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Denials are a way of life for Princeton University admissions officer Tina Fey...until she meets a young man who may be the son she gave up for adoption. Jeremiah is not the traditional Princeton student, but his autodidactic brilliance and possible heritage prompt Fey to risk everything to get him accepted. Paul Rudd, Michael Sheen, Wallace Shawn and Lily Tomlin co-star. (AC,AL,MV) PG13-1:47. Starts January 4

Winner of three Oscars®, including Best Picture, this gripping drama directed by and starring Ben Affleck looks at the 1979 Iran hostage crisis from the perspective of a daring C.I.A. operative who uses a hair-brained scheme to rescue six U.S. embassy workers who hid during the siege. (AC,AL,MV) R-2:00. MAX

BANSHEE "Good Town, Bad Blood"
Lucas Hood, Carrie Hopewell and the Banshee Sheriff’s Department cope with the fallout from their bloody face-off against Rabbit while Lucas faces a new and deadly threat in Season 2 of this gritty Cinemax action series. Created by Alan Ball (True Blood), the show focuses on Lucas, an ex-convict who assumed the identity of the new sheriff in the rural town of Banshee, PA. Picking up where the first season left off, Season 2 finds Carrie exposed and estranged from her family while Lucas has his hands fuller than ever dealing with the murder of a Kinaho tribe girl, escalating tensions between Amish overlord Kai Proctor and tribe leader Alex Longshadow, and an unwelcome visitor. (AC,AL,GV,N,RP,SC) TVMA/V,S,L-1:00. Second Season premiers January 10

In the early days of the AIDS crisis, two dynamic personalities joined forces to make a difference. The result was amfAR. An official selection of the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, this illuminating film charts how renowned research scientist Dr. Mathilde Krim enlisted Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor to create America’s first national AIDS research foundation. (AC,AL) TV14/L,D-:40. HBO

Nothing is quite as it seems in this twisty political thriller starring Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Ex-cop Billy Taggart (Wahlberg) is a private eye hired by the mayor of New York City (Crowe) to follow his wife (Zeta-Jones), whom he suspects of cheating on him. But when the wife’s lover turns up dead, Taggart finds himself in the middle of a dangerous conspiracy. (AC,AL,BN,V) R-1:49. HBO

Sly’s on a rampage of revenge in the Big Easy! When hulking hit man Sylvester Stallone’s partner gets iced, he forms an unlikely partnership with a young detective to find the killer in this explosive action flick. Together, they leave an epic level of destruction throughout New Orleans as they find themselves up against a corrupt developer and his lethal mercenary messenger. Sung Kang, Sarah Shahi, Adewale Akinnuoye- Agbaje, Christian Slater and Jason Momoa costar. (AC,AL, BN,V) R-1:32. Starts January 17

HBO presents Season 3 of this Emmy® and Golden Globe®-winning comedy series about Hannah Horvath and her circle of 20-something friends in New York City. As the new season opens, Hannah (Lena Dunham) is entering her mid-20s and is in a committed relationship with Adam (Adam Driver), with both settling into newfound domesticity in Hannah’s apartment…but she’s still a volatile mess of anxieties, insecurities and uncertainty. As Hannah works to rehabilitate her career, Marnie (AllisonWilliams) adjusts to life after Charlie; newly single Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) looks to balance partying and studying; and Jessa resurfaces to continue her streak of disrupting the lives of everyone around her. (AC,AL,MV,N) TVMA/S,L-0:29

Bruce Willis takes his ever tough, crime-fighting alter ego John McClane all the way to Russia in this fifth thrilling installment in the “Die Hard” series. This time, McClane heads to Moscow for a little father estranged son bonding... and a lot of explosive action. Jai Courtney co-stars as the younger McClane who partners up with his super-cop dad to take down a wealthy gangster with political aspirations and nuclear capabilities. Sebastian Koch, Rasha Bukvic, Cole Hauser co-star. Directed by John Moore; written by Skip Woods. (AC,AL,V) R- 1:38. Starts January 10

Return to Middle Earth in this thrilling first adventure in Peter Jackson’s prequel trilogy to “The Lord of the Rings.” Based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s beloved novel, the film follows a young Bilbo Baggins on a journey to face the evil dragon Smaug with the help of a surly group of dwarves. Ian McKellen stars. (AC,V) PG13-2:50. Starts on MAX January 31

Steve Carell is “at the top of his form” (Variety) as flamboyant magician Burt Wonderstone, whose ego is as big as the Las Vegas stage show he performs with partner Anton Marvelton (Steve Buscemi). When the magical friends split, a hotshot new breed of magician takes over the Vegas strip. Can the deeply humbled Burt—resigned to a gig at a retirement home— ever make it back to the big time? Maybe...with the help of his childhood hero and his ex-partner! Co-starring Olivia Wilde with Alan Arkin, James Gandolfini and Jim Carrey. (AC,AL,MV) PG13-1:40. Starts January 25

A farmhand becomes an unlikely hero as he leads the charge to save his kingdom’s princess from a nasty race of giants in this effects-laden take on “Jack & the Beanstalk.” When a huge beanstalk carries Princess Isabelle into the sky, young Jack (Nicholas Hoult) and the bravest knights head up a dangerous rescue mission to save her from the vengeful giants. Eleanor Tomlinson co-stars as the Princess; also with Stanley Tucci, Ian McShane, Bill Nighy and Ewan McGregor. (MV) PG13- 1:54. HBO

Meet Patrick, Agustin and Dom: three 30-something friends living in San Francisco exploring the exciting, sometimes overwhelming, options available to a new generation of gay men. From HBO comes this comedy series that offers up the unfiltered experiences of these three close friends. Patrick (Jonathan Groff) is a video game designer getting back into the dating game; Agustín (Frankie J. Alvarez) is an aspiring artist who questions the concept of monogamy amid a move to domesticate with his boyfriend; Dom (Murray Bartlett) is a long-time waiter who is facing middle- age and unfulfilled dreams. Together, their stories intertwine within the progressive, unpredictable, sexually open culture of the Bay Area. (AC,AL) TVMA/S,L-0:29. Premiers January 19

A mother’s love reaches from beyond the grave in this chilling old-school ghost story that “delivers good oldfashioned scares” (Urban Cinefile). Lost in the wild five years earlier, two little sisters are found and taken in by their uncle and his girlfriend. But as the girls struggle to adjust, they come to realize that the matronly force that helped them survive their ordeal has followed them into their new home...and will stop at nothing to get them back. Two-time Oscar®-nominee Jessica Chastain stars. (AC,MV) PG13- 1:40. MAX

In the year 2077, Earth is an uninhabitable wasteland in the wake of a nuclear holocaust against alien invaders. Tom Cruise stars as Jack Harper, a technician still stationed on Earth to keep defense drones operational while the planet’s remaining water is siphoned. But as enemy “Scavs” close in, Jack comes face to face with the frightening truth of his existence. Morgan Freeman co-stars. (AC,AL,BN,V) PG13-2:05. Premiers January 12

He is one of America’s true giants of the musical stage: renowned Broadway lyricist and composer Stephen Sondheim. This documentary explores the life and career of the stage legend through six of his iconic songs: “Something’s Coming,” “Opening Doors,” “Send in the Clowns,” “I’m Still Here,” “Being Alive,” and “Sunday.” Directed by award-winning Broadway director and playwright James Lapine, the film is predominantly told by Sondheim himself as it weaves together dozens of interviews from his career, along with archival performances of his classics. (AC,AL) TV14/ L,D-1:20. HBO

“How far would you go to save your son?” That’s the question facing businessman Dwayne Johnson who, in an effort to reduce his son’s jail sentence, cuts a dangerous deal with a politically ambitious U.S. attorney to go undercover and infiltrate a brutal drug cartel. (AC,AL,SC,V) PG13-1:52. MAX

Reeling from the death of her beloved father, an introverted young girl is changed by the sudden arrival of a mysterious relative in this “splendidly demented gumbo of Hitchcock thriller, American Gothic fairy tale and a contemporary kink” (Variety). While India (Mia Wasikowska) is initially wary of “Uncle Charlie” (Matthew Goode)— whom she never knew existed—her unstable mother lets him move in, leading all of them down a dark, twisted path. Dermot Mulroney, Jacki Weaver and Nicole Kidman co-star. (AC,AL,V) R-1:39. HBO

Reprising their roles from Knocked Up, Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann portray a longtime married couple who must deal with an escalating series of pressures and changes as they prepare to turn 40. Co-starring John Lithgow, Megan Fox and Albert Brooks. (AC,AL,BN,MV) R-2:14. MAX

New Orleans, 38 months after. Barack Obama has just been elected to the White House, giving entrenched residents of this still-battered city reason for optimism. Yet for everyone who hopes to improve their lot—or just return to a sense of pre-Katrina normalcy—others are intent on capitalizing on the city’s vulnerability and suffocating its culture. HBO presents the final five episodes, including the 76-minute series finale, of this acclaimed drama series that follows the musicians, chefs, Mardi Gras Indians, and other familiar New Orleanians who continue to rebuild their lives and culture in the aftermath of the devastating 2005 hurricane. Throughout the final five episodes, which take place between November 2008 and Mardi Gras 2009, the promise of recovery is tempered by sobering economics, police corruption, and the ongoing specter of violence and crime. (AC,AL,V) TVMA/V,L-1:16

HBO presents this searing new drama series about two detectives—played by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson—and their hunt for a serial killer in Louisiana. In 2012, Martin Hart (Harrelson) and “Rust” Cohle (McConaughey), for reasons not immediately revealed, are interviewed separately by investigators about their most notorious case: the macabre 1995 murder of a prostitute by a possible serial killer with disturbing occult leanings. As they look back on the case, Hart and Cohle’s personal backstories and often-strained relationship come into focus, all connected by one thing: their shared obsession to hunt down the killer. (AC,AL,N,V) TVMA/V,S,L-1:00. Premieres January 12

He’s a flesh-eating zombie making his way in a post-apocalyptic world...she’s a pretty, gun-toting survivor just trying to get by. Can true love overcome the fact that she’s alive and he’s dead? Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer star as the unlikely romantics in this horror-comedy that Variety magazine described as “an inspired mashup of zombie heart and romantic comedy brains.” Analeigh Tipton, Rob Corddry, Dave Franco, John Malkovich and Cory Hardrict co-star. (AC,AL,V) PG13-1:38. HBO

