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Who Monsters

Movies so far have included Big Trouble In Little China (Kurt Russell), John Carpenter's The Thing, Repossessed (Linda Blair), Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands, Erik The Viking (Monty Python), Canadian Bacon (US declares war on Canada, John Candy & Dan Aykroyd as cops on opposite sides of the border), Rosemary's Baby, Daddy Day Care (Eddie Murphy), A League Of Their Own, James Bond 007 movies, Hulk (the incredible), Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl (a pirate ship with a real skeleton crew), Captain Ron (Kurt Russell of the Caribbean), Judge Dredd (court is adjourned), Spawn, Twilight Zone: The Movie, Lawnmower Man 2: Jobe's War, Tombstone (Kurt Russell), Muppet Treasure Island (Tim Curry as Long John Silver), Aces: Iron Eagle 3, The Bridges Of Madison County (Clint Eastwood's chick flick), The Scarlet Letter (Demi Moore), The Seventh Sign of the apocalypse, Highlander, Godzilla movies, Lawnmower Man 2: Jobe's War, Heavy Metal (animated space/zombies), Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Hudson Hawk (Bruce Willis sings!), Nightmare On Elm Street's "Freddy Vs. Jason" of Friday the 13th, Planes, Trains & Automobiles (John Candy vs. Steve Martin), Dick Tracy (1990 fantasy, Al Pacino vs. Warren Beatty), Flatliners, Clive Barker's Lord Of Illusions, It! The Terror From Beyond Space (1958), The Thing (Kurt Russell, John Carpenter remake), Child's Play 2, Cannonball Run 2 (Burt Reynolds, Jackie Chan), Alien Intruder, Blankman (Robert Townsend's invention turns him into a geeky superhero), and The Fly

