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2008 Month and day listed, all times EST

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The Doctor needs help

                                            June-July, 2008
Sunday, Jun. 1
  1:00AM ET Interiors  
  2:35AM ET Cast A Long Shadow  
  4:00AM ET Fight For Life  
  5:40AM ET Joe Dancer: The Big Trade  
  7:15AM ET Hey, I'm Alive!  
  8:30AM ET Run Silent, Run Deep  
  10:05AM ET The House On Garibaldi Street  
  11:50AM ET Apocalypto  
  2:10PM ET Volver   
  4:15PM ET Running With Scissors   
  6:20PM ET Fear   
  8:00PM ET Apocalypto   
  10:20PM ET Hoffa   
Monday, Jun. 2
 12:40AM ET Midnight Movies   
  2:10AM ET Friday Foster   
  3:40AM ET Apocalypto   
  6:00AM ET The Bounty   
  8:15AM ET Helen Keller: The Miracle Continues   
  10:00AM ET Legends Of The Fall   
  12:15PM ET Four Days In September   
  2:05PM ET Stranger Than Fiction   
  4:00PM ET When The Bough Breaks   
  5:45PM ET The Bounty   
  8:00PM ET Legends Of The Fall   
  10:15PM ET Stranger Than Fiction   
Tuesday, Jun. 3
 12:10AM ET Curse of the Golden Flower   
  2:10AM ET When The Bough Breaks   
  4:00AM ET Airport '77   
  6:00AM ET The Big One   
  7:35AM ET Heart Of Dixie   
  9:15AM ET Great Balls Of Fire!   
  11:05AM ET Romancing The Stone   
  1:00PM ET Call Of The Wild   
  2:50PM ET Inherit The Wind   
  4:35PM ET The Big One   
  6:10PM ET Romancing The Stone   
  8:00PM ET Great Balls Of Fire!   
  9:50PM ET Heart Of Dixie   
  11:30PM ET Chance Of A Lifetime   
Wednesday, Jun. 4
  1:05AM ET John Ford Goes To War   
  2:05AM ET Romancing The Stone   
  4:00AM ET I Want To Live   
  5:45AM ET The Lady With The Torch   
  7:50AM ET The Queen   
  9:35AM ET American Gun   
  11:15AM ET Double Standard   
  1:00PM ET Calendar Girl Murders   
  2:40PM ET The Queen   
  4:30PM ET Onegin   
  6:20PM ET American Gun   
  8:00PM ET Pecker   
  9:35PM ET The Queen   
  11:30PM ET Camille Claudel   
Thursday, Jun. 5
  2:35AM ET Onegin   
  4:30AM ET Pecker   
  6:05AM ET The Da Vinci Code   
  8:35AM ET Sorry, Haters   
  10:05AM ET Waiting To Exhale   
  12:10PM ET Premium   
  1:50PM ET The Da Vinci Code   
  4:20PM ET Midnight Movies   
  5:50PM ET Waiting To Exhale   
  8:00PM ET Se7en   
  10:10PM ET The Da Vinci Code   
Friday, Jun. 6
 12:40AM ET Never Talk To Strangers   
  2:10AM ET Sorry, Haters   
  3:40AM ET Se7en   
  5:50AM ET Still Of The Night   
  7:30AM ET Starz Inside: Fog City Mavericks   
  9:35AM ET When The Bough Breaks   
  11:20AM ET Love And Betrayal: The Mia Farrow Story   
  12:45PM ET Love And Betrayal: The Mia Farrow Story   
  2:15PM ET Birdman Of Alcatraz   
  4:50PM ET The Night Listener   
  6:15PM ET When The Bough Breaks   
  8:00PM ET Leaving Las Vegas   
  10:00PM ET 54   
  11:45PM ET The Night Listener   
Saturday, Jun. 7
  1:15AM ET Before Night Falls   
  3:35AM ET On The Set: Stranger Than Fiction   
  4:00AM ET Airport   
  6:20AM ET Breaking Away   
  8:05AM ET Hannah and Her Sisters   
  10:00AM ET Bed Of Roses   
  11:30AM ET The Best Of Times   
  1:15PM ET Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers   
  2:40PM ET Dreamchild   
  4:20PM ET Breaking Away   
  6:10PM ET The Best Of Times   
  8:00PM ET Bed Of Roses   
  9:30PM ET Hannah and Her Sisters   
  11:20PM ET One Of The Hollywood Ten   
Sunday, Jun. 8
  1:10AM ET Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers   
  2:30AM ET Bed Of Roses   
  4:00AM ET Rambling Rose   
  6:00AM ET Bogie   
  7:45AM ET Romancing The Stone   
  9:40AM ET Stranger Than Fiction   
  11:40AM ET Rain Man   
  2:00PM ET Curse of the Golden Flower   
  4:05PM ET Romancing The Stone   
  6:00PM ET Stranger Than Fiction   
  8:00PM ET Rain Man   
  10:15PM ET The French Lieutenant's Woman   
Monday, Jun. 9
 12:20AM ET Europa Europa   
  2:20AM ET Curse of the Golden Flower   
  4:20AM ET Premium   
  6:00AM ET Whale Rider   
  7:45AM ET Nobody Knows   
  10:10AM ET Keeping Secrets   
  11:50AM ET Interiors   
  1:30PM ET The Falcon And The Snowman   
  3:50PM ET Whale Rider   
  5:35PM ET Hoffa   
  8:00PM ET The Mighty   
  9:45PM ET Se7en   
Tuesday, Jun. 10
 12:00AM ET Pecker   
  1:30AM ET Hoffa   
  4:00AM ET Interiors   
  5:35AM ET Dadah Is Death   
  7:15AM ET Dadah Is Death   
  8:50AM ET Eight Men Out   
  10:50AM ET The Pallbearer   
  12:30PM ET The House On Garibaldi Street   
  2:15PM ET Sarafina!   
  4:05PM ET The Doctor   
  6:15PM ET The Pallbearer   
  8:00PM ET Eight Men Out   
  10:00PM ET Sarafina!   
  11:40PM ET The Cutting Edge: The Magic Of Movie Editing   
Wednesday, Jun. 11
  1:20AM ET The Pallbearer   
  3:05AM ET Low In Europe   
  4:50AM ET Chance Of A Lifetime   
  6:30AM ET The Italian   
  8:20AM ET A World Apart   
  10:15AM ET Find Me Guilty   
  12:20PM ET Running With Scissors   
  2:30PM ET The Night Listener   
  4:00PM ET Fallen   
  6:05PM ET The Ballad Of Jack And Rose   
  8:00PM ET Find Me Guilty   
  10:05PM ET The Night Listener   
  11:30PM ET Running With Scissors   
Thursday, Jun. 12
  1:35AM ET The Ballad Of Jack And Rose   
  3:30AM ET Immortal Beloved   
  5:40AM ET The Night Listener   
  7:05AM ET The Best Of Times   
  8:50AM ET A Child Is Waiting   
  10:40AM ET Riding Alone For Thousands Of Miles   
  12:35PM ET The Yards   
  2:35PM ET Tom & Viv   
  4:40PM ET Never Talk To Strangers   
  6:10PM ET The Best Of Times   
  8:00PM ET Mobsters   
  9:45PM ET The Yards   
  11:45PM ET Never Talk To Strangers   
Friday, Jun. 13
  1:15AM ET Fires Within   
  2:50AM ET Bright Angel   
  4:30AM ET Nearing Grace   
  6:20AM ET Call Of The Wild   
  8:15AM ET Nobody Knows   
  10:45AM ET Magnolia   
  2:00PM ET The Virgin Of Juarez   
  3:40PM ET Joyeux Noel   
  5:40PM ET Grand Canyon   
  8:00PM ET Magnolia   
  11:10PM ET Onegin   
Saturday, Jun. 14
  1:00AM ET Camille Claudel   
  4:00AM ET Nobody Knows   
  6:30AM ET Madame Sousatzka   
  8:35AM ET Powder   
  10:30AM ET The Electric Horseman   
  12:35PM ET O Brother, Where Art Thou?   
  2:35PM ET Mr. North   
  4:10PM ET House Of Cards   
  6:05PM ET Powder   
  8:00PM ET O Brother, Where Art Thou?   
  9:50PM ET The Electric Horseman   
Sunday, Jun. 15
 12:00AM ET Airport '77   
  2:00AM ET Powder   
  4:00AM ET American Soldiers A Day In Iraq   
  5:50AM ET The Big One   
  7:30AM ET On The Set: Stranger Than Fiction   
  7:50AM ET The Children Of An Lac   
  9:30AM ET Fallen   
  11:35AM ET The Queen   
  1:20PM ET The Falcon And The Snowman   
  3:40PM ET Platoon   