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                                               JANUARY 2014
6:00a HBO Flight of the Conchords
MAX The Three Stooges
6:30 HBO Rise of the Guardians
7:35 MAX Outbreak
8:15 HBO Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
9:50 MAX Red Eye
10:30 HBO The Bourne Legacy
11:20 MAX American Reunion
12:45p HBO Snow White and the Huntsman
1:15 MAX Fantastic Four
3:00 HBO Les Miserables
3:05 MAX Wrath of the Titans
4:50 MAX Rebound
5:45 HBO Life of Pi
6:20 MAX Pitch Perfect
8:00 HBO Ted
8:15 MAX Wanderlust
10:00 HBO Treme
MAX War of the Worlds
11:15 HBO Getting On
11:45 HBO Identity Thief
12:00 MAX Co-Ed Confidential
12:35a MAX The Girl’s Guide to Depravity
1:10 MAX Wrath of the Titans
1:40 HBO The Making of Identity Thief
1:55 HBO Kingdom of Heaven
2:50 MAX Cleanskin
4:25 HBO The Philly Kid
4:40 MAX Chill Factor
6:00a HBO Miss You Can Do It
6:25 MAX Margaret
7:15 HBO Million Dollar Baby
9:00 MAX Parenthood
9:30 HBO Fight Game With Jim Lampley
10:00 HBO State of Play: Trophy Kids
11:00 HBO Because of Winn-Dixie
11:05 MAX El Gringo
12:45p HBO We Bought a Zoo
MAX Ace Ventura, Pet Detective
2:15 MAX Pavement
3:00 HBO The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
3:50 MAX Ruby Sparks
5:15 HBO Will of the Warrior
5:35 MAX Freeloaders
5:45 HBO Taxi
7:00 MAX Cloud Atlas
7:30 HBO The Fight Game With Jim Lampley
8:00 HBO Getting On
8:30 HBO Broken City
10:00 MAX Mr. & Mrs. Smith
10:30 HBO Ja’mie: Private School Girl
11:00 HBO Sex/Now
11:30 HBO Katie Does Manhattan
12:05a HBO Will of the Warrior
MAX Sexy Wives Sinsations
12:35 HBO The Negotiator
1:25 MAX El Gringo
3:00 HBO Treme
3:05 MAX Introducing Working Girls in Bed
3:35 MAX Co-Ed Confidential 4Play
4:10 MAX Pacific Heights
4:20 HBO Broken City
6:00a MAX Uncle Buck
6:15 HBO The Mighty Ducks
7:45 MAX Problem Child 2
8:00 HBO The Island
9:20 MAX This Is 40
10:15 HBO The Making of Safe House
10:30 HBO Mission: Impossible
11:35 MAX William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream
12:30p HBO EdTV
1:40 MAX Hot Shots! Part Deux
2:30 HBO Mars Attacks!
3:10 MAX Project X
4:30 HBO Jack the Giant Slayer
4:45 MAX Prometheus
6:30 HBO Mission: Impossible
6:50 MAX The Campaign
8:30 HBO Safe House
MAX Scary Movie
10:00 MAX Banshee
10:30 HBO Getting On
11:00 HBO Ja’mie: Private School Girl
MAX Banshee
11:30 HBO Jack the Giant Slayer
12:00 MAX Intergalactic Swingers
1:25a MAX This Is 40
1:30 HBO Original Gangstas
3:15 HBO I Still Know What You Did Last Summer
3:40 MAX The Erotic Traveler
4:15 MAX Cruel Intentions
5:00 HBO Manhunt
6:00a MAX Roll Bounce
6:45 HBO All-Star Superman
8:00 HBO The Making of Oblivion
MAX Trouble With the Curve
8:15 HBO Race to Space
9:55 MAX From Dusk Till Dawn
10:00 HBO Two Weeks Notice
11:45 HBO Jack the Giant Slayer
11:50 MAX U-571
1:45p HBO Life of Pi
1:50 MAX Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous
3:50 MAX Deep Impact
4:00 HBO Red Tails
5:55 MAX Argo
6:15 HBO Two Weeks Notice
8:00 HBO Admission
MAX Dark Shadows
10:00 HBO 24/7 Red Wings/Maple Leafs: Road to the NHL Winter Classic
MAX Mama
11:00 HBO Admission
11:45 MAX Co-Ed Confidential 4Play Feature
12:50a HBO Ja’mie: Private School Girl
1:20 HBO Casino
1:45 MAX Deep Impact
3:50 MAX Zane’s The Jump Off
4:20 HBO 24/7 Red Wings/Maple Leafs: Road to the NHL Winter Classic
4:25 MAX The Watch
5:20 HBO Patti LuPone: A Young Arts Masterclass
6:00a HBO Star Trek: Insurrection
6:15 MAX Lovewrecked
7:45 HBO The Presence
MAX Six Days, Seven Nights
9:15 HBO Will of the Warrior
9:30 MAX Chill Factor
9:45 HBO First Look Lone Survivor
10:00 HBO The Fight Game
With Jim Lampley
10:30 HBO 24/7 Red Wings/Maple Leafs...
11:15 MAX The Dark Knight Rises
11:30 HBO We Bought a Zoo
1:45p HBO Warm Bodies
2:00 MAX Freeloaders
3:25 MAX Ray
3:30 HBO Big Momma’s House 2
5:15 HBO Rise of the Guardians
6:00 MAX War of the Worlds
6:55 HBO Admission
8:00 MAX Banshee
8:45 HBO Making True Detective
9:00 HBO Identity Thief
MAX Banshee
10:00 MAX The Dark Knight Rises
11:00 HBO Warm Bodies
12:40a HBO Sex/Now
12:45 MAX Zane’s The Jump Off
1:10 HBO The Beach
1:15 MAX Rebound
2:45 MAX 8MM
3:15 HBO Stigmata
4:50 MAX Undercover Brother
5:00 HBO Alive Day Memories: Home From Iraq
6:00a HBO The Making of
We Bought a Zoo
6:15 HBO Home Fries
6:20 MAX Dreamer:
Inspired by a True Story
8:00 HBO Buffy the Vampire Slayer
8:10 MAX High Roller:
The Stu Ungar Story
9:30 HBO Patti LuPone:
A YoungArts Masterclass
10:00 HBO Taxi
MAX Prometheus
11:45 HBO Rock of Ages
12:10p MAX Beyond
1:45 HBO The Best Exotic
Marigold Hotel
MAX Primary Colors
4:00 HBO Just Like Heaven
4:15 MAX Mr. &Mrs. Smith
5:45 HBO 24/7RedWings/Maple Leafs...
6:20 MAX Cruel Intentions
6:45 HBO SnowWhite and the Huntsman
8:00 MAX Banshee
9:00 HBO The Education of
Mohammad Hussein
MAX Banshee
9:45 HBO Rock of Ages
10:00 MAX Prometheus
11:50 HBO Safe House
12:05a MAX Erotic Karma
1:30 MAX ChasingMavericks
1:50 HBO 24/7RedWings/Maple Leafs...
2:50 HBO The Thin Red Line
3:30 MAX Life on Top
4:00 MAX 2001: A Space Odyssey
5:45 HBO The Education of
Mohammad Hussein
6:25a HBO Fall to Grace
6:30 MAX Edward Scissorhands
7:15 HBO DateMovie
8:20 MAX Vehicle 19
8:45 HBO Gideon’s Army
9:55 MAX Red Eye
10:30 HBO Admission
11:30 MAX Don’t Be aMenace to South
Central While Drinking...
12:15p HBO Making True Detective
12:30 HBO 24/7RedWings/Maple Leafs:
Road to the NHL
Winter Classic
1:00 MAX Ace Ventura, Pet Detective
1:30 HBO Life of Pi
2:30 MAX American Reunion
3:45 HBO Ocean’s Twelve
4:30 MAX Election
6:00 HBO Behind the Candelabra
6:20 MAX Wanderlust
8:00 HBO Admission
MAX Banshee
9:00 MAX Banshee
10:00 HBO 24/7 Red Wings/Maple
Leafs: Road to the NHL
Winter Classic Finale!
MAX American Reunion
11:00 HBO Life of Pi
11:55 MAX Lingerie
12:25a MAX Lingerie
1:00 MAX Bowfinger
1:10 HBO Infamous
2:40 MAX The Super Sex Program
3:10 HBO Making True Detective
3:25 HBO Idlewild
4:05 MAX Sneakers
5:30 HBO Transmission Test
6:15a MAX Backdraft
7:00 HBO TheWeight of the Nation for
Kids: Kebreeya’s Salad Days
7:30 HBO All-Star Superman
8:35 MAX Argo
8:45 HBO Red Tails
10:40 MAX Turbulence
11:00 HBO Mission: Impossible
12:30p MAX Mama
1:00 HBO TwoWeeks Notice
2:15 MAX American Reunion Show
2:30 MAX Ruby Sparks
2:45 HBO EdTV
4:20 MAX WhiteMen Can’t Jump
5:00 HBO State of Play: Trophy Kids
6:00 HBO 24/7RedWings/Maple Leafs:
Road to the NHL
Winter Classic
6:20 MAX El Gringo
7:00 HBO Rock of Ages
8:00 MAX Banshee
9:00 HBO Mission: Impossible
MAX Banshee
10:00 MAX Argo
11:00 HBO 24/7RedWings/Maple Leafs:
Road to the NHL
Winter Classic
12:00 HBO Broken City
12:05a MAX The Erotic Traveler
12:50 MAX Six Days, Seven Nights
1:55 HBO Sex//Now
2:25 HBO Would You Rather
2:35 MAX Sexy Wives Sinsations
4:00 HBO Rounders
MAX Leaving Las Vegas
6:00a MAX Up Close & Personal
6:05 HBO Don Juan DeMarco
7:45 HBO The Education of
Mohammad Hussein
8:10 MAX Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
8:30 HBO Scoop
10:00 MAX Pitch Perfect
10:15 HBO Les Miserables
11:55 MAX The Three Stooges
1:00p HBO WarmBodies
1:30 MAX Cruel Intentions
2:45 HBO The Presence
3:15 MAX The Dark Knight Rises
4:15 HBO Rise of the Guardians
6:00 HBO BigMomma’s House 2
MAX War of theWorlds
7:45 HBO The Education of
Mohammad Hussein
8:00 MAX Banshee
8:30 HBO Will of theWarrior
9:00 HBO HBOFirst Look Lone Survivor
MAX Banshee
9:15 HBO WarmBodies
10:00 MAX Pitch Perfect
11:00 HBO Making True Detective
11:15 HBO Cathouse 2:
Back in the Saddle
11:55 MAX Intergalactic Swingers
12:10a HBO 24/7RedWings/Maple Leafs...
1:10 HBO Dead Silence
1:20 MAX Scary Movie
2:45 HBO Will of theWarrior
2:50 MAX Hidden Treasures
3:15 HBO Let’s Go to Prison
4:15 MAX The Fury
4:50 HBO The Chamber
6:15a MAX Ray
6:45 HBO Redemption
7:30 HBO We Bought a Zoo
8:50 MAX Never Been Kissed
9:45 HBO Because of Winn-Dixie
10:45 MAX Bowfinger
11:30 HBO Jack the Giant Slayer
12:25p MAX TroubleWith the Curve
1:30 HBO State of Play: Trophy Kids
2:20 MAX Roll Bounce
2:30 HBO Just Like Heaven
4:15 HBO HBOFirst Look Lone Survivor
MAX American Reunion
4:30 HBO Life of Pi
6:15 MAX Miss Congeniality 2:
Armed and Fabulous
6:45 HBO We Bought a Zoo
8:15 MAX A Good Day to Die Hard
9:00 HBO Jack the Giant Slayer
10:00 MAX Banshee
Season Premiere!
11:00 HBO Sex//Now
MAX Banshee
11:30 HBO 24/7RedWings/Maple Leafs:
Road to the NHL
Winter Classic
12:00 MAX Chemistry
12:30a HBO Lethal Weapon 4
MAX Chemistry
1:00 MAX Freeloaders
2:25 MAX FromDusk Till Dawn
2:40 HBO The Philly Kid
4:15 HBO Foolish
MAX High Roller:
The Stu Ungar Story
5:45 HBO TheMaking of Les Miserables
6:00a HBO Phenomenon
6:10 MAX Primary Colors
8:00 HBO WarmBodies
8:35 MAX Jackie Chan’s First Strike
9:45 HBO Snow White and
the Huntsman
10:00 MAX Rebound
11:30 MAX War of theWorlds
12:00 HBO HBOFirst Look
Lone Survivor
12:15p HBO Behind the Candelabra
1:30 MAX Wanderlust
2:15 HBO DateMovie
3:10 MAX Outbreak
3:45 HBO WarmBodies
5:20 MAX Dark Shadows
5:35 HBO The Island
7:15 MAX Wrath of the Titans
8:00 HBO The Place Beyond
the Pines
9:00 MAX Banshee
10:00 MAX A Good Day to Die Hard
10:30 HBO Snow White and
the Huntsman
11:40 MAX Banshee