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                                     May-June, 2008
Thursday, May. 1
  1:00AM ET Commando  
  2:35AM ET The Matador  
  4:15AM ET Speed 2: Cruise Control  
  6:30AM ET Invincible  
  8:20AM ET Flipper  
  10:00AM ET Play It To The Bone  
  12:10PM ET The Fan  
  2:15PM ET Invincible  
  4:00PM ET The Shadow  
  5:50PM ET Waiting To Exhale  
  8:00PM ET Major Payne  
  9:45PM ET Invincible  
  11:35PM ET The Fan  
Friday, May. 2
  1:35AM ET Play It To The Bone  
  3:40AM ET Major Payne   
  5:20AM ET Cookie's Fortune   
  7:20AM ET Powder   
  9:15AM ET Rain Man   
  11:30AM ET Rounders   
  1:35PM ET The Fan   
  3:35PM ET Major Payne   
  5:20PM ET Death Becomes Her   
  7:05PM ET Mission To Mars   
  9:00PM ET Stomp The Yard   
  11:00PM ET Catch And Release   
Saturday, May. 3
  1:00AM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #101 - "The Hotness"   
  1:30AM ET Head Case:Ep #101 - Live and Let Diet   
  2:00AM ET Starz Inside: 2008 Preview   
  2:20AM ET The Hoax   
  4:20AM ET Wind Chill   
  6:00AM ET Kickin' It Old Skool   
  7:50AM ET The Messengers   
  9:30AM ET Stomp The Yard   
  11:30AM ET Zoom   
  1:00PM ET The Hoax   
  3:00PM ET Catch And Release   
  5:00PM ET Starz Inside: 2008 Preview   
  5:20PM ET Stomp The Yard   
  7:20PM ET The Messengers   
  9:00PM ET Gone In Sixty Seconds   
  11:00PM ET Twelve Monkeys   
Sunday, May. 4
  1:15AM ET Child's Play   
  2:45AM ET Tales From The Crypt Presents: Demon Knight   
  4:20AM ET Nowhere To Run   
  6:00AM ET Stick It!   
  7:45AM ET Gone In Sixty Seconds   
  9:45AM ET The Guardian   
  12:05PM ET Legends Of The Fall   
  2:20PM ET Life   
  4:15PM ET Gone In Sixty Seconds   
  6:15PM ET Stick It!   
  8:00PM ET The Guardian   
  10:20PM ET Se7en   
Monday, May. 5
 12:30AM ET Life   
  2:20AM ET Wild At Heart   
  4:30AM ET The Guardian   
  6:50AM ET Great Balls Of Fire!   
  8:40AM ET Teen Wolf Too   
  10:20AM ET Poltergeist III   
  12:00PM ET Gridiron Gang   
  2:10PM ET Ed TV   
  4:15PM ET Dying Young   
  6:10PM ET Dungeons & Dragons   
  8:00PM ET Gridiron Gang   
  10:10PM ET National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation   
  11:45PM ET Never Talk To Strangers   
Tuesday, May. 6
  1:15AM ET Rounders   
  3:20AM ET The Shadow   
  5:10AM ET The Electric Horseman   
  7:15AM ET Harry And The Hendersons   
  9:10AM ET The Flintstones   
  10:45AM ET Powder   
  12:40PM ET Rounders   
  2:45PM ET The Bachelor   
  4:30PM ET Death Becomes Her   
  6:15PM ET Uncle Buck   
  8:00PM ET Cutthroat Island   
  10:05PM ET Dead Presidents   
Wednesday, May. 7
 12:05AM ET Running Scared   
  2:00AM ET Mafia!   
  3:30AM ET Nowhere To Run   
  5:05AM ET Uncle Buck   
  6:50AM ET RV   
  8:35AM ET 3 Men And A Little Lady   
  10:20AM ET Stick It!   
  12:10PM ET Find Me Guilty   
  2:15PM ET Waterworld   
  4:35PM ET RV   
  6:15PM ET Stick It!   
  8:00PM ET Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me   
  9:40PM ET Waterworld   
Thursday, May. 8
 12:00AM ET Alien   
  2:00AM ET The Last Temptation Of Christ   
  4:50AM ET Stick It!   
  6:40AM ET Mr. Wrong   
  8:20AM ET Smokey And The Bandit   
  10:05AM ET Gone In Sixty Seconds   
  12:10PM ET Keeping The Faith   
  2:20PM ET Addicted To Love   
  4:05PM ET Dogma   
  6:15PM ET Robin Hood: Men In Tights   
  8:00PM ET Gone In Sixty Seconds   
  10:00PM ET The Postman   
Friday, May. 9
  1:00AM ET He Got Game   
  3:20AM ET Grand Canyon   
  5:35AM ET Gone In Sixty Seconds   
  7:35AM ET D2: The Mighty Ducks   
  9:30AM ET Robin Hood: Men In Tights   
  11:20AM ET The Money Pit   
  1:00PM ET Speed 2: Cruise Control   
  3:10PM ET Jumanji   
  5:00PM ET The Real McCoy   
  6:45PM ET Tombstone   
  9:00PM ET Ghost Rider   
  11:00PM ET Apocalypto   
Saturday, May. 10
  1:20AM ET The Holiday   
  3:40AM ET Next   
  5:20AM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #102 - "Where's Tom?"   
  5:50AM ET Head Case:Ep #102 - El Finks   
  6:15AM ET Starz Inside: 2008 Preview   
  6:35AM ET Ghost Rider   
  8:35AM ET The Lookout   
  10:15AM ET Bridge To Terabithia   
  12:00PM ET Next   
  1:40PM ET Starz Inside: 2008 Preview   
  2:00PM ET Head Case:Ep #102 - El Finks   
  2:30PM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #102 - "Where's Tom?"   
  3:00PM ET The Holiday   
  5:20PM ET Ghost Rider   
  7:20PM ET Bridge To Terabithia   
  9:00PM ET Billy Madison   
  10:30PM ET L.A. Confidential   
Sunday, May. 11
 12:50AM ET Waterworld   
  3:10AM ET The Frighteners   
  5:05AM ET Billy Madison   
  6:40AM ET Gridiron Gang   
  8:50AM ET Cars   
  10:50AM ET Alien   
  12:50PM ET Twister   
  2:50PM ET Uncle Buck   
  4:30PM ET Billy Madison   
  6:00PM ET Cars   
  8:00PM ET Twister   
  10:00PM ET Gridiron Gang   
Monday, May. 12
 12:10AM ET Dungeons & Dragons   
  2:00AM ET Undisputed   
  3:40AM ET Twister   
  5:40AM ET Major Payne   
  7:20AM ET The Mighty   
  9:05AM ET Legends Of The Fall   
  11:20AM ET Invincible   
  1:10PM ET Little Man   
  2:50PM ET Major Payne   
  4:30PM ET Crazy/Beautiful   
  6:15PM ET Invincible   
  8:00PM ET Little Man   
  9:45PM ET Major Payne   
  11:30PM ET Life   
Tuesday, May. 13
  1:20AM ET Invincible   
  3:10AM ET The Marrying Man   
  5:10AM ET The Queen   
  7:00AM ET The Wild   
  8:30AM ET RV   
  10:10AM ET Tin Cup   
  12:30PM ET The Queen   
  2:15PM ET Ed TV   
  4:20PM ET 3 Men And A Little Lady   
  6:05PM ET High Fidelity   
  8:00PM ET RV   
  9:45PM ET Stick It!   
  11:30PM ET Tin Cup   
Wednesday, May. 14
  1:50AM ET Play It To The Bone   
  4:50AM ET Stick It!   
  6:45AM ET Speed 2: Cruise Control   
  9:00AM ET Billy Madison   
  10:40AM ET Mr. Wrong   
  12:20PM ET Dying Young   
  2:20PM ET Tombstone   
  4:40PM ET Smokey And The Bandit   
  6:20PM ET The Flintstones   
  8:00PM ET Billy Madison   
  9:35PM ET Tombstone   
  11:50PM ET Speed 2: Cruise Control   
Thursday, May. 15
  2:00AM ET Child's Play   
  3:30AM ET Mobsters   
  5:20AM ET Gotcha!   
  7:10AM ET Cars   
  9:10AM ET Mad Love   
  10:50AM ET The Night Listener   
  12:20PM ET Alien   
  2:20PM ET Jumanji   
  4:10PM ET Life   
  6:00PM ET Cars   
  8:00PM ET Alien   
  10:00PM ET Aliens   
Friday, May. 16
 12:40AM ET Alien 3   
  2:35AM ET London   
  4:10AM ET The Frighteners   
  6:05AM ET Invincible   
  7:50AM ET Patch Adams   
  9:50AM ET Beautiful Girls   
  11:50AM ET Gone In Sixty Seconds   
  1:50PM ET Cool Runnings   
  3:35PM ET Invincible   
  5:20PM ET National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation   
  7:00PM ET Gone In Sixty Seconds   
  9:00PM ET Are We Done Yet?   