  5:45PM ET The Bounty   
  8:00PM ET The Queen   
  9:45PM ET Platoon   
  11:45PM ET Fallen   
Monday, Jun. 16
  1:50AM ET Inventing The Abbotts   
  3:40AM ET The Queen   
  5:30AM ET George Washington: The Forging Of A Nation   
  7:10AM ET George Washington: The Forging Of A Nation   
  8:50AM ET Great Balls Of Fire!   
  10:40AM ET Running With Scissors   
  12:45PM ET Double Standard   
  2:30PM ET Foxtrap   
  4:00PM ET Great Balls Of Fire!   
  5:50PM ET Find Me Guilty   
  8:00PM ET Running With Scissors   
  10:05PM ET Leaving Las Vegas   
Tuesday, Jun. 17
 12:00AM ET One Of The Hollywood Ten   
  1:50AM ET Find Me Guilty   
  4:00AM ET Sorry, Haters   
  5:30AM ET Fatal Memories   
  7:05AM ET The Best Of Times   
  9:00AM ET Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken   
  10:35AM ET Breaking Away   
  12:20PM ET Birdman Of Alcatraz   
  2:50PM ET A World Apart   
  4:50PM ET Fatal Memories   
  6:30PM ET Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken   
  8:00PM ET The Best Of Times   
  9:50PM ET Breaking Away   
  11:35PM ET A World Apart   
Wednesday, Jun. 18
  1:30AM ET Birdman Of Alcatraz   
  4:00AM ET The Virgin Of Juarez   
  5:35AM ET Keeping Secrets   
  7:10AM ET Golden Gate   
  8:45AM ET The Mighty   
  10:30AM ET Legends Of The Fall   
  12:50PM ET Hey, I'm Alive!   
  2:15PM ET Grand Canyon   
  4:35PM ET The Mighty   
  6:20PM ET Shut Up and Sing   
  8:00PM ET Legends Of The Fall   
  10:15PM ET Grand Canyon   
Thursday, Jun. 19
 12:35AM ET Winter Passing   
  2:15AM ET Secuestro Express   
  3:45AM ET Legends Of The Fall   
  6:00AM ET The Doctor   
  8:05AM ET Madame Sousatzka   
  10:10AM ET The Night Listener   
  11:35AM ET Volver   
  1:45PM ET The Serpent And The Rainbow   
  3:30PM ET The Doctor   
  5:35PM ET Hoffa   
  8:00PM ET The Night Listener   
  9:30PM ET Wild At Heart   
  11:40PM ET The Serpent And The Rainbow   
Friday, Jun. 20
  1:20AM ET Hoffa   
  3:40AM ET The French Lieutenant's Woman   
  5:50AM ET Stranger Than Fiction   
  7:45AM ET Sarafina!   
  9:30AM ET Dominick And Eugene   
  11:20AM ET Fear   
  1:00PM ET Stranger Than Fiction   
  3:00PM ET Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers   
  4:20PM ET Sarafina!   
  6:05PM ET Big Bad Love   
  8:00PM ET Stranger Than Fiction   
  10:00PM ET Fear   
  11:45PM ET In The Name Of The Father   
Saturday, Jun. 21
  2:05AM ET Big Bad Love   
  4:00AM ET Cast A Long Shadow   
  5:30AM ET Whale Rider   
  7:15AM ET Vincent And Theo   
  9:40AM ET Interiors   
  11:20AM ET Romancing The Stone   
  1:10PM ET Helen Keller: The Miracle Continues   
  2:50PM ET The Pallbearer   
  4:35PM ET The Cutting Edge: The Magic Of Movie Editing   
  6:15PM ET Whale Rider   
  8:00PM ET Romancing The Stone   
  9:50PM ET The Pallbearer   
  11:30PM ET Vincent And Theo   
Sunday, Jun. 22
  2:00AM ET Up At The Villa   
  4:00AM ET Europa Europa   
  6:00AM ET The Lady With The Torch   
  8:10AM ET The Best Of Times   
  10:00AM ET The Ballad Of Jack And Rose   
  12:00PM ET The Da Vinci Code   
  2:30PM ET Inherit The Wind   
  4:10PM ET The Best Of Times   
  6:00PM ET The Libertine   
  8:00PM ET The Da Vinci Code   
  10:35PM ET Leaving Las Vegas   
Monday, Jun. 23
 12:30AM ET The House of Sand   
  2:30AM ET The Libertine   
  4:30AM ET Sorry, Haters   
  6:00AM ET The Da Vinci Code   
  8:35AM ET The Queen   
  10:20AM ET Dirty Dancing   
  12:05PM ET The Night Listener   
  1:30PM ET Sorry, Haters   
  3:00PM ET The Queen   
  4:45PM ET Magnolia   
  8:00PM ET Dirty Dancing   
  9:45PM ET The Night Listener   
  11:10PM ET The Queen   
Tuesday, Jun. 24
  1:00AM ET Hey, I'm Alive!   
  2:15AM ET Dirty Dancing   
  4:00AM ET Julia   
  6:00AM ET Whale Rider   
  7:45AM ET Hannah and Her Sisters   
  9:35AM ET Powder   
  11:30AM ET Dreamchild   
  1:10PM ET Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers   
  2:30PM ET Hannah and Her Sisters   
  4:20PM ET Keeping Secrets   
  6:00PM ET Julia   
  8:00PM ET Powder   
  10:00PM ET Hannah and Her Sisters   
  11:50PM ET Whale Rider   
Wednesday, Jun. 25
  1:35AM ET Airport   
  4:00AM ET 54   
  5:35AM ET Bogie   
  7:20AM ET The Cutting Edge: The Magic Of Movie Editing   
  9:00AM ET Sarafina!   
  10:40AM ET Waiting To Exhale   
  12:45PM ET Platoon   
  2:45PM ET Passport To Terror   
  4:20PM ET Facing The Giants   
  6:20PM ET Sarafina!   
  8:00PM ET Platoon   
  10:05PM ET 54   
  11:40PM ET Waiting To Exhale   
Thursday, Jun. 26
  1:45AM ET Dillinger   
  3:40AM ET Platoon   
  5:45AM ET The Electric Horseman   
  7:50AM ET Judgment At Nuremberg   
  11:00AM ET Vincent And Theo   
  1:30PM ET The Bounty   
  3:45PM ET The Electric Horseman   
  5:50PM ET Find Me Guilty   
  8:00PM ET Leaving Las Vegas   
  10:00PM ET The Bounty   
Friday, Jun. 27
 12:15AM ET Midnight Movies   
  1:45AM ET Doomstown   
  3:20AM ET Leaving Las Vegas   
  5:15AM ET Madame Sousatzka   
  7:20AM ET John Ford Goes To War   
  8:20AM ET The Queen   
  10:10AM ET Volver   
  12:20PM ET Legends Of The Fall   
  2:35PM ET Quinceanera   
  4:10PM ET Running With Scissors   
  6:15PM ET The Queen   
  8:00PM ET The Mighty   
  9:45PM ET Legends Of The Fall   
Saturday, Jun. 28
 12:05AM ET Volver   
  2:15AM ET The Queen   
  4:00AM ET Call Of The Wild   
  5:50AM ET Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken   
  7:30AM ET Great Balls Of Fire!   
  9:20AM ET Dirty Dancing   
  11:05AM ET Eight Men Out   
  1:10PM ET Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken   
  2:40PM ET Call Of The Wild   
  4:30PM ET Great Balls Of Fire!   
  6:20PM ET Heart Of Dixie   
  8:00PM ET Eight Men Out   
  10:05PM ET Dirty Dancing   
  11:50PM ET Great Balls Of Fire!   
Sunday, Jun. 29
  1:50AM ET Starz Inside: Fog City Mavericks   
  4:00AM ET I Like It Like That   
  5:50AM ET Hannah and Her Sisters   
  7:40AM ET Shut Up and Sing   
  9:20AM ET Fatal Memories   
  11:00AM ET Waiting To Exhale   
  1:05PM ET Breaking Away   
  2:50PM ET The Night Listener   
  4:15PM ET The Doctor   
  6:20PM ET Shut Up and Sing   
  8:00PM ET Waiting To Exhale   
  10:10PM ET The Night Listener   
  11:40PM ET The Yards   
Monday, Jun. 30
  1:40AM ET 54   
  3:15AM ET Joe Dancer   
  5:00AM ET Joe Dancer: The Monkey Mission   
  6:40AM ET The Defiant Ones   
  8:20AM ET The Da Vinci Code   
  10:50AM ET Romancing The Stone   
  12:45PM ET Platoon   
  2:50PM ET Buster   
  4:30PM ET Dirty Work   
  6:10PM ET Romancing The Stone   
  8:00PM ET The Da Vinci Code   
  10:35PM ET Platoon  