12:30a MAX Co-Ed Confidential 4Play
12:40 HBO The Place Beyond the Pines
1:05 MAX Co-Ed Confidential 4Play
1:40 MAX War of theWorlds
3:05 HBO Louis C.K.: OhMy God
3:40 MAX The Erotic Traveler
4:05 HBO The Negotiator
4:15 MAX El Gringo
6:00a MAX Seeking a Friend...
6:30 HBO Million Dollar Baby
7:45 MAX The Faculty
8:45 HBO EdTV
9:30 MAX The Best Man
10:50 HBO Making True Detective
11:05 HBO Ocean’s Twelve
11:15 MAX Mama
1:00p MAX Pitch Perfect
1:15 HBO The Education of Mohammad...
2:00 HBO Admission
2:55 MAX Banshee
3:50 HBO Making True Detective
MAX Cloud Atlas
4:05 HBO Les Miserables
6:45 MAX Scary Movie
6:50 HBO Oblivion
8:15 MAX Mama
9:00 HBO True Detective
Series Premiere!
10:00 HBO Girls Season Premiere
Back-to-Back Episodes!
MAX Fantastic Four
10:30 HBO Girls
11:00 HBO True Detective
11:50 MAX Hidden Treasures
12:00 HBO Girls
12:30a HBO Girls
1:00 HBO True Detective
1:15 MAX Mr. &Mrs. Smith
2:00 HBO Girls
2:30 HBO Girls
3:00 HBO Admission
3:20 MAX Vehicle 19
4:50 HBO Scorcher
MAX Made
6:30a HBO Beethoven
MAX Election
8:00 HBO Justice League: Doom
8:15 MAX Hot Shots! Part Deux
9:15 HBO Rise of the Guardians
9:45 MAX TheWatch
11:00 HBO Behind the Candelabra
11:30 MAX Project X
1:00p HBO Life of Pi
MAX Roll Bounce
3:00 MAX BASEketball
3:15 HBO BigMomma’s House 2
4:45 MAX Six Days, Seven Nights
5:00 HBO Million Dollar Baby
6:30 MAX Red Eye
7:15 HBO Rise of the Guardians
8:00 MAX Banshee
9:00 HBO Life of Pi
MAX Project X
10:30 MAX TheWatch
11:15 HBO Girls
11:45 HBO Girls
12:15a HBO True Detective
MAX Co-Ed Confidential Feature
1:20 HBO Broken City
1:50 MAX Banshee
2:45 MAX U-571
3:10 HBO Making True Detective
3:25 HBO A Very Harold &
Kumar Christmas
4:45 MAX Critical Care
5:00 HBO Alive Day Memories:
Home From Iraq
6:00a HBO Red Tails
6:35 MAX Ice Age: Continental Drift
8:05 MAX Cruel Intentions
8:15 HBO Mission: Impossible
9:45 MAX Argo
10:15 HBO Oblivion
11:50 MAX This Is 40
12:30p HBO TwoWeeks Notice
2:10 MAX Turbulence
2:15 HBO Snow White and
the Huntsman
4:00 MAX Sanctum
4:30 HBO Will of theWarrior
5:00 HBO Admission
5:50 MAX Prometheus
6:45 HBO Oblivion
8:00 MAX Miss Congeniality 2:
Armed and Fabulous
9:00 HBO True Detective
10:00 HBO Girls
MAX Banshee
10:30 HBO Girls
11:00 HBO True Detective
MAX Zane’s The Jump Off
11:35 MAX The Girl’s Guide to Depravity
12:00 HBO Sex//Now
12:05a MAX This Is 40
12:30 HBO Admission
2:20 HBO Anna Karenina
MAX Erotic Karma
3:45 MAX Don’t Be aMenace to South
Central While Drinking
Your Juice in the Hood
4:35 HBO Office Space
5:20 MAX Jawbreaker
6:15a HBO Mortal Kombat
6:50 MAX ProblemChild
8:00 HBO Mars Attacks!
8:15 MAX ProblemChild 2
9:45 HBO WarmBodies
9:50 MAX The Dark Knight Rises
11:30 HBO The Presence
12:40p MAX Vehicle 19
1:00 HBO Sabrina
2:10 MAX ChasingMavericks
3:15 HBO Taxi
4:10 MAX Ace Ventura, Pet Detective
5:00 HBO WarmBodies
5:40 MAX Bowfinger
6:45 HBO Ocean’s Twelve
7:20 MAX The Campaign
9:00 HBO Girls
MAX Banshee
9:30 HBO Girls
10:00 HBO True Detective
MAX Undercover Brother
11:00 HBO True Detective
11:30 MAX Banshee
12:00 HBO Girls
12:20a MAX Co-Ed Confidential 4Play
12:30 HBO Girls
12:55 MAX Lingerie
1:00 HBO Safe House
1:30 MAX The Dark Knight Rises
3:00 HBO Extreme Prejudice
4:15 MAX Zero Effect
4:50 HBO Pushing Tin
6:15a MAX Ruby Sparks
7:00 HBO Hard Times:
Lost on Long Island
8:00 HBO Life of Pi
MAX Never Been Kissed
9:50 MAX A Good Day to Die Hard
10:15 HBO Brokedown Palace
11:30 MAX Lovewrecked
12:00 HBO Admission
1:00p MAX Freeloaders
1:45 HBO Rock of Ages
2:20 MAX Fantastic Four
4:00 HBO DateMovie
4:10 MAX 8MM
5:30 HBO TheMaking of Oblivion
5:45 HBO EdTV
6:15 MAX Dark Shadows
8:00 HBO Girls
8:15 MAX A Good Day to Die Hard
8:30 HBO Girls
9:00 HBO Admission
10:00 MAX FromDusk Till Dawn
11:00 HBO Taxicab Confessions:
New York, New York
11:50 MAX Co-Ed Confidential 4Play
12:00 HBO True Detective
12:25a MAX The Girl’s Guide to Depravity
12:55 MAX Outbreak
1:05 HBO Sex//Now
1:35 HBO Stephen King’s Thinner
3:05 MAX Skin to theMax
3:10 HBO Louis C.K.: OhMy God
3:30 MAX Project X
4:10 HBO The Terminator
5:00 MAX Mischief
6:00a HBO Spy Hard
6:40 MAX Anywhere But Here
7:20 HBO Phenomenon
8:40 MAX Backdraft
9:30 HBO Behind the Candelabra
11:00 MAX Rebound
11:30 HBO TheMaking of Les Miserables
11:45 HBO BigMomma’s House 2
12:30p MAX Cleanskin
1:30 HBO Rise of the Guardians
2:20 MAX Argo
3:15 HBO The Education of
Mohammad Hussein
4:00 HBO Les Miserables
4:25 MAX Deep Impact
6:30 MAX TroubleWith the Curve
6:45 HBO Snow White and
the Huntsman
8:30 MAX Bullet to the Head
9:00 HBO True Detective
10:00 HBO Real Time With Bill Maher
Season Premiere
MAX Banshee
11:00 HBO Real TimeWith Bill Maher
MAX Banshee
12:00 HBO Girls
MAX The Girl’s Guide to Depravity
12:30a HBO Girls
MAX The Girl’s Guide to Depravity
1:00 HBO A Very Harold &
Kumar Christmas
1:05 MAX Argo
2:35 HBO Kingdomof Heaven
3:10 MAX WhiteMen Can’t Jump
5:00 HBO Battle for Tobacco Road:
Duke vs. Carolina
5:10 MAX Red Eye
6:05a HBO Jack
6:40 MAX Thunderstruck
8:00 HBO Admission
8:20 MAX Bowfinger
9:45 HBO Rise of the Guardians
10:00 MAX Six Days, Seven Nights
11:30 HBO Will of theWarrior
11:45 MAX ChasingMavericks
12:00 HBO WarmBodies
1:45p HBO The Best Exotic
Marigold Hotel
MAX Mama
3:30 MAX Mr. &Mrs. Smith
4:00 HBO Admission
5:30 MAX Vehicle 19
5:45 HBO Ocean’s Twelve
7:00 MAX American Reunion
8:00 HBO Oblivion
9:00 MAX Banshee
10:00 MAX Bullet to the Head
10:15 HBO World Championshsip
Boxing Pascal vs. Bute;
Alvarez vs. Oosthuizen;
Perez vs. Takam
11:35 MAX Banshee
12:35a MAX Intergalactic Swingers
1:00 HBO True Detective
2:00 MAX Chill Factor
2:05 HBO Oblivion
3:45 MAX The Erotic Traveler
4:15 HBO TheMaking of Safe House
4:20 MAX Sideways
4:30 HBO Lethal Weapon 4
6:30a MAX My FavoriteMartian
6:45 HBO Taxi
8:05 MAX Prometheus
8:30 HBO World Championship Boxing
10:10 MAX A Good Day to Die Hard
11:15 HBO TheMaking of Snow White...
11:30 HBO DateMovie
11:50 MAX Turbulence
1:00p HBO Real TimeWith Bill Maher
1:35 MAX Banshee
2:00 HBO Oblivion
2:35 MAX Dark Shadows
4:15 HBO TheMaking of Oblivion
4:30 HBO Rock of Ages
MAX Undercover Brother
6:00 MAX Miss Congeniality 2...
6:35 HBO The Place Beyond the Pines
8:00 MAX Pitch Perfect
9:00 HBO True Detective
10:00 HBO Girls
MAX A Good Day to Die Hard
10:30 HBO Looking Series Premiere!
11:00 HBO True Detective
11:40 MAX Co-Ed Confidential 4Play
12:00 HBO Girls
12:15a MAX Life on Top
12:30 HBO Looking
12:50 MAX TheWatch
1:00 HBO True Detective
2:00 HBO Girls
2:30 HBO Looking
2:35 MAX Sexy Wives Sinsations
3:00 HBO Oblivion
3:55 MAX Outbreak
5:10 HBO Taxi
6:05a MAX on Set Prometheus
6:15 MAX Ray
6:50 HBO We Bought a Zoo
8:50 MAX Bullet to the Head
9:00 HBO Mission: Impossible
10:30 MAX This Is 40
11:00 HBO The Education of
Mohammad Hussein
11:45 HBO Red Tails
12:45p MAX Deep Impact
2:00 HBO Just Like Heaven
2:50 MAX The Three Stooges
3:45 HBO TwoWeeks Notice
4:25 MAX Sanctum
5:30 HBO The Presence
6:15 MAX Fantastic Four
7:00 HBO Mission: Impossible
8:00 MAX Banshee
9:00 HBO Oblivion
MAX The Campaign
10:40 MAX Wrath of the Titans
11:15 HBO Looking
11:45 HBO Girls
12:15a HBO True Detective
12:20 MAX Co-Ed Confidential 4Play
12:55 MAX Banshee
1:15 HBO Real TimeWith Bill Maher
1:55 MAX Fantastic Four
2:15 HBO Anna Karenina
3:45 MAX Lingerie
4:20 MAX Wanderlust
4:25 HBO Courage Under Fire
6:00a MAX ProblemChild
6:25 HBO EdTV
7:30 MAX Spawn
8:30 HBO Fall to Grace
9:15 MAX Scary Movie
9:30 HBO Life of Pi
10:45 MAX Pitch Perfect
11:45 HBO Million Dollar Baby
12:40p MAX Hot Shots! Part Deux
2:00 HBO Les Miserables
2:15 MAX Beyond
3:50 MAX Bowfinger
4:45 HBO WarmBodies
5:30 MAX A Good Day to Die Hard
6:30 HBO Josh Groban: Sing Your
Song: A YoungArts
7:00 HBO Real TimeWith Bill Maher
7:15 MAX The Dark Knight Rises
8:00 HBO True Detective
9:00 HBO Girls
9:30 HBO Looking
10:00 HBO Real Sports With
Bryant Gumbel
MAX Banshee
11:00 HBO True Detective
MAX Co-Ed Confidential
4Play Feature
12:00 HBO World Championship Boxing
12:35a MAX Scary Movie
2:05 MAX Hidden Treasures
2:45 HBO Real Sports With
Bryant Gumbel
3:30 MAX Into the Night
3:45 HBO TheMaking of Oblivion
4:00 HBO Safe House
5:30 MAX Transmission Test
6:00a HBO The Weight of the Nation for
Kids: Kebreeya’s Salad Days
6:30 HBO Harriet the Spy
7:00 MAX The Preacher’s Wife
8:15 HBO Redemption
9:00 HBO Admission
9:10 MAX Prometheus
10:45 HBO Rock of Ages
11:20 MAX FromDusk Till Dawn
1:00p HBO DateMovie
1:15 MAX Dark Shadows
2:30 HBO TheMaking of Admission
2:45 HBO The Island
3:15 MAX Mr. &Mrs. Smith
5:00 HBO Admission
5:15 MAX TheWatch
7:00 HBO Behind the Candelabra
MAX Argo
9:00 HBO Looking
MAX Banshee
9:30 HBO Girls
10:00 HBO True Detective
MAX Dark Shadows
11:00 HBO Real TimeWith Bill Maher
11:55 MAX Banshee
12:00 HBO Girls
12:30a HBO Looking
12:55 MAX The Erotic Traveler
1:00 HBO Let’s Go to Prison
1:35 MAX Prometheus
2:30 HBO Sex//Now
3:00 HBO Idle Hands
3:40 MAX The Erotic Traveler
4:20 MAX TheWatcher
4:35 HBO Behind the Candelabra
6:00a MAX William Shakespeare’s
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
6:45 HBO BigMomma’s House 2
8:05 MAX El Gringo
8:30 HBO TwoWeeks Notice