  10:40PM ET Deja Vu   
Saturday, May. 17
 12:50AM ET Stomp The Yard   
  2:50AM ET Vacancy   
  4:20AM ET Wind Chill   
  6:00AM ET The Da Vinci Code   
  8:30AM ET Are We Done Yet?   
  10:05AM ET Starz Inside: 2008 Preview   
  10:30AM ET Deja Vu   
  12:40PM ET Stomp The Yard   
  2:40PM ET Vacancy   
  4:10PM ET Are We Done Yet?   
  5:50PM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #103 - "Dominion Day"   
  6:15PM ET Head Case:Ep #103 - A Tard For All Seasons   
  6:45PM ET Deja Vu   
  9:00PM ET The Faculty   
  10:50PM ET From Dusk Till Dawn   
Sunday, May. 18
 12:40AM ET Sleepers   
  3:10AM ET Cutthroat Island   
  5:20AM ET Harry And The Hendersons   
  7:20AM ET Mission To Mars   
  9:20AM ET Volcano   
  11:10AM ET Major Payne   
  12:50PM ET Little Man   
  2:35PM ET The Faculty   
  4:20PM ET Death Becomes Her   
  6:10PM ET Volcano   
  8:00PM ET Click   
  9:50PM ET Little Man   
  11:30PM ET Dead Presidents   
Monday, May. 19
  1:40AM ET The Grudge 2   
  3:30AM ET Running With Scissors   
  5:40AM ET Click   
  7:35AM ET The Wild   
  9:05AM ET Mad Love   
  10:50AM ET The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai Across The Eighth Dimension   
  12:40PM ET Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me   
  2:20PM ET Twister   
  4:15PM ET Click   
  6:05PM ET Powder   
  8:00PM ET Twister   
  10:00PM ET Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me   
  11:40PM ET Se7en   
Tuesday, May. 20
  1:50AM ET Dogma   
  4:10AM ET The Matador   
  5:50AM ET On The Set: The Guardian   
  6:15AM ET Waterworld   
  8:35AM ET Twister   
  10:35AM ET Billy Madison   
  12:10PM ET Gridiron Gang   
  2:20PM ET Gone In Sixty Seconds   
  4:20PM ET Dying Young   
  6:20PM ET Cool Runnings   
  8:00PM ET Billy Madison   
  9:30PM ET Gone In Sixty Seconds   
  11:30PM ET Waterworld   
Wednesday, May. 21
  1:50AM ET The Crow: City Of Angels   
  3:20AM ET He Got Game   
  5:40AM ET Career Opportunities   
  7:05AM ET Honey, I Blew Up The Kid   
  8:40AM ET Gridiron Gang   
  10:50AM ET Invincible   
  12:35PM ET High Fidelity   
  2:30PM ET The Fan   
  4:30PM ET Home Alone 3   
  6:15PM ET Death Becomes Her   
  8:00PM ET Volcano   
  9:50PM ET Invincible   
  11:35PM ET Alien 3   
Thursday, May. 22
  1:30AM ET The Postman   
  4:30AM ET On The Set: The Guardian   
  4:50AM ET Volcano   
  6:35AM ET The Queen   
  8:20AM ET The Secret Of My Success   
  10:20AM ET The Guardian   
  12:45PM ET Rounders   
  2:50PM ET The Faculty   
  4:40PM ET The Flintstones   
  6:15PM ET Crazy/Beautiful   
  8:00PM ET The Guardian   
  10:20PM ET The Faculty   
Friday, May. 23
 12:10AM ET Cutthroat Island   
  2:15AM ET Find Me Guilty   
  4:20AM ET Cheech & Chong's Get Out Of My Room   
  5:20AM ET The Guardian   
  7:45AM ET Cars   
  9:45AM ET The Man In The Iron Mask   
  12:00PM ET Billy Madison   
  1:35PM ET Keeping The Faith   
  3:45PM ET Stick It!   
  5:30PM ET Cars   
  7:30PM ET Billy Madison   
  9:00PM ET The Holiday   
  11:20PM ET Bridge To Terabithia   
Saturday, May. 24
  1:00AM ET Grindhouse Presents Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof   
  3:00AM ET Starz Inside: 2008 Preview   
  3:15AM ET Starz Inside: Hollywood Goes Gaming   
  4:15AM ET The Messengers   
  5:50AM ET The Hoax   
  7:50AM ET The Holiday   
  10:10AM ET Ghost Rider   
  12:00PM ET Head Case:Ep #104 - Goode Vibes   
  12:30PM ET Hollywood Residential:Episode #106 - "Only Small Actors"   
  12:50PM ET Starz Inside: 2008 Preview   
  1:05PM ET The Messengers   
  2:40PM ET The Hoax   
  4:45PM ET The Holiday   
  7:05PM ET Ghost Rider   
  9:00PM ET Disney's The Kid   
  10:50PM ET Alien   
Sunday, May. 25
 12:50AM ET Tombstone   
  3:00AM ET The Crow: City Of Angels   
  4:30AM ET She-Devil   
  6:15AM ET Cool Runnings   
  8:00AM ET Mr. Mom   
  9:40AM ET National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation   
  11:20AM ET Tin Cup   
  1:40PM ET Waterworld   
  4:00PM ET Disney's The Kid   
  5:45PM ET Tombstone   
  8:00PM ET Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me   
  9:40PM ET City Slickers II: The Legend Of Curly's Gold   
  11:40PM ET Jaws 2   
Monday, May. 26
  1:40AM ET Porky's II: The Next Day   
  3:20AM ET Teen Wolf Too   
  5:00AM ET F/X2   
  6:50AM ET Beethoven's 2nd   
  8:20AM ET 3 Men And A Little Lady   
  10:10AM ET Honey, I Blew Up The Kid   
  11:45AM ET Smokey And The Bandit II   
  1:30PM ET D2: The Mighty Ducks   
  3:20PM ET RoboCop 2   
  5:20PM ET Rambo: First Blood Part II   
  7:00PM ET Home Alone 2: Lost In New York   
  9:05PM ET Poltergeist II: The Other Side   
  10:40PM ET Aliens   
Tuesday, May. 27
  1:00AM ET Robin Hood: Men In Tights   
  2:50AM ET The Night Listener   
  4:20AM ET London   
  6:00AM ET Mafia!   
  7:30AM ET Invincible   
  9:15AM ET The Money Pit   
  10:50AM ET Tombstone   
  1:05PM ET Mad Love   
  2:45PM ET Crazy/Beautiful   
  4:30PM ET The Faculty   
  6:15PM ET Disney's The Kid   
  8:00PM ET Invincible   
  9:50PM ET Tombstone   
Wednesday, May. 28
 12:05AM ET The Faculty   
  2:00AM ET The Grudge 2   
  3:50AM ET The Matador   
  5:30AM ET Evita   
  7:50AM ET Disney's The Kid   
  9:45AM ET The Queen   
  11:30AM ET Waiting To Exhale   
  1:35PM ET Dogma   
  3:45PM ET Gone In Sixty Seconds   
  5:45PM ET Twelve Monkeys   
  8:00PM ET Se7en   
  10:10PM ET Legends Of The Fall   
Thursday, May. 29
 12:30AM ET Sleepers   
  3:00AM ET Gone In Sixty Seconds   
  5:05AM ET Career Opportunities   
  6:30AM ET Gridiron Gang   
  8:40AM ET Mission To Mars   
  10:40AM ET Click   
  12:30PM ET The Real McCoy   
  2:20PM ET Gridiron Gang   
  4:30PM ET Mr. Mom   
  6:05PM ET High Fidelity   
  8:00PM ET Click   
  9:50PM ET Gridiron Gang   
Friday, May. 30
 12:00AM ET She-Devil   
  1:40AM ET High Fidelity   
  3:35AM ET Rain Man   
  5:50AM ET The Guardian   
  8:15AM ET Addicted To Love   
  10:00AM ET Little Man   
  11:40AM ET High Fidelity   
  1:40PM ET The Flintstones   
  3:15PM ET The Guardian   
  5:40PM ET Little Man   
  7:20PM ET Major Payne   
  9:00PM ET Wild Hogs   
  10:45PM ET Perfect Stranger   
Saturday, May. 31
 12:35AM ET Head Case:Ep #104 - Goode Vibes   
  1:05AM ET Catch And Release   
  3:00AM ET The Pursuit Of Happyness   
  5:00AM ET Next   
  6:40AM ET Perfect Stranger   
  8:35AM ET Wild Hogs   
  10:20AM ET Catch And Release   
  12:15PM ET Are We Done Yet?   
  2:00PM ET Starz Inside: The Pixar Story   
  3:30PM ET Starz Inside: The Pixar Story Continues   
  3:50PM ET Perfect Stranger   
  5:40PM ET Wild Hogs   
  7:20PM ET Next   
  9:00PM ET Twister   
  11:00PM ET Volcano   

