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                                      November-December, 2007

AIRPORT [G]·Disaster·1970·(2:17)
The contemporary disaster classic! An all-star cast struggles
to land a jetliner damaged by a bomb in a howling snow
storm! Oscar-winning turn by Helen Hayes, with Jacqueline
Bisset, George Kennedy, Van Heflin. 11/10,26.

ANNAPOLIS [PG13]·Black·2006·(1:43)
A brawny young man fulfills his mother's dream of attending
the Naval Academy, where he's assigned a pudgy but brilliant
roommate - and both must literally fight their way to
acceptance in a boxing competition. 11/1,7,17,18,26.

THE ASTRONAUT'S WIFE [R]·Drama·1999·(1:49)
An astronaut returns from space after a near-fatal accident,
and though he seems himself, his wife senses that her
husband has changed in this sci-fi thriller. 12/2.

AUGUST [PG]·Drama·1996·(1:34)
Anthony Hopkins made his diectorial debut in this story of a
wastrel who adores the young wife of his professor
brother-in-law in 1890 Wales. Adapted from the Chekhov play
"Uncle Vanya.'' 11/8,20.

BABES IN TOYLAND [G]·Children·1986·(1:36)
During a blizzard on Christmas Eve, 11-year-old Lisa is
magically transported to Toyland, where she must stop an
evil plot with the help of her colorful new friends. (Drew was
11 and Keanu was just starting out in this holiday gem) 11/12.

THE BALLAD OF JACK AND ROSE [R]·ArtHouse·2005·(1:52)
A father and daughter, living in an abandoned commune,
have tried to keep the outside world at bay - until he brings a
new lover and her two sons to their home, igniting
long-simmering issues and sexual liberation. 11/15.

BEFORE NIGHT FALLS [R]·Biography·2000·(2:13)
Autobiography of Cuban poet and novelist Reinaldo Arenas.
The poverty of his childhood, the persecution and
imprisonment for being a dissident and a homosexual. 11/9.

THE BIG ONE [PG13]·Comedy·1998·(1:31)
Confrontational documentary in which crusading filmmaker
Michael Moore examines corporate America's curious pattern
of implementing worker layoffs amidst record profits.

BLUE VELVET [R]·Crime·1986·(2:00)
A young man discovers a severed human ear in a field,
unlocking the dark secrets and introducing the bizarre
characters that inhabit his hometown. An unsettling
contemporary classic from director David Lynch (Twin
Peaks) 11/20,21.

BOGIE [TVG]·Biography·1980·(1:39)
Loosely based on the famous actor, his marriage to Lauren
Bacall, and Bogie's close friends. 11/17,12/1.

BOY CALLED TWIST [TVPG]·Drama·2005·(1:50)
A contemporary adaptation of Charles Dickens' novel, "Oliver
Twist" set in Cape Town, South Africa. 11/12,13,22.

BREAKFAST ON PLUTO [R]·Dark Comedy·2005·(2:09)
An always optimistic foster kid leaves small-town life in
Ireland for London, where he becomes a rock singer, a
magician's helper, a suspected IRA bomber, a prostitute...and
a transvestite. A wild ride from director Neil Jordan.

A BREED APART [R]·Adventure·1984·(1:41)
A scheming mountaineer deceives a backwoods
conservationist and a widow while planning to steal rare
eagle eggs. 11/26.

THE BRIDGE AT REMAGEN [PG]·Action·1969·(1:56)
An Army lieutenant and a Nazi major wonder whether to blow
up or save the last bridge across the Rhine. 11/12.

A BRIDGE TOO FAR [PG]·Action·1977·(2:56)
Near the end of World War II, the Allies are pushing the
Germans back, leading to a decisive battle for the last key
bridge. With an all-star cast, including Robert Redford, Sean
Connery, Anthony Hopkins, Gene Hackman and more.

BUCKTOWN [R]·Action·1975·(1:34)
A man moves to the small and racially divided town where
his bar-owning brother was murdered after he refused to pay
crooked white cops for "protection." 11/19.

CACHE [R]·Foreign·2005·(1:58)
A popular TV host and his family receive a series of videos
and disturbing drawings made by someone watching their
home - soon, dark, long-suppressed secrets are revealed in
this suspenseful, thought-provoking mystery. 12/1.

CADENCE [PG13]·Drama·1990·(1:37)
A rebellious young private becomes the sole white inmate in a
military jail - with a vicious bully sergeant in charge who is
out to get him. With Laurence Fishburne, directed by Martin
Sheen. 11/9.

CAESAR AND CLEOPATRA [TVG]·Drama·1946·(2:08)
The newly-throned queen (Vivien Leigh) of the Egyptian
pharaohs romances Julius Caesar (Claude Rains) during his
visit. 11/17.

CAMILLA [PG13]·Drama·1994·(1:31)
Two women from different generations (Jessica Tandy,
Bridget Fonda) become fast friends as they travel from
Georgia to Canada. 11/5,9.

Based on the true story, told from Joey Buttafuoco's
perspective: the sensational story of his love affair with
teenage Amy Fisher, a tryst that was punctuated by gunfire.

CHOCOLAT [PG13]·Drama·1988·(1:45)
A woman reflects on her childhood growing up in French
Colonial Africa. 11/4.

Based on a true story: a youth befriends a homeless man he
meets at the public library in Philadelphia who teaches him
about America's past and the meaning of sharing. 11/22.

CITY HALL [R]·Thriller/Suspense·1996·(1:52)
The New York mayor and his idealistic deputy cope with
scandal generated by a policeman's accidental shooting of a
black boy. 11/2,18,28.

A CIVIL ACTION [PG13]·Drama·1998·(1:55)
Based on a true story: an ambulance-chasing attorney finds
his conscience when he takes on a major corporation
accused of polluting a Massachusetts town's drinking water.
With William H. Macy and Tony Shalhoub. 11/6,23,24.