9:45 MAX Wrath of the Titans
10:15 HBO Home Fries
11:30 MAX Bullet to the Head
12:00 HBO Real Sports w/Bryant Gumbel
1:00p HBO Because of Winn-Dixie
1:05 MAX BASEketball
2:45 HBO Taxi
2:50 MAX Miss Congeniality 2:
Armed and Fabulous
4:30 HBO The Education of
Mohammad Hussein
4:45 MAX This Is 40
5:15 HBO BigMomma’s House 2
7:00 HBO Real Sports With
Bryant Gumbel
MAX Vehicle 19
8:00 HBO Girls
8:30 HBO Looking
MAX Bullet to the Head
9:00 HBO The Place Beyond the Pines
10:00 MAX Mama
11:30 HBO The Best of Pornucopia:
Going Down in the Valley
11:45 MAX Sin City Diaries Feature
12:00 HBO True Detective
1:00a HBO Idlewild
2:00 MAX Leaving Las Vegas
3:05 HBO The Place Beyond the Pines
3:55 MAX The Girl’s Guide to Depravity
4:25 MAX Election
5:30 HBO Flight of the Conchords
6:00a HBO Beethoven
6:15 MAX Watchers
7:30 HBO Jack
7:50 MAX War of theWorlds
9:30 HBO Buffy the Vampire Slayer
9:50 MAX American Reunion
11:00 HBO Josh Groban: Sing Your Song:
A YoungArts Masterclass
11:30 HBO The Best Exotic
Marigold Hotel
11:45 MAX ChasingMavericks
1:45p HBO TheMaking of Oblivion
MAX Ice Age: Continental Drift
2:00 HBO Red Tails
3:15 MAX Wanderlust
4:15 HBO Ocean’s Twelve
5:00 MAX Project X
6:30 HBO The Presence
MAX Undercover Brother
8:00 HBO True Detective
MAX Snitch
9:00 HBO True Detective
10:00 HBO Real Time With Bill Maher
MAX Banshee
11:00 HBO Real TimeWith Bill Maher
MAX Banshee
12:00 HBO Girls
MAX The Super Sex Program
12:30a HBO Looking
1:00 HBO The Beach
1:25 MAX American Reunion
3:05 HBO The Negotiator
3:20 MAX Sanctum
5:10 MAX Jackie Chan’s First Strike
5:30 HBO Flight of the Conchords
6:00a HBO Spy Hard
6:35 MAX Backdraft
7:30 HBO Oblivion
9:00 MAX Pitch Perfect
9:45 HBO BigMomma’s House 2
10:55 MAX Fantastic Four
11:30 HBO Admission
12:45p MAX Scary Movie
1:30 HBO Rock of Ages
2:15 MAX TheWatch
3:30 HBO Oblivion
4:00 MAX The Dark Knight Rises
5:45 HBO We Bought a Zoo
6:50 MAX Prometheus
8:00 HBO The Incredible
Burt Wonderstone
9:00 MAX Banshee
9:45 HBO Boxing After Dark
Garcia vs. Burgos;
Jennings vs. Szpilka
10:00 MAX Taken 2
11:40 MAX Banshee
11:45 HBO Real Sports w/Bryant Gumbel
12:35 MAX Lingerie
12:45a HBO True Detective
1:10 MAX Co-Ed Confidential 4Play
1:45 HBO The Incredible
Burt Wonderstone
MAX The Dark Knight Rises
3:30 HBO TheMaking of Oblivion
3:45 HBO Safe House
4:30 MAX Don’t Be a Menace to South Central...
5:45 HBO The Education of Mohammad Hussein
6:05a MAX American Reunion Show
6:20 MAX ChasingMavericks
6:30 HBO Buffy the Vampire Slayer
8:00 HBO Josh Groban/Masterclass
8:20 MAX Pacific Heights
8:30 HBO Real Sports w/Bryant Gumbel
9:30 HBO Boxing After Dark
10:05 MAX Argo
11:45 HBO Life of Pi
12:10p MAX Bullet to the Head
1:45 MAX Banshee
2:00 HBO Real TimeWith Bill Maher
2:40 MAX FromDusk Till Dawn
3:00 HBO Mission: Impossible
4:30 MAX Cruel Intentions
5:00 HBO SnowWhite and the Huntsman
6:10 MAX Mr. &Mrs. Smith
7:15 HBO The Incredible Burt...
8:15 MAX Taken 2
9:00 HBO True Detective
10:00 HBO Girls
MAX Bullet to the Head
10:30 HBO Looking
11:00 HBO True Detective
11:35 MAX Intergalactic Swingers
12:00 HBO Girls
12:30a HBO Looking
1:00 HBO True Detective
MAX Dark Shadows
2:00 HBO Girls
2:30 HBO Looking
2:55 MAX The Girl’s Guide to Depravity
3:00 HBO The Place Beyond the Pines
3:25 MAX Ray
5:25 HBO Real Sports w/Bryant Gumbel
6:00a MAX One Day
6:25 HBO Race to Space
7:50 MAX Jawbreaker
8:15 HBO Les Miserables
9:25 MAX Revenge of the Nerds II:
Nerds in Paradise
11:00 HBO Scoop
MAX Snitch
12:45p HBO Ocean’s Twelve
1:00 MAX Red Eye
2:30 MAX Chill Factor
3:00 HBO DateMovie
4:15 MAX The Faculty
4:30 HBO Because of Winn-Dixie
6:00 MAX War of theWorlds
6:15 HBO Les Miserables
8:00 MAX Banshee
9:00 HBO Herblock - The Black
& the White
MAX Bowfinger
10:45 HBO Looking
MAX Snitch
11:15 HBO Girls
11:45 HBO True Detective
12:40a MAX Co-Ed Confidential 4Play
12:45 HBO Real TimeWith Bill Maher
1:15 MAX Banshee
1:45 HBO Sex//Now
2:10 MAX War of theWorlds
2:15 HBO Idlewild
4:10 MAX Skin to theMax
4:20 HBO Herblock - The Black
& theWhite
4:40 MAX Night Falls on Manhattan
6:00a HBO Justice League: Doom
6:35 MAX Sideways
7:15 HBO The Making of We Bought...
7:30 HBO The Presence
8:45 MAX TroubleWith the Curve
9:00 HBO Sabrina
10:40 MAX Mr. &Mrs. Smith
11:15 HBO The Incredible
Burt Wonderstone
12:45p MAX Fantastic Four
1:00 HBO Just Like Heaven
2:30 MAX This Is 40
2:45 HBO The Making of Snow White...
3:00 HBO We Bought a Zoo
4:45 MAX Six Days, Seven Nights
5:15 HBO Real Sports w/Bryant Gumbel
6:15 HBO Real TimeWith Bill Maher
6:30 MAX Wanderlust
7:15 HBO The Incredible
Burt Wonderstone
8:15 MAX Fantastic Four
9:00 HBO True Detective
10:00 HBO Girls
MAX Banshee
10:30 HBO Looking
11:00 HBO True Detective
MAX Co-Ed Confidential
11:35 MAX Co-Ed Confidential
12:00 HBO Boxing After Dark
12:05a MAX Vehicle 19
1:30 MAX The Dark Knight Rises
2:00 HBO TheMaking of Snow White...
2:15 HBO Would You Rather
3:50 HBO Dead Silence
4:15 MAX The Erotic Traveler
4:45 MAX Fierce Creatures
5:25 HBO Flight of the Conchords
6:00a HBO Miss You Can Do It
6:20 MAX Outbreak
7:15 HBO The Making of Oblivion
7:30 HBO Mr. Holland’s Opus
8:30 MAX BASEketball
10:00 HBO The Newton Boys
10:15 MAX Stay
12:00 HBO Rise of the Guardians
MAX American Reunion
1:45p HBO Million Dollar Baby
2:00 MAX Wrath of the Titans
3:40 MAX Bullet to the Head
4:00 HBO Life of Pi
5:15 MAX Miss Congeniality 2:
Armed and Fabulous
6:15 HBO Beautiful Creatures
7:15 MAX Mama
8:30 HBO Looking
9:00 HBO Looking
MAX Banshee
9:30 HBO Girls
10:00 HBO True Detective
MAX A Good Day to Die Hard
11:00 HBO Real TimeWith Bill Maher
11:40 MAX Banshee
12:00 HBO Girls
12:30a HBO Looking
12:35 MAX The Erotic Traveler
1:00 HBO Infamous
1:15 MAX Bullet to the Head
2:50 MAX 8MM
3:00 HBO Casino
4:55 MAX Maria Full of Grace
6:00a HBO The Weight of the Nation for
Kids: Kebreeya’s Salad Days
6:30 HBO Ocean’s Twelve
6:40 MAX on Set American Reunion
7:00 MAX Sanctum
8:45 HBO The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
8:50 MAX Ace Ventura, Pet Detective
10:20 MAX Taken 2
11:00 HBO Herblock - The Black & the White
12:00 MAX The Three Stooges
12:45p HBO Oblivion
1:40 MAX WhiteMen Can’t Jump
3:00 HBO Josh Groban: Sing Your Song: A YoungArts Masterclass
3:30 HBO The Island
3:45 MAX The Campaign
5:30 MAX Primary Colors
5:45 HBO Red Tails
8:00 HBO Girls
MAX Snitch
8:30 HBO Looking
9:00 HBO Oblivion
10:00 MAX Taken 2
11:15 HBO Cathouse
11:40 MAX Zane’s The Jump Off
11:45 HBO True Detective
12:10a MAX The Girl’s Guide to Depravity
12:35 MAX Undercover Brother
12:45 HBO Snow White and the Huntsman
2:05 MAX Intergalactic Swingers
2:55 HBO Americans in Bed
3:30 MAX Chemistry
4:00 MAX Snitch
4:20 HBO The Philly Kid
6:00a HBO Muppets from Space
7:30 HBO Little Manhattan
8:35 MAX MAX on Set Prometheus
8:50 MAX Cloud Atlas
9:00 HBO Real Sports w/Bryant Gumbel
10:00 HBO We Bought a Zoo
11:45 MAX Mama
12:15p HBO Scoop
1:30 MAX Deep Impact
2:00 HBO Behind the Candelabra
3:30 MAX Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands
4:00 HBO Rock of Ages
5:20 MAX Wrath of the Titans
6:00 HBO Mission: Impossible
7:05 MAX The Hobbit:
An Unexpected Journey
8:00 HBO True Detective
9:00 HBO True Detective
10:00 HBO Real Time With Bill Maher
MAX Banshee
11:00 HBO Real Time With Bill Maher
MAX Banshee
12:00 HBO Girls
MAX Life on Top
12:30a HBO Looking
MAX Zane’s The Jump Off
1:00 HBO The Place Beyond the Pines
MAX Prometheus
3:05 MAX Mama
3:25 HBO Taxicab Confessions: New York, New York
4:30 HBO Let’s Go to Prison
4:50 MAX The Backwoods
 February 1 SATURDAY
6:00a HBO The Out-of-Towners
6:30 MAX on Set The Bourne Legacy
6:45 MAX Cutthroat Island
7:30 HBO Here on Earth
8:50 MAX Magic Mike
9:15 HBO Parental Guidance
10:45 MAX Die Another Day
11:00 HBO Beyoncé: Life is But a Dream
12:30p HBO Oblivion
1:00 MAX Men of Honor
2:45 HBO Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
3:10 MAX Battleship
5:25 MAX Con Air
5:30 HBO Parental Guidance
7:15 HBO Epic
7:25 MAX Big Daddy
9:00 HBO True Detective
MAX Banshee
10:00 HBO Girls
MAX The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
10:30 HBO Looking
11:00 HBO Oblivion
12:50a MAX Banshee
1:10 HBO Argo
1:45 MAX The Girl’s Guide to Depravity
2:15 MAX Die Another Day
3:15 HBO Lewis Black: Black on Broadway
4:15 HBO Killer Joe
4:30 MAX Hot Fuzz
6:00a HBO The Return
6:35 MAX Simon Sez
7:30 HBO White Noise
8:05 MAX Snitch
9:15 HBO Herblock...
10:00 MAX On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
11:00 HBO Chain Reaction
12:25p MAX A Night at the Roxbury
1:00 HBO Real Time With Bill Maher
1:50 MAX Banshee
2:00 HBO The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
2:45 MAX Restraint
3:45 HBO Joyful Noise
4:20 MAX Taken 2
5:45 HBO Epic
6:00 MAX Erin Brockovich
7:40 HBO This Is 40
8:10 MAX Promised Land
10:00 HBO Girls
MAX Snitch
10:30 HBO Looking
11:00 HBO Girls
11:30 HBO Looking
11:55 MAX Zane’s The Jump Off
12:00 HBO Girls
12:25a MAX Zane’s The Jump Off
12:30 HBO Looking
1:00 HBO The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
MAX A Good Day to Die Hard
2:40 MAX Payback
2:45 HBO Code 46
4:20 HBO Snake Eyes
4:25 MAX The Sentinel