Sunday, Jun. 1
 12:45AM ET Teaching Mrs. Tingle   
  2:20AM ET Devil's Advocate   
  4:45AM ET Bio-Dome   
  6:20AM ET Far From Home: The Adventures Of Yellow Dog   
  7:50AM ET Air Bud   
  9:30AM ET Dances With Wolves   
  12:35PM ET Volcano   
  2:20PM ET Lethal Weapon 3   
  4:20PM ET Step Up   
  6:10PM ET O Brother, Where Art Thou?   
  8:00PM ET Dances With Wolves   
  11:05PM ET Lethal Weapon 3   
Monday, Jun. 2
  1:05AM ET The Professional   
  3:00AM ET Harley Davidson And The Marlboro Man   
  4:45AM ET On The Set: Stranger Than Fiction   
  5:05AM ET O Brother, Where Art Thou?   
  7:00AM ET Step Up   
  8:45AM ET Married To The Mob   
  10:30AM ET She's The One   
  12:10PM ET The Rock   
  2:30PM ET Mystery Men   
  4:35PM ET Reality Bites   
  6:15PM ET The Faculty   
  8:00PM ET The Rock   
  10:20PM ET Hard Target   
Tuesday, Jun. 3
 12:00AM ET Mystery Men   
  2:05AM ET The One   
  3:35AM ET Ghost Dad   
  5:00AM ET The Rock   
  7:20AM ET Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby   
  9:10AM ET The Great Outdoors   
  10:45AM ET Contact   
  1:20PM ET The One   
  2:50PM ET Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby   
  4:40PM ET Mannequin   
  6:15PM ET Captain Ron   
  8:00PM ET Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby   
  9:50PM ET Platoon   
Wednesday, Jun. 4
 12:00AM ET American Pie   
  1:40AM ET Consenting Adults   
  3:20AM ET Contact   
  6:00AM ET On The Set: Stranger Than Fiction   
  6:20AM ET The Prestige   
  8:40AM ET Casper   
  10:20AM ET The Bone Collector   
  12:20PM ET Platoon   
  2:20PM ET Rush Hour   
  4:05PM ET The Prestige   
  6:20PM ET Bowfinger   
  8:00PM ET The Bone Collector   
  10:00PM ET Nine Months   
  11:45PM ET Rush Hour   
Thursday, Jun. 5
  1:30AM ET The Prestige   
  3:50AM ET Cloud 9   
  5:30AM ET Nine Months   
  7:15AM ET Home Alone 2: Lost In New York   
  9:15AM ET Monster House   
  10:50AM ET Airheads   
  12:30PM ET The Mummy   
  2:35PM ET Home Alone 2: Lost In New York   
  4:40PM ET Bio-Dome   
  6:20PM ET Monster House   
  8:00PM ET The Mummy   
  10:10PM ET The Professional   
Friday, Jun. 6
 12:05AM ET The Sixth Sense   
  2:00AM ET Mobsters   
  3:45AM ET All The King's Men   
  6:00AM ET The Illusionist   
  7:50AM ET A Kid In King Arthur's Court   
  9:30AM ET License To Drive   
  11:00AM ET Man Of The House   
  12:40PM ET She's The One   
  2:20PM ET Shanghai Noon   
  4:15PM ET Junior   
  6:10PM ET Mystic Pizza   
  8:00PM ET Scary Movie 4   
  9:30PM ET Life   
  11:20PM ET Shanghai Noon   
Saturday, Jun. 7
  1:15AM ET Tomcats   
  2:50AM ET Scary Movie 4   
  4:15AM ET Contact   
  6:50AM ET Earth Girls Are Easy   
  8:35AM ET Shanghai Noon   
  10:35AM ET Life   
  12:30PM ET The Rock   
  2:50PM ET Scary Movie 4   
  4:15PM ET Nine Months   
  6:00PM ET City Slickers II: The Legend Of Curly's Gold   
  8:00PM ET Contact   
  10:30PM ET The Rock   
Sunday, Jun. 8
 12:50AM ET Judge Dredd   
  2:30AM ET Holy Man   
  4:30AM ET City Slickers II: The Legend Of Curly's Gold   
  6:30AM ET Casper   
  8:10AM ET Far From Home: The Adventures Of Yellow Dog   
  9:35AM ET Cry-Baby   
  11:00AM ET Striptease   
  1:00PM ET RoboCop   
  2:50PM ET Hard Target   
  4:35PM ET Bowfinger   
  6:15PM ET Casper   
  8:00PM ET Striptease   
  10:00PM ET The One   
  11:30PM ET Hard Target   
Monday, Jun. 9
  1:15AM ET Bowfinger   
  3:00AM ET Platoon   
  5:10AM ET On The Set: Stranger Than Fiction   
  5:35AM ET Pulse   
  7:10AM ET Stranger Than Fiction   
  9:10AM ET A Home Of Our Own   
  11:00AM ET Platoon   
  1:00PM ET Stay Alive   
  2:30PM ET Stranger Than Fiction   
  4:30PM ET The Mighty Ducks   
  6:20PM ET National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation   
  8:00PM ET Platoon   
  10:00PM ET American Pie   
  11:40PM ET RoboCop   
Tuesday, Jun. 10
  1:30AM ET National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation   
  3:05AM ET I'm Gonna Git You Sucka   
  4:35AM ET American Pie   
  6:15AM ET Annie Hall   
  7:50AM ET All The King's Men   
  10:05AM ET Rush Hour   
  11:45AM ET Sleepers   
  2:15PM ET Step Up   
  4:00PM ET Home Alone 2: Lost In New York   
  6:00PM ET Mystery, Alaska   
  8:00PM ET Rush Hour   
  9:45PM ET Step Up   
  11:35PM ET Life   
Wednesday, Jun. 11
  1:30AM ET Devil's Advocate   
  4:50AM ET Far From Home: The Adventures Of Yellow Dog   
  6:15AM ET The Chase   
  7:45AM ET Scary Movie 4   
  9:10AM ET Mystery, Alaska   
  11:10AM ET Married To The Mob   
  1:00PM ET Air Bud   
  2:40PM ET The Faculty   
  4:30PM ET Airheads   
  8:00PM ET Scary Movie 4   
  9:30PM ET The Faculty   
  11:15PM ET The Professional   
Thursday, Jun. 12
  1:10AM ET Scream   
  3:05AM ET Striptease   
  5:05AM ET Ghost Dad   
  6:30AM ET A Kid In King Arthur's Court   
  8:05AM ET Mystic Pizza   
  9:50AM ET Shanghai Noon   
  11:45AM ET Contact   
  2:20PM ET The Prestige   
  4:40PM ET Casper   
  6:20PM ET Teaching Mrs. Tingle   
  8:00PM ET Shanghai Noon   
  10:00PM ET The One   
  11:30PM ET Contact   
Friday, Jun. 13
  2:05AM ET Forever Mine   
  4:05AM ET Shanghai Noon   
  6:00AM ET Keeping Up With The Steins   
  7:30AM ET The One   
  9:05AM ET The Prestige   
  11:20AM ET She-Devil   
  1:05PM ET Coyote Ugly   
  2:50PM ET The Mighty Ducks   
  4:40PM ET Babe   
  6:15PM ET Sister Act   
  8:00PM ET Coyote Ugly   
  9:45PM ET The Bone Collector   
  11:45PM ET Bulletproof   
Saturday, Jun. 14
  1:15AM ET Platoon   
  3:15AM ET Coyote Ugly   
  5:00AM ET Tin Cup   
  7:15AM ET Home Alone 2: Lost In New York   
  9:20AM ET Little Man   
  11:00AM ET Bulletproof   
  12:30PM ET Lethal Weapon 3   
  2:30PM ET D2: The Mighty Ducks   
  4:20PM ET Mystery, Alaska   
  6:20PM ET Little Man   
  8:00PM ET Lethal Weapon 3   
  10:00PM ET Rush Hour   
  11:40PM ET The Mummy   
Sunday, Jun. 15
  1:45AM ET Devil's Advocate   
  4:15AM ET Lethal Weapon 3   
  6:15AM ET Airheads   
  7:50AM ET Rush Hour   
  9:30AM ET The Mummy   
  11:40AM ET Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby   
  1:30PM ET Dances With Wolves   
  4:35PM ET Captain Ron   
  6:20PM ET The Great Outdoors   
  8:00PM ET Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby   
  9:50PM ET American Pie   
  11:30PM ET The Faculty   
Monday, Jun. 16
  1:15AM ET Wes Craven's New Nightmare   
  3:10AM ET Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby   
  5:00AM ET Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest   
  7:35AM ET Far From Home: The Adventures Of Yellow Dog   
  9:00AM ET Monster House   
  10:35AM ET Nine Months   
  12:20PM ET Junior   
  2:10PM ET Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest   
  4:45PM ET Monster House   
  6:20PM ET Air Bud   
  8:00PM ET Nine Months   
  9:45PM ET Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest   
Tuesday, Jun. 17
 12:20AM ET Judge Dredd   
  2:00AM ET Bowfinger   
  3:40AM ET Girl 6   
  5:35AM ET The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai Across The Eighth Dimension   
  7:20AM ET Cry-Baby   
  8:50AM ET Scary Movie 4   
  10:20AM ET Scream   
  12:15PM ET The Prestige   
  2:30PM ET The Rock   
  4:50PM ET Scary Movie 4   
  6:15PM ET RoboCop   
  8:00PM ET Casper   
  9:45PM ET O Brother, Where Art Thou?   
  11:35PM ET The Rock   
Wednesday, Jun. 18
  2:00AM ET Pulse   
  3:35AM ET All The King's Men   
  5:50AM ET Missing   
  8:00AM ET D2: The Mighty Ducks   
  9:50AM ET Casper   
  11:35AM ET Coyote Ugly   
  1:20PM ET O Brother, Where Art Thou?   
  3:15PM ET Little Man   
  5:00PM ET Stay Alive   
  6:30PM ET Mannequin   
  8:00PM ET Coyote Ugly   
  9:45PM ET Little Man   
  11:30PM ET Mystery, Alaska   
Thursday, Jun. 19
  1:35AM ET Mobsters   
  3:20AM ET On The Set: Stranger Than Fiction   
  3:40AM ET CB4   
  5:15AM ET Little Man   
  7:00AM ET Music Of The Heart   
  9:10AM ET Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby   
  11:05AM ET The Great Outdoors   
  12:40PM ET Mystery, Alaska   
  2:45PM ET One NIght At McCool's   
  4:20PM ET Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby   
  6:15PM ET Earth Girls Are Easy   
  8:00PM ET City Slickers II: The Legend Of Curly's Gold   
  10:00PM ET Devil's Advocate   
Friday, Jun. 20
 12:30AM ET Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby   
  2:20AM ET Harley Davidson And The Marlboro Man   
  4:05AM ET Midnight Run   
  6:20AM ET Biloxi Blues   
  10:10AM ET The Sixth Sense   
  12:05PM ET City Slickers II: The Legend Of Curly's Gold   
  2:10PM ET Devil's Advocate   
  4:40PM ET Reality Bites   
  6:20PM ET Bio-Dome   
  8:00PM ET The One   
  9:30PM ET Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest   
Saturday, Jun. 21
 12:05AM ET Captain Ron   
  1:50AM ET The Professional   
  3:45AM ET Holy Man   
  5:40AM ET On The Set: Stranger Than Fiction   
  6:00AM ET The One   
  7:30AM ET Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest   
  10:05AM ET Shanghai Noon   
  12:05PM ET National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation   
  1:45PM ET Casper   
  3:30PM ET Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest   
  6:05PM ET Shanghai Noon   
  8:00PM ET End Of Days   
  10:05PM ET U-571   
Sunday, Jun. 22
 12:05AM ET RoboCop   
  1:50AM ET Shanghai Noon   
  3:50AM ET Mystery Men   
  6:00AM ET On The Set: Stranger Than Fiction   
  6:20AM ET Monster House   
  8:00AM ET Mannequin   
  9:35AM ET End Of Days   
  11:45AM ET U-571   
  1:50PM ET The Rock   
  4:10PM ET Platoon   
  6:15PM ET Nine Months   
  8:00PM ET Scary Movie 4   
  9:30PM ET The Rock   
  11:50PM ET Life   
Monday, Jun. 23
  1:45AM ET Platoon   
  3:50AM ET Rumble Fish   
  5:30AM ET 3 Ninjas: High Noon At Mega Mountain   
  7:10AM ET On The Set: Stranger Than Fiction   
  7:30AM ET The Illusionist   
  9:30AM ET Legal Eagles   
  11:30AM ET Scary Movie 4   
  1:00PM ET Sister Act   
  2:45PM ET Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby   
  4:35PM ET Scream   
  6:30PM ET Cry-Baby   
  8:00PM ET Sister Act   
  9:45PM ET Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby   
  11:35PM ET The Great Outdoors   
Tuesday, Jun. 24
  1:10AM ET Tomcats   
  2:45AM ET Cloud 9   
  4:20AM ET Consenting Adults   
  6:00AM ET She-Devil   
  7:40AM ET Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby   
  9:30AM ET Man Of The House   
  11:15AM ET The Great Outdoors   
  12:50PM ET She's The One   
  2:30PM ET She-Devil   
  4:15PM ET The Sixth Sense   
  6:05PM ET The Fabulous Baker Boys   
  9:50PM ET Married To The Mob   
  11:40PM ET Wolf   
Wednesday, Jun. 25
  1:50AM ET I'm Gonna Git You Sucka   
  3:20AM ET Winter Passing   
  5:00AM ET The Manhattan Project   
  7:00AM ET Eight Men Out   
  9:05AM ET Shanghai Noon   
  11:00AM ET Bio-Dome   
  12:40PM ET RoboCop   
  2:30PM ET Monster House   
  4:05PM ET Shanghai Noon   
  6:00PM ET U-571   
  8:00PM ET Chocolat   
  10:05PM ET Mystic Pizza   
  11:50PM ET Teaching Mrs. Tingle   
Thursday, Jun. 26
  1:30AM ET U-571   
  3:30AM ET The Chase   
  5:00AM ET Monster House   
  6:35AM ET Keeping Up With The Steins   
  8:05AM ET Keeping The Faith   
  10:15AM ET Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest   
  12:50PM ET End Of Days   
  3:00PM ET Dances With Wolves   
  6:05PM ET Stranger Than Fiction   
  8:00PM ET Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest   
  10:35PM ET End Of Days   
Friday, Jun. 27
 12:45AM ET Dances With Wolves   
  3:50AM ET On The Set: Stranger Than Fiction   
  4:15AM ET Stranger Than Fiction   
  6:15AM ET Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest   
  8:50AM ET Bowfinger   
  10:35AM ET Lethal Weapon 3   
  12:40PM ET Pulse   
  2:15PM ET Mystery, Alaska   
  4:15PM ET The Faculty   
  6:00PM ET Lethal Weapon 3   
  8:00PM ET Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby   
  9:50PM ET O Brother, Where Art Thou?   
  11:45PM ET Sleepers   
Saturday, Jun. 28
  2:20AM ET CB4   
  4:00AM ET Pulse   
  5:30AM ET On The Set: Stranger Than Fiction   
  5:50AM ET Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby   
  7:40AM ET Far From Home: The Adventures Of Yellow Dog   
  9:05AM ET Air Bud   
  10:45AM ET Coyote Ugly   
  12:30PM ET O Brother, Where Art Thou?   
  2:20PM ET Striptease   
  4:20PM ET Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby   
  6:15PM ET Step Up   
  8:00PM ET American Pie   
  9:40PM ET Coyote Ugly   
  11:30PM ET Striptease   
Sunday, Jun. 29
  1:30AM ET The Great Outdoors   
  3:05AM ET American Pie   
  4:45AM ET The Chase   
  6:20AM ET Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid   
  7:50AM ET Step Up   
  9:40AM ET The Mummy   
  11:45AM ET The Bone Collector   
  1:45PM ET Contact   
  4:15PM ET Sister Act   
  6:00PM ET Home Alone 2: Lost In New York   
  8:00PM ET The Mummy   
  10:10PM ET Judge Dredd   
  11:50PM ET Contact   
Monday, Jun. 30
  2:20AM ET Outside Providence   
  4:00AM ET The Other Sister   
  6:20AM ET On The Set: Stranger Than Fiction   
  6:40AM ET The Prestige   
  9:00AM ET Little Man   
  10:45AM ET The Best Of Times   
  12:35PM ET End Of Days   
  2:40PM ET The Sixth Sense   
  4:30PM ET Little Man   
  8:00PM ET End Of Days   
  10:05PM ET Bulletproof   
  11:35PM ET Little Man   
                                          Movie descriptions:

A rock & roll murder. Joe Bob says check it out! 

ALIENS [R]·Sci-Fi/Horror·1986·(2:17)
Lt. Ripley returns to wasteland planet with marines to verify
her claims of alien attacks. 

ALL I WANNA DO! [PG13]·Comedy·1998·(1:37)
In an early 1960s boarding school for girls, a group of
students band together to break the antiquated rules while
making plans to resist the school's plan to admit boys. 

ALL THE KING'S MEN [PG13]·Drama·2006·(2:08)
Sean Penn gives a riveting performance as Louisiana
governor Willie Stark in this intricate drama about power,
corruption, and betrayal in 1950s America. The all-star cast
includes Jude Law, Kate Winslet, and James Gandolfini.

AMERICAN GRAFFITI [PG]·Comedy·1973·(1:52)
Director George Lucas presents a valentine to the end of an
era with this story of high school graduation and friends who
don't know if their paths will cross again. Great rock and roll
soundtrack, with Harrison Ford.

ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD [PG]·Comedy·1994·(1:43)
A boy's wish to become part of a real family will only be
granted when the California Angels win the pennant - so
angels hear his prayers and start to "assist" the lowly
baseball team! With Tony Danza, Christopher Lloyd.

ANNAPOLIS [PG13]·Black·2006·(1:43)
A brawny young man fulfills his mother's dream of attending
the Naval Academy, where he's assigned a pudgy but brilliant
roommate - and both must literally fight their way to
acceptance in a boxing competition.

ANNIE HALL [PG]·Comedy·1977·(1:33)
Woody Allen's hilarious comedy about a neurotic screenwriter
and his erratic relationships with women - especially the love
of his life, Annie Hall. Winner of four Oscars, including Best
Picture and Best Actress (Diane Keaton).

ARMY OF DARKNESS: EVIL DEAD 3 [R]·Comedy·1993·(1:21)
Mark Twain's Connecticut Yankee crossed with Bob Vila, as a hardware
store employee is transported back to King Arthur's 14th Century. 
Ash finds himself stranded in the 14th century, mistaken for
the enemy, then hailed as a savior - until he accidentally
unleashes a deadly supernatural army! An action-packed
horror hoot, third in the Evil Dead series from Spider-Man 
director Sam Raimi.

THE BABE [PG]·Biography·1992·(1:55)
The man behind the myths - baseball's legendary slugger was
powered by an appetite for life that makes steroids look like
candy! See the booze, the women, the paparazzi and the
Sultan Of Swat!

THE BACHELOR [PG13]·Comedy·1999·(1:42)
Jimmy has shied away from the altar - infuriating his
girlfriend - but when he stands to lose a multi-million dollar
inheritance if he's not married, his attitude towards
matrimony changes - and he's got 24 hours to find a bride!

BEAUTIFUL GIRLS [R]·Drama·1996·(1:53)
A young man on the verge of marriage returns to his
hometown to reconsider, hanging out with old pals and seeing
the ruts they're stuck in. Co-starring Uma Thurman, Mira
Sorvino, Rosie O'Donnell and Natalie Portman.

BEETHOVEN'S 2ND [PG]·Comedy·1993·(1:28)
Everybody's favorite slobbering St. Bernard meets his
dream-dog mate and becomes father to a slew of puppies -
but bad guys kidnap the mom and threaten the little ones in
this fast-paced family comedy.

THE BENCHWARMERS [PG13]·Comedy·2006·(1:25)
Seeking revenge for being bullied as kids, a trio of nerdy guys
- with backing from a wacky billionaire - form a three-man
baseball team and take on the local Little League thugs in
this outrageous comedy. With Jon Lovitz.

BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA [PG13]·Action·1986·(1:40)
Truck driver saves the day when friend's fiancee is kidnapped
by ancient sorcerer ruling underworld of San Francisco's
Chinatown. Kurt Russell, James Hong.

BLADE [R]·Action·1998·(2:00)
Straight from the comics - a half-man, half vampire becomes
a hunter bent on preventing an undead renegade from
unleashing an unholy bloodlust armageddon. With Kris
Kristofferson, Traci Lords.

BREWSTER'S MILLIONS [PG]·Comedy·1985·(1:41)
A minor league relief pitcher stands to inherit $300 million
from his mysterious great-great grandfather - if he can first
spend $30 million in 30 days and have nothing to show for it.
From the director of "48 Hrs."

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER [PG13]·Comedy·1992·(1:25)
A high school cheerleader reluctantly accepts her destiny - 
she is her generation's warrior in the never-ending war 
against vampires! Campy fun, with Donald Sutherland, 
Paul Reubens.

BULLETPROOF [R]·Action·1996·(1:24)
Wayans stars as a black cop forced to befriend a white drug
runner to bring down a drug lord. He winds up with a
"bulletproof" head and shackled to the dealer, both run for
their lives in this action comedy.

The wild life and chaotic times of "gonzo" writer Hunter S.
Thompson is recounted by Johnny Depp, Bill Murray, Sean
Penn, John Cusack, Benicio Del Toro and others in this Starz
Original documentary. Narrated by Nick Nolte.

CANADIAN BACON [PG]·Comedy·1995·(1:35)
The President and his staff concoct a war with Canada as the
sure-fire cure for the commander-in-chief's sagging approval
ratings in this witty political satire. John Candy's final film,
with Rip Torn, Kevin Pollack, Dan Aykroyd.

CAPTAIN RON [PG13]·Comedy·1992·(1:40) Kurt Russell.
The salty Captain Ron is hired by a Chicago businessman to
steer his family's inherited - and derelict - yacht to the
mainland, only he didn't think it would be a life-changing
comic adventure!

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES [PG13]·Comedy·1991·(1:23)
Jim's new job as night watchman at the local department
store turns adventurous when the beautiful Josie is locked in
the store with him all night. With Dermot Mulroney and John
Candy, written by John Hughes (Sixteen Candles).

CARS [G]·Animated·2006·(1:56)
When Lightning McQueen, a hot-shot stock-car en route to a
big race, gets waylaid in small-town Radiator Springs, he
finds the true meaning of friendship and family in the Pixar /
Disney smash hit.

CELTIC PRIDE [PG13]·Comedy·1996·(1:31)
A pair of obsessed Boston Celtic fans get drunk and kidnap
the star player of the opposition Jazz, hoping to help the Celts
win the NBA championship. Look for cameos from Larry Bird
and Bill Walton.

THE CHASE [PG13]·Action·1994·(1:28)
Convicted for a crime he didn't commit, a man escapes
prison and kidnaps a sexy young heiress in a red sports car,
setting off a high-speed highway chase and a media circus in
this witty action caper.

CHEECH & CHONG'S GET OUT OF MY ROOM [PG13]·Comedy·1985·(:52)
A mock documentary filmed mostly in and around LA with
interviews of Cheech and Chong interspersed between four
videos of songs from their last album.

CHERRY 2000 [PG13]·Action·1988·(1:38)
In 2017, a man seeking to re-animate his beloved sex
surrogate 'fembot' (model name: Cherry 2000) teams with a
sexy tracker on a perilous journey through hellish conditions
to find a replacement 'unit.'

Four siblings open a wardrobe in their uncle's house and
enter the magical world of Narnia, a fantasy land suffering
under the rule of the evil White Witch. Together with the
talking lion Aslan, they attempt to defeat the witch.

CITY OF JOY [PG13]·Drama·1992·(2:15)
A callous American surgeon finds new purpose in life working
in the slums of Calcutta. 

CLICK [PG13]·Comedy·2006·(1:47)
What happens when a "universal" remote can literally control
everything? A workaholic architect finds out that it presents
unexpected dilemmas in this clever comedy. With Christopher
Walken, Sean Astin, Henry Winkler. 

COMPANY BUSINESS [PG13]·Comedy·1991·(1:38)
CIA operative and KGB agent join forces when they're both
targeted for murder after their spy swap deal gets botched.

CONSENTING ADULTS [R]·Drama·1992·(1:39)
The Parkers' lives are turned upside down when a new
couple, Eddy and Kay Otis, move in next door. Suggestions
about wife-swapping are just a prelude to something that is
ultimately intended to destroy the Parkers. 

COOL RUNNINGS [PG]·Comedy·1993·(1:38)
The tropical island nation of Jamaica enters a bobsled team
in the Winter Olympics - even though the athletes have never
seen snow! Based on true events, from the director of
"National Treasure." 

THE COVENANT [PG13]·Action·2006·(1:37)
The current descendants of the Salem witches - four young
warlocks - make new discoveries about their powers when
they must stop a destructive mega-evil force in an
apocalyptic battle. 

The lavish, atmospheric story of the spiritual journey of a
legendary warrior - and the extraordinary women in his life -
features breathtaking martial arts action. Winner of 4 Oscars,
including Best Foreign Language film. 

Stephen King's CUJO [R]·Horror·1983·(1:33)
A killer St. Bernard terrifies a mother and child trapped in
their car. From the Stephen King novel. 

THE CUTTING EDGE [PG]·Comedy·1992·(1:41)
Can a macho ex-hockey player become a figure skater? Will
he and his snooty world-class skating partner find love? And
can that happen while they compete for Olympic gold? 

D2: THE MIGHTY DUCKS [PG]·Comedy·1994·(1:47)
The underdog Ducks and their coach become the core of
Team USA, but can they overcome their coach's attraction to
Hollywood and the tough-as-nails team from Iceland and
claim the world ice hockey title? 

THE DA VINCI CODE [PG13]·Book Based·2006·(2:29) Tom Hanks.
Director Ron Howard brings the best-seller novel to the
screen: a Harvard symbology professor goes on the run with a
beautiful cryptologist, tracking down clues to solve a murder
while unravelling a centuries-old mystery. 