CLASS ACTION [R]·Drama·1991·(1:49)
A flamboyant civil liberties attorney leading a class action
lawsuit against an auto manufacturer finally meets his
toughest legal opponent - his daughter, a lawyer for a major
San Francisco law firm. With Laurence Fishburne. 11/30.

COME ON, GET HAPPY [TVG]·Biography·1999·(1:28)
The shenanigans that took place behind the scenes of the
cheery, chirpy comedy television series "The Partridge Family"
are recounted from the viewpoint of child star Danny
Bonaduce - featuring the group's hit songs! 11/2,3,26.

COOGAN'S BLUFF [R]·Action·1968·(1:34)
An Arizona deputy sheriff applies his rough-and-ready frontier
justice tactics when he arrives in New York City to locate and
extradite an escaped murderer. Directed by Don Siegel ("Dirty
Harry"). 11/8.

CRAZY/BEAUTIFUL [PG13]·Drama·2001·(1:39)
Sparks fly when a rebellious upscale Los Angeles anglo teen
girl meets a working-class Latino boy from East L.A. - can
their love survive the multiple obstacles placed in their way?

CROUPIER [TVMA]·Art House·1998·(1:31)
A struggling British author gambles more than he realizes
when he accepts a job as a casino dealer. Clive Owen shines
in this smart, noir-ish drama. 11/6,7.

CRY FOR THE STRANGERS [TVPG]·Mystery·1982·(1:35)
Muddled mystery in a craggy Pacific coastal town. The plot
elements include ghosts, violent storms, and suspicious
death. Patrick Duffy. 11/3.

CUBA [R]·Drama·1979·(2:02)
An anti-Castro British mercenary sees his rich ex-lover in hot
1958 Havana. Directed by Richard Lester. 11/30.

CUJO [R]·Horror·1983·(1:33)
A killer St. Bernard terrifies a mother and child trapped in
their car. From the Stephen King novel. 11/15.

THE CUTTING EDGE [PG]·Comedy·1992·(1:41)
An ex-hockey player and a prima donna bicker as paired
figure skaters shooting for the Olympics. 12/1.

DADAH IS DEATH (P1) [TVPG]·Drama·1988·(1:32)
An Australian teen is sentenced to death for dealing drugs in
Malaysia. 11/5.
DADAH IS DEATH (P2) [TVPG]·Drama·1988·(1:34) 11/5.

DALTRY CALHOUN [PG13]·Comedy·2005·(1:33)
A former pot farmer struggles to keep his once lucrative
Tennessee sod empire intact while dealing with a parade of
problem women - including his estranged 14-year-old
daughter unexpectedly left in his care. 11/4.

DERAILED [R]·Drama·2005·(1:47)
Two married people fall into an affair, but their first sexual
encounter is violently interrupted by a sociopathic criminal,
who later blackmails them - but is everything as it seems?
From the writer of "Collateral". 12/2.

The crafty beats of underground hip-hop legends The
Diplomats are featured in this live concert direct from New
York City, with Doug E. Fresh. 11/15,25,29.

DOGMA [R]·Art House·1999·(2:08)
Director Kevin Smith's controversial comedy about religious
tolerance - a woman is chosen as God's warrior to defeat two
fallen angels from destroying the world. With Linda Fiorentino,
Chris Rock, Selma Hayek, Jason Lee. 11/7,8,18,28.

DON'T COME KNOCKING [R]·Drama·2006·(1:51)
During production on his latest movie, an aging cowboy star
walks away from the set and heads out on a journey to
rediscover his roots - and meets up with the kids he never
knew he had. With Eva Marie Saint, Sarah Polley, Tim Roth.

DOUBLE STANDARD [TVPG]·Drama·1988·(1:36)
True story of a Circuit Court judge discovered to be a
bigamist, with two separate wives and families. 11/27.

DREAMCHILD [PG]·Drama·1985·(1:34)
At age 80, the Alice behind "Alice in Wonderland" recalls the
deacon who wrote as Lewis Carroll. 11/29.

EAT DRINK MAN WOMAN [TVPG]·Asian·1994·(2:04)
This follow-up to Ang Lee's "A Wedding Banquet," features a
Taipei master chef's failed recipes for connecting with his
three daughters. 12/1.

EIGHT BELOW [PG]·Adventure·2006·(2:00)
Based on true events: a group of Antarctic researchers are
forced by a major storm to leave their team of sled dogs
behind to fend for themselves in the brutal polar landscape. A
gripping and inspirational adventure.

EIGHT MEN OUT [PG]·Drama·1988·(2:00)
The true story of the "Black Sox," the eight members of the
Chicago White Sox who conspired with gamblers to throw the
1919 World Series. Co-starring David Straitharn and
Christopher Lloyd, directed by John Sayles. 11/1,10,14,27.

EVITA [PG]·Drama·1996·(2:15)
Rousing adaptation of the Tony Award-winning musical
biography of beloved, yet controversial, Argentine first lady
Eva Peron. Oscar winner for Best Song. Banned from the White
House when Hillary was First Lady. 11/12,27.

EXTREMITIES [R]·Drama·1986·(1:29)
A woman takes revenge on the man who invades her home
and tries to rape her. 11/8.

F/X [R]·Thriller/Suspense·1986·(1:48)
A movie special effects expert is hired by the FBI to fake a
gangster's murder - but things get complicated when the
deadly double-crosses begin. 11/23.

F/X2 [PG13]·Action·1991·(1:48)
A special effects expert turned high-tech toymaker teams
with his old buddy, a cop turned private eye, to solve a
complicated murder case. Big action sequences and
ingenious sight gags highlight the sequel to "F/X." 11/9.