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This Month's movies at
January: GIRLS, True Detective, LOOKING, A Good Day To Die, BULLET TO THE HEAD
February: Now You See Me, 42, Identity Thief, EPIC, Trance, 007 in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Carrey is outrageous as the bungling
private eye for pets whose latest case has
him searching for a beloved dolphin. Sean
Young, Courteney Cox. (AC,AL,BN,V) PG13-
1:26. MAX Jan.2,7,15,30 CDEH
ADMISSION College admissions officer Tina
Fey considers an unlikely applicant who may
be the son she gave up for adoption. Paul
Rudd. (AC,AL,MV) PG13-1:47. HBO Jan.
4,5,7,12,14,16,18,22,25 C5EH
IRAQ HBO Documentary Films The firstperson
stories of ten Alive Day heroes—
soldiers who survived near-fatal wounds
while serving in Iraq. (AC,AL,V) TVMA/V,L-
0:57. HBO Jan.5,13 CSEH
fight one final battle to save Earth as he
prepares for the end of his own life in this
epic animated adventure. (AL,MV) PG-
1:17. HBO Jan.4,8 C5EH
gang returns for more laughs, sexual
shenanigans and raucous fun at their highschool
reunion in this sequel. Jason Biggs,
Alyson Hannigan. (AC,AL,N) R-1:53. MAX
Jan.1,7,10,18,24,29 CDEH
reunion with the stars of American Reunion
as they discuss fan encounters, life since
American Pie, and more. (AC,AL,BN) TV14/
S,L,D-0:12. MAX Jan.8,26 CSH
Films Ten American couples—captured in
the comfort of their own beds—openly
discuss sex, trust, love and more. (AC,AL)
TVMA/L-1:20. HBO Jan.30 CSEH
ANNA KARENINA Keira Knightley and
Jude Law star in this stylized adaptation of
Tolstoy’s classic about an adulterous
woman in 19th-century Russia. (AC,BN,MV)
R-2:10. HBO Jan.14,20 C5EH
ANYWHERE BUT HERE A free-spirited
woman in search of a better life leaves her
husband and drives to L.A. with her daughter.
Susan Sarandon,Natalie Portman. (AC,AL)
PG13-1:54. MAX Jan.17 CDEH
ARGO Ben Affleck directed and stars in this
Oscar®-winning drama about the 1979 Iran
hostage crisis. Bryan Cranston, Alan Arkin,
John Goodman co-star. (AC,AL,MV) R-2:00.
MAX Jan.4,8,14,17,22,26 CDEH
BACKDRAFT The fiery rivalry between a
pair of firefighting Chicago brothers gets
put on the backburner when a serial
arsonist begins a terrifying spree. Kurt
Russell, William Baldwin. (AC,BN,GL,V)
R-2:17. MAX Jan.8,17,25 CDEH
THE BACKWOODS An idyllic summer
vacation in the woods of Northern Spain
takes a terrifying turn for two couples in
this harrowing thriller. Gary Oldman, Virginie
Ledoyen, Paddy Considine. (AC,AL,N,RP,
V) R-1:37. MAX Jan.31 CDEH
BANSHEE A recently paroled crook (Antony
Starr) continues to act under the identity of
a small town’s sheriff in Season 2 of this
Cinemax series. 01: Pilot (AC,AL,GV,N,SC)
TVMA/V,S,L-1:00.MAX Jan.5CDEH;
02: The Rave (AC,AL,GV,N,SC) TVMA/
V,S,L-0:51. MAX Jan.5CDEH; 03:
Meet the New Boss (AL,GV,N,RP,SC)
TVMA/V,S,L-0:48. MAX Jan.6 CD
EH; 04: Half Deaf is Better Than All
Dead (AC,AL,GV,N,SC) TVMA/V,S,L-0:57.
MAX Jan.6 CDEH; 05: The
Kindred (AC,AL,N,SC,V) TVMA/V,S,L-
0:51. MAX Jan.7 CDEH; 06:
Wicks (AC,AL,GV,N) TVMA/V,S,L-0:53.
MAX Jan.7 CDEH; 07: Behold a
Pale Rider (AC,AL,N,V) TVMA/V,S,L-0:43.
MAX Jan.8 CDEH; 08: We Shall
Live Forever (AC,AL,GV,N,SC) TVMA/V,S,L-
0:49. MAX Jan.8 CDEH; 09:
Always the Cowboy (AC,AL,BN,V) TVMA/
V,L-0:44. MAX Jan.3,9CDEH; 10:
A Mixture of Madness (AC,AL,GV) TVMA/
V,L-0:57. MAX Jan.3,9CDEH; 11:
Little Fish (AC,AL,N,SC,V) TVMA/V,S,L-
0:50. MAX Jan.10,11,12,13,14,15 CD
EH; 12: The Thunder Man TVMA-
0:57. MAX Jan.17,18,19,20,21,22 CD
EH; 13: The Warrior Class TVMA-
0:52. MAX Jan.24,25,26,27,28,29 CD
EH; 14: Bloodlines (AC,AL,GV,N,SC)
TVMA/V,S,L-0:53. Jan.31 CDEH
BASE-KETBALL Baseball and basketball
fuse with some funny rules to form a new
sport in this comedy starring the creators
of South Park. (AC,AL,BN,MV) R-1:43.
MAX Jan.13,23,29 CDEH
CAROLINA HBO Sports Documentary
College basketball’s fiercest rivalry—Duke
and North Carolina—is explored in this
riveting HBO Sports documentary. TVPG-
0:59. HBO Jan.17 CSEH
THE BEACH A nomadic American youth
(Leonardo DiCaprio) finds danger and
passion in a remote tropical paradise. Tilda
Swinton, Virginie Ledoyen. (AC,AL,N,V) R-
1:59. HBO Jan.5,24 C5EH
youth falls for a teenage witch as the
powers of evil try to claim her in this
supernatural drama. (AC,AL,MV) PG13-
2:04. HBO Jan.29 C5EH
girl bonds with a friendly stray dog in this
endearing adaptation of Kate DiCamillo’s
best-selling novel. Jeff Daniels, Cicely
Tyson, Dave Matthews. (MV) PG-1:46.
HBO Jan.2,10,23,27 C5EH
BEETHOVEN A sweet St. Bernard puppy
grows into a four-legged behemoth with
enough fur and slobber to drive a father
crazy in this funny family comedy. (AC)
PG-1:27. HBO Jan.13,24 CSEH
Movie Michael Douglas and Matt Damon
star in this film that recounts show-biz icon
Liberace’s tempestuous five-year
relationship with a young live-in lover.
(AC,AL,N) TVMA/S,L-1:59. HBO
Jan.7,11,13,17,22,31 C5EH
Seven British seniors move to a retirement
residence in India that doesn’t come quite
as advertised. Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, Dev
Patel, Tom Wilkinson. (AC,AL) PG13-2:04.
HBO Jan.2,6,18,24,30 C5EH
THE BEST MAN A bride-to-be in an
arranged marriage falls for the best man at
the dawn of the 20th century in this film.
Diego Abatantuono, Ines Sastre. (AC) PG-
1:41. MAX Jan.12 DH
BEYOND A police detective nearing
retirement is assigned to find a 7-year-old
girl who vanishes from her bedroom one
night. Jon Voight, Teri Polo. (AC,AL,V)
PG13-1:30. MAX Jan.6,21 CDEH
back...and she’s bringing down the house
in this action-comedy sequel starring
Martin Lawrence. (MV) PG13-1:39. HBO
Jan.5,9,13,17,23,25 C5EH
THE BOURNE LEGACY Picking up where
the first three films in the action-packed
“Bourne” series left off, a pharmaceutically
enhanced government agent (Jeremy
Renner) goes off the grid to uncover the
deception that has him hunted. (AC,AL,V)
PG13-2:15. HBO Jan.1 C5EH
BOWFINGER Sleazy movie producer Steve
Martin shoots a film with mega-star Eddie
Murphy—without telling him he’s in it.
Heather Graham co-stars in this hilarious
comedy. (AC,AL,MV) PG13-1:37. MAX
Jan.7,10,15,18,21,27 CDEH
BOXING All-new edition of HBO’s acclaimed
World Championship Boxing series;
fighters to be announced. (AL) TVPG/L-
2:42. HBO Jan.18,19,21 CSEH
BROKEDOWN PALACE A trip to Thailand
turns into a nightmare when two girls are
inadvertently caught with drugs and
sentenced to prison. Claire Danes and Kate
Beckinsale star in this drama. (AC,AL,V)
PG13-1:41. HBO Jan.16 C5EH
BROKEN CITY Private eye Mark Wahlberg
lands in the middle of a conspiracy when
the mayor of New York City hires him to
follow his unfaithful wife. Russell Crowe,
Catherine Zeta-Jones. (AC,AL,BN,V) R-
1:49. HBO Jan.2,8,13 C5EH
discovers her destiny lies in killing
vampires in this tongue-in-cheek horrorcomedy
that inspired the hit TV series.
Kristy Swanson, Donald Sutherland. (AL,V)
PG13-1:25. HBO Jan.6,24 CSEH
BULLET TO THE HEAD Hit man Sylvester
Stallone goes on the warpath to avenge his
partner’s murder with help from a young
detective. (AC,AL,BN,V) R-1:32. MAX
Jan.17,18,20,23,26,29 CDEH
THE CAMPAIGN Will Ferrell and Zach
Galifianakis turn a North Carolina
congressional race into an all-out war in
this riotous comedy. (AC,AL,BN,MV) R-
1:25. MAX Jan.3,15,20,30CDEH
CASINO Martin Scorsese’s masterful look
at the Mob in Las Vegas details the rise and
fall of a casino kingpin. Robert De Niro, Joe
Pesci, Sharon Stone. (AC,AL,BN,GV) R-
2:58. HBO Jan.4,29 CSEH
America Undercover This follow-up show
returns to Nevada’s premiere legal brothel
for more sexcapades. (AC,AL,N,SC)
TVMA/S,L-0:50. HBO Jan.9 CSE
madam Heidi Fleiss helps assess new
working girls at the Moonlite BunnyRanch
in this red-hot special. (AC,AL,N,SC)
TVMA/S,L-0:27. HBO Jan.30 CSEH
THE CHAMBER A Chicago lawyer attempts
to free his grandfather from death row in
this thriller based on the John Grisham
novel. Gene Hackman, Chris O’Donnell. (AC,
AL,V) R-1:52. HBO Jan.9 CSEH
story of the relationship between 15-
year-old surfing phenom Jay Moriarty and
surf legend Frosty Hesson. (AC) PG-1:56.
MAX Jan.6,15,18,24,26 CDEH
CHEMISTRY Opposites attract in this latenight
series that follows a hard-boiled cop
and an Ivy League lawyer. 01: Upside
Down (AC,AL,N,SC,V) TVMA/V,S,L-0:30.
MAX Jan.10,30CSH; 02: A Kiss is
Not a Kiss (AC,AL,N,SC,V) TVMA/V,S,L-
0:26. MAX Jan.10 CSH
CHILL FACTOR The ColdWar takes on new
meaning for two men who are left with a
frozen chemical bomb that will explode if it
reaches a certain temperature. Cuba
Gooding Jr., Skeet Ulrich. (AL,V) R-1:42.
MAX Jan.1,5,18,27 CDEH
CLEANSKIN British secret agent Sean
Bean (Game of Thrones) undertakes an
anything-goes mission to stop an imminent
terrorist attack. (AC,AL,V) TVMA/V,L-1:48.
MAX Jan.1,17 CDEH
CLOUD ATLAS Past, present and future
collide in this epic film that ponders
humanity’s connection through six diverse,
but intertwined storylines that pose the
ultimate connection: are we all connected?
Tom Hanks and Halle Berry play multiple
roles in the film. Also with Jim Broadbent,
HugoWeaving, Jim Sturgess. (AC,AL,BN,V)
R-2:52. MAX Jan.2,12,31 CDEH
episodes from Season One of the sizzling
erotic series about the sexy doings at a
college fraternity house. 05: Clothing
Optional (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-0:31.
MAX Jan.1 CSH; 06: I Never
Jan.28 CSH; 07: Blind Date
Jan.28 CSH; Feature 02:
Breaking Up (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-
1:31. MAX Jan.13 CSH
randy young co-eds major in bedhopping
at their college in this erotic series. 01:
Staying Power (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-
0:32. MAX Jan.11 CSH; 02: After
Party Girl (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-0:30.
MAX Jan.11 CSH; 03: Finding Mr.
Right Now (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-0:32.
MAX Jan.25 CSH; 05: How Minx
Got Her Groove Back (AC,AL,N,SC)
TVMA/S,L-0:33. MAX Jan.20,27
CSH; 06: Girls in Love
Jan.15CSH; 08: Come as You Are
Jan.16 CSH; 09: CSI Co-Ed
(AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-0:30. MAX Jan.2
CSH; 12: Performance Anxiety
Jan.19 CSH; Feature 01: Coming
and Going (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-1:30.
MAX Jan.21 CSH; Feature 04:
Student Bodies (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-
1:57. MAX Jan.4 CSH
COURAGE UNDER FIRE Denzel Washington
stars as a Pentagon officer who is sent to
investigate the nomination of a dead
female pilot for the Medal of Honor. Meg
Ryan, Lou Diamond Phillips. (AL,V) R-
1:56. HBO Jan.20 C5EH
CRITICAL CARE Skilled hospital resident
James Spader lands in the middle of a
madcap legal battle thanks to his fervent
sex drive. Kyra Sedgwick, Helen Mirren. (AC,
AL) R-1:47. MAX Jan.13 CDEH
CRUEL INTENTIONS Affluent Manhattan
stepsiblings cook up a vicious wager to
deflower a young girl in this modern-day
update of ‘Dangerous Liaisons.’ Sarah
Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe, Reese
Witherspoon. (AC,AL,BN,MV) R-1:37.
MAX Jan.3,6,9,14,26 CDEH
Batman is the last hope after a diabolical
villain lays siege to Gotham City. Christian
Bale, Michael Caine. (AC,V) PG13-2:44.
MAX Jan.5,9,15,21,25,28 CDEH
DARK SHADOWS Barnabas Collins rises
from the dead in Tim Burton’s darkly comic
horror tale that breathes hilarious new life
into the “Dark Shadows” franchise. Johnny
Depp stars. (AC,AL,V) PG13-1:53. MAX
Jan.4,11,16,19,22,26 CDEH
DATE MOVIE The romantic comedy genre
gets skewered Scary Movie-style in this
riotous parody. Alyson Hannigan, Adam
Campbell star. (AC,AL,V) PG13-1:23. HBO
Jan.7,11,16,19,22,27 C5EH
DEAD SILENCE A devilish doll possessed
by the spirit of a long-dead ventriloquist
terrorizes a hapless man. Ryan Kwanten,
Amber Valletta, Donnie Wahlberg. (AC,V)
R-1:29. HBO Jan.9,28 C5EH
DEEP IMPACT The apocalypse arrives in
the form of an Everest-sized comet that’s
headed straight for Earth. Robert Duvall
and Tea Leoni star. (AC,AL,V) PG13-2:01.
MAX Jan.4,17,20,31 CDEH
con men Steve Martin and Michael Caine
wage a bet to continue swindling a French
Riviera town in this comedy. (AC,AL) PG-
1:50. MAX Jan.9 CDEH
DON JUAN DEMARCO A psychiatrist tries
to cure a young man who believes he is the
legendary Don Juan.Marlon Brando, Johnny
Depp, Faye Dunaway. (AC,AL,BN,MV)
PG13-1:37. HBO Jan.9 C5EH
The Wayans brothers star in this gangster
spoof as boys learning to become men in
South Central L.A. (AC,AL,BN,V) R-1:29.
MAX Jan.7,14,25 CDEH
A horse-loving family risks everything to
nurse an injured racehorse back to
health–and get him back on the track. Kurt
Russell and Dakota Fanning star. (MV)
PG-1:45. MAX Jan.6 CDEH
EDTV Matthew McConaughey stars as an
ordinary Joe whose world is turned
upside-down when he agrees to let a TV
network broadcast his life. (AC,AL) PG13-
2:03.HBO Jan.3,8,12,16,21C5EH
HBO Documentary Films An
inside look at the children in America’s