Tuesday, Jul. 1
 12:40AM ET Crossover  
  2:20AM ET Rumble Fish  
  4:00AM ET Dust To Glory  
  5:45AM ET Gas!  
  7:05AM ET Music Of The Heart  
  9:10AM ET Anne Of The Thousand Days  
  11:40AM ET Raid On Rommel  
  1:20PM ET The Real McCoy  
  3:15PM ET LBJ: The Early Years  
  5:50PM ET Music Of The Heart  
  8:00PM ET Jack The Bear  
  9:45PM ET The Real McCoy  
  11:40PM ET Newsies  
Wednesday, Jul. 2
  1:50AM ET Music Of The Heart  
  4:00AM ET Conversations With Other Women  
  5:30AM ET Rhapsody In Bloom  
  7:10AM ET All The King's Men  
  9:20AM ET Poetic Justice  
  11:15AM ET The Libertine  
  1:20PM ET Playing By Heart  
  3:30PM ET All The King's Men  
  5:40PM ET Rain Man  
  8:00PM ET The Libertine  
  10:00PM ET Poetic Justice  
  11:50PM ET The Caveman's Valentine  
Thursday, Jul. 3
  1:40AM ET Rain Man  
  4:00AM ET Playing By Heart  
  6:05AM ET Riding Alone For Thousands Of Miles  
  8:00AM ET The Great White Hope  
  9:45AM ET The Insider  
  12:30PM ET For Queen And Country  
  2:20PM ET The Chamber   
  4:20PM ET Woman Wanted   
  6:20PM ET Venus   
  8:00PM ET The Insider   
  10:40PM ET The Chamber   
Friday, Jul. 4
 12:35AM ET Boynton Beach Club   
  2:30AM ET Venus   
  4:10AM ET A Prayer For The Dying   
  6:10AM ET To Hell And Back   
  8:05AM ET Fallen   
  10:20AM ET Dying Young   
  12:20PM ET Critical Assignment   
  2:15PM ET Marie Antoinette   
  4:20PM ET American Hardcore   
  6:05PM ET Dying Young   
  8:00PM ET Fallen   
  10:10PM ET Marie Antoinette   
Saturday, Jul. 5
 12:15AM ET Everybody Wins   
  2:00AM ET Critical Assignment   
  4:00AM ET Tora! Tora! Tora!   
  6:30AM ET Miracle On 34th Street   
  8:30AM ET Stompin' At The Savoy   
  10:10AM ET Eddie And The Cruisers II: Eddie Lives!   
  12:00PM ET Wah-Wah   
  1:45PM ET Life Is Beautiful   
  3:45PM ET Tora! Tora! Tora!   
  6:10PM ET Eddie And The Cruisers II: Eddie Lives!   
  8:00PM ET Ed TV   
  10:05PM ET Life Is Beautiful   
Sunday, Jul. 6
 12:15AM ET Price of Glory   
  2:15AM ET Stompin' At The Savoy   
  4:00AM ET Soldier's Daughter Never Cries   
  6:10AM ET Anne Of The Thousand Days   
  8:40AM ET The Illusionist   
  10:35AM ET The Sixth Sense   
  12:30PM ET Rain Man   
  2:45PM ET The Keeper   
  4:30PM ET Crossover   
  6:10PM ET The Sixth Sense   
  8:00PM ET The Illusionist   
  10:00PM ET Rain Man   
Monday, Jul. 7
 12:15AM ET The Keeper   
  2:00AM ET The Sixth Sense   
  3:50AM ET The Osterman Weekend   
  5:35AM ET The Great White Hope   
  7:20AM ET Radio Days   
  9:00AM ET Elmer Gantry   
  11:35AM ET Rounders   
  1:45PM ET Jungle Fever   
  4:00PM ET 10th & Wolf   
  5:50PM ET All The King's Men   
  8:00PM ET Rumble Fish   
  9:45PM ET Rounders   
  11:50PM ET Venus   
Tuesday, Jul. 8
  1:30AM ET For The Boys   
  4:00AM ET Johnny Ryan   
  5:40AM ET Rhapsody In Bloom   
  7:20AM ET Wal-Mart: The High Cost Of Low Price   
  9:00AM ET Separate Tables   
  10:45AM ET Lorenzo's Oil   
  1:05PM ET Rhapsody In Bloom   
  2:45PM ET Jane Eyre   
  4:45PM ET Johnny Ryan   
  6:20PM ET Wal-Mart: The High Cost Of Low Price   
  8:00PM ET Lorenzo's Oil   
  10:20PM ET Jane Eyre   
Wednesday, Jul. 9
 12:20AM ET To Hell And Back   
  2:15AM ET Separate Tables   
  4:50AM ET The Linda McCartney Story   
  6:20AM ET Tora! Tora! Tora!   
  8:50AM ET Marie Antoinette   
  11:00AM ET Wah-Wah   
  12:40PM ET Dying Young   
  2:35PM ET The Linda McCartney Story   
  4:05PM ET Longtime Companion   
  5:50PM ET Running With Scissors   
  8:00PM ET Marie Antoinette   
  10:05PM ET Dying Young   
Thursday, Jul. 10
 12:00AM ET Johnny Was   
  1:35AM ET Running With Scissors   
  3:40AM ET The Rose   
  6:00AM ET Critical Assignment   
  8:00AM ET Price of Glory   
  10:00AM ET Breaking Away   
  11:45AM ET Strictly Sinatra   
  1:30PM ET The Quiet   
  3:10PM ET Lonesome Jim   
  4:45PM ET Conversations With Other Women   
  6:20PM ET The Keeper   
  8:00PM ET Breaking Away   
  9:45PM ET The Quiet   
  11:30PM ET Strictly Sinatra   
Friday, Jul. 11
  1:10AM ET Modigliani   
  3:20AM ET Mentor   
  5:00AM ET Radio Days   
  6:30AM ET A Home Of Our Own   
  8:20AM ET Riding Alone For Thousands Of Miles   
  10:15AM ET The Insider   
  1:00PM ET A Mother's Prayer   
  2:35PM ET Crossover   
  4:15PM ET Venus   
  5:50PM ET Dogma   
  8:00PM ET He Got Game   
  10:20PM ET The Insider   
Saturday, Jul. 12
  1:00AM ET Venus   
  2:40AM ET Gas!   
  4:00AM ET LBJ: The Early Years   
  6:30AM ET The Great White Hope   
  8:15AM ET Dust To Glory   
  10:00AM ET The Rocketeer   
  11:50AM ET Mad Love   
  1:30PM ET LBJ: The Early Years   
  4:00PM ET Newsies   
  6:10PM ET The Rocketeer   
  8:00PM ET A Family Thing   
  10:00PM ET Mad Love   
  11:40PM ET LBJ: The Early Years   
Sunday, Jul. 13
  2:10AM ET The Rocketeer   
  4:00AM ET Woman Wanted   
  6:00AM ET To Hell And Back   
  7:50AM ET Invincible   
  9:40AM ET Rounders   
  11:50AM ET Woman Wanted   
  1:45PM ET The Bounty   
  4:00PM ET All The King's Men   
  6:10PM ET Invincible   
  8:00PM ET Rounders   
  10:05PM ET The Piano   
Monday, Jul. 14
 12:10AM ET All The King's Men   
  2:20AM ET The Bounty   
  4:35AM ET Invincible   
  6:20AM ET Lorenzo's Oil   
  8:35AM ET Johnny Ryan   
  10:15AM ET The Chamber   
  12:10PM ET Jack The Bear   
  1:50PM ET The Illusionist   
  3:45PM ET Lorenzo's Oil   
  6:05PM ET The Chamber   
  8:00PM ET The Keeper   
  9:40PM ET The Illusionist   
  11:35PM ET Jack The Bear   
Tuesday, Jul. 15
  1:15AM ET The Last Temptation Of Christ   
  4:00AM ET Wah-Wah   
  5:50AM ET Critical Assignment   
  7:45AM ET Hoosiers   
  9:45AM ET A World Apart   
  11:40AM ET Tora! Tora! Tora!   
  2:05PM ET Ed TV   
  4:10PM ET Critical Assignment   
  6:05PM ET A World Apart   
  8:00PM ET Hoosiers   
  10:00PM ET Ed TV   
Wednesday, Jul. 16
 12:05AM ET Elmer Gantry   
  2:35AM ET Too Tough to Die: A Tribute to Johnny Ramone   
  4:00AM ET Johnny Was   
  5:35AM ET Tora! Tora! Tora!   
  8:00AM ET For The Boys   
  10:30AM ET 10th & Wolf   
  12:20PM ET American Hardcore   
  2:05PM ET The Rose   
  4:20PM ET Guinevere   
  6:10PM ET 10th & Wolf   
  8:00PM ET For The Boys   
  10:30PM ET American Hardcore   
Thursday, Jul. 17
 12:15AM ET Guinevere   
  2:05AM ET American Soldiers A Day In Iraq   
  4:00AM ET He Got Game   
  6:20AM ET All The King's Men   
  8:30AM ET Crossover   
  10:10AM ET Running With Scissors   
  12:15PM ET Playing By Heart   
  2:20PM ET Crossing The Bridge   
  4:10PM ET Crossover   
  5:50PM ET All The King's Men   
  8:00PM ET Running With Scissors   
  10:05PM ET He Got Game   
Friday, Jul. 18
 12:30AM ET Black Widow   
  2:15AM ET The Caveman's Valentine   
  4:05AM ET Running With Scissors   
  6:10AM ET Burn!   
  8:05AM ET A Child Is Waiting   
  9:50AM ET Rain Man   
  12:05PM ET Jungle Fever   
  2:20PM ET City Hall   
  4:15PM ET The Real McCoy   
  6:05PM ET Poetic Justice   
  8:00PM ET Jungle Fever   
  10:15PM ET Rain Man   
Saturday, Jul. 19
 12:30AM ET Mentor   
  2:05AM ET Poetic Justice   
  4:00AM ET Wal-Mart: The High Cost Of Low Price   
  5:40AM ET Hey, I'm Alive!   
  7:00AM ET White Squall   
  9:10AM ET The Sixth Sense   
  11:00AM ET Radio Days   
  12:30PM ET The Linda McCartney Story   
  2:00PM ET Music Of The Heart   
  4:05PM ET Wal-Mart: The High Cost Of Low Price   
  5:45PM ET White Squall   
  8:00PM ET The Sixth Sense   
  9:50PM ET Music Of The Heart   
Sunday, Jul. 20
 12:00AM ET Raid On Rommel   
  1:40AM ET White Squall   
  4:00AM ET Conversations With Other Women   
  5:30AM ET Ed TV   
  7:35AM ET Soldier's Daughter Never Cries   
  9:50AM ET Dying Young   
  11:45AM ET Johnny Was   
  1:20PM ET Ed TV   
  3:30PM ET Dogma   
  5:40PM ET Grand Canyon   
  8:00PM ET Dying Young   
  10:00PM ET Ed TV   
Monday, Jul. 21
 12:05AM ET Dogma   
  2:15AM ET Johnny Was   
  3:50AM ET Grand Canyon   
  6:10AM ET Marie Antoinette   
  8:20AM ET Hoosiers   
  10:20AM ET Anne Of The Thousand Days   
  12:50PM ET Come See The Paradise   
  3:10PM ET Marie Antoinette   
  5:20PM ET The Insider   
  8:00PM ET Hoosiers   
  10:00PM ET The Quiet   
  11:40PM ET Marie Antoinette   
Tuesday, Jul. 22
  1:45AM ET Come See The Paradise   
  4:00AM ET A Home Of Our Own   
  5:50AM ET Mr. North   
  7:30AM ET Dust To Glory   
  9:10AM ET Stompin' At The Savoy   
  10:50AM ET Life Is Beautiful   
  12:50PM ET Mr. North   
  2:30PM ET Mad Love   
  4:10PM ET A Home Of Our Own   
  6:00PM ET Miracle On 34th Street   
  8:00PM ET Life Is Beautiful   
  10:00PM ET Mad Love   
  11:45PM ET I Want To Live   
Wednesday, Jul. 23
  1:30AM ET LBJ: The Early Years   
  4:00AM ET He Got Game   
  6:20AM ET Burn!   
  8:15AM ET A Family Thing   
  10:10AM ET Running With Scissors   
  12:15PM ET Rounders   
  2:20PM ET Riding Alone For Thousands Of Miles   
  4:15PM ET For Queen And Country   
  6:05PM ET A Family Thing   
  8:00PM ET Rounders   
  10:05PM ET The Last Temptation Of Christ   
Thursday, Jul. 24
 12:50AM ET Immortal Beloved   
  3:00AM ET Straw Dogs   
  5:00AM ET Separate Tables   
  6:45AM ET The Real McCoy   
  8:30AM ET A Child Is Waiting   
  10:20AM ET Dying Young   
  12:15PM ET Longtime Companion   
  2:00PM ET Dogma   
  4:10PM ET City Hall   
  6:05PM ET Dying Young   
  8:00PM ET Grand Canyon   
  10:20PM ET Dogma   
Friday, Jul. 25
 12:30AM ET Come See The Paradise   
  2:45AM ET Dying Young   
  4:40AM ET 10th & Wolf   
  6:30AM ET Invincible   
  8:15AM ET The Linda McCartney Story   
  9:50AM ET The Quiet   
  11:35AM ET Too Tough to Die: A Tribute to Johnny Ramone   
  1:00PM ET Invincible   
  2:45PM ET Radio Days   
  4:20PM ET 10th & Wolf   
  6:15PM ET The Quiet   
  8:00PM ET The Illusionist   
  9:50PM ET Invincible   
  11:40PM ET The Piano   
Saturday, Jul. 26
  1:45AM ET All The King's Men   
  4:00AM ET To Hell And Back   
  5:50AM ET Jack The Bear   
  7:40AM ET The Illusionist   
  9:40AM ET Jane Eyre   
  11:45AM ET Lorenzo's Oil   
  2:05PM ET Critical Assignment   
  4:00PM ET A World Apart   
  6:00PM ET Jane Eyre   
  8:00PM ET Jack The Bear   
  9:50PM ET Lorenzo's Oil   
Sunday, Jul. 27
 12:15AM ET A World Apart   
  2:15AM ET Rhapsody In Bloom   
  4:00AM ET He Got Game   
  6:20AM ET Burn!   
  8:15AM ET Hoosiers   
  10:15AM ET Marie Antoinette   
  12:20PM ET Life Is Beautiful   
  2:20PM ET Strictly Sinatra   
  4:00PM ET For Queen And Country   
  5:50PM ET Marie Antoinette   
  8:00PM ET Hoosiers   
  10:00PM ET He Got Game   
Monday, Jul. 28
 12:20AM ET Life Is Beautiful   
  2:20AM ET Marie Antoinette   
  4:30AM ET A Mother's Prayer   
  6:05AM ET Hoosiers   
  8:05AM ET Dying Young   
  10:05AM ET Fallen   
  12:15PM ET Running With Scissors   
  2:20PM ET Poetic Justice   
  4:20PM ET Venus   
  6:05PM ET Dying Young   
  8:00PM ET Black Widow   
  9:45PM ET Fallen   
  11:50PM ET Poetic Justice   
Tuesday, Jul. 29
  1:45AM ET The Hot Spot   
  4:00AM ET Gas!   
  5:20AM ET The Sixth Sense   
  7:10AM ET The Linda McCartney Story   
  8:45AM ET Breaking Away   
  10:30AM ET The Rocketeer   
  12:20PM ET The Sixth Sense   
  2:10PM ET Music Of The Heart   
  4:20PM ET Breaking Away   
  6:05PM ET A Family Thing   
  8:00PM ET The Sixth Sense   
  10:00PM ET The Rocketeer   
Wednesday, Jul. 30
 12:00AM ET Breaking Away   
  1:50AM ET Music Of The Heart   
  4:00AM ET All The King's Men   
  6:10AM ET White Squall   
  8:20AM ET The Insider   
  11:05AM ET Anne Of The Thousand Days   
  1:35PM ET Rain Man   
  3:50PM ET White Squall   
  6:05PM ET City Hall   
  8:00PM ET The Insider   
  10:40PM ET Rain Man   
Thursday, Jul. 31
  1:00AM ET The Piano   
  3:05AM ET I, The Jury   
  5:00AM ET On The Set: Invincible   
  5:20AM ET The Bounty   
  7:40AM ET Life Is Beautiful   
  9:45AM ET The Illusionist   
  11:40AM ET Guinevere   
  1:30PM ET Jungle Fever   
  3:45PM ET Life Is Beautiful   
  5:45PM ET The Bounty   
  8:00PM ET The Illusionist   
  10:00PM ET Jungle Fever  
                                            Movie descriptions:

AIRPORT [G]·Disaster·1970·(2:17)
The contemporary disaster classic! An all-star cast struggles
to land a jetliner damaged by a bomb in a howling snow
storm! Oscar-winning turn by Helen Hayes, with Jacqueline
Bisset, George Kennedy, Van Heflin. 6/6,24.

AIRPORT '77 [PG]·Action·1977·(1:53)
A luxury 747 is hijacked over the Atlantic Ocean and sinks
into the Bermuda Triangle - can the desperate passengers
remain alive while a daring underwater rescue is attempted?
An all-star cast highlights the third Airport film. 6/2,14.

ALL THE KING'S MEN [PG13]·Drama·2006·(2:08)
Sean Penn gives a riveting performance as Louisiana
governor Willie Stark in this intricate drama about power,
corruption, and betrayal in 1950s America. The all-star cast
includes Jude Law, Anthony Hopkins, and James Gandolfini.

AMERICAN GUN [R]·Drama·2006·(1:35)
Bullets link the stories of a Chicago high school principal, the
mom of a suicidal teen shooter in Oregon, and a frazzled
Virginia gun-shop owner in a tale of collateral damage and
paranoia. With Marcia Gay Harden, Tony Goldwyn. 6/4.

AMERICAN HARDCORE [R]·Documentary·2006·(1:40)
An exciting look at the birth of American punk rock features
the musicians and bands that defined an era and influenced
the history of music. With footage of Black Flag, Minor Threat,
Bad Brains, The Dead Kennedys and more. 5/29,7/4.

A group of U.S. soldiers defy their country when they release
mistreated prisoners. 6/14.

THE AMITYVILLE HORROR [R]·Horror·1979·(1:59)
"For God's sake, get out!" That's the best advice we can give
the unfortunate family who moves into the famous haunted
house on Long Island - a contemporary horror classic that
spawned a half-dozen sequels and a remake. 5/30.

ANNE OF THE THOUSAND DAYS [PG13]·Drama·1969·(2:25)
Oscar-winning drama follows King Henry VIII and Anne
Boleyn, who became his second wife, the mother of Elizabeth
I - and the first of the king's spouses to face death when she
could not bear a son. 7/1,6.

ANNIE HALL [PG]·Comedy·1977·(1:33)
Woody Allen's hilarious comedy about a neurotic screenwriter
and his erratic relationships with women - especially the love
of his life, Annie Hall. Winner of four Oscars, including Best
Picture and Best Actress (Diane Keaton). 5/28.

APOCALYPTO [R]·Action·2006·(2:18)
Director Mel Gibson's epic story - set during the last days of
the Mayan civilization - finds a young man, captured and
destined for sacrifice, making an escape and setting out on a
dangerous, gripping journey to save his family. 6/1.

THE BALLAD OF JACK AND ROSE [R]·ArtHouse·2005·(1:52)
A father and daughter, living in an abandoned commune,
have tried to keep the outside world at bay - until he brings a
new lover and her two sons home, igniting long-simmering
issues of family and sexual liberation. 6/11,22.

BED OF ROSES [PG]·Drama·1996·(1:28)
A shy florist (Christian Slater) sweeps a career-minded
investment banker (Mary Stuart Masterson) off her feet and
into his heart. 6/7.

BEFORE NIGHT FALLS [R]·Drama·2000·(2:13)
The gripping true story of Cuban poet and novelist Reinaldo
Arenas - the poverty of his childhood, the persecution and
imprisonment for being a dissident and a homosexual, and
his eventual escape to the U.S. with Johnny Depp. 6/6.

THE BELIEVERS [R]·Horror·1987·(1:54)
A New York police psychologist ties a series of gruesome
murders to an eerie black magic cult that practices child
sacrifice - and doesn't realize that he is leading them straight
to his young son! 5/29.

THE BEST OF TIMES [PG13]·Comedy·1986·(1:44)
Hilarious story of the guy who lost the big high school football
game, and his attempts to re-stage the contest twenty years
later and re-write history! Screenplay by the creator of Bull
Durham, Tin Cup, White Men Can't Jump. 6/7,12,17,22.

BIG BAD LOVE [R]·Drama·2002·(1:50)
In a small southern town, a writer - struggling with
alcoholism and piles of rejection letters - works with his best
friend, ex-wife and girlfriend to keep his life together. A fine
drama, with Rosanna Arquette, Paul LeMat. 6/20.

THE BIG ONE [PG13]·Documentary·1998·(1:31)
Confrontational documentary filmmaker Michael Moore uses
his trademark satirical humor to examine corporate America's
commitment to the bottom line - which includes laying off
workers while earning record profits. 6/3,14.

BILOXI BLUES [PG13]·Comedy·1988·(1:47)
The adventures of a young army recruit from NYC as he
undergoes basic training in Mississippi is told in the film
adapation of Neil Simon's comic play. Directed by Mike
Nichols (Charlie Wilson's War). 5/27.

BIRDMAN OF ALCATRAZ [TVG]·Prison·1962·(2:28)
True life drama of convicted murderer Robert Stroud - while
spending 53 years in prison, he educated himself in science
of birds and became world authority. Nominated for four
Oscars, including Best Actor and Best Actress. 5/29,6/6,17.

BLUE VELVET [R]·Crime·1986·(2:00)
A young man discovers a severed human ear in a field,
unlocking the dark secrets and introducing the bizarre
characters that inhabit his hometown. An unsettling
contemporary classic from director David Lynch (Twin

BOGIE [TVG]·Biography·1980·(1:39)
Loosely based on the famous actor, his marriage to Lauren
Bacall, and Bogie's close friends. 6/8,24.

THE BOUNTY [PG]·Adventure·1984·(2:11)
The engrossing true story of the mutiny during the HMS
Bounty's 1789 voyage to Tahiti - an island paradise that First
Mate Fletcher Christian finds more to his liking than Captain
Bligh's naval command. Co-starring Daniel Day-Lewis.

BOYNTON BEACH CLUB [R]·Comedy·2006·(1:45)
The members of an "Active Adult" senior community find the
capacity to rebound from loss and find new love through a
Bereavement Club in this feel-good comedy-romance. With
Sally Kellerman. 7/3.

BREAKING AWAY [PG]·Comedy·1979·(1:41)
High school grads in Indiana deal with college frat-boys,
bicycle racing and maturity - whether they want to or not -
in this winning comedy. Oscar-winner for Best Original
Screenplay. 6/7,17,29.

A BRIDGE TOO FAR [PG]·Action·1977·(2:56)
Near the end of World War II, the Allies are pushing the
Germans back, leading to a decisive battle for the last key
bridge. With an all-star cast, including Robert Redford, Sean
Connery, Anthony Hopkins, Gene Hackman and more.

BRIGHT ANGEL [R]·Drama·1991·(1:33)
Excellent drama finds a young Montana couple - a naive boy
and a grown-up-too-soon girl - taking a road trip to help the
girl's brother get out of jail. With Sam Shepard, Benjamin
Bratt, Bill Pullman. 6/12.

BUSTER [R]·Comedy·1988·(1:34)
After a small-time thief (Phil Collins) scores a big-time heist
he must choose between his family and freedom. 6/30.

CALENDAR GIRL MURDERS [TV14]·Mystery·1984·(1:35)
A detective tracks a serial killer who murders centerfold
models. 6/4.

CALL OF THE WILD [PG]·Adventure·1972·(1:45)
A roughneck and his partner press on in Alaska with the sled
dog Buck. From the Jack London novel. 6/3,13,27,28.