DANCES WITH WOLVES [PG13]·Drama·1990·(3:01)
Director Kevin Costner's story of a white Army officer who
comes to befriend a band of Sioux Indians and adopts their
culture in the post-Civil War American west. Winner of seven
Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director. 

DAWN OF THE DEAD [R]·Action·2004·(1:40)
A gripping, gory remake of the cult horror classic: the undead
walk the earth as flesh-eating zombies, trapping a disparate
group of desperate people in a suburban shopping mall. From
the director of "300". 

DEATH BECOMES HER [PG13]·Comedy·1992·(1:43)
An epic competition between a vain actress and a troubled
writer leads thems to a woman who offers the secret to
everlasting life and youth! A wild comedy with Bruce Willis
and Sydney Pollack as a stupified doctor. 

THE DEER HUNTER [R]·Drama·1979·(3:03)
The searing, haunting story of rural Pennsylvania buddies and
the traumas they - and their families and lovers - face during
the Vietnam War. Winner of 5 Oscars, including Best Picture
and Best Supporting Actor (Christopher Walken). 

DERAILED [R]·Drama·2005·(1:47)
Two married people fall into an affair, but their first sexual
encounter is violently interrupted by a sociopathic criminal,
who later blackmails them - but is everything as it seems?
From the writer of "Collateral". 

DEUCE BIGALOW: MALE GIGOLO [R]·Comedy·1999·(1:28)
He's a man-whore! The gross-out misadventures of a fish
tank cleaner who falls into a career as a male prostitute,
complete with crazy clients and a sleazy cop on his tail.

DIABOLIQUE [R]·Female·1996·(1:47)
The wife and mistress of a brutal headmaster team together
to murder him, all is fine until the body disappears. Starring
Sharon Stone. 

DICK TRACY [PG]·Comic Book Fantasy·1990·(1:45)
The square-jawed detective of the comics busts a vicious
crime syndicate in this colorful, action-packed extravaganza.
Directed by Warren Beatty, co-starring Al Pacino and Dustin

DOOGAL [G]·Animated·2006·(1:17)
Led by the candy-loving mutt Doogal, three friends embark on
an epic adventure to save the world from the evil wizard
Zeebad. With the voices of Jimmy Fallon, Jon Stewart, Whoopi
Goldberg, Ian McKellan and more. 

DOUBLE DRAGON [PG13]·Action·1994·(1:36)
Martial arts fighters battle evil in futuristic Los Angeles.
Robert Patrick, Mark Dacascos. 

DOUBLE TAKE [PG13]·Action·2001·(1:28)
An investment banker - framed as a cop killer - is on the run
to Mexico and gets mistaken for a fast-talking con man who
may be a crook, an FBI agent - or an assassin! From the
creator of Bad Boys and Midnight Run. 

ED TV [PG13]·Comedy·1999·(2:03)
Ed, a video store clerk, becomes the star of a 24/7 reality
show - but as the cameras follow his every move, the family
skeletons appear and soon Ed is eager to cancel his fame.
With Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Hurley, Jenna Elfman.

Tim Burton's EDWARD SCISSORHANDS [PG13]·Fantasy·1990·(1:45)
Director Tim Burton's modern fable about a steely sharp
young man and his adventures in pastel suburbia. The
breakout film for Johnny Depp, with Vincent Price, Kathy
Baker, Anthony Michael Hall, Dianne Wiest. 

EIGHT BELOW [PG]·Adventure·2006·(2:00)
Based on true events: a group of Antarctic researchers are
forced by a major storm to leave their team of sled dogs
behind to fend for themselves in the brutal polar landscape. A
gripping and inspirational adventure. 

EIGHT MEN OUT [PG]·Drama·1988·(2:00)
The true story of the "Black Sox," the eight members of the
Chicago White Sox who conspired with gamblers to throw the
1919 World Series. Co-starring David Straitharn and
Christopher Lloyd, directed by John Sayles. 

FALLEN [R]·Crime·1998·(2:04)
After a disturbing death-row talk with a convicted serial killer,
a detective is slowly convinced that a new series of murders
is being committed by a supernatural spirit. But without solid
evidence, will the cop become the suspect? 

FIND ME GUILTY [R]·Comedy·2006·(2:05)
Based on a true story - during the longest organized crime
trial in U.S. history, one wise-guy decided to defend himself!
His serio-comic strategies frustrated the judge, lawyers and
co-defendants in this unusual, winning mob story. 

A FISH CALLED WANDA [R]·Comedy·1988·(1:48)
Beautiful, kooky member of holdup gang seduces uptight London 
barrister in order to spring the gang's leader from prison. 

THE FLINTSTONES [PG]·Comedy·1994·(1:30) John Goodman.
Everyone's favorite modern Stone-Age family comes to
big-screen life! Success goes to Fred's head when he gets a
phony promotion. With Rick Moranis, Halle Berry, Rosie
O'Donnell and Elizabeth Taylor and the B-52s. 

FOR THE BOYS [R]·Musical·1991·(2:25)
Show-business partners form a stormy 50-year love story
around USO tours in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. 

FOREVER MINE [R]·Drama·1999·(1:57)
A cabana boy and a married woman's torrid affair ends
violently when her politically-connected husband finds out.
But sixteen years later, the left-for-dead lover returns and
forces a confrontation in this steamy revenge thriller!

THE FRIGHTENERS [R]·Comedy·1996·(1:50) Dir: Peter Jackson.
A con man volunteers to exorcise a small town's spirits, but
one of them goes on a killing spree. Michael J. Fox,
John Astin. 

FROM DUSK TILL DAWN [R]·Action·1996·(1:48)
Two brothers blast their way through Texas in a bloody crime
spree, escaping across the border to Mexico, only to land in a
gory vampire biker bar. Directed by Robert Rodriguez, written
by Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction).

THE FUGITIVE [PG13]·Thriller/Suspense·1993·(2:10)
A U.S. marshal hunts a doctor on the run for the murder of
his wife. Harrison Ford, Tommy Lee Jones. Inspired by the 
1960s TV series. 

THE GREAT OUTDOORS [PG]·Comedy·1988·(1:30) Dan Aykroyd.
A family's summer vacation is turned upside down when
unwanted relatives arrive at their lakeside lodge and crash
the party! John Candy, Chris Young. Written by John Hughes, 
featuring the movie debut of Annette Benning. 

THE GUARDIAN [PG13]·Action·2006·(2:19)
A hot-shot young swimmer joins the U.S. Coast Guard's elite
rescue program, where a veteran teaches him tough lessons
about heroism and sacrifice. Exciting action sequences, from
the director of "The Fugitive." 

THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE [R]·Thriller/Suspense·1992·(1:50)
High octane thriller finds a couple hiring a young woman who
looks like the perfect nanny - only to discover that the nanny
has some personality issues! With Julianne Moore, from the
director of L.A. Confidential. 

HUDSON HAWK [R]·Comedy·1991·(1:40)
An ex-convict cat burglar messes with spies, a filthy-rich
couple and the alchemy of Leonardo da Vinci. 

I'M GONNA GIT YOU SUCKA [R]·Black·1988·(1:29)
Wild action-packed spoof of 70's "blaxploitation" movies finds
a team of ghetto good guys battling a white mobster named
Mr. Big. Written and directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans,
featuring Isaac Hayes and Jim Brown. 

IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT [PG13]·Crime·1967·(1:50)
Hard-hitting story of a black Philadelphia detective who
journeys to Mississippi to help a bigoted small-town sheriff
solve a murder. Winner of 5 Oscars, including Best Director
and Best Actor (Steiger). 

INDEPENDENCE DAY [PG13]·Adventure·1996·(2:25)
This U.S. President actually pilots a jet fighter to help defend
the planet against a massive alien invasion in a rousing sci-fi
action adventure! With Jeff Goldblum, Randy Quaid.

JACK THE BEAR [PG13]·Drama·1993·(1:39)
Two boys and their quirky father start over in 1972 Oakland,
California, with a sinister presence nearby.

A drifter discovers a pair of sunglasses that reveal the true
nature of the world - aliens in human disguise are running
the planet! Now he begins a one-man war to defeat the
invaders in John Carpenter's cult classic!

JUMANJI [PG]·Adventure·1995·(1:44)
Two kids dust off an old board game, and get much more
than they bargained for as they are hurled into a
jungle-themed fantasy world of big-game hunters and
charging beasts. With Kirsten Dunst. 

JUNIOR [PG13]·Comedy·1994·(1:50) Schwarzenegger.
A male fertility research scientist decides to test the latest
drug on himself - and becomes the world's first pregnant
man! With Emma Thompson, Frank Langella, directed by Ivan
Reitman (Ghostbusters). 

JUST VISITING [PG13]·Comedy·2001·(1:28)
An 11th century French knight and his squire find themselves
transported by a witch to modern America, where they must
find a wizard to send them back. Co-starring Christina
Applegate and Tara Reid. 

KEEPING THE FAITH [PG13]·Comedy·2000·(2:09)
Lifelong best friends, a priest and a rabbi, fall in love with a
woman they've both adored since childhood. 