THE FABULOUS BAKER BOYS [R]·Comedy·1989·(1:54)
Nominated for 4 Academy Awards, dueling pianists/musicial
brothers Frank and Jack Baker add a female singer who
brings both freshness and problems to their act. 11/4,22.

FACE THE MUSIC [PG13]·Comedy·1993·(1:34)
Music and lyrics combine in this romantic drama about a
divorced songwriting couple who come together to write a
tune for a movie - and find that their personal harmony is still
singing! 11/23.

A FAMILY THING [PG13]·Comedy·1996·(1:49)
A dying mother's last wish leads a bow-legged white
Southerner on a trip to find his long-lost, black half-brother in
Chicago. A fine comedy/drama, co-written by Billy Bob
Thornton. 11/5,6,19,23.

FATAL MEMORIES [TVPG]·Drama·1992·(1:33)
Repressed memories trigger a California woman to accuse
her father of murder. Based on a true story. 11/2.

FIGHT FOR LIFE [TVPG]·Drama·1987·(1:34)
In this real life drama, a couple tries desparately to save their
epleptic little daughter, even though the one drug that could
help her is not legally available in the United States. 11/3.

GIDEON [TVPG]·Comedy·1998·(1:41)
A simple-minded man arrives at a retirement home, where
his unique insights stir the fading minds and memories of the
residents. With Shirley Jones, Carrol O'Connor, Shelley
Winters, Harvey Korman, Barbara Bain. 11/17.

GIVE ME YOUR SOUL ... [TVMA]·Documentary·2000·(1:21)
A cautionary and sobering behind-the-scenes look into the
pornography industry. 11/4.

GLEAMING THE CUBE [PG13]·Action·1989·(1:45)
An angst-ridden teen skateboarder believes his adopted
brother's suicide was really murder, and attempts to prove it
with the help of a California detective. Look for skateboard
legend Tony Hawk in a small role. 11/27.

GLORY ROAD [PG]·Black·2006·(1:58)
Based on the true story of the 1966 Texas Western Miners,
the first college basketball team to sport an all-black starting
lineup while fighting for the NCAA national championship.
Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer ("Remember The Titans"

THE GOOD WIFE [R]·Drama·1987·(1:38)
In pre-WWII Australia, a bored housewife involved in a love
triangle with her husband and his brother becomes obsessed
with an arrogant ladies' man new in town. 11/28.

GRAND CANYON [R]·Drama·1991·(2:14)
Life in L.A. - an upscale wife finds an abandoned baby in an
alley, her husband ends an affair with his young secretary, a
volatile movie producer examines his life, and a tow-truck
driver finds love. With Steve Martin. 11/18,22,26.

THE GREAT ESCAPE [TVPG]·Action·1963·(2:52)
Based on true World War II events: deep inside Germany,
Allied prisoners plot an intricate plan to break out of the
Nazi's "escape-proof" prison. A contemporary classic, with
Charles Bronson, James Coburn, Richard Attenborough.

Fore! The true story of a gifted young amateur golfer who
overcomes class prejudice and family objections to compete
in the 1913 U.S. Open - and a heated matchup with a
heavily-favored British pro. Directed by Bill Paxton.

THE GUYS [PG]·Docu-Drama·2003·(1:24)
A New York CIty fire captain and journalist are brought
together in the aftermath of September 11 to write the
eulogies commemorating the lives of the eight firemen lost on
that tragic day - a thought-provoking drama. 12/2.

HARRY & SON [PG]·Drama·1984·(1:57)
This drama centers on the agonies and delights of a father
and son trying to salvage the relationship that is slipping
away from them. 11/6,12/1.

HE GOT GAME [R]·Black·1998·(2:17)
A convicted murderer is given a week-long leave to convince
his heavily recruited basketball-playing son to attend the
governor's alma mater - if successful, his sentence will be
cut. Written and directed by Spike Lee. 12/2.

HEART OF DIXIE [PG]·Drama·1989·(1:36)
Set in the south in 1957, the film centers on the activites of a
group of sorority sisters at Alabama's Randolph University
and their boyfriends. 11/3,27.

An intimate documentary about Jazz pianist Herbie Hancock
and his collaborations with a dozen formidable pop recording
artists. The film examines how Herbie's unique world view
influenced his music. 11/8,16.

HOFFA [R]·Biography·1992·(2:20)
Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa (Jack Nicholson) leads union
into corruption and meets mysterious death. 11/10,11,16.

HOODLUM [R]·Black·1997·(2:10)
Two gangs in 1930s Harlem - one headed by black godfather
Bumpy Johnson and another by white hothead Dutch Schultz
- fight for control of the numbers racket. With Vanessa
Williams, and an early role for Queen Latifah. 11/28.

THE HOUSE OF SAND [R]·Drama·2006·(1:55)
The fate of three generations of women is told in this
atmospheric, dramatic tour-de-force, beginning in the desert
of remote northern Brazil in 1910 and continuing for the next
sixty years. 11/2.

I'LL DO ANYTHING [PG13]·Comedy·1994·(1:56)
Matt Hobbs is a talented but unsuccessful actor. When
estranged ex-wife Beth dumps their daughter Jeannie on
Matt, father and daughter have a lot of adjusting to do.

THE INSIDER [R]·Drama·1999·(2:38)
The true story of a tobacco corporation chemist who defies
his bosses - and personal attacks - to blow the whistle on
industry secrets was nominated for seven Oscars, including
Best Picture. Directed by Michael Mann. 11/7,11,22,23.

INSTINCT [R]·Drama·1999·(2:03)
Rediscovered afters spending years lost in Africa, a gorilla
researcher is jailed for multiple murders and refuses to
speak. A young psychiatrist is assigned to bring the doctor
back into the world, with unexpected results. 11/12,23.

JAWS III [PG]·Disaster·1982·(1:38)
The son of Amity's Sheriff Brody tries to contain a great white
shark terrorizing a Florida aquatic amusement park -
originally shot in 3-D. With Louis Gossett, Jr. and Lea
Thompson. 11/3,18.