largest Muslim community in a post-9/11
world. (AL) TV14/L-0:38. HBO
Jan.6,9,12,17,20,23,25 C5EH
comic fable about an android teen with
scissor hands who is taken in by a family.
Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder. (AC,MV)
PG13-1:45. MAX Jan.7,31 CDEH
8MM A surveillance expert searches for
the truth about a girl who appears to be
killed in a snuff film. Nicolas Cage, Joaquin
Phoenix, James Gandolfini. (AC,AL,N,V)
R-2:03. MAX Jan.5,16,29 CDEH
EL GRINGO In a dusty Mexican border
town overrun by drug thugs, a mysterious
stranger appears with $2 million U.S.
dollars--and sets off mayhem. (AC,AL,GV)
R-1:39. MAX Jan.2,8,11,23CSEH
ELECTION Matthew Broderick and Reese
Witherspoon star in this comedy about an
overachieving teen and the teacher out to
derail her run for class president. (AC,AL,
BN) R-1:43.MAX Jan.7,13,23CDEH
EROTIC KARMA Two rival professors lust
after a sultry teacher’s assistant in this
sizzling erotic feature. India Summer, Kiara
Diane, Kevin Patrick. (AL,MV,N,SC)
TVMA/S,L-1:21. MAX Jan.6,14CSH
photographer shares new experiences of
life, love and erotica in art with a gorgeous
young protegee in this erotic series. Divini
Rae and Kaylani Lei star. 01: Molded
Image (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-0:34.
MAX Jan.11 CSH; 02: Lost in
Ecstasy (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-0:28.
MAX Jan.28 CSH; 03: A Man and
Two Women (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-
0:33. MAX Jan.18CSH; 04: Naked
Pearls (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-0:31.
MAX Jan.3 CSH; 08: Baring It in
Bali (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-0:36. MAX
Jan.22CSH; 10: Sax on the Beach
(AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-0:43. MAX Jan.8
CSH; 11: Closer (AC,AL,N,SC)
TVMA/S,L-0:35. MAX Jan.29 CSH;
13: Self-Portrait (AC,AL,N,SC)
TVMA/S,L-0:39. MAX Jan.22 CSH
Nolte and ruthless drug kingpin Powers
Boothe are former pals headed for a
showdown on the Mexican border. (AL,BN,
GV) R-1:45. HBO Jan.15 CSEH
THE FACULTY High-school students race
for their lives from faculty members who
have been taken over by aliens in this
thriller. Jordana Brewster, Clea DuVall,
Laura Harris, Josh Hartnett. (AC,AL,GV,N)
R-1:44. MAX Jan.12,27 CDEH
FALL TO GRACE HBO Documentary Films
Alexandra Pelosi’s documentary about
scandalized former Gov. Jim McGreevey’s
road to redemption. (AC,AL) TV14/L,D-
0:47. HBO Jan.7,21 CSEH
FANTASTIC FOUR The beloved comic book
is brought to the big screen in this film
adaptation that pits the crime-fighting
quartet against the metallic menace, Dr.
Doom. Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris
Evans, Michael Chiklis. (MV) PG13-1:46.
MAX Jan.1,12,16,20,25,28 CDEH
FIERCE CREATURES Tame zoo animals
are traded in for a madcap menagerie in a
scheme to boost sales in this “brisk, smart
and bawdy” (Variety) comedy featuring the
cast of A Fish Called Wanda. (AC,AL,MV)
PG13-1:33. MAX Jan.28 CSEH
Jim Lampley hosts this edition of the HBO
Sports series that delves inside boxing’s
biggest stories, hottest bouts, and more. (AL)
TVPG/L-0:27. HBO Jan.2,5 CSEH
folk-parody duo moves to New York’s East
Village to conquer America, one fan (literally)
at a time in this comedy series. 07: Drive By
(AC,AL) TVMA/L-0:26.HBO Jan.24CSE;
17: Unnatural Love (AC,AL) TV14/L,D-:26.
HBO Jan.1 C5EH; 18: Love is
the Weapon of Choice (AC,AL) TV14/L,D-
0:27. HBO Jan.23 C5EH
FOOLISH A fast-rising stand-up comic (Eddie
Griffin) tries to make it big, but gets mixedup
in his brother’s half-baked schemes and
runs afoul of a drug lord. (AC,AL,BN,MV)
R-1:25. HBO Jan.10,25 CSEH
FREELOADERS Slackers living the dream
in a rock star’s swank L.A. mansion face
their worst nightmare: finding a place of
their own to live! (GL,MV,N,SC) R-1:20.
MAX Jan.2,5,10,16 CDEH
FROM DUSK TILL DAWN Sibling fugitives
and their hostages wind up in a strip bar that
is crawling with bloodthirsty vampires in this
horror classic. Harvey Keitel, George Clooney,
Quentin Tarantino. (AC,GL,GV,N) R-1:48.
MAX Jan.4,10,16,22,26 CDEH
THE FURY Former secret agent Kirk
Douglas enlists the aid of a telepathic girl
to rescue his telekinetic son. John
Cassavetes, Carrie Snodgress, Charles
Durning, Amy Irving, Andrew Stevens.
(AL,V) R-1:58. MAX Jan.9 C􀀀EH
GETTING ON Follow life with the
dysfunctional staffers working in the
female geriatric wing of a beleaguered
California hospital in this comedy series.
06: The Concert (AC,AL) TVMA/L-0:27.
HBO Jan.1,2,3 C5EH
Films This documentary delves into the
lives and cases of three public defenders in
the Deep South who face long hours and
low pay in their fight for justice. (AC,AL)
TV14/L,D-1:36. HBO Jan.7C5EH
GIRLS A young woman and her friends
struggle through their post-collegiate years
in NYC in this coming-of-age comedy
series. Lena Dunham created and stars.
21: Females Only (AC,AL,N) TVMA/S,L-
:29. HBO Jan.12,13,14,15,16,17C5
EH; 22: Truth or Dare (AC,AL,BN)
TVMA/L-0:25. HBO Jan.12,13,14,15,16,
17C5EH; 23: She Said Ok (AC,
AL,MV,N) TVMA/S,L-:29. HBO Jan.19,20,
21,22,23,24 C5EH; 24: Deep
Inside (AC,AL,N) TVMA/S,L-0:28. HBO
Jan.26,27,28,29,30,31 C5EH
single women create their own unique list
of dating rules in this erotic series. 07: The
F**k Buddy Rule (AC,GL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-
0:24. MAX Jan.30 CSH; 08: The
Cheating Rule (AC,GL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-
:28. MAX Jan.17CSH; 16: The Bar
Sex Rule (AC,GL,N,SC,V) TVMA/V,S,L-:30.
MAX Jan.26CSH; 17: The Morning
After Rule (AC,GL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-0:30.
MAX Jan.14CSH; 18: The Get Under
Another Rule (AC,AL,N,SC,V) TVMA/V,S,L-
0:30. MAX Jan.1CSH; 19: The F**k
Yes Rule (AC,AL,N,SC,V) TVMA/V,S,L-:30.
MAX Jan.17 CSH; 20: The Hos
Before Bros Rule (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/
S,L-0:26. MAX Jan.16,23 CSH
takes his ever-tough alter-ego John
McClane all the way to Russia in this fifth
Die Hard film. (AC,AL,V) R-1:38. MAX
Jan.10,11,16,19,21,29 CDEH
HBO Documentary Films The realities of
long-term unemployment are seen through
jobless Long Island residents. (AC,AL)
TVPG/L,D-0:53. HBO Jan.16CSEH
HARRIET THE SPY A bright sixth-grader
gets in trouble with her friends and
classmates when they read what she
wrote about them in her notebook. (MV)
PG-1:42. HBO Jan.22 CSEH
HBO FIRST LOOK Behind-the-scenes shows.
Lone Survivor (AC,AL,V) TVPG/V,L,D-
0:13. HBO Jan.5,9,10,11 CSH
HBO Documentary Films Inside the long
and influential career of editorial cartoonist
Herbert Block a.k.a. ‘Herblock.’ (AL) TVPG/
L-1:35. HBO Jan.27,30 C5EH
HIDDEN TREASURES A hunt for hidden
rewards in an old mansion turns into a
booty call of the sexy kind in this adult tale.
Michelle Maylene. (AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-
1:23. MAX Jan.9,12,21 CSH
HIGH ROLLER Michael Imperioli stars as
legendary poker player Stu Ungar in this
story of his fall from fame into drug and
gambling addiction. (AC,AL,MV) R-
1:50. MAX Jan.6,10 CDEH
Return to Middle Earth as Bilbo Baggins
journeys to face an evil dragon in this first
tale in Peter Jackson’s trilogy prequel to
The Lord of the Rings. Ian McKellen. (AC,
V) PG13-2:50. MAX Jan.31CDEH
HOME FRIES The drive-thru line leads to
love in this quirky 1998 romantic comedy.
Drew Barrymore, Luke Wilson, Jake Busey
and Catherine O’Hara star. (AC,AL,V) PG13-
1:34. HBO Jan.6,23 C5EH
commando Topper Harley (Charlie Sheen)
roars back into action in this comedy
sequel that lands him in the Middle East on
a rescue mission. With Lloyd Bridges and
Valeria Golino. (AC,AL,BN) PG13-1:29.
MAX Jan.3,13,21 CSEH
A trip to the Bahamas turns into
a weekend of terror for four teens in this
slasher sequel. Jennifer Love Hewitt. (AC,
AL,V) R-1:41.HBOJan.3,28C5EH
Mammoth and his pals have to go on a
high-seas quest aboard a floating iceberg
in this fourth entry in the series. (MV) PG-
1:28. MAX Jan.14,24 CDEH
IDENTITY THIEF Average schnook Jason
Bateman undertakes a mission to track
down identity thief Melissa McCarthy in
this outrageous comedy. (AC,AL,BN,V) R-
1:51. HBO Jan.1,5 C5EH
IDLE HANDS When Old Scratch possesses
a teen’s right extremity, things get
murderously out of hand in this slick horror
comedy. Devon Sawa. (AC,AL,GV,N) R-
1:32. HBO Jan.22 C5EH
IDLEWILD Andre Benjamin and Antwan A.
Patton–a.k.a. Andre 3000 and Big Boi of
Outkast fame–star and provide the
electrifying soundtrack in this musical
fable set around a freewheeling Georgia
nightclub in 1935. (AC,AL,N,V) R-2:01.
HBO Jan.7,23,27 C5EH
An egomaniacal magician tries to make a
comeback after his partner quits and a
daredevil rival takes over the Vegas strip.
Steve Carell stars. (AC,AL,MV) PG13-
1:40. HBO Jan.25,26,28 C5EH
INFAMOUS Truman Capote’s life and his trip
to research and write the true-crime classic
In Cold Blood is the focus of this biopic.
Toby Jones, Sandra Bullock. (AC,AL,V) R-
1:58. HBO Jan.7,29 C5EH
babes learn the human ways of passion
while helping Earth avoid a collision with a
killer asteroid. (AC,MV,N,SC) TVMA/S-1:21.
MAX Jan.3,9,18,26,30 CSH
INTO THE NIGHT Dull Jeff Goldblum trades
drabness for danger when he saves sexy
Michelle Pfeiffer from a host of bad guys in
this nimble suspense tale. (AC,GL,N,V) R-
1:55. MAX Jan.21 C􀀀EH
Working girls from a legal Nevada brothel
share their kinky yearnings about sex—and
bring them to life for viewers. (AC,AL,N,SC)
TVMA/S,L-0:28. MAX Jan.2 CSH
THE ISLAND Ewan McGregor and Scarlett
Johansson star in Michael Bay’s futuristic
thriller about two clones who escape their
doomed existence. (AC,AL,V) PG13-2:16.
HBO Jan.3,11,22,26,30 C5EH
JACK An abnormally aging ten-year-old
boy tries to achieve normalcy despite his
grown-man appearance. Robin Williams,
Diane Lane, Jennifer Lopez. (AC,AL,BN,MV)
PG13-1:53. HBO Jan.18,24C5EH
leads the charge to save a princess from a
nasty race of giants in this effects-laden
take on “Jack & the Beanstalk.” (MV)
PG13-1:54.HBO Jan.3,4,10C5EH
Kong cop gets mixed-up in a CIA mission in
the Ukraine and stumbles onto a plot to sell
a stolen nuclear warhead to the Russian
Mafia. Jackie Chan stars. (BN,V) PG13-
1:24. MAX Jan.11,24 CSEH
naughty, narcissistic world of Ja’mie King,
the notorious ‘queen bee’ from Summer
Heights High in this riotous HBO comedy
series. 06: Episode 6 (AC,AL,N) TVMA/
S,L-0:28. HBO Jan.2,3,4 C5EH
JAWBREAKER A practical joke goes
murderously awry for a trio of teen queens
in this dark comedy! Rose McGowan,
Rebecca Gayheart, Julie Benz. (AC,AL,V)
R-1:27. MAX Jan.14,27 CDEH
Vocalist extraordinaire Josh Groban
mentors a group of promising singers in
this extraordinary family special. TVG-0:27.
HBO Jan.21,24,26,30 CSEH
JUST LIKE HEAVEN The spirit of a dead
E.R. doctor falls for a widower who moves
into her apartment. Reese Witherspoon and
Mark Ruffalo star. (AC) PG13-1:35.
HBO Jan.6,10,20,28 C5EH
his cohorts in the Justice League face their
toughest battle yet against the Legion of
Doom in this animated adventure. (MV)
PG13-1:17.HBO Jan.13,28C5EH
star Katie Morgan is on the loose in the
Big Apple in this sexy and scintillating latenight
special. (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-
0:30. HBO Jan.2 CSEH
blacksmith rises to his true calling as a
knight who must lead the Christian army
into battle in Ridley Scott’s thrilling epic
about the Crusades. Orlando Bloom. (GV)
R-2:25. HBO Jan.1,17 C5EH
LEAVING LAS VEGAS Nicolas Cage gives
an Oscar®-winning performance as an
alcoholic screenwriter who hits rock
bottom and decides to end it all by drinking
himself to death in Sin City. (AC,GL,N,V)
R-1:51. MAX Jan.8,23 CSEH
LES MISERABLES Hugh Jackman stars as
hero Jean Valjean in this exhilarating,
Oscar®-winning adaptation of the hit
Broadway musical. (AC,AL,V) PG13-2:38.
HBO Jan.1,9,12,17,21,27 C5H
LETHAL WEAPON 4 Mel Gibson and Danny
Glover reteam in this sequel to take on
Chinese gangsters whose specialty is
smuggling immigrants for slave labor. Joe
Pesci, Rene Russo, Chris Rock. (AC,AL,V)
R-2:07. HBO Jan.10,18 C5EH
LET’S GO TO PRISON It’s big laughs at the
Big House when a jailbird’s plan to
sabotage the prison stay of a judge’s son
backfires in this comedy. Dax Shepard, Will
Arnett, Chi McBride. (AC,AL,SC,V) R-1:29.
HBO Jan.9,22,31 C5EH
LIFE OF PI A shipwreck leaves a boy lost at
sea aboard a lifeboat with a massive Bengal
tiger in Ang Lee’s stunning Oscar®-winner.
Suraj Sharma. (MV) PG-2:07. HBO Jan.
1,4,7,10,13,16,21,26,29 C5EH
LIFE ON TOP A college grad moves to NYC
and discovers her sister is an erotic model
in this adult series. 23: Blackout
Jan.6,31 CSH; 25: The Angelina
Effect (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-0:28.
MAX Jan.19 CSH
LINGERIE A former model tries to launch
her own lingerie line in this steamy erotic
series. 14: Careful What You Wish For
Jan.25 CSH; 15: Looks are