CAMILLE CLAUDEL [R]·Art House·1988·(2:54)
Passionate biographical drama about the troubled life of
French sculptor Camille Claudel (Isabelle Adjani) and her long
relationship with legendary artist Auguste Rodin (Gerard
Depardieu). 6/4,13.

CAST A LONG SHADOW [TVPG]·Western·1959·(1:23)
Saddletramp struggles with personal demons and old rivals
after inheriting a ranch. 5/31,6/20.

THE CAVEMAN'S VALENTINE [R]·Black·2001·(1:45)
A former musican - consumed by mental illness and living in
a cave in Central Park - discovers a dead body. The cops
write it off as an accidental death, but the voices in the
man's head say otherwise in this suspenseful thriller.

THE CHAMBER [R]·Crime·1996·(1:52)
From the best-selling John Grisham novel: a young lawyer
finds himself defending a racist murderer facing the death
penalty - who just happens to be his grandfather! An intense
drama, with Faye Dunaway. 7/3.

CHANCE OF A LIFETIME [TVPG]·Comedy·1991·(1:33)
Thinking she's dying, an Ohio businesswoman goes to Mexico
and lives it up with a widower. 6/3,10.

A CHILD IS WAITING [TV14]·Drama·1963·(1:45)
A psychologist, serving as superintendent of a state
institution, attempts to create new methods of training
mentally retarded children. A music teacher helps his efforts.

THE CHILDREN OF AN LAC [TVG]·Drama·1980·(1:36)
Georgia housewife finds herself on a mission to save 400
children on the eve of the fall of Saigon. 6/15.

Former lovers reconnect at a wedding reception, and their
flirtatious banter leads them to a hotel room - where their
past relationship collides with their simmering new-found
attraction. A sharply observed love story. 7/1.

COOGAN'S BLUFF [R]·Action·1968·(1:34)
An Arizona deputy sheriff applies his rough-and-ready frontier
justice tactics when he arrives in New York City to locate and
extradite an escaped murderer. Directed by Don Siegel ("Dirty

CRAZY/BEAUTIFUL [PG13]·Drama·2001·(1:39)
Sparks fly when a rebellious upscale Los Angeles anglo teen
girl meets a working-class Latino boy from East L.A. - can
their love survive the multiple obstacles placed in their way?

CRITICAL ASSIGNMENT [TV14]·Action·2004·(1:50)
The President of an African country decrees that the Arms
budget will be diverted into the Water-For-All project, while a
journalist discovers a Coup set up by arms dealers. 7/4.

CROSSOVER [PG13]·Action·2006·(1:35)
Two childhood friends whose lives are heading in different
directions - one has a sports scholarship and the other is a
streetwise scrapper - find themselves immersed in the
high-stakes world of underground basketball. 6/30,7/6.

CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER [R]·Action·2006·(1:54)
Betrayals, lies, ill-fated romance - and murder - amongst the
dysfunctional Imperial Tang dynasty royal family propel this
colorful, hyper-intense experience! From the director of "Hero"
and "House Of Flying Daggers." 6/2,8.

Top-flight Hollywood film editors reveal the secrets of the
trade and how editing can make or break a movie. Film clips,
interviews, and a unique hands-on session highlight the
magic in this Starz Original production. 6/10,21,25.

THE CUTTING EDGE [PG]·Comedy·1992·(1:41)
An ex-hockey player and a prima donna bicker as paired
figure skaters shooting for the Olympics.

THE DA VINCI CODE [PG13]·Literary/Book
Director Ron Howard brings the best-seller novel to the
screen: a Harvard symbology professor goes on the run with a
beautiful cryptologist, tracking down clues to solve a murder
while unravelling a centuries-old mystery. 6/5,22,23,30.

DADAH IS DEATH (P1) [TVPG]·Drama·1988·(1:34)
An Australian teen is sentenced to death for dealing drugs in
Malaysia. 6/9.
DADAH IS DEATH (P2) [TVPG]·Drama·1988·(1:34) 6/10

DANCES WITH WOLVES [PG13]·Drama·1990·(3:01)
Director Kevin Costner's story of a white Army officer who
comes to befriend a band of Sioux Indians and adopts their
culture in the post-Civil War American west. Winner of seven
Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director. 5/31.

THE DEFIANT ONES [TVPG]·Crime·1985·(1:35)
Two prisoners, one black, one white, escape from a chain
gang still shackled together. Despite their mutual hatred,
they must cooperate in order to survive. Barry Corbin. 6/30.

DILLINGER [R]·Biography·1973·(1:47)
Gritty telling of the life and death of 1930s gangster John
Dillinger - the crook whose bank-robbing, folk-hero exploits
made him the first man on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list.
An early screen appearance by Richard Dreyfuss. 6/25.

DIRTY DANCING [PG13]·Dance·1987·(1:40)
"Nobody puts Baby in the corner!" It's the classic romance
between an ugly duckling teenybopper and a hunky dance
instructor at a Catskills resort in the summer of 1963. You'll
have the time of your life! Patrick Swayze. 6/23,28

DIRTY WORK [TVMA]·Crime·2005·(1:37)
Chicago's sleaziest, most cruel crime boss is at the center of
a series of cat-and-mouse games involving crooked cops,
campaigning politicians, and an innocent Polish hotel maid in
this snappy, gritty crime saga. 6/30.

THE DOCTOR [PG13]·Drama·1991·(2:03)
The tables are turned when a successful yet emotionally
distant surgeon is diagnosed with cancer - how does he
handle seeing the world from the patient's point of view? With
Elizabeth Perkins. 6/10,19,29.

DOMINICK AND EUGENE [PG13]·Drama·1988·(1:49)
A mentally challenged man tries to help his twin brother get
through medical school while working as a garbage man -
until the pressures of life result in a dangerous situation. A
thoughtful drama, with Jamie Lee Curtis. 6/20.

DOOMSTOWN [TVMA]·Crime·2005·(1:30)
Set in the suburbs of Toronto, the inspiring story of one young
gang member and his choice between getting revenge or
putting a stop to a violent cycle by testifying against a
ruthless gang leader. 6/26.

DOUBLE STANDARD [TVPG]·Drama·1988·(1:36)
True story of a Circuit Court judge discovered to be a
bigamist, with two separate wives and families. 6/4,16.

DREAMCHILD [PG]·Drama·1985·(1:34)
At age 80, the Alice behind "Alice in Wonderland" recalls the
deacon who wrote as Lewis Carroll. 6/7,24.

DUST TO GLORY [PG]·Action·2005·(1:39)
Get a driver's eye view of the legendary Baja 1000, an annual
off-road race held in the Mexican desert that attracts
hundreds of racers piloting every kind of motorized vehicle -
16 hours of dangerous, one-of-a-kind racing! 6/30

DYING YOUNG [R]·Drama·1991·(1:51)
Cancer patient falls in love with his beautiful caretaker. 7/4

ED TV [PG13]·Comedy·1999·(2:03)
Ed, a video store clerk, becomes the star of a 24/7 reality
show - but as the cameras follow his every move, the family
skeletons appear and soon Ed is eager to cancel his fame.
With Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Hurley, Jenna Elfman. 7/5.

EDDIE & THE CRUISERS 2: EDDIE LIVES! [PG13]·Drama·1989·(1:44)
Eddie ditched the Cruisers years ago and took up a
construction job - but when his old record label cooks up a
campaign to find the singer in order to hype newly discovered
songs, the power of the music draws him back! 7/5.

EIGHT BELOW [PG]·Adventure·2006·(2:00)
Based on true events: a group of Antarctic researchers are
forced by a major storm to leave their team of sled dogs
behind to fend for themselves in the brutal polar landscape. A
gripping and inspirational adventure.

EIGHT MEN OUT [PG]·Drama·1988·(2:00)
The true story of the "Black Sox," the eight members of the
Chicago White Sox who conspired with gamblers to throw the
1919 World Series. Co-starring David Straitharn and
Christopher Lloyd, directed by John Sayles. 6/10,28

THE ELECTRIC HORSEMAN [PG]·Comedy·1979·(2:00)
An alcoholic rodeo-star-turned-product-pitchman rescues a
valuable show horse and flees to the Utah desert, pursued by
a determined TV reporter. Robert Redford. 6/14,25,26.

EUROPA EUROPA [R]·Art House·1991·(1:54)
Based on a true story: during World War II, a young Jewish
teen masquerades as a Communist and a pure-bred Nazi in
order to survive - and his cover could be blown at any
minute in this intense, award-winning German drama.

EVERYBODY WINS [R]·Mystery·1990·(1:37)
A private eye is hired by a woman to prove the innocence of a
man jailed for murder - he soon realizes the woman is not
telling the whole story as he uncovers a web of deceit and
corruption. 7/4.

EVITA [PG]·Drama·1996·(2:15)
Rousing adaptation of the Tony Award-winning musical
biography of beloved, yet controversial, Argentine first lady
Eva Peron. Oscar winner for Best Song. Banned from the White
House when Hillary was First Lady.

F/X [R]·Thriller/Suspense·1986·(1:48)
A movie special effects expert is hired by the FBI to fake a
gangster's murder - but things get complicated when the
deadly double-crosses begin.

FACING THE GIANTS [PG]·Drama·2006·(1:51)
The coach of a perpetually losing football team - facing
crises both on and off the field - reaches deep within himself
to find a new faith and vision for his struggling squad.

THE FALCON AND THE SNOWMAN [R]·Thriller/Suspense·1985·(2:11)
Two young Americans from upper-middle class suburban
homes betray their country and sell secrets to the Soviet
Union. 6/9,15.

FALLEN [R]·Crime·1998·(2:04)
After a disturbing death-row talk with a convicted serial killer,
a detective is slowly convinced that a new series of murders
is being committed by a supernatural spirit. But without solid
evidence, will the cop become the suspect? 6/11,15,7/4.

FATAL MEMORIES [TVPG]·Drama·1992·(1:33)
Repressed memories trigger a California woman to accuse
her father of murder. Based on a true story. 6/16,17,29.

FEAR [R]·Thriller/Suspense·1996·(1:37)
A teenage girl falls for a charming young man - but when she
tries to end the relationship, he reveals his brutal, disturbing
side. An early starring role for Mark Wahlberg. 6/1,20

FIGHT FOR LIFE [TVPG]·Drama·1987·(1:34)
In this real life drama, a couple tries desparately to save their
epleptic little daughter, even though the one drug that could
help her is not legally available in the United States. 5/31

FIND ME GUILTY [R]·Comedy·2006·(2:05)
Based on a true story - during the longest organized crime
trial in U.S. history, one wise-guy decided to defend himself!
His serio-comic strategies frustrated the judge, lawyers and
co-defendants in this unusual, winning mob story.