JAWS: THE REVENGE [PG13]·Horror·1987·(1:30)
This time...it's personal! The widow of Sheriff Brody takes on
a murderous great white shark after it begins killing the rest
of her family in the 4th Jaws movie. Featuring Michael Caine. 

JOHN FORD GOES TO WAR [TVPG]·Documentary·2002·(:56)
The story of the making of legendary director John Ford's two
Oscar-winning short films - "The Battle of Midway" (1942)
and "December 7" (1943) - produced for the Army during
World War II is told in this Starz Original production. 11/12.

KING OF THE HILL [PG13]·Drama·1993·(1:43)
Based on a true story: in 1930s St. Louis, a young boy - his
mom is hospitalized and his dad is a traveling salesman -
uses his wits and charm to survive alone. Featuring future
Oscar-winner Adrien Brody. 11/17,30.

LADIES IN LAVENDER [PG13]·Drama·2005·(1:44)
Two elderly sisters in a small English coastal town rescue a
half-drowned young man on the beach, taking him into their
home to recover. But their lives are changed by the man -
and another woman - in this heartfelt drama.

THE LADY WITH THE TORCH [TV14]·Documentary·1998·(1:59)
Interviews and movie clips documenting Columbia Pictures
75th Anniversary. Hosted by Glenn Close. 11/15,12/2.

THE LANDLORD [PG]·Black·1970·(1:51)
Rich kid buys Brooklyn tenement with plans to tear it down
and renovate, has massive change of heart after he gets to
know his tenants. 11/20.

THE LAST DETAIL [R]·Black·1973·(1:44)
Two Navy lifers take their time escorting a misfit sailor to
military prison, teaching the young man a few life lessons on
the way. 11/29.

A close look at the disappearing venues where rural blues
originated. A Starz Original Production. 11/10,29.

THE LINDA MCCARTNEY STORY [TVG]·Docu-Drama·2000·(1:30)
The story of rock and roll photographer Linda Eastman, who
married a Beatle and became part of an inseperable team -
personally and professionally - for over thirty years. 11/2,13.

LITTLE MAN TATE [PG]·Drama·1991·(1:39)
The mother of a seven-year-old genius struggles to decide
what is best for her son after he moves in with a child
psychologist who has big plans for his future. With Harry
Connick, Jr., directed by Jodie Foster. 11/3,14,19,20,25,30.

LONDON [R]·Drama·2006·(1:32)
Syd awakens in his NYC apartment and discovers his
girlfriend is leaving town and having a going-away party -
and he's not invited! So concocts a wild plan to crash the
party and win back the girl. With Jason Statham. 11/8,23.

THE LONG GOODBYE [R]·Crime·1973·(1:52)
Raymond Chandler's private eye Philip Marlowe meets a fun
couple in 1970s Los Angeles. Directed by Robert Altman.

THE LONG ISLAND INCIDENT [TV14]·Docu-Drama·1998·(1:32)
Based on true events: a media frenzy erupts when a woman
becomes a gun-control advocate and political candidate after
her husband is killed and her son wounded in a commuter
train shooting. Executive producer: Barbra Streisand.

LOST IN TRANSLATION [R]·Comedy·2003·(1:42)
A seen-better-days American actor and a newly married
woman meet in Tokyo and spend an increasingly intimate
week together in the colorful city. Oscar-winner for Best
Original Screenplay, Golden Globes Best Actor (Murray).

LOVE FIELD [PG13]·Drama·1992·(1:44)
The disparate lives of two people intertwine during a bus trip
to Washington D.C. following the assassination of President
John F. Kennedy in 1963. 11/6,17.

LOW IN EUROPE [TV14]·Concert·2005·(:50)
A documentary which follows American indie rock pioneers
Low on a string of tour dates in Germany and the UK.

A widowed man's life turns upside down when he embarks on
a journey to find a dying man's long lost love. A charming
comedy featuring an all-star ensemble cast.

MASS APPEAL [PG]·Drama·1984·(1:39)

MIDNIGHT MOVIES [TV14]·Art House·2005·(1:26)
The history of 6 landmark cult films - "The Rocky Horror
Picture Show", "Eraserhead", "Pink Flamingos", Night Of The
Living Dead and more - are chronicled through clips and
director interviews including John Carpenter and Joe Bob Briggs.
A Starz Original Production. 10/15.

MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET [PG]·Christmas·1994·(1:54)
A skeptical little girl meets a man claiming to be the real
Santa Claus. 11/22.

MIRACLE ON INTERSTATE 880 [TVPG]·Docu-Drama·1993·(1:33)
After the 1989 San Francisco earthquake, two families are
rescued from crumpled freeway debris. 11/3.

MISSING IN AMERICA [PG13]·Drama·2005·(1:43)
Danny Glover stars as a reclusive Vietnam veteran whose
world is turned upside down when he is left to care for the
Amerasian daughter of an ex-platoon member. 11/30,12/1.

A veteran rodeo rider returns home and finds his family in
disarray - so he retrieves his dad from a retirement home and
strikes up a romance with a former flame. With Ben Johnson,
Gary Busey. 10/30,11/8,16.

ONE TRUE THING [R]·Drama·1998·(2:07)
A young woman puts her career on hold to return home and
care for her terminally ill - but determinedly chipper - mother.
But can she connect with her distant father? A winning
drama, with William Hurt. 11/1,14.

OPPOSING FORCE [R]·Action·1986·(1:40)
The only female in a military experiment designed to simulate
p.o.w. conditions, falls victim to a madman commander who
justifies his rape of her as training technique. 11/11.

ORIGINAL GANGSTAS [R]·Action·1996·(1:39)
A crew of former gang members take back their Gary, Indiana
hood from the Uzi-toting gangbangers who have taken over.
Featuring blaxploitation stars Pam Grier, Richard Roundtree,
Ron O'Neal and more. 11/15.

