler's
explosive film debut. 1/31

·Comedy·1966·(2:06) Carl Reiner, Alan Arkin, Brien Keith.
Popular comedy about a Soviet submarine that lands off the
New England coast, and the nearby town panics and
mobilizes itself from the imagined attack. 1/1,5,11,23,28.

SALT AND PEPPER [G]·Comedy·1968·(1:41)
Rat-packers Sammy Davis Jr. and Peter Lawford star as
hipster London club owners who lead a double life as secret
agents. 12/31,1/16,27,28.

The westerns of maverick American director Sam Peckinpah
(The Wild Bunch) are explored by an all-star Hollywood lineup
in this Encore Westerns original documentary. With Billy Bob
Thornton, Benicio Del Toro, Kris Kristofferson. 1/10.

SCARFACE [R]·Action·1983·(2:50) Say hello to my little friend!
Cuban-immigrant drug lord Tony Montana has become a cultural 
icon, and the story of his ultra-violent rise and fall is a 
contemporary crime classic. Directed by Brian DePalma. 

THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH [TVPG]·Comedy·1955·(1:44)
A married man with an active romantic imagination connives
to score with his super-sexy neighbor while his family is on
vacation - but can he really do it? Featuring an iconic Marilyn
Monroe pose. 1/2,7,12,17,29.

SHOUT AT THE DEVIL [PG]·Action·1976·(2:29)
Roger Moore and Lee Marvin team up as Sebastian, a
cosmopolitan Englishman, and Flynn O'Flynn, an ornery Irish
American, who decide to blow up a German battleship that
has been hidden away for repairs in Southeast Africa.

SIXTEEN CANDLES [PG]·Comedy·1984·(1:33)
The iconic 80s classic that launched the teen comedy genre!
A young girl's sixteenth birthday appears headed for disaster,
as love, her family, and geeks conspire against her! With John
Cusack, Gedde Watanabe. 

SLAP SHOT [R]·Comedy·1977·(2:03)
A struggling minor-league hockey team is in danger of folding
when the Hanson brothers come to town - their brand of
brainless brawling proves a ticket for success, but can it
save the team? A cult classic comedy! 1/1,13,17.

SMILE [PG]·Comedy·1975·(1:53) Bruce Dern, Barbara Feldon.
The American beauty-contest ritual is skewered by
screenwriter Jerry Belson and director Michael Ritchie.

SOUTHERN COMFORT [R]·Action·1981·(1:46)
A fractious National Guard unit on a training mission in the
Louisiana bayous manage to get into a shooting war with the
locals - can they survive each other long enough to escape
the swamp? 1/31.

SPACEBALLS [PG]·Adventure·1987·(1:36)
Sci-fi outer space sagas get the irreverent Mel Brooks
treatment in this hilarious story of a bum, a princess, and a
half-man, half-dog creature who team up to save a planet
from Lord Dark Helmet. With Bill Pullman, Rick Moranis.
Special effects by Lucasfilm's ILM. 1/11,31.

STARDUST MEMORIES [PG]·Comedy·1980·(1:29)
A movie director racked with self-doubt attends a festival
celebrating his work, only to encounter fans and critics who
prefer his earlier, funnier films. Look for a cameo appearance
by a young Sharon Stone. 1/9,19,24,28,29.

STRAW DOGS [R]·Cult·1971·(1:57)
An American mathematician, tired of the violence at home,
moves his wife to a quiet Cornish village - where the solitude
is shattered and the mild-mannered scholar must fight to
survive! Riveting, violent story from Sam Peckinpah. 1/10.

SUDDENLY, LAST SUMMER [TV14]·Drama·1959·(1:54)
A beautiful girl witnesses the death of her cousin and is
committed to a mental institution. A doctor using truth
serum on her, confirms his suspicions that her
"hallucinations" are indeed fact. But someone wants her to be
lobotomized first. Based on Tennessee Williams' play. 

TAKE A HARD RIDE [PG]·Action·1975·(1:43)
Honest cowboy attracts gambler and bounty hunter while
transporting small fortune to the widow of his former boss.

TEN WANTED MEN [TVPG]·Western·1954·(1:20)
Rival cattle ranchers become mortal enemies when a young
woman seeks refuge with one man because she doesn't love
the other - the spurned rancher hires ten gunslingers and
proceeds to wreak havoc. With Dennis Weaver. 1/25.

THEY SHOOT HORSES, DON'T THEY? [TV14]·Drama·1969·(1:59)
The prize money guaranteed for surviving a grueling 1930s
dance marathon is the catalyst for this engrossing look at the
desperation of the Depression era - Gig Young won the Oscar
for Best Supporting Actor. 1/6,24.

A TIME FOR KILLING [TVPG]·War·1967·(1:29)
At the end of the Civil War, a Union prison camp commander
and his men ride out to recapture escaped Confederates -
who have kidnapped the commander's wife! With an early
supporting role for Harrison Ford. 1/4,8,14.

TO HELL AND BACK [TV14]·True Story·1955·(1:46)
Actor Audie Murphy was the most decorated American soldier
of World War II - including the Medal Of Honor - and he
recreates his wartime exploits in this exceptional action film.

TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD [TVPG]·Drama·1962·(2:09)
The classic story of racial prejudice in a small southern town,
as seen through the eyes of two children whose father
defends an African-American accused of raping a white girl.
Peck won the Best Actor Oscar for his performance. 

TWO FOR THE ROAD [TVPG]·Comedy·1967·(1:51)
A couple's tumultuous marriage is revealed over 12 years of
European vacations. 1/3,2/1

UNCLE BUCK [PG]·Comedy·1989·(1:40) John Candy.
A boozing, gambling bachelor with a girlfriend looking for a
wedding ring finds himself looking after his brother's kids for
a week that changes all their lives! A classic comedy, written
& directed by John Hughes (Sixteen Candles). 

VALLEY OF FIRE [TVG]·Western·1951·(1:04)
An outcast gambler hijacks a wagon train of mail order brides
brought west by a mayor. 1/21,26.

WEIRD SCIENCE [PG13]·Comedy·1985·(1:33)
Two high school computer hackers bring to life the woman of
their dreams - she drives guys wild, but has eyes only for her
creators! Directed by John Hughes (The Breakfast Club, Ferris
Bueller's Day Off). 

THE WOMAN IN GREEN [TVPG]·Drama·1945·(1:07)
Murdered victim's fingers arrive at Scotland Yard and it's up
to Sherlock Holmes to solve the case. 

THE WORLD ACCORDING TO GARP [R]·Comedy·1982·(2:16)
Novelist meets life's tragedies with his outspoken feminist
mother. 2/1.

ZORRO THE GAY BLADE [PG]·Comedy·1981·(1:33) George Hamilton.
The legend of the Spanish California freedom fighter is turned
upside down in this delirious comedy - the real Zorro must
depend on his flamboyantly gay twin to win the day! With Ron
Leibman. 1/1,30.
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