FIRES WITHIN [R]·Drama·1991·(1:27)
A woman whose husband is imprisoned in Cuba escapes the
island with her child, and begins a romantic relationship with
the man who rescued them at sea - but 8 years later, her
husband arrives in Miami looking to reunite his family. 6/12.

FOR QUEEN AND COUNTRY [R]·Drama·1988·(1:45)
A British paratrooper, honorably discharged after nine years
of service, returns to his South London home and a world of
racism, poverty and crime. 7/3.

FOUR DAYS IN SEPTEMBER [R]·Drama·1997·(1:47)
This film chronicles the events that ocurred in Brazil in 1969,
when a group of student revolutionaries banded together to
kidnap the American Ambassador. 6/2.

FOXTRAP [R]·Action·1986·(1:29)
Tough L.A. detective Thomas Fox is hired by a rich
industrialist to find his missing niece - and the search takes
him to Europe and a tangle of drugs, pornography and
violence. 6/16.

The co-stars of a movie about doomed Victorian lovers - "The
French Lieutenant's Woman" - begin to fall for each other. Will
they share the same fate as their screen counterparts? Best
Actress Oscar nomination for Streep. 6/8,19

FRIDAY FOSTER [R]·Action·1975·(1:30)
A sexy photographer snaps photos of the shooters who try to
kill the richest black man in America, and must evade them
when she discovers their real plot - assassinate the nation's
top black leaders! Classic blaxploitation action. 6/1.

GAS! [PG]·Comedy·1970·(1:18)
Texas survivors head for a New Mexico commune after nerve
gas kills everyone over 25. Directed by Roger Corman. 6/30.

The first President deals with ratification of the Constitution,
and his powerful and vocal constituents. 6/15

GOLDEN GATE [R]·Drama·1994·(1:31)
After an FBI agent has falsely had an Asian man imprisoned
as a communist spy during the height of the McCarthy era,
the agent befriends the man's daughter. 6/18.

GRAND CANYON [R]·Drama·1991·(2:14)
Life in L.A. - an upscale wife finds an abandoned baby in an
alley, her husband ends an affair with his young secretary, a
volatile movie producer examines his life, and a tow-truck
driver finds love. With Steve Martin. 6/13,18

GREAT BALLS OF FIRE! [PG13]·Biography·1989·(1:48)
The early story of the musical force of nature known as "The
Killer" - Jerry Lee Lewis - is energetically told, from his
maniacal personal appearances to the marriage to his
13-year-old cousin that derailed his career. 6/3,16,28.

THE GREAT WHITE HOPE [PG13]·Drama·1970·(1:43)
Life of Jack Johnson, the first Black Heavyweight Champion,
his white mistress and the attempt to depose him and
seperate him from his title. 7/3,6.

HANNAH AND HER SISTERS [PG13]·Comedy·1986·(1:47)
Hannah, a loving wife and mother, has a husband who is
cheating with one of her sisters and an ex-hubby going out
with another - and both sisters look to her for support! Best
Supporting Oscars for Michael Caine, Dianne Wiest.

HEART OF DIXIE [PG]·Drama·1989·(1:36)
The adventures of three sorority sisters attending a southern
college in 1957 - their boyfriends, the parties, and an
awakening to the racial strife of the era. With Phoebe Cates,
Treat Williams. 6/3,28.

A look at the loves and lives of Helen Keller and Anne
Sullivan, and the relationship between them. 6/2,21

HEY, I'M ALIVE! [TVPG]·Drama·1975·(1:14)
True story which chronicles two peoples' attempt to survive a
plane crash in the bitter sub-zero weather of the Yukon in
winter. 6/1,18,23

HOFFA [R]·Biography/Crime·1992·(2:20)
Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa (Jack Nicholson) leads union
into corruption and meets mysterious death. From his days 
as a grassroots organizer, his rise to the top of the 
Teamsters, and the battles with both management and the 
mob that lead to his unsolved disappearance. 6/1,9,19.

HOUSE OF CARDS [PG13]·Drama·1993·(1:49)
A precocious six-year-old falls mute when her father is killed,
and is soon building elaborate houses of cards in an attempt
to communicate with her mother. 6/14.

THE HOUSE OF SAND [R]·Drama·2006·(1:55)
The fate of three generations of women is told in this
atmospheric, dramatic tour-de-force, beginning in the desert
of remote northern Brazil in 1910 and continuing for the next
sixty years. 6/22.

Israeli agents find Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann in
Argentina and seize him in 1960. 6/1,10

I LIKE IT LIKE THAT [R]·Comedy·1994·(1:47)
After her husband is arrested for looting during a blackout,
Lisette, a young Latina, struggles for independence while
dealing with her gender-confused brother, her critical
mother-in-law and assorted neighborhood eccentrics. 6/28

I WANT TO LIVE [TV14]·Docu-Drama·1983·(1:35)
The true story of Barbara Graham, a wife and mother whose
notorious lifestyle led her straight to the gas chamber at San
Quentin. 6/3.

THE ILLUSIONIST [PG13]·Drama·2006·(1:49)
Romance, magic and murder: in 1900 Vienna, a mysterious
traveling magician arrives and takes the town by storm - but
when he reconnects with a childhood sweetheart engaged to
a prince, both their lives are in danger! 7/6.

IMMORTAL BELOVED [R]·Drama·1994·(2:01)
Famed composer Ludwig van Beethoven left a mysterious
letter upon his death addressed to a secret lover - who was
the "immortal beloved," and how did she influence this
musical genius? With Isabella Rossellini. 6/11.

IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER [R]·Drama·1993·(2:13)
Based on a true story: in 1970s England, a tough Belfast son
and his proud father are wrongly jailed for terrorist activities
and spend years fighting to overturn their convictions. A
brilliant drama, with Emma Thompson. 6/20.

INHERIT THE WIND [TVPG]·Drama·1988·(1:36)
Based on the famous "Monkey Trial" in which a teacher was
prosecuted for teaching Darwin's theory of evolution. 6/3,22.

THE INSIDER [R]·Drama·1999·(2:38)
The true story of a tobacco corporation chemist who defies
his bosses - and personal attacks - to blow the whistle on
industry secrets. Nominated for seven Oscars, including Best
Picture and Best Actor, directed by Michael Mann. 7/3

INTERIORS [PG]·Art House·1978·(1:32)
Director Woody Allen's first drama successfully tells the story
of a perfectionist whose chilly tendencies frustrate her
daughters and drive her husband away. 6/9,21.

INVENTING THE ABBOTTS [R]·Drama·1997·(1:47)
Class distinctions shape interactions between the Abbott girls
and Holt boys in 1957 Illinois. 6/15.

No conflict has been as money-making for corporations as
the Iraqi War - follow the story as "private contractors" are
present at Abu Ghraib, Falloujah and other hotspots, turning
mayhem into profit. Directed by Robert Greenwald. 6/7,20,24.

THE ITALIAN [PG13]·Drama·2007·(1:39)
An inspiring drama based on a true story - an abandoned
Russian boy escapes from a dangerous orphanage and sets
out on a perilous journey to find his mother before he's
handed over to a wealthy Italian couple. 6/11.

JACK THE BEAR [PG13]·Drama·1993·(1:39)
Two boys and their quirky father start over in 1972 Oakland,
California, with a sinister presence nearby. 5/27,7/1.

JAWS: THE REVENGE [PG13]·Horror·1987·(1:30)
This time...it's personal! The widow of Sheriff Brody takes on
a murderous great white shark after it begins killing the rest
of her family in the 4th Jaws movie. Featuring Michael Caine. 

JOE DANCER [TVPG]·Crime·1981·(1:37)
Private eye Joe Dancer ties a powerful Beverly Hills family to
murder. 6/29.

JOE DANCER: THE BIG TRADE [TVPG]·Crime·1981·(1:32)
Private eye Joe Dancer probes a Hollywood scandal and is
framed for manslaughter. 5/31.

Private eye Joe Dancer uses a chimp, his trainer and an
electronics genius to recover a vase. 6/29.

JOHN FORD GOES TO WAR [TVPG]·Documentary·2002·(:56)
The story of the making of legendary director John Ford's two
Oscar-winning short films - "The Battle of Midway" (1942)
and "December 7" (1943) - produced for the Army during
World War II is told in this Starz Original production.

JOYEUX NOEL [PG13]·Drama·2006·(1:56)
Christmas Eve 1914 during World War I: the German, French,
and British soldiers call a temporary truce, emerge from their
trenches, and celebrate together - but then the war must
continue in this story based on actual events. 6/13.

JUDGMENT AT NUREMBERG [TV14]·Drama·1961·(2:59)
Riveting story based on the famous Nazi war crimes trials
centers on the case of a local judge whose hearing raises
important issues of responsibility and guilt. Best Actor Oscar
for Maxmillian Schell, with Montgomery Clift. 6/26.

JULIA [PG]·Drama·1977·(1:57)
Playwright Lillian Hellman smuggles money into Nazi Germany
to help her childhood friend in the Resistance. Jane Fonda,
Vanessa Redgrave, Jason Robards. 6/23,24

THE KEEPER [R]·Thriller/Suspense·2004·(1:35)
An apparently exemplary cop abducts and secretly imprisons
a beautiful dancer - but he gets more than he bargained for
when a deadly battle of wills erupts between captor and
captive. 7/6

KEEPING SECRETS [TVPG]·Biography·1991·(1:33)
Actress Suzanne Somers plays herself in this compelling
docu-drama of her life, dysfunctional family and alcoholic
father. 6/9,17,24.

THE LADY WITH THE TORCH [TV14]·Documentary·1998·(1:59)
Celebrate the 75th anniversary of Columbia Pictures with a
star-studded stroll down movie memory lane - clips from the
early b-movie days through the mega-blockbusters of the
90s, hosted by Glenn Close. 6/3,22.

LBJ: THE EARLY YEARS [TVPG]·Biography·1987·(2:25)
Texan Lyndon Baines Johnson rises from congressman's aide
to 36th president of the United States. 7/1.