From "Gone With The Wind" to "Monster's Ball," this lively film
shows rare footage, photos and lost trailers of performances
by African-American actors in Oscar-recognized films.

THE PACKAGE [R]·Thriller/Suspense·1989·(1:48)
A sergeant in U.S. army realizes he is being used to help
instigate an international conspiracy. 11/2.

PANDAEMONIUM [PG13]·Art House·2001·(2:05)
A powerful look at the passionate, tumultuous partnership of
two of the English language's greatest poets, Samuel Taylor
Coleridge and William Wordsworth. 11/11,15,24.

PAPER LION [G]·Comedy·1968·(1:45)
Funny film loosely based on George Plimpton's book about his
experiences when he tries out for Quarterback for the Detroit
Lions' football team. 11/9.

PARADISE ALLEY [PG]·Drama·1978·(1:47)
Three brothers stuck in New York's Hell's Kitchen discover a
way out when one discovers his talent for pro wrestling - then
his two siblings become his trainer and manager in this
sports drama directed by Sylvester Stallone. 11/9.

PASSPORT TO TERROR [TVPG]·Drama·1989·(1:35)
An American woman is wrongly accused of smuggling
antiques and is sent to a Turkish prison. 11/10.

PATHS OF GLORY [TV14]·Drama·1957·(1:28)
Director Stanley Kubrick's searing World War I drama about a
general, far from the front lines, who unblinkingly sends his
troops on a doomed mission - then decides to punish the
men for their failure. Unforgettable storytelling! 11/23.

PETER'S FRIENDS [R]·Comedy·1992·(1:41)
A ten-year reunion of college classmates in rural England
becomes an emotional roller-coaster of anger, love, envy, and
comic absurdity. With Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry, Rita Rudner.

PHENOMENON [PG]·Drama·1996·(2:03)
A small-town mechanic is transformed overnight into a
mental superman complete with telekinetic powers - but his
new-found abilities spark fear and unease in this witty, warm
fantasy. From the director of "While You Were Sleeping."

POETIC JUSTICE [R]·Comedy·1993·(1:49)
A sensitive beautician (Janet) with the soul of a poet enters
an uneasy relationship with a postman (Tupac) intent upon
becoming a rapper. 11/9,21,24,25.

POWDER [PG13]·Drama·1995·(1:52)
An abused albino boy with supernatural intellectual powers
encounters disbelief and discrimination when he enrolls in a
small town high school. 11/23.

PRICE OF GLORY [PG13]·Drama·2000·(1:57)
A father whose boxing career was derailed channels his love
of the sport into coaching his three sons - but when an
outside manager offers to take over, the family threatens to
split in this hard-hitting drama. 11/6,13.

PROOF [PG13]·Drama·2005·(1:40)
The daughter of a brilliant yet mentally erratic mathematician
must deal with his legacies of brilliance and madness when a
young student discovers a groundbreaking mathematical
proof buried in his cryptic notebooks. 11/1,5,11.

RACE THE SUN [PG]·Comedy·1996·(1:40)
A bunch of high school misfits in Hawaii, introduced by their
new teacher, attend a science fair in which they draw up
inspiration to build and race their own solar car. An early
starring role for Halle Berry. 11/16,26,12/1.

RAGING BULL [R]·Drama·1980·(2:09)
Director Martin Scorsese's modern classic tells the true story
of volatile boxer Jake LaMotta, from his early triumphs as
world champion to his later dissolute days as a seedy
nightclub owner. Best Actor Oscar for Robert DeNiro.

THE REMAINS OF THE DAY [PG]·Art House·1993·(2:14)
Engaging study of the life of an English butler - a man who
sacrifices anything resembling a personal life in his total
dedication to his master's needs. With Christopher Reeve,
Hugh Grant, a Merchant-Ivory film. 11/13,21.

RICH KIDS [PG]·Comedy·1979·(1:36)
A 12-year-old girl whose parents are divorcing finds comfort
with a boy, also from a broken home. 11/10.

ROMANCING THE STONE [PG]·Adventure·1984·(1:46)
A lonely romantic novelist's life takes a sudden turn when she
flies to South America to rescue her kidnapped sister. It's
another Trenchcoat. 11/1,17,27.

ROOMMATES [PG]·Comedy·1995·(1:49)
The life of an Ohio heart surgeon turns upside down when he
decides to share his roof with the opinionated 107-year-old
grandfather who raised him. Co-starring Julianne Moore.

THE ROOTS PRESENT [TV14]·Music·2004·(1:28)
Concert showcase includes performances from some of the
most exciting, hottest hip-hop acts at work today, including
Young Gunz, Mobb Deep, Jean Grae, Martin Luther, Skillz, and
The Roots. 11/5,16,29.

RUSH [R]·Crime·1991·(2:00)
Undercover cops trying to nab a big time drug dealer find
themselves embroiled in the lifestyle. 11/29.

The westerns of maverick American director Sam Peckinpah
(The Wild Bunch) are explored by an all-star Hollywood lineup
in this Encore Westerns original documentary. With Billy Bob
Thornton, Benicio Del Toro, Kris Kristofferson. 11/18.

SAME TIME, NEXT YEAR [PG]·Comedy·1978·(1:58)
After accidentally falling into an adulterous affair, a couple
shares one secret weekend together in each of 26
consecutive years. 11/13,24.

SARAFINA! [PG13]·Black·1992·(1:38)
A South African student joins the anti-apartheid revolution in
her township of Soweto. 11/9,10,25.

THE SEA INSIDE [PG13]·Drama·2004·(2:06)
The true story of Spaniard Ramon Sampedro, who fought a
30-year campaign for his right to die with dignity, and the two
women who tried to change his life. Winner of the Oscar for
Best Foreign Language Film. 11/20.