Deceiving (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-0:30.
MAX Jan.7 CSH; 16: Everybody
Loves Cody (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-
0:30. MAX Jan.7 CSH; 17: Worse
for the Wear (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-
0:30. MAX Jan.20 CSH; 18: Three
is Never a Crowd (AC,AL,N,SC)
TVMA/S,L-0:30. MAX Jan.15 CSH
is the setting for first love between two
fifth-graders in this romantic comedy. Josh
Hutcherson, Bradley Whitford. (MV) PG-
1:30. HBO Jan.31 C5EH
LOOKING The unfiltered experiences of
three 30-something gay friends living in
San Francisco are the focus of this HBO
comedy series. Jonathan Groff, Frankie J.
Alvarez and Murray Bartlett star.
01: Looking for Now (AC,AL) TVMA/L-
0:29. HBO Jan.19,20,21,22,23,24,29
C5EH; 02: Looking for Uncut
(AC,AL,N) TVMA/S,L-0:28. HBO
Jan.26,27,28,29,30,31 C5EH
LOUIS C.K.: OH MY GOD Sitcom star and
comic Louis C.K. returns to HBO for this
full-length stand-up performance from the
Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, AZ. (AC,AL)
TVMA/L-0:58. HBO Jan.11,16 CSH
LOVE WRECKED Amanda Bynes is a sweet
beach resort employee who gets stranded
with the pop star of her dreams in this
entertaining comedy. Chris Carmack. (AC)
PG-1:27. MAX Jan.5,16 CDEH
MADE Hapless friends get in over their
heads on a trip from L.A. to New York to run
an errand for a mob boss. Jon Favreau,
Vince Vaughn, Sean Combs. (AC,AL,N,V)
R-1:35. MAX Jan.12 CDEH
THE MAKING OF... Behind-the-scenes
featurettes. Admission (MV) TVPG/V-:12.
HBO Jan.22CSEH; Identity Thief
(AL,MV) TVPG/V,L-0:12. HBO Jan.1
CSEH; Les Miserables (AC,MV)
TVPG/V,D-0:14. HBO Jan.10,17 CS
EH; Oblivion (MV) TVPG/V-0:13.
HBO Jan.4,16,19,21,24,29 CSEH;
Safe House (V) TVPG/V-0:13. HBO Jan.
3,18CSEH; Snow White and the
Huntsman (V) TVPG/V-0:12. HBO Jan.19,
28CSEH; We Bought a Zoo (MV)
TVPG/V-0:12. HBO Jan.6,28CSEH
the HBO series True Detective in this
behind-the-scenes special featuring
interviews, clips, and more. (AL) TV14/L-
0:13. HBO Jan.5,7,9,12,13 CSEH
MAMA Two orphan girls found after five
years in the woods are followed by an
ominous presence in this old-school ghost
story. Jessica Chastain, Nikolaj Coster-
Waldau. (AC,MV) PG13-1:40. MAX
Jan.4,8,12,18,23,29,31 CDEH
MANHUNT HBO Documentary Films The
nearly two-decade hunt for terrorist leader
Osama bin Laden is the focus of this
fascinating documentary. (AC,AL,V) TV14/
V,L,D-1:42. HBO Jan.3 C5EH
MARGARET A young woman lashes out in
the wake of a tragedy that she indirectly
played a role in causing in this drama.
Anna Paquin, J. Quinn-Cameron. (AC,AL,
N,V) R-2:30. MAX Jan.2 CDEH
Movie A 17-year-old Colombian girl in
search of adventure and a better life elects
to become a “mule” for international drug
smugglers. Catalina Sandino Moreno. (AC,
AL,V) R-1:41. MAX Jan.29CDEH
MARS ATTACKS! Director Tim Burton’s
hysterical sci-fi spoof with Jack Nicholson
leading an all-star human cast against an
invasion of alien nasties. (AC,AL,V) PG13-
1:46. HBO Jan.3,15 C5EH
MAX ON SET Behind-the-scenes featurettes.
American Reunion (AC,AL) TVPG/L,D-
0:12. MAX Jan.30 CSEH;
Prometheus (AL,MV) TVPG/V,L-0:12.
MAX Jan.20,31 CSEH
THE MIGHTY DUCKS Arrogant lawyer
Emilio Estevez is punished for a DUI by
being assigned to coach a clumsy pee-wee
ice hockey team in this comedy. (AC,AL,V)
PG-1:44. HBO Jan.3 C5EH
2004 Best Picture Oscar®-winner about a
craggy boxing instructor and the
determined young woman he grudgingly
agrees to train. Hilary Swank, Morgan
Freeman. (AC,AL,V) PG13-2:13. HBO
Jan.2,12,13,21,29 C5EH
MISCHIEF A nerdy teen gets female help
from a cool, but kind rebel in this comic
look at growing up in Ohio in the 1950s.
Doug McKeon, Catherine Mary Stewart,
Kelly Preston and Chris Nash star. (AC,
AL,N,V) R-1:37. MAX Jan.16 CEH
FABULOUS Sandra Bullock is back as
quirky FBI agent Gracie Hart in this
hilarious sequel to the hit 2000 comedy
that finds her assigned to be “the new face
of the FBI.” (MV) PG13-1:55. MAX
Jan.4,10,14,19,23,29 CDEH
Films Follow ‘Miss’ founder Abbey Curran
and eight young contestants in this pageant
for little girls with special needs. (AL)
TV14/L-1:14. HBO Jan.2,29CSEH
as super spy Ethan Hunt who races to
prove he is innocent of selling secrets in
this explosive action film. (AL,V) PG13-1:50.
HBO Jan.3,8,14,20,26,31 C5EH
MORTAL KOMBAT Three fighters are
chosen by a sorcerer to save the planet
from an evil emperor in the ultimate supernatural
combat tournament. (AC,AL,V) PG13-
1:41. HBO Jan.15,26 C5EH
MR. & MRS. SMITH Brad Pitt and Angelina
Jolie heat up the screen as married
assassins who have no clue about each
other’s profession-until each is assigned to
whack the other! (AC,V) PG13-2:00. MAX
Jan.2,6,12,18,22,26,28 CDEH
MR. HOLLAND’S OPUS A composerturned-
teacher spends thirty years in the
classroom inspiring students with music in
this drama. Richard Dreyfuss. (AL,MV)
PG-2:23. HBO Jan.29 C5EH
gang must save Gonzo from a government
agency that wants to study his “alien” brain!
G-1:28. HBO Jan.31 C5EH
(Jeff Daniels) discovers an alien from Mars
that poses as his uncle, and schemes to
exploit the Martian, with snoopy government
agents hot on their trail. Based on the classic
TV-series My Favorite Martin (AC,BN,V)
PG-1:34. MAX Jan.19 CDEH
THE NEGOTIATOR Brilliant police negotiator
Samuel L. Jackson finds himself on the
nightmarish, gun-holding end of a hostage
crisis. Kevin Spacey co-stars. (AC,AL,V)
R-2:20. HBO Jan.2,11,24C5EH
NEVER BEEN KISSED A reporter goes undercover
as a high schooler, only to relive the
horror of being unpopular again. Drew Barrymore,
David Arquette. (AC,AL,MV) PG13-
1:47. MAX Jan.10,16 CDEH
THE NEWTON BOYS Four Prohibition-era
siblings achieve fame and fortune—and
the attention of the law—during a bankrobbery
spree. Matthew McConaughey,
Ethan Hawke star. (AC,AL,BN,V) PG13-
2:02. HBO Jan.29 C5EH
York D.A. struggles with his conscience
when a police corruption case points to his
father. Andy Garcia, Richard Dreyfuss. (AC,
AL,V) R-1:54. MAX Jan.27 CSEH
OBLIVION Tom Cruise faces a frightening
truth about his existence while completing
a mission on an uninhabited Earth in 2077.
(AC,AL,BN,V) PG13-2:05. HBO Jan.
12,14,18,19,20,25,30 C5EH
OCEAN’S TWELVE George Clooney and his
merry band of crooks are forced to come
out of retirement for a series of wild heists
in this sequel to Oceans Eleven. Brad Pitt,
Matt Damon. (AC,AL) PG13-2:05. HBO
OFFICE SPACE A trod-upon office worker
is left without a care about work after a
hypnotherapy session goes awry in this
riotous satire. Ron Livingston. (AC,AL,BN,
MV) R-1:29. HBO Jan.14C5EH
ONE DAY The relationship between a
working-class lass and an upper-crust cad
is charted over the years on the same day.
Anne Hathaway stars. (AC,AL,BN,MV)
PG13-1:47. MAX Jan.27 CDEH
ORIGINAL GANGSTAS After his father is
shot by a gang, a former NFL star returns
to his hometown and rounds up his own
posse to teach the punks a lesson. Fred
Williamson, Jim Brown, Pam Grier. (AC,AL,
V) R-1:39. HBO Jan.3 CSEH
OUTBREAK Dustin Hoffman is the leader of
a team of dedicated scientists battling a
super-virus that could devastate America.
Rene Russo, Morgan Freeman. (AL,V) R-
2:08.MAX Jan.1,11,16,19,29CDEH
homeowners take on a new tenant who
turns out to be a dazzling con man bent on
destroying their lives. Melanie Griffith,
Matthew Modine, Michael Keaton. (AL,BN,
V) R-1:42. MAX Jan.2,26 CDEH
PARENTHOOD The Buckman family
wrestles with their comedic and complex
relationships with their parents and
children in this comedy. Steve Martin. (AC,
AL) PG13-2:03. MAX Jan.2CDEH
HBO Family Documentary Four
promising musical actors work with Tony®-
winning actress Patti LuPone. (AL)
TV14/L-0:30. HBO Jan.4,6 CSEH
PAVEMENT Lauren Holly stars as a
beautiful homicide detective who teams up
with a wilderness expert to stop a shrewd
serial killer in this thriller. (AC,AL,V) R-
1:31. MAX Jan.2 CDEH
PHENOMENON John Travolta stars in this
tale about a small-town mechanic who
suddenly develops incredible intellectual
powers.With Forest Whitaker. (BN,MV) PG-
2:03. HBO Jan.11,17 C5EH
THE PHILLY KID A former high school
wrestling champ helps an old friend pay off
a debt by fighting in mixed martial arts
cage matches. Wes Chatham. (AC,AL,GV)
R-1:33. HBO Jan.1,10,30 CSEH
PITCH PERFECT A rebellious college
freshman finds herself through her
university’s a capella team in this comedy.
Anna Kendrick. (AC,AL,MV) PG13-1:52.
MAX Jan.1,9,12,19,21,25 CDEH
Gosling and Bradley Cooper star in this
dark, three-act drama about a bankrobbing
stunt motorcyclist, a haunted cop
and their sons. (AC,AL,V) R-2:20. HBO
Jan.11,19,23,26,31 C5EH
THE PREACHER’S WIFE DenzelWashington
stars as a smooth-talking angel who helps
rekindle the sparks between a troubled
minister and his wife in this remake of The
Bishops Wife. Whitney Houston. (AC) PG-
2:04. MAX Jan.22 CDEH
THE PRESENCE Oscar®-winner Mira
Sorvino is a woman haunted by ghosts and
her trauma-filled past while staying at a
remote family cabin. (AC,AL) PG13-1:27.
HBO Jan.5,9,15,20,24,28 C5EH
PRIMARY COLORS A presidential campaign
for a Southern governor with a shady past
meets challenges and opportunities on the
trail in this political drama. John Travolta,
Emma Thompson. (AC,AL,MV) R-2:23.
MAX Jan.6,11,30 CSEH
PROBLEM CHILD A childless couple
adopts a young red-headed terror in this
family comedy. With John Ritter. (AC,AL)
PG-1:21. MAX Jan.15,21 CSEH
PROBLEM CHILD 2 The juvenile jokester
returns for more malicious mischief in this
comedy sequel. John Ritter, Michael Oliver,
Laraine Newman, Amy Yasbeck. (AC,AL)
PG13-1:31. MAX Jan.3,15 CSEH
PROJECT X Sex, drugs and flamethrowers
are just part of the fun when a
high-school teen’s house party spins
wildly out of control. (AC,AL,MV,N) R-
1:28. MAX Jan.3,13,16,24CDEH
PROMETHEUS A space crew journeys to a
remote world in search of man’s origins in
Ridley Scott’s thrilling sci-fi opus. Noomi
Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Guy Pearce,
Idris Elba. (AC,AL,V) R-2:04. MAX
Jan.3,6,14,19,22,25,31 CDEH
PUSHING TIN Cocky air-traffic controller
John Cusack’s expertise is challenged by
ultra-cool newcomer Billy Bob Thornton in
this comedy. Cate Blanchett, Angelina Jolie
and Jake Weber co-star. (AC,AL,V)
R-2:04. HBO Jan.15 C5EH
RACE TO SPACE James Woods stars as a
NASA scientist whose struggle to develop a
relationship with his 12-year-old son takes
a turn for the better thanks to the boy’s
bond with a chimpanzee astronaut. (MV)
PG-1:45. HBO Jan.4,27 C5EH
RAY Jamie Foxx won the 2004 Best Actor
Oscar® for his incredible portrayal of music
pioneer Ray Charles in this “engrossing”
(Variety) drama. (AC,AL,MV) PG13-2:32.
MAX Jan.5,10,20,26,31 CDEH
VALLEY Retrospective edition of HBO’s
‘Pornucopia’ series that takes viewers on
an insider’s tour of the booming adultentertainment
industry. (AC,GL,N,SC)
TVMA/S,L-0:29. HBO Jan.23 CSE
All-new edition of the acclaimed HBO
sports magazine. 202: (AL) TVPG/L-0:58.
HBO Jan.21,23,26,28,31 CSEH
season of the hit comedy/talk series hosted
by Bill Maher. 303: (AC,AL) TVMA/L-0:57.
HBO Jan.17,19,20,21,22 CSH;
304: (AC,AL) TVMA/L-0:57. HBO Jan.24,
26,27,28,29 CSH; 305: (AC,AL)
TVMA/L-0:57. HBO Jan.31 CSH
REBOUND Anger-management problems
force a disgraced ex-college-hoops coach
to take the reins of a lousy junior-highschool
team. Martin Lawrence. (MV) PG-
1:27. MAX Jan.1,5,11,17 CDEH
RED EYE Wes Craven brings terror to the
friendly skies in this high-altitude thriller
with Rachel McAdams battling a coldblooded
assassin on a red-eye flight.
Cillian Murphy. (AC,AL,V) PG13-1:25.
MAX Jan.1,7,13,17,27 CDEH
RED TAILS WWII African American fighter
pilots—the Tuskegee Airmen—fight racism
and the Nazis to fly their way into history in
this inspiring drama. (AL,V) PG13-2:05.
HBO Jan.4,8,14,20,24,30 C5EH
REDEMPTION HBO Documentary Films
Unemployed men and women eke out a
meager living by collecting empty bottles
and cans and cashing them in at
redemption centers. (AC,AL) TV14/L,D-
0:36. HBO Jan.10,22 C5EH
The Lambda Lambda Lambda
boys, go to Fort Lauderdale for a frat
conference in this sequel. (AC,AL,BN)
PG13-1:29. MAX Jan.27 CSEH
other mythical cohorts unite to save the
innocence of childhood from a devious
villain in this animated tale. (MV) PG-1:37.
HBO Jan.1,5,9,13,17,18,29C5EH
ROCK OF AGES A small-town girl with bigtown
dreams of being a singer falls for an
aspiring rocker and gets a job at a
notorious rock club in 1987 L.A.
(AC,AL,MV) PG13-2:03. HBO
Jan.6,8,16,19,22,25,31 C5EH
ROLL BOUNCE The roller-disco craze of
the late 1970s is the scene as a dedicated
teen and his pals skate their way into a
competition. BowWow. (AC,AL,MV) PG13-
1:52. MAX Jan.4,10,13 CDEH
ROUNDERS A law student who quits
gambling after losing his life savings to a
shady Russian card shark is drawn back
into the game when his buddy gets in over
his head. Matt Damon, Edward Norton. (AC,