LEAVING LAS VEGAS [R]·Drama·1995·(1:51)
Intent on drinking himself to death in Las Vegas, a
screenwriter finds solace with a hooker in this poignant and
ultimately poetic drama. Cage was awarded the Best Actor
Oscar. 6/6,16,22,26.

LEGENDS OF THE FALL [R]·Drama·1994·(2:13)
The sweeping story of a man and his three sons, growing up
in the last frontier of Montana - and the beautiful woman who
will impact all their lives. With Julia Ormond, Aidan Quinn.

THE LIBERTINE [R]·Drama·2005·(1:54)
The sordid, kinky and strange true story of John Wilmot, the
Earl of Rochester, a 17th century aristocrat whose drinking
and sexual debauchery inspired and clouded his writing
talent and led him to an early grave. 6/22,7/2.

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL [PG13]·Comedy·1998·(1:58)
A lovable Italian misfit must use all of his wit and imagination
to shield his family from the perils of a WW II Nazi
concentration camp. Winner of three Oscars, including Best
Actor (Benigni). 7/5

A biography of film actress Mia Farrow, from her childhood as
the daughter of a Hollywood director to her rise to stardom. 6/6

LOW IN EUROPE [TV14]·Concert·2005·(:50)
A documentary which follows American indie rock pioneers
Low on a string of tour dates in Germany and the UK. 6/10.

MADAME SOUSATZKA [PG13]·Drama·1988·(2:01)
An eccentric London piano teacher (Shirley MacLaine)
inspires musical passion in her students. Twiggy, Navin
Chowdhry. 6/14,19,26.

MAGNOLIA [R]·Drama·1999·(3:09)
The lives of a wealthy self-help guru, a television producer
and his daughter, an insecure policeman, a former child
genius and a distraught wife all collide in this wildly
imaginative story. With William H. Macy, Phillip Hoffman.

THE MAN IN THE IRON MASK [PG13]·Adventure·1998·(2:12)
The swashbuckling story of the Musketeers and their fight to
dethrone the corrupt King of France and replace him with his
long-imprisoned twin brother is told in sweeping style. With
John Malkovich, Gerard Depardieu, Gabriel Byrne. 5/31.

MARIE ANTOINETTE [PG13]·Drama·2006·(2:03)
The stylish story of the lavish, insulated world Marie
Antoinette, a teenager when she wed the King of France: the
parties, the luxuries, and finally, the Revolution. Oscar winner
for Best Costumes, with Judy Davis, Rip Torn. 7/4.

MIDNIGHT MOVIES [TV14]·Art House·2005·(1:26)
The history of 6 landmark cult films - "The Rocky Horror
Picture Show", "Eraserhead", "Pink Flamingos", Night Of The
Living Dead and more - are chronicled through clips and
director interviews including John Carpenter and Joe Bob Briggs.
A Starz Original Production. 6/1,5,26.

THE MIGHTY [PG13]·Drama·1998·(1:40)
A strong friendship develops between two teen boys who
have been shunned because of their physical appearance -
together they discover the power of imagination in this
straight-shooting drama. 6/9,18,27.

MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET [PG]·Christmas·1994·(1:54)
A little girl refuses to believe that the department store Santa
hired by her executive mother is the real Kris Kringle -
but the jolly bearded man is slowly making her a believer!
With Mara Wilson, Dylan McDermott. 7/5.

MOBSTERS [R]·Action·1991·(1:43)
The story of two Italian and two Jewish kids who band
together in the world of organized crime in 1920s NYC - Meyer
Lansky, Bugsy Siegel and Lucky Luciano would one day rule
the mob. An action-packed saga, with Anthony Quinn. 6/12.

MR. NORTH [PG]·Comedy·1988·(1:33)
A bright, itinerant young man delights and confounds the
society crowd in 1920s Newport. 6/14.

MUSIC OF THE HEART [PG]·Drama·1999·(2:03)
True story of a NYC music teacher who battles the odds,
establishes a violin class in the inner city, and sees her
students perform at Carnegie Hall. Co-starring Angela Bassett
and Gloria Estefan, directed by Wes Craven. 7/1.

NEARING GRACE [R]·Drama·2006·(1:45)
In this charming coming-of-age comedy/drama, set in 1978,
a New Jersey teen tries to hold his family together following
the death of his mother - and he's trying to score with a sexy
classmate while his true love waits impatiently. 6/12

NEVER TALK TO STRANGERS [R]·Thriller/Suspense·1995·(1:26)
A beautiful criminal psychologist begins a passionate affair
with a fiery stranger - but when a stalker enters her life, she
realizes how little she knows about her lover in this
highly-charged, sexy thriller. 6/5,12.

NEWSIES [PG]·Drama·1992·(2:01)
In this energetic musical, a dancing newspaper boy leads his
buddies in a strike against the publisher when he decides to
raise his prices. With Ann-Margaret, Robert Duvall, music by
Alan Menken (The Little Mermaid). 7/1.

THE NIGHT LISTENER [R]·Drama·2006·(1:21)
A radio show host battling his own problems begins a on-air
telephone relationship with a troubled young boy. But when
the jock presses to find out more, he steps into a mystery -
does this boy even exist? 6/6,11,19,23,29.

NOBODY KNOWS [PG13]·Drama·2005·(2:21)
Based on a true story, four young Japanese children are
forced to rely on one another after they are abandoned by
their mother. 12 year-old Yuya Yagira won the Best Actor
Award for his role at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival. 6/9,13.

O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU? [PG13]·Comedy·2000·(1:47)
A smooth con-man, joined by his dimwitted fellow prison
escapees, travels across the small-town south to dig up
stolen loot in this quirky, hilarious adventure. WIth John
Goodman, Holly Hunter and a hit old-time music soundtrack.

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of "Stranger Than
Fiction". 6/6,15.

ONE OF THE HOLLYWOOD TEN [TV14]·Drama·2000·(1:48)
The shifting fortunes of director Herbert Biberman and his
wife, actress Gail Sondergaard, who were blacklisted and
harassed as the result of Wisconsin Senator Joseph
McCarthy's anti-Communist "witch hunts." 6/7,16.

ONEGIN [R]·Art House·1999·(1:46)
Realizing the mistake he made as a younger man, a wealthy
Russian aristocrat strives to win back the love of a beautiful
woman he once spurned in this elegant, impeccably acted
drama. 6/4,13.

THE OSTERMAN WEEKEND [R]·Literary/Book Based·1983·(1:42)
The host of a controversial tv talk show is convinced to join a
plan to expose friends believed to be Russian spies - but is
the threat real or a set-up? Taut intrigue rules director Sam
Peckinpah's final film. 7/6

THE PALLBEARER [PG13]·Comedy·1996·(1:38)
The story of a young man trying to find work as an architect,
win the girl of his dreams and - due to a case of mistaken
identity - carry on an affair with a deceased acquaintance's
mother. Co-starring Toni Collette. 6/10,21.

PASSPORT TO TERROR [TVPG]·Drama·1989·(1:35)
An American woman is wrongly accused of smuggling
antiques and is sent to a Turkish prison. 6/25.

PECKER [R]·Comedy·1998·(1:26)
The outrageous story of a small-time Baltimore photographer
whose pictures of his eccentric friends and family turn him
into an art-world sensation - but at a cost! Directed by John
Waters ("Hairspray", "Pink Flamingos"). 6/4,9.

PLATOON [R]·Drama·1986·(2:00)
The bloody insanity of the Vietnam War is seen through the
eyes of a young recruit whose two sergeants are at odds. The
intense winner of 4 Oscars, including Best Picture, Best
Director (Oliver Stone). With Charlie Sheen. 5/26,6/15,25,30.

PLAYING BY HEART [R]·Comedy·1998·(2:01)
Four stories intertwine in this all-star drama centering on four
women, their men, and the search for love in L.A. Co-starring
Dennis Quaid, Gena Rowlands, Gillian Anderson, Anthony
Edwards, Madeline Stowe and Jon Stewart. 7/2.

POETIC JUSTICE [R]·Comedy·1993·(1:49)
A sensitive young woman (Janet) retreats into a world of poetry
following the murder of her boyfriend - but she finds herself
slowly attracted to the local postman (Tupac) who dreams of 
hip-hop stardom as a rapper in this winning romance. 7/2.

POWDER [PG13]·Drama·1995·(1:52)
An abused albino boy with supernatural intellectual powers
encounters disbelief and discrimination when he enrolls in a
small town high school in this fascinating drama. With Jeff
Goldblum. 6/14,24.

A PRAYER FOR THE DYING [R]·Thriller/Suspense·1987·(1:48)
An IRA operator who tries to blow up a truck of troops
accidentally bombs a bus full of school children instead. He
loses heart, quits the movement, and goes to London in an
attempt to start a new life. But the IRA is not quite ready 7/3.

PREMIUM [R]·Drama·2007·(1:38)
Embarking on a last-ditch effort to win back his one true love,
a struggling actor takes on the biggest role of his life and
learns the secret to mastering his craft in the process. 6/5,8.

PRICE OF GLORY [PG13]·Drama·2000·(1:57)
A father whose boxing career was derailed channels his love
of the sport into coaching his three sons - but when an
outside manager offers to take over, the family threatens to
split in this hard-hitting drama. 7/5.

PROUD [PG]·Black·2003·(1:27)
Based on a true story: a man tells his grandson of his service
on the USS Mason, the only American ship manned by
African-American sailors to face combat in World War II. The
final starring movie role for Ossie Davis. 5/30.

THE QUEEN [PG13]·Drama·2006·(1:43)
In the wake of Princess Diana's death, the British royal family
and newly elected prime minister Tony Blair struggle to find
the proper way to honor the popular divorcee in this
compelling story. Winner of Best Actress Oscar.

QUINCEANERA [R]·Drama·2006·(1:31)
A Hispanic L.A. teen, nearing her 15th birthday celebration, is
tossed from her family when she becomes pregnant, then
finds refuge with a great-uncle in an eccentric neighborhood.
A warm, sharply observed coming-of-age story. 6/27.

RAID ON ROMMEL [PG]·Action·1970·(1:38)
A daring plan to strike behind the German lines in North
Africa is seriously compromised when the elite commandos
must be replaced by prisoners of war and their pacifist
medics! Explosive WWII action! 7/1.

RAIN MAN [R]·Comedy·1988·(2:13)
When a self-centered yuppie discovers that he has an
unknown, autistic brother, the two siblings--strangers to one
another--embark on a cross-country road trip of self
discovery. Winner of 4 Oscars, including Best Picture.