THE SECOND CHANCE [PG13]·Black·2006·(1:43)
A white pastor from a well-off suburban church is assigned
to help revive the fortunes of an inner-city ministry - but first
he and the urban church's street-wise black pastor must
overcome their own pride and prejudices. 11/9.

SHACKLES [R]·Drama·2005·(1:55)
A teacher who has been banned from teaching because of his
assault of a student is given a second chance when offered a
position at a school inside a prison. 11/5.

SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE [R]·Comedy·1998·(2:03)
Struggling playwright Will Shakespeare finds his muse when
he meets the beautiful Viola, inspiring him to turn his pirate
melodrama into "Romeo and Juliet." A hilarious romantic
comedy, winner of 7 Oscars, including Best Picture.

SHOUT [PG]·Drama·1991·(1:28)
A rebellious young man lands in a west Texas reform school
where the music director introduces him to a new emotional
outlet: rock and roll! Early roles for Gwyneth Paltrow and
Heather Graham. 12/1.

SORRY, HATERS [TV14]·Drama·2006·(1:26)
In post 9/11 New York City, an unsuspecting Syrian
immigrant cabdriver regrets his decision in picking up a fare
when the passenger begins to ask pointed questions and act
strangely. 11/4,18,19.

THE SPANISH PRISONER [PG]·Crime·1998·(1:50)
A business executive who devises a secret high-tech formula
is being set up in a high-level con game by nearly everyone
he knows. 11/10,21.

THE SQUID AND THE WHALE [R]·Drama·2005·(1:21)
Based on a true story: two teenage boys find themselves
ultimately choosing sides as their parents separate in this
touching, dramatic, and often hilarious film. Winner of
multiple awards, co-starring Anna Pacquin. 12/2.

THE SUGARLAND EXPRESS [PG]·Drama·1974·(1:50)
Director Steven Spielberg recounts the true story of a Texas
couple who escape from jail, steal a highway patrol car, and
begin a cross-country drive - followed by a media circus - to
reclaim their son. With Ben Johnson. 11/21.

SURVIVING PICASSO [R]·Art House·1996·(2:05)
A portrait of the artist's life as seen through the eyes of his
lover. 11/19.

SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS [TV14]·Drama·1957·(1:36)
An all-powerful New York gossip columnist gives a press
agent some dirty work. With Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis.
Directed by Alexander Mackendrick. 11/13.

THEY CALL ME MISTER TIBBS! [R]·Crime·1970·(1:48)
Sydney Poitier plays a tough San Francisco cop investigating
the murder of a prostitute. His close friend, an activist priest,
is the primary suspect. A sequel to Poitier's popular feature,
"In The Heat Of The Night". 11/21.

THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR [R]·Adventure·1968·(1:42)
A handsome young multi-millionaire has pulled off the perfect
crime - and the beautiful female investigator who is on the
case finds herself falling for him in this sexy, witty adventure
caper. Oscar winner for Best Original Song. 11/12.

THUMBSUCKER [R]·Art House·2005·(1:36)
An all-star cast tells the tale of a teenage boy's addiction to
sucking his thumb, and the unexpected changes that ensue
when he learns how to break the habit. Witty and real, with
Keanu Reeves, Vince Vaughn, Vincent D'Onofrio. 11/30.

TORA! TORA! TORA! [G]·War·1970·(2:23)
Events from American and Japanese viewpoints leading up to
and including the Japanese attack on the U.S. Naval base at
Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. 12/1.

TSOTSI [R]·Black·2006·(1:34)
Tsotsi is the young leader of a violent Johannesburg street
gang - his name means "thug" - whose world changes when
an infant falls into his care . Gripping, ruthless and
absorbing, an Oscar winner for Best Foreign Language Film.

TURTLES CAN FLY [PG13]·Drama·2005·(1:33)
Near the Iraqi-Turkish border on the eve of an American
invasion, refugee children like 13-year-old Kak, gauge and
await their fate. 12/2.

TWELFTH NIGHT [PG]·Drama·1996·(2:14)
Director Trevor Nunn breathes new life into Shakepeare's
comedy of mistaken identity and discovered love.

ULEE'S GOLD [R]·Drama·1997·(1:53)
A solemn Florida beekeeper struggles to keep his two
grandchildren from falling into the self-destructive paths of
their parents in this emotionally acute drama. First movie for
Jessica Biel. 11/14.

AN UNFINISHED LIFE [PG13]·Drama·2005·(1:48)
A grizzled rancher is trying to put his life back together when
his former daughter-in-law - who was the driver in the car
accident that killed his son - suddenly reappears with the
granddaughter he never knew. With Morgan Freeman.

UNFORGETTABLE [R]·Mystery·1996·(1:57)
After being accused of his wife's brutal murder, a medical
examiner searches for the truth by the means of a memory
injection in this atmospheric mystery. WIth Kim Cattrall,
directed by John Dahl. 11/28.

THE VANISHING [R]·Remake·1993·(1:50)
A couple driving on vacation have an argument. They stop,
the girl enters a gas station, and disappears into thin air. The
boyfriend searches relentlessly, and three years later, the
answers come tumbling out. With Sandra Bullock.

THE VISITATION [PG13]·Drama·2006·(1:44)
A charismatic stranger with a supernatural presence sets up
his revival tent on the edge of a small town and soon divides
the residents - is he a new messiah, or something more
sinister? With Kelly Lynch. 12/2.

WAITING TO EXHALE [R]·Comedy·1995·(2:03)
The story chronicles the lives and friendships of four
African-American woman. 11/1,11,19,30.

WARGAMES [PG]·Adventure·1983·(1:53)
Matthew Broderick stars as a computer gaming whiz who
hacks into a military network, and accidentally starts the
countdown to World War III. Can he stop the countdown
before it launches the ultimate endgame? 11/10.