KEEPING UP WITH THE STEINS [PG13]·Comedy·2006·(1:30)
A boy's upscale L.A. bar mitzvah is threatening to careen out
of control when he decides to invite his long-shunned hippie
grandad to the party! A feel-good comedy with Garry
Marshall, Darryl Hannah, Larry Miller. 

LEGAL EAGLES [PG]·Comedy·1986·(1:56)
Romantic comedy about an assistant district attorney (Robert
Redford) who becomes involved with a lawyer (Debra Winger)
and her client (Daryl Hannah) in a legal battle. 

LEGENDS OF THE FALL [R]·Drama·1994·(2:13) Brad Pitt.
The sweeping story of a man and his three sons, growing up
in the last frontier of Montana - and the beautiful woman who
will impact all their lives. With Julia Ormond, Aidan Quinn.

LIFE [R]·Comedy·1999·(1:48)
In Depression-era Mississippi, two black men are framed for
murder and sentenced to life in prison - and they spend the
next 60 years bickering, arguing, and planning their big
escape in this hilarious comedy. With Bernie Mac. 

LITTLE MAN [PG13]·Comedy·2006·(1:38) Wayans & Wayans.
A wannabe dad mistakes a vertically challenged criminal on
the lam as his newly adopted son. From the creators of 'White
Chicks' and 'Scary Movie.' 

LORENZO'S OIL [PG13]·Drama·1992·(2:15)
Based on an inspirational true story - two determined parents
battle doctors, insurance companies, drug manufacturers
and the government in their quest to discover a cure for their
son's degenerative disease. With Peter Ustinov. 

LOVE POTION #9 [PG13]·Comedy·1992·(1:36)
A geeky biochemist and a shy biologist become a hot couple
with sex appeal thanks to a Gypsy's potion. An early leading
role for Sandra Bullock.

MAD MAX [R]·Sci-Fi·1979·(1:33)
The original Australian cult classic: in the near future, an
ex-cop searches the dangerous outback for the vicious cycle
gang who killed his wife and child. The film that put Mel
Gibson on the map, followed by two big-budget sequels. 

MALLRATS [R]·Comedy·1995·(1:35)
Two Gen-X slackers lose their girlfriends and head for the
mall - but that's just an excuse for a dizzying array of surreal
situations and outrageous comedy from director Kevin Smith
("Clerks"). With Jay and Silent Bob, Ben Affleck. 

MAN OF THE HOUSE [PG]·Comedy·1995·(1:37)
A young boy tries to break up a budding romance between his
divorced mom and a nerdy lawyer, but finds himself liking the
guy as they embark on a series of bonding adventures.
Co-starring Farah Fawcett and George Wendt. 

THE MANHATTAN PROJECT [PG13]·Thriller/Suspense·1986·(1:58)
A scientist unknowingly provides a teen genius with the
means to construct a nuclear bomb. Look for Cynthia Nixon
(Sex And The City) in an early film role. 

THE MARRYING MAN [R]·Comedy·1991·(1:56)
A mobster makes a Las Vegas singer and a playboy marry, as
punishment for their hanky-panky. 

MARTY [TVG]·Drama·1955·(1:30)
A shy and lonely butcher (Ernest Borgnine) from the Bronx
ignores his friends and mother to be with his soul mate, an
equally shy and lonely schoolteacher (Betsy Blair). 

MIDNIGHT MOVIES [TV14]·Art House·2005·(1:26)
The history of 6 landmark cult films - "The Rocky Horror
Picture Show", "Eraserhead", "Pink Flamingos", Night Of The
Living Dead and more - are chronicled through clips and
director interviews. A Starz Original Production. 

MIDNIGHT RUN [R]·Comedy·1988·(2:06)
A bounty hunter and a bail-jumper square off in a classic
action comedy. Robert DeNiro, Charles Grodin. 

MOBSTERS [R]·Action·1991·(1:43)
Two Italian and two Jewish kids from the ghetto team up in th
20's and get involved in organized crime. 

MR. BASEBALL [PG13]·Comedy·1992·(1:48)
Nearing the end of his career, an aging American baseball
MVP experiences a comedic culture clash when he's traded to
a Japanese team. With Dennis Haysbert. 

MULHOLLAND FALLS [R]·Crime·1996·(1:47)
A woman's murder begins a coverup involving the
government, the army, and the married head of an elite police
unit in early 1950s Los Angeles. Co-starring Chazz Palminteri,
Michael Madsen and Jennifer Connelly. 

THE MUMMY [PG13]·Adventure·1999·(2:05)
All hell breaks loose when a solider (Brendan Fraser)
unwittingly unearths a cursed Egyptian priest. The blockbuster 
action-adventure story of the resurrection of the cursed Imhotep -
an ancient Egyptian priest with supernatural powers - and the 
intrepid adventurers who band together to defeat him. 

MYSTERY MEN [PG13]·Action·1999·(2:01)
A group of offbeat superheroes with various peculiar talents -
fork-throwing, precision flatulence, flying bowling balls - team
up to save Champion City! With William H. Macy, Hank
Azaria, Janeane Garofalo, Greg Kinnear and more. 

MYSTIC PIZZA [R]·Comedy·1988·(1:44)
Three young women working at a pizza parlor in seaside
Mystic, Connecticut learn about life and love. An early role for
Julia Roberts, look quick for Matt Damon in his first film. From
the director of "Miss Congeniality." 

NEVER TALK TO STRANGERS [R]·Thriller/Suspense·1995·(1:26)
A beautiful criminal psychologist begins a passionate affair
with a fiery stranger - but when a stalker enters her life, she
realizes how little she knows about her lover in this
highly-charged, sexy thriller. 

NEWSIES [PG]·Musical·1992·(2:01)
A dancing newsboy leads his shortchanged buddies in a
strike against publisher Joseph Pulitzer in 1899 New York.

NO WAY OUT [R]·Spy·1987·(1:54)
Secretary of defense kills his mistress and pushes a naval
officer into a bogus man hunt to cover it up. 

ON THE SET: INVINCIBLE [TVPG]·Drama·2006·(:14)
Behind-the-scenes look at the sports drama, Invincible.

Behind-the-scenes look at the horror film, Silent Hill.

Behind the scenes look at the making of "Underworld 2"
featuring Kate Beckinsale.

OPERATION: DUMBO DROP [PG]·Comedy·1995·(1:48)
During the Viet Nam war, two U.S. Army captains and their
crew wheel and deal to keep a village's loyalty by replacing
their prized elephant - but how to they get a pachyderm
across 200 miles of dense jungle? With Denis Leary, who was
said to have been harder to work with than the elephant.

Captain Jack Sparrow and friends try to save their souls from
the evil pirate Davy Jones and his army of sea-phantoms.
Oscar-winning special effects highlight the second
blockbuster in the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' series.

PLATOON [R]·Drama·1986·(2:00)
The Vietnam War as seen through the eyes of a young recruit
whose two sergeants are also at odds. Oscar for Best Picture
and Best Director to Oliver Stone. 

PLAYING BY HEART [R]·Art House·1998·(2:01)
Four stories intertwine in this all-star drama centering on four
women, their men, and the search for love in L.A. Co-starring
Dennis Quaid, Gena Rowlands, Gillian Anderson, Anthony
Edwards, Madeline Stowe and Jon Stewart. 

PORKY'S REVENGE [R]·Comedy·1985·(1:33)
The rowdy students of Angel Beach High face their old
nemesis, Porky, in a battle of wits over matrimony and a
basketball championship in the final installment of the epic
Porky's Trilogy. 

POSSE [R]·Action·1993·(1:51)
An infantryman from the Spanish-American war leads his
comrades to search for the men who lynched his father. 

THE POSTMAN [R]·Drama·1997·(2:58)
A drifter picks up abandoned mail and delivers hope to
survivors in a post-apocalyptic world. 

THE PREACHER'S WIFE [PG]·Christmas·1996·(2:04)
An angel comes to earth on a mission to restore a young
preacher's faith and save his dying church - but he falls for
the preacher's wife! Terrific remake of "The Bishop's Wife"
with Gregory Hines, Courtney B. Vance. 

PULP FICTION [R]·Action·1994·(2:34)
Two outrageous hit men, a small time boxer looking to even
the score, and a gangster's drug-addled girlfriend all connect
in director Quentin Tarantino's violently comic contemporary
classic. Make that a royale with cheese... 

PURE LUCK [PG]·Comedy·1991·(1:36)
The world's unluckiest accountant is sent on a mission to
rescue the world's most accident-prone heiress. 

RAIN MAN [R]·Comedy·1988·(2:13)
When a self-centered yuppie discovers that he has an
unknown, autistic brother, the two siblings--strangers to one
another--embark on a cross-country road trip of self
discovery. Winner of 4 Oscars, including Best Picture. 

RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PART 2 [R]·Action·1985·(1:36)
Sequel to "First Blood," Rambo undertakes a special mission in
Vietnam to find missing P.O.W.'s still being held captive.

REPO MAN [R]·Comedy·1984·(1:32) Harry Dean Stanton, Charlie Sheen
Cult classic about the daily activities of two L.A. repossession
specialists, the seedy characters they meet and strange
items to claim - including a junker Chevy with an alien in the

ROBIN HOOD: MEN IN TIGHTS [PG13]·Comedy·1993·(1:44)
Mel Brooks' spoof of the tales of the 12th century bandit, as
well as countless other films from the previous decade.