RAMBLING ROSE [R]·Drama·1991·(1:52)
The rumors are true about a couple's new maid in 1935
Georgia. Directed by Martha Coolidge. From the Calder
Willingham novel. 6/7.

THE REAL MCCOY [PG13]·Action·1993·(1:45)
Sexy bank robber Karen McCoy is fresh out of prison and
ready to leave her criminal past behind her - but when her
son is kidnapped by her old boss, she's forced to pull off one
last heist. 7/1.

RHAPSODY IN BLOOM [TVPG]·Drama·1998·(1:35)
A caring sister who has stayed on to care for her brother's
motherless children must choose - stay and remain a
surrogate mom or move on and begin a new life with a new
love. 7/1.

A father visits his estranged, dying son - a filmmaker - and
discovers that his unfinished documentary needs an
interview with a reclusive opera star, so he takes to the road
to complete the task in this touching Chinese drama.

ROMANCING THE STONE [PG]·Adventure·1984·(1:46)
A lonely romantic novelist's life takes a sudden turn when she
flies to South America to rescue her kidnapped sister - and 
that's just the beginning of this hilarious, sexy adventure! 
With Danny DeVito, directed by Robert Zemeckis (Back To The 
Future, Forrest Gump). It's another Trenchcoat.

RUMBLE FISH [R]·Drama·1983·(1:34)
Director Francis Ford Coppola examines a troubled teenager
trying to find his own identity in the shadow of his older
brother in this stylish drama - featuring an early role for
Nicolas Cage. 6/30.

RUN SILENT, RUN DEEP [TVPG]·Drama·1958·(1:33)
A WWII US Navy submarine commander returns to the sea in
a single-minded quest to sink the Japanese destroyer that
destroyed his previous ship - no matter the risk to his new
crew! With Don Rickles. 6/1.

RUNNING WITH SCISSORS [R]·Comedy·2006·(2:02)
Based on the best-selling memoirs - a boy leaves his
alcoholic dad and unstable mom to live with the eccentric
and often surreal family of his mother's therapist. WIth Alec
Baldwin, Jill Clayburgh, Brian Cox and more. 6/1,11,16,27.

The westerns of maverick American director Sam Peckinpah
(The Wild Bunch) are explored by an all-star Hollywood lineup
in this Encore Westerns original documentary. With Billy Bob
Thornton, Benicio Del Toro, Kris Kristofferson.

SARAFINA! [PG13]·Black·1992·(1:38)
In racially-divided South Africa, a history teacher inspires a
young student to join the anti-apartheid movement in this
sparkling musical drama. 6/10,20,25.

SE7EN [R]·Crime·1995·(2:07)
A gripping crime thriller finds a burned-out detective
unhappily teamed with a younger partner to identify a
gruesome psycho-serial killer. With Gwyneth Paltrow, from
the director of Fight Club and Panic Room. 6/5,9.

SECUESTRO EXPRESS [R]·Action·2005·(1:27)
Bungling street hoods kidnap a middle-class couple they
think are wealthy, arrange a ransom, and drag their victims
through a hellish nightmare nightmare of terror of an urban
underworld. A riveting, hard-edged rollercoaster of a film.

In this tense, atmospheric film from horror king Wes Craven,
an anthropologist dives into the mysterious voodoo
underground of Haiti, in search of a drug that can turn
humans into zombies! Filmed on location in Haiti. 6/19.

SHUT UP AND SING [R]·Documentary·2006·(1:32)
Country music superstars The Dixie Chicks were riding high
when they made an onstage statement critical of the US
President - follow the story as the band struggles to re-define
itself amidst a barrage of negative critical heat. 6/18,29.

THE SIXTH SENSE [PG13]·Drama·1999·(1:47) "I see dead people." 
The atmospheric thriller about a psychotherapist and his 
spooked young patient is a riveting experience. 
With Toni Collette, directed by M. Night Shyamalan. 7/6.

The freshly told story of an expatriate American couple - a
WWII vet author and his poker-laying wife - raising a
daughter and an adopted son in 1960s and 70s Paris, based
on the life of writer James Joyce (From Here To Eternity). 7/5

SORRY, HATERS [TV14]·Drama·2006·(1:26)
In post 9/11 New York City, an unsuspecting Syrian
immigrant cabdriver regrets his decision in picking up a fare
when the passenger begins to ask pointed questions and act
strangely. 6/5,16,22,23.

STARZ INSIDE: FOG CITY MAVERICKS [TV14]·Documentary·2007·(2:00)
"Fog City Mavericks" is a Starz Orignals production. A look at
the San Francisco filmmaking community that inspired and
gave rise to George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola, Clint
Eastwood, Chris Columbus, Michael Douglas, and more.

STILL OF THE NIGHT [PG]·Thriller/Suspense·1982·(1:31)
A Psychologist is visited by a neurotic mistress of his
recently murdered patient. Who is the key suspect in this
mystery thriller? 6/5.

STOMPIN' AT THE SAVOY [TVPG]·Drama·1992·(1:35)
Ella crooned, Duke played and swing was king at Harlem's
legendary Savoy Ballroom, where four young women find love
and heartache on the brink of WWII. With Vanessa Williams.

STRANGER THAN FICTION [PG13]·Comedy·2006·(1:53)
Harold Crick is a lonely IRS agent whose mundane life is
maddeningly transformed when he hears a mysterious voice
narrating his day-to-day life. An intriguing comedy-drama
with Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson, Queen Latifah.

TO HELL AND BACK [TV14]·True Story·1955·(1:46)
Actor Audie Murphy was the most decorated American soldier
of World War II - including the Medal Of Honor - and he
recreates his wartime exploits in this exceptional action film.

TOM & VIV [PG13]·Art House·1994·(1:55)
The controversial true story of American poet T.S. Eliot and
his ailing British wife Vivian - was she truly becoming
mentally ill, or did Eliot and her family conspire to commit her
to life in an institution? 6/12.

TORA! TORA! TORA! [G]·Historical·1970·(2:23)
The Japanese air attack against the U.S. Navy at Pearl Harbor
on December 7, 1941 is told from both the American and
Japanese perspectives in this epic World War II story. Oscar
winner for Best Special Effects. 7/4,5.

UP AT THE VILLA [PG13]·Drama·2000·(1:55)
Set amidst the expatriate community of Florence in 1938
during the rise of Fascism, a widowed young British socialite
travels to Italy only to find herself embroiled in a love triangle
and political intrigue. 6/21

VENUS [R]·Art House·2006·(1:35)
With more than 50 years difference in their ages, a veteran
small-time actor finds his manhood rekindled when he takes
an interest in his friend's young niece - a randy, wistful and
often hilarious story. With Vanessa Redgrave. 7/3.

VINCENT AND THEO [PG13]·Biography·1990·(2:20)
Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh goes mad with his helpless
patron and brother, Theo. 6/21,26.

THE VIRGIN OF JUAREZ [R]·Drama·2005·(1:30)
Over 300 women have been murdered over the years in
Ciuadad Juarez, Mexico, and a determined journalist attempts
to solve the mystery after meeting a rare survivor whose
startling weeping wounds captivate the public. 6/13,17.

VOLVER [R]·Comedy·2006·(2:01)
In Madrid, a working woman confronts numerous skeletons in
the family closet when her mother dies but comes back as a
ghost to find closure. An enchanting, intense yet comedic
story, Cruz got a nomination for Best Actress Oscar.

WAH-WAH [TVPG]·Drama·2006·(1:40)
As Swaziland becomes independent from Great Britain, the
family of a government minister is falling apart due to his
drinking - and the young son is forced to grow up fast. Based
on the life of writer-director Richard E. Grant. 7/5

WAITING TO EXHALE [R]·Comedy·1995·(2:03)
Four successful African-American women endure the ups and
downs of modern love in this witty, often hilarious film based
on the best-selling novel. Directed by Forest Whittaker, with
Loretta Devine, Dennis Haysbert, Gregory Hines. 6/5,25,29.

WARGAMES [PG]·Adventure·1983·(1:53)
Matthew Broderick stars as a computer gaming whiz who
hacks into a military network, and accidentally starts the
countdown to World War III. Can he stop the countdown
before it launches the ultimate endgame? 

WHALE RIDER [PG13]·Drama·2003·(1:42)
A young girl struggles against Old World beliefs as she tries to
convince her grandfather that she is every bit as worthy as
the young boys being considered as their peoples next leader.

WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS [R]·Mystery·1993·(1:42)
A series of ghastly murders of children leads a forensic
profiler to an institutionalized autistic teenager - and as their
relationship deepens, the mysteries and horror escalate in
this tense, eerie thriller. 6/2,6.

WILD AT HEART [R]·Art House·1990·(2:04)
A violent, erotic, and often hilarious tale of lovers on the run -
Sailor, a wanna-be Elvis, and his sizzling hot girlfriend Lula
take wild ride to escape detectives and hit men hired by
Lula's crazy mom. Directed by David Lynch. 6/19

WILD HEARTS CAN'T BE BROKEN [G]·Drama·1991·(1:29)
The inspiring true story of Sonora Webster, who fought the
odds to become an Atlantic City horse diver, found love, and
fought a physical disability to find her place in the world.

WINTER PASSING [R]·Art House·2006·(1:39)
A struggling actress, the daughter of two writers, returns
home after seven years to see if she can cash in on her
parent's love letters - but she finds her recluse father living
with some eccentric caretakers. With Will Ferrell. 6/18.

WOMAN WANTED [R]·Drama·1998·(1:50)
A divorcee answers a help-wanted ad for a live-in
housekeeper and finds herself getting involved with an
estranged college professor and his troubled son. Directed by
Keifer Sutherland. 7/3.

A WORLD APART [PG]·Black·1988·(1:53)
Exceptionally well-acted drama of a mother whose political
activism against the oppressive South African government of
the 1960s causes her to neglect her family, and how her
teenaged daughter reacts. 6/11,17.

THE YARDS [R]·Crime·2000·(1:55)
Fresh out of prison, a man takes a railyard job with his
uncle's corrupt company, but quickly finds himself the
scapegoat for a murder he did not commit in this crime
melodrama. With Charlize Theron, James Caan. 6/12,29.

54 [R]·Drama·1998·(1:33)
In the late 1970s, a naive New Jersey youth takes a job at
Manhattan's glamorous Studio 54, and is drawn into its glitzy,
decadent world of sex and drugs. With Mike Myers, Neve
Campbell. 6/6,24,25,29.
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