THE WARRIOR [R]·Adventure·2005·(1:27)
Set in feudal India, a sweeping mythical adventure about a
lone warrior who renounces his violent role as the longtime
enforcer to a local lord - only to be murderously pursued into
the Himalayan mountains by the lord. 11/23,29.

WHEN A STRANGER CALLS [PG13]·Horror·2006·(1:27)
In an opulent estate, a teen babysitter answers the phone
and begins a long, suspenseful night evading a taunting
psychopathic stalker - who may be in the house with her!

THE WHITE COUNTESS [PG13]·Drama·2005·(2:16)
In 1930s Shanghai, a blind American diplomat and a Russian
countess-turned-dance hall girl create a successful nightclub
- The White Countess - but all is threatened as the Japanese
prepare to invade. The final Merchant-Ivory film. 11/5,16,28.

WILD MAN BLUES [PG]·Documentary·1998·(1:45)
Oscar-winning director Barbara Kopple takes viewers behind
the scenes of Woody Allen's 1996 jazz tour of Europe. 11/28.

WOMAN WANTED [R]·Drama·1998·(1:50)
A divorcee answers a help-wanted ad for a live-in
housekeeper and finds herself getting involved with an
estranged college professor and his troubled son. Directed by
Keifer Sutherland. 11/9,28.

21 GRAMS [R]·Drama·2003·(2:04)
A freak accident brings together a critically ill mathematician,
a grieving mother and a born-again ex-con, whose lives
collide in a riveting confrontation. With Sean Penn.

54 [R]·Drama·1998·(1:33)
In the late 1970s, a naive New Jersey youth finds a job at
Manhattan's glamorous Studio 54, and is soon drawn into its
world of glitz, decadence and drugs. 12/2.