ROMANCING THE STONE [PG]·Adventure·1984·(1:46)
A lonely romance novelist flies to South America to rescue her
kidnapped sister - and that's just the beginning of this
hilarious, sexy adventure! With Danny DeVito, directed by
Robert Zemeckis (Back To The Future, Forrest Gump).

ROUNDERS [R]·Crime·1998·(2:01)
A poker pro gives up the life and turns to his law studies, only
to be drawn back in when his former partner gets out of jail
and gets back in the game to pay off Russian mobsters.
Co-starring John Malkovich. 

RV [PG]·Comedy·2006·(1:39)
What can go wrong when dad rents an ugly green RV for his
dysfunctional family's mountain vacation? How about no
brakes, unruly septic tanks, and being stuck with yodeling
traveling companions! 

SCREAM [R]·Horror·1996·(1:51)
Hit comic horror that plays with the whole slasher-film genre,
busting stereotypes while effectively telling the story of a
teenage girl grieving over her mother's murder. A
contemporary classic! 

SCREAMERS [R]·Action·1996·(1:48)
In the year 2078, a handful of soldiers battle a race of
genetically-engineered, self-replicating killing machines -
Screamers - on a distant mining planet. Based on a short
story by sci-fi author Philip K. Dick ("Blade Runner").

THE SHADOW [PG13]·Action·1994·(1:47)
The dark superhero defends 1930's New York against crazed
descendent of Genghis Khan who plans to destroy the city from
a downtown building he has made invisible to everyone but
Lamont Cranston -- The Shadow. Alec Baldwin, John Lone, 
Penelope Ann Miller, Peter Boyle, Tim Curry, Jonathan Winters

SHE'S THE ONE [R]·Comedy·1996·(1:36)
Two married NYC brothers - one's a cabbie, the other a Wall
Street broker - find themselves at odds over a beautiful
woman in this frank, funny tale of rivalry and fidelity. With
Cameron Diaz. 

SILENT HILL [R]·Horror·2006·(2:05)
A mother takes her traumatized daughter to an eerie ghost
town called Silent Hill, hoping to cure the child's demons - but
when the girl disappears, a deadly game of gory, nightmarish
scenes begins! Not for the squeamish! 

SIMON BIRCH [PG]·Drama·1998·(1:54)
Convinced he will one day become a hero, a very small boy
with strong faith and a big heart seeks out his destiny with
the help of his best friend. With Ashley Judd, narrated by Jim

THE SIXTH SENSE [PG13]·Drama·1999·(1:47) "I see dead people." 
The atmospheric thriller about a psychotherapist and his spooked
young patient is a riveting experience. With Toni Collette, 
directed by M. Night Shyamalan. 

SLAP SHOT [R]·Comedy·1977·(2:03)
A struggling minor-league hockey team is in danger of folding
when the Hanson brothers come to town - their brand of
brainless brawling proves a ticket for success, but can it
save the team? A cult classic comedy! 

SPEED 2: CRUISE CONTROL [PG13]·Action·1997·(2:05)
Annie Potter survived a madman's runaway bus plot in Los
Angeles only to board a Caribbean cruise ship rigged for
destruction by a disgruntled computer expert! Sequel to
Speed. With Willem Dafoe.

SPY HARD [PG13]·Comedy·1996·(1:21)
Superspy Agent WD-40, Dick Steele, comes out of retirement
to battle his arch-enemy, General Rancor, who plans - what
else? - to take over the world! With Marcia Gay Harden, Andy

SPYMATE [PG]·Comedy·2005·(1:24)
When a former spy's daughter is kidnapped, he must
summon the help of his old partner to get her back...It just so
happens his old partner is a chimpanzee! From the creators
of "MVP" and the "Air Bud" films. 

THE SQUID AND THE WHALE [R]·Drama·2005·(1:21)
Based on a true story: two teenage boys find themselves
ultimately choosing sides as their parents separate in this
touching, dramatic, and often hilarious film. Winner of
multiple awards, co-starring Anna Pacquin. 

STEEL [PG13]·Comedy·1997·(1:37)
Former Army scientists, one in a steel suit, team up in Los
Angeles against another who turned bad. 

STICK IT! [PG13]·Comedy·2006·(1:43)
The law puts the brakes on a talented young woman's wild
life and sends her back to the world of competitive
gymnastics, where her talent and rebellious attitude shake up
the system! From the writer of "Bring It On." 

THE STING [PG]·Comedy·1973·(2:09)
Two con-artists in 1930s Chicago swindle a racketeer crime
boss via an elaborate gambling scheme in this witty, hilarious
story. Winner of 7 Oscars, including Best Picture. 

A STRANGER AMONG US [PG13]·Drama·1992·(1:49)
A New York policewoman must tone down her tough-as-nails
style when she enters the Hasidic community to investigate a
diamond-heist and murder. 

STREET FIGHTER [PG13]·Action·1994·(1:41)
Acton hero Jean-Claude Van Damme and his commandoes do
battle with evil warlord Raul Julia. Wes Studi, Byron Mann.

STRIPTEASE [R]·Comedy·1996·(1:57)
A stripper seeking custody of her daughter becomes involved
with a libidinous congressman. Demi Moore.

A demon and an avenging angel compete for the souls of a
town's misfits and outsiders. 

THOMAS AND THE MAGIC RAILROAD [G]·Animated·2000·(1:26)
Mr. Conductor must find a new supply of magic gold dust to
protect Thomas theTank Engine from the mean-spirited

THREE MEN AND A LITTLE LADY [PG]·Comedy·1990·(1:44)
The sequel to "Three Men And A Lady" finds the three
bachelor dads - and one in particular - facing a dilemma: If
mom marries and leaves for England, who will replace the
hole in their hearts when little Mary leaves?

TOMBSTONE [R]·True Story·1993·(2:10) Kurt Russell.
Wyatt Earp, his brothers and Doc Holliday take on the Clanton
gang in this action-packed, realistic account of the 1881
gunfight at the OK Corral. Look for Billy Bob Thornton,
Thomas Haden Church, Charleton Heston and more. 

TRESPASS [R]·Action·1992·(1:41)
In an abandoned East St. Louis factory, two Arkansas firemen
searching for hidden gold run dangerously afoul of a local
crime lord in this explosive, action-packed crime thriller. With
Ice Cube, 

UNCLE BUCK [PG]·Comedy·1989·(1:40) John Candy.
A boozing, gambling bachelor with a girlfriend looking for a
wedding ring finds himself looking after his brother's kids for
a week that changes all their lives! A classic comedy, written
& directed by John Hughes (Sixteen Candles). 

UNDER SIEGE 2: DARK TERRITORY [R]·Action·1995·(1:39)
A CIA operative aboard a train tries to stop a mad genius who
threatens to launch warheads if his $1 billion ransom isn't

UNDERWORLD: EVOLUTION [R]·Action·2006·(1:46)
Selene, the sexy vampire warrior, is back! The explosive war
between the Death Dealers and Lycans continues full throttle
as Selene and her werewolf lover go on the run, searching for
their future by seeking their past. 

UNDISPUTED [R]·Action·2002·(1:34)
A heavyweight champion boxer (Ving Rhames) is sent to
prison, where he must face the reigning incarcerated champ
(Wesley Snipes) in the ring. 

UNIVERSAL SOLDIER [R]·Sci-Fi·1992·(1:43)
An action-packed thriller about a unit of genetically
engineered soldiers that have gone awry. 

WARGAMES [PG]·Adventure·1983·(1:53)
Matthew Broderick stars as a computer gaming whiz who
hacks into a military network, and accidentally starts the
countdown to World War III. Can he stop the master computer
before it launches the ultimate endgame?

WES CRAVEN'S NEW NIGHTMARE [R]·Horror·1994·(1:52)
Director Wes Craven and cast play themselves as actors and
characters in this scarily clever entry in the Freddie Krueger
canon - is Freddie real, or has a source of evil, contained by
the Nightmare films, been finally set free? 

WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING [PG]·Comedy·1995·(1:43)
A bumbling train token seller pines for an attorney, saves him
from being hit by a train, and then inadvertantly has his
family believing she's his fiancee in this sparkling comedy.

WOLF [R]·Horror·1994·(2:05)
Publisher Will Randall becomes a werewolf and has to fight to
keep his job. 

WOLF CREEK [R]·Horror·2005·(1:39)
A trio of young travelers, stranded in the Australian outback,
are relieved when a friendly local appears to help them. But
relief soon turns to horror and murder in this tense, gruesome
thriller - based on a true story! 

10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU [PG13]·Drama·1999·(1:37)
A militantly-feminist teenage girl is courted by her high
school's resident "bad boy" as part of a convoluted scheme
by another guy to get to the girl's beautiful and popular sister.
An early role for Heath Ledger. 

3 NINJAS [PG]·Comedy·1992·(1:36)
Three young brothers, who have had ninja training from an
early age, learn that they possess powers which evil crooks
would like to control. When a kidnap is attempted, they must
defend themselves using all their skills. 

The 3 Ninjas are back to stop a criminal mastermind from
taking over an amusement park.

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