AL,N,V) R-2:01. HBO Jan.8C5EH
RUBY SPARKS A young author’s most
heartfelt character steps off the pages of
his new book and into his life in this
fantasy. Paul Dano, Zoe Kazan. (AC,AL,MV)
R-1:44. MAX Jan.2,8,16 CDEH
SABRINA A Cinderella wins the hearts of
two handsome princes in this remake of
the 1954 romantic comedy. Harrison Ford,
Julia Ormond and Greg Kinnear star. (MV)
PG-2:07. HBO Jan.15,28 CSEH
SAFE HOUSE A renegade CIA agent
(DenzelWashington) goes on the run with a
rookie operative (Ryan Reynolds) after their
‘safe house’ is attacked. (AL,V) R-1:55.
HBO Jan.3,6,15,21,25 C5EH
SANCTUM Trapped caving enthusiasts
navigate a treacherous series of
unexplored tunnels in search of a way out
in this harrowing thriller. (AL,MV) R-1:49.
MAX Jan.14,20,24,30 CDEH
SCARY MOVIE A masked maniac stalks a
group of oversexed teens in this
outrageous Wayans brothers spoof of
slasher films. (AC,BN,GL,V) R-1:28. MAX
Jan.3,9,12,21,25 CDEH
SCOOP Woody Allen’s murder mystery
about a student reporter who tracks a
notorious killer with help from a hack
magician. Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johansson
and Ian McShane co-star. (AC,AL) PG13-
1:36. HBO Jan.9,27,31 CEH
SCORCHER The heat is on in this action packed
thriller about a military squad that
must undertake a mission to save Earth
from destruction. Mark Dacascos. (AC,
AL,V) R-1:31. HBO Jan.12CDEH
WORLD Steve Carell and Keira Knightley
form an unlikely bond as Armageddon
looms in the form of a killer asteroid in this
unique, funny tale. (AC,AL,V) R-1:41.
SEX//NOW This adults-only show looks at
some of the sizzling ways people are
cashing in on the online sex craze.
Jan.2,5,8,10,14,16,22,27 CSEH
staff of a sex clinic uses erotic role-playing
to revive failing marriages in this arousing
adult drama. Cindy Lucas. (GL,N,SC) TVMA/
S,L-1:18. MAX Jan.2,8,19 CSH
Holmes and Watson match wits
against devious arch-nemesis Professor
Moriarty in this action-packed sequel.
Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law. (AC,AL,V)
PG13-2:09. HBO Jan.1 C5EH
SIDEWAYS Two friends head off for a
wine-tasting excursion that becomes an
experience of wine, women and the search
for the perfect Pinot Noir. Paul Giamatti,
Thomas Haden Church. (AC,AL,MV,N) R-
2:07. MAX Jan.18,28 CDEH
Las Vegas high-rollers turn to sexy
concierge Angelica to live out their fantasies
in this erotic series. (AC,AL,N,SC)
TVMA/S,L-2:15. MAX Jan.23 CSH
pilot Harrison Ford is stranded on a
deserted island with a high-strung
magazine editor. (AC,AL,BN,V) PG13-1:42.
MAX Jan.5,8,13,18,28 CDEH
SKIN TO THE MAX Take a sizzling
international adventure to the exotic and
erotic world of sex clubs. 05: Paris/St.
Petersburg (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-
0:25. MAX Jan.16 DH; 06:
Barcelona/Croatia (AC,AL,N,SC)
TVMA/S,L-0:26. MAX Jan.27 DEH
SNEAKERS Robert Redford leads a highly
skilled tech team against a top computer
thief in this high-octane caper. (AC,AL,V)
PG13-2:05. MAX Jan.7 CDEH
SNITCH In order to reduce his son’s prison
sentence, a man (Dwayne Johnson) makes
a dangerous deal to infiltrate a brutal drug
cartel in this thriller. (AC,AL,SC,V) PG13-
1:52. MAX Jan.24,27,30 CDEH
evil queen sets her on a course to vanquish
the angelic Snow White in this fantasy tale.
Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, Chris
Hemsworth. (AC,V) PG13-2:07. HBO
Jan.1,6,11,14,17,26,30 C5EH
SPAWN A super-soldier-turned-hellspawn
makes a diabolical deal to return to the
human world in this film based on the
comic. John Leguizamo stars. (AC,AL,V)
PG13-1:39. MAX Jan.21 CDEH
SPY HARD Leslie Nielsen stars as Secret
Agent WD-40, a retired spy called back to
duty in order to stop a global villain in this
hilarious comedy spoof. (AC,AL,V) PG13-
1:21. HBO Jan.17,25 C5EH
the starship Enterprise defends the people
of a planet that gives them eternal life from
an evil plot. Patrick Stewart stars. (V) PG-
1:43. HBO Jan.5 C5EH
Sports Documentary Inside the growing
obsession of parents in the scholastic
athletic competition of their children. (AL)
TVPG/L-0:56. HBO Jan.2,8,10CSEH
STAY A psychiatrist begins to experience
strange alterations in reality when he takes
on a suicidal patient in this mind-bending
tale. Ewan McGregor, Naomi Watts. (AC,
AL) R-1:39. MAX Jan.29 CDEH
curse causes an overweight man to lose
weight irreversibly in this thriller based on
the novel. Robert John Burke. (AC,AL,V)
R-1:32. HBO Jan.16 CSEH
STIGMATA A young beautician begins to
experience the stigmata—the five wounds
of Christ—in this scary, visceral thriller.
Patricia Arquette, Gabriel Byrne. (AC,AL,BN,
GV) R-1:42. HBO Jan.5 C5EH
engineers concoct a love potion and a sexstarved
female. Mary Carey. (AL,N,SC)
TVMA/S,L-1:22. MAX Jan.7,24CSH
TAKEN 2 Ex-CIA operative Liam Neeson
must use every trick in his arsenal after he
is ‘taken’ in this sequel. (AC,AL,V) PG13-
1:32. MAX Jan.25,26,30 CDEH
TAXI A driving-challenged New York cop
teams with a freewheeling cabbie to nab a
sexy bank-robbery ring. Queen Latifah,
Jimmy Fallon. (AC,AL,MV) PG13-1:37.
HBO Jan.2,6,15,19,23 C5EH
NEW YORK America Undercover The
11th edition of Taxicab Confessions returns
to the Big Apple in this special. (AC,GL,N)
TVMA/S,L-1:02. HBO Jan.16,31 CSE
TED Mark Wahlberg has his romance with
lovely Mila Kunis imperiled by his lifelong
friendship with a hard-partying teddy bear
in this Seth MacFarlane comedy. (AC,AL,
BN,V) R-1:46. HBO Jan.1C5EH
THE TERMINATOR Arnold Schwarzenegger
is an unstoppable cyborg who is sent back
in time to kill a young woman. Michael
Biehn, Linda Hamilton, Paul Winfield. (AL,
GV,N) R-1:47. HBO Jan.16C5EH
THE THIN RED LINE Terrence Malick’s
allegorical war drama about U.S. soldiers
battling to take control of Guadalcanal
during World War II. Sean Penn. (AC,AL,
N,V) R-2:51. HBO Jan.6 C5EH
THIS IS 40 Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann star
as a couple turning 40 in Judd Apatow’s
comedy about the struggles of marriage
and middle age. (AC,AL,BN,MV) R-2:14.
MAX Jan.3,14,20,23,28 CDEH
Curly try to save the orphanage in which
they were raised from foreclosure in this
contemporary take on the trio. (MV) PG-
1:32. MAX Jan.1,9,20,30 CDEH
THUNDERSTRUCK A teen’s chance meeting
with his idol, basketball star Kevin Durant,
results in a mystical mix-up of hoops talent
in this entertaining family comedy. (MV)
PG-1:34. MAX Jan.18 CDEH
TREME Experience life in one of New
Orleans’ oldest neighborhoods as the
unique residents try to survive in the wake
of Hurricane Katrina in this HBO series. 36:
...To Miss New Orleans (AC,AL,V) TVMA/
V,L-1:16. HBO Jan.1,2 C5EH
baseball scout Clint Eastwood finds his
career suddenly undermined by age and
modern thinking. (AC,AL,V) PG13-1:51.
MAX Jan.4,10,17,28 CDEH
TRUE DETECTIVE Matthew McConaughey
and Woody Harrelson play detectives
determined to solve a disturbing 1995
murder in this HBO series. 01: The Long
Bright Dark (AC,AL,MV,N) TVMA/S,L-
1:00. HBO Jan.12,13,14,15,16,17,18,24
C5EH; 02: Seeing Things
(AC,AL,N,V) TVMA/V,S,L-0:58. HBO
J a n . 1 9 , 2 0 , 2 1 , 2 2 , 2 3 , 2 4 , 2 5 , 3 1
C5EH; 03: The Locked Room
(AC,AL,N,V) TVMA/V,S,L-0:57. HBO
Jan.26,27,28,29,30,31 C5EH
TURBULENCE Bullets streak the skies with
blood when a serial killer takes control of
an airplane as it flies into a raging storm.
With Ray Liotta, Lauren Holly. (AL,V) R-
1:41. MAX Jan.8,14,19 CDEH
Detroit Red Wings and the Toronto Maple
Leafs in the weeks leading up to their showdown
in the NHLWinter Classic. (AL) TVMA/
L-:57. HBO Jan.4,5,6,7,8,9,10CSEH
2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY Stanley
Kubrick’s ethereal science-fiction masterpiece
about a space mission that goes
terribly awry. Keir Dullea, Gary Lockwood.
G-2:29. MAX Jan.6 CDEH
TWO WEEKS NOTICE Sandra Bullock is a
passionate attorney who puts in her notice
to escape the trifling demands of billionaire
boss Hugh Grant. (AC,AL) PG13-1:41.
HBO Jan.4,8,14,20,23 C5EH
U-571 MatthewMcConaughey and Bill Paxton
lead a U.S. submarine mission to take control
of a disabled Nazi U-boat. (AC,AL,V)
PG13-1:56. MAX Jan.4,13 CDEH
UNCLE BUCK A family emergency leaves
lumbering lazybones Uncle Buck to look
after three precocious kids in this 1989
comedy starring John Candy. (AC,AL,V)
PG-1:39. MAX Jan.3 CSEH
kung-fu fighting, Cadillac-driving private
eye/secret agent (Eddie Griffin) tries to
thwart a diabolical plan to destroy African-
American culture in this spoof of ’70s
blaxploitation movies. (AC,AL,V) PG13-1:26.
MAX Jan.5,15,19,24,30 CDEH
reporter takes a chance on a bright, young
novice and turns her into a TV news star.
Robert Redford, Michelle Pfeiffer. (AC,AL,
V) PG13-2:04. MAX Jan.9 CDEH
VEHICLE 19 Paul Walker stars as a man
who becomes embroiled in a deadly
conspiracy when he treks to South Africato
reconcile with his ex-wife. (AC,AL,V) R-1:25.
MAX Jan.7,12,15,18,23,28 CDEH
Harold and Kumar go on a Christmas Eve
bender while trying to replace a prized
Christmas tree in this sequel. (AC,GL,N,V)
R-1:30. HBO Jan.13,17,25 C5EH
WANDERLUST Paul Rudd and Jennifer
Aniston are a married couple who wind up
living in a far-out hippie commune in this
comedy. (AC,AL,N) R-1:38. MAX
Jan.1,7,11,20,24,28 CDEH
WAR OF THE WORLDS Tom Cruise stars in
Steven Spielberg’s thrilling adaptation of
H.G.Wells’s tale about an alien civilization’s
hostile attack of Earth. (AC,V) PG13-1:57.
MAX Jan.1,5,9,11,24,27 CDEH
WARM BODIES A teenage zombie finds an
unlikely romance with a pretty survivor in
this horror comedy. (AC,AL,V) PG13-1:38.
HBO Jan.5,9,11,15,18,21 C5EH
THE WATCH Four civic-minded citizens
who form a neighborhood watch group
uncover an alien plot to destroy Earth. Ben
Stiller, Vince Vaughn. (AC,AL,BN,V) R-1:42.
MAX Jan.4,13,19,22,25 CDEH
THE WATCHER Worn-out FBI agent James
Spader is tormented by a serial killer with
a twisted agenda in this gripping thriller.
Marisa Tomei, Ernie Hudson. (AC,AL,BN,
V) R-1:37. MAX Jan.22 CSEH
WATCHERS A teen befriends a genetically
altered dog that is hunted by a hideous
monster and a brutal government agent in
this adaptation of Dean R. Koontz’s
frightening novel. Corey Haim. (AL,N,V) R-
1:31. MAX Jan.24 CEH
WE BOUGHT A ZOO Widower Matt Damon
comes up with a unique plan to lift his
family out of their collective funk: by
purchasing a ramshackle zoo. Scarlett
Johansson. (AL,MV) PG-2:04. HBO
Jan.2,5,10,20,25,28,31 C5EH
02: KEBREEYA’S SALAD DAYS A 17-yearold
girl crusades to improve nutrition
awareness on a personal, familial and
community level in her North Carolina
hometown in this warmhearted documentary.
TVG-0:28. HBO Jan.8,22,30CSEH
hustlers Wesley Snipes and Woody
Harrelson work the courts of L.A. in this hit
comedy. Rosie Perez. (AC,AL,MV,N) R-
1:56. MAX Jan.8,17,30 CDEH
WILL OF THE WARRIOR This documentary
looks at Marcus Luttrell, the lone survivor
of a four-man Navy Seal team ambushed
by the Taliban in 2005. (AC,V) TVPG/V,D-
0:28. HBO Jan.2,5,9,14,18 CSEH
NIGHT’S DREAM Shakespeare’s
delirious comedy about aristocrats,
peasants and fairies united in romance and
magic. Rupert Everett. (AC,BN) PG13-
2:01. MAX Jan.3,23 CDEH
WOULD YOU RATHER Eight strangers are
lured to a dinner party where they are forced
to play a twisted game. Brittany Snow,
Jeffrey Combs. (AC,AL,GV) TVMA/V,L-
1:33. HBO Jan.8,28 C5EH
WRATH OF THE TITANS Half-man, halfgod
Perseus comes out of retirement to
deal with a monstrous threat in this sequel
to Clash of the Titans. (V) PG13-1:39. MAX
Jan.1,11,20,23,29,31 CDEH
ZANE’S THE JUMP OFF Five former frat
brothers tackle the growing pains of love,
sex, career and each other in this late-night
series. 02: Man-in-Motion (AC,AL,N,SC)
TVMA/S,L-0:30. MAX Jan.31 CSH;
03: Pass Interference (AC,AL,N,SC)
TVMA/S,L-0:29. MAX Jan.5 CSH;
04: Playing the Field (AC,AL,N,SC)
TVMA/S,L-0:30. MAX Jan.4,14CSH;
05: Illegal Motion (AC,AL,N,SC,V)
TVMA/V,S,L-0:30. MAX Jan.30CSH
ZERO EFFECT The world’s greatest and
most dysfunctional private eye is drawn
into a case of murder and deception. Bill
Pullman and Ben Stiller star. (AC,AL,V)
R-1:56. MAX Jan.15 CDEH
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TVG For General audiences
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TV14 Parental guidance strongly suggested
TVMA Mature audiences only, includes R & NR content
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d indicates programs with Dolby Surround Encoding, where 
  available. Registered TM of Dolby Laboratories. 
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  In homes using HD feed, Efunction is not accessible.
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AC Adult content or Alternating current
AL Adult language
GL Graphic language
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V Violence
GV Graphic Violence
BN Brief Nudity or Burlington Northern
N Nudity
SC Strong sexual content
RP Rape
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