Thursday, Nov. 1
  1:15AM ET Melvin And Howard   
  2:50AM ET Blue Collar   
  4:45AM ET TV In Black: The First Fifty Years   
  5:35AM ET TV In Black: The First Fifty Years   
  6:30AM ET Romancing The Stone   
  8:20AM ET Proof   
  10:00AM ET Waiting To Exhale   
  12:05PM ET Annapolis   
  1:50PM ET Eight Men Out   
  4:00PM ET One True Thing   
  6:10PM ET Romancing The Stone   
  8:00PM ET Annapolis   
  9:45PM ET Waiting To Exhale   
  11:50PM ET Proof   
Friday, Nov. 2
  1:30AM ET One True Thing   
  3:40AM ET Eight Men Out   
  5:40AM ET Annapolis   
  7:30AM ET Glory Road   
  9:30AM ET Ladies in Lavender   
  11:20AM ET The Linda McCartney Story   
  1:00PM ET The Package   
  2:50PM ET Fatal Memories   
  4:30PM ET Jaws: The Revenge   
  6:10PM ET Ladies in Lavender   
  8:00PM ET Glory Road   
  10:00PM ET City Hall   
Saturday, Nov. 3
 12:05AM ET The Package   
  2:00AM ET The House of Sand   
  4:00AM ET Come On, Get Happy   
  5:30AM ET Mass Appeal   
  7:15AM ET Phenomenon   
  9:20AM ET Cry For The Strangers   
  11:00AM ET Little Man Tate   
  12:50PM ET Miracle On Interstate 880   
  2:35PM ET The Big One   
  4:15PM ET Fight For Life   
  5:50PM ET Phenomenon   
  8:00PM ET Little Man Tate   
  9:45PM ET Jaws III   
  11:35PM ET Come On, Get Happy   
Sunday, Nov. 4
  1:15AM ET Phenomenon   
  2:20AM ET Heart Of Dixie   
  4:00AM ET The Greatest Game Ever Played   
  6:05AM ET Daltry Calhoun   
  7:40AM ET Chocolat   
  9:30AM ET Sorry, Haters   
  11:00AM ET An Unfinished Life   
  12:50PM ET When A Stranger Calls   
  2:20PM ET Lost In Translation   
  4:10PM ET The Fabulous Baker Boys   
  6:10PM ET An Unfinished Life   
  8:00PM ET The Greatest Game Ever Played   
  10:05PM ET When A Stranger Calls   
  11:35PM ET Lost In Translation   
Monday, Nov. 5
  1:20AM ET An Unfinished Life   
  3:10AM ET Give Me Your Soul ...   
  4:35AM ET When A Stranger Calls   
  6:05AM ET Dadah Is Death   
  7:45AM ET Dadah Is Death   
  9:20AM ET Shakespeare In Love   
  11:30AM ET Proof   
  1:15PM ET Shackles   
  3:20PM ET The White Countess   
  5:45PM ET Shakespeare In Love   
  8:00PM ET Camilla   
  9:35PM ET Proof   
  11:20PM ET Raging Bull   
Tuesday, Nov. 6
  1:35AM ET The White Countess   
  4:00AM ET The Roots Present   
  5:35AM ET A Family Thing   
  7:30AM ET Crazy/Beautiful   
  9:15AM ET A Civil Action   
  11:15AM ET A Bridge Too Far   
  2:15PM ET Harry & Son   
  4:15PM ET Love Field   
  6:00PM ET A Family Thing   
  8:00PM ET A Civil Action   
  10:05PM ET Crazy/Beautiful   
  11:50PM ET Love Field   
Wednesday, Nov. 7
  1:50AM ET Harry & Son   
  4:00AM ET Croupier   
  5:35AM ET Price of Glory   
  7:35AM ET Annapolis   
  9:20AM ET Low In Europe   
  10:15AM ET Ladies in Lavender   
  12:05PM ET The Vanishing   
  2:00PM ET The Insider   
  4:40PM ET Croupier   
  6:15PM ET Annapolis   
  8:00PM ET The Vanishing   
  9:50PM ET Ladies in Lavender   
  11:40PM ET The Insider   
Thursday, Nov. 8
  2:20AM ET Annapolis   
  4:05AM ET Dogma   
  6:15AM ET An Unfinished Life   
  8:05AM ET August   
  9:45AM ET Herbie Hancock: Possibilities   
  11:20AM ET Mass Appeal   
  1:10PM ET My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys   
  3:05PM ET Coogan's Bluff   
  4:45PM ET London   
  6:20PM ET August   
  8:00PM ET An Unfinished Life   
  9:50PM ET Dogma   
Friday, Nov. 9
 12:00AM ET Extremities   
  1:35AM ET London   
  3:10AM ET An Unfinished Life   
  5:00AM ET Eight Below   
  7:05AM ET Cadence   
  8:45AM ET Paper Lion   
  10:30AM ET Eight Below   
  12:40PM ET The Second Chance   
  2:30PM ET F/X2   
  4:30PM ET Camilla   
  6:05PM ET Woman Wanted   
  8:00PM ET Eight Below   
  10:05PM ET Poetic Justice   
Saturday, Nov. 10
 12:00AM ET Before Night Falls   
  2:15AM ET The Second Chance   
  4:00AM ET Paradise Alley   
  5:50AM ET Sarafina!   
  7:30AM ET Rich Kids   
  9:15AM ET Eight Men Out   
  11:15AM ET The Spanish Prisoner   
  1:10PM ET Last Of The Mississippi Jukes   
  2:45PM ET Passport To Terror   
  4:20PM ET Wargames   
  6:20PM ET Sarafina!   
  8:00PM ET Eight Men Out   
  10:00PM ET The Spanish Prisoner   
Sunday, Nov. 11
 12:00AM ET Last Of The Mississippi Jukes   
  1:35AM ET Airport   
  4:00AM ET Hoffa   
  6:20AM ET Proof   
  8:00AM ET The Insider   
  10:40AM ET Pandaemonium   
  12:50PM ET Shakespeare In Love   
  3:00PM ET Waiting To Exhale   
  5:10PM ET The Insider   
  8:00PM ET Proof   
  9:45PM ET Hoffa   
Monday, Nov. 12
 12:10AM ET Opposing Force   
  2:00AM ET Shakespeare In Love   
  4:15AM ET The Greatest Game Ever Played   
  6:20AM ET Evita   
  8:40AM ET The Bridge At Remagen   
  10:40AM ET John Ford Goes To War   
  11:45AM ET A Bridge Too Far   
  2:50PM ET The Great Escape   
  5:50PM ET The Greatest Game Ever Played   
  8:00PM ET Instinct   
  10:10PM ET Ladies in Lavender   
Tuesday, Nov. 13
 12:05AM ET The Long Goodbye   
  2:05AM ET The Thomas Crown Affair   
  4:00AM ET Babes In Toyland   
  5:40AM ET Boy Called Twist   
  7:35AM ET Sweet Smell Of Success   
  9:15AM ET Price of Glory   
  11:15AM ET Same Time, Next Year   
  1:20PM ET The Remains Of The Day   
  3:45PM ET Twelfth Night   
  6:05PM ET Boy Called Twist   
  8:00PM ET Price of Glory   
  10:00PM ET The Remains Of The Day   
Wednesday, Nov. 14
 12:15AM ET Twelfth Night   
  2:30AM ET The Linda McCartney Story   
  4:50AM ET Glory Road   
  6:50AM ET Little Man Tate   
  8:35AM ET The Long Island Incident   
  10:10AM ET Ulee's Gold   
  12:05PM ET Glory Road   
  2:05PM ET Eight Men Out   
  4:05PM ET One True Thing   
  6:15PM ET Little Man Tate   
  8:00PM ET Glory Road   
  10:00PM ET Ulee's Gold   
Thursday, Nov. 15
 12:00AM ET Eight Men Out   
  2:00AM ET One True Thing   
  4:10AM ET 21 Grams   
  6:15AM ET The Lady With The Torch   
  8:20AM ET Marilyn Hotchkiss' Ballroom Dancing And Charm School   
  10:10AM ET Lost In Translation   
  12:00PM ET Original Gangstas   
  1:40PM ET Pandaemonium   
  3:50PM ET Breakfast On Pluto   
  6:05PM ET The Ballad Of Jack And Rose   
  8:00PM ET Lost In Translation   
  9:45PM ET 21 Grams   
Friday, Nov. 16
 12:00AM ET Cujo   
  1:35AM ET Diplomats: The Book of Hip Hop: Chapter One   
  2:50AM ET Lost In Translation   
  4:35AM ET The Ballad Of Jack And Rose   
  6:30AM ET When A Stranger Calls   
  8:00AM ET Race The Sun   
  9:45AM ET Hoffa   
  12:10PM ET My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys   
  2:00PM ET The Vanishing   
  3:50PM ET The White Countess   
  6:15PM ET Race The Sun   
  8:00PM ET When A Stranger Calls   
  9:30PM ET The Vanishing   
  11:20PM ET Hoffa   
Saturday, Nov. 17
  1:40AM ET The White Countess   
  4:00AM ET Herbie Hancock: Possibilities   
  5:35AM ET The Roots Present   
  7:10AM ET Romancing The Stone   
  9:00AM ET Roommates   
  10:50AM ET Marilyn Hotchkiss' Ballroom Dancing And Charm School   
  12:40PM ET King Of The Hill   
  2:30PM ET Bogie   
  4:20PM ET Gideon   
  6:10PM ET Marilyn Hotchkiss' Ballroom Dancing And Charm School   
  8:00PM ET Roommates   
  9:50PM ET Romancing The Stone   
  11:45PM ET Love Field   
Sunday, Nov. 18
  1:40AM ET Caesar And Cleopatra   
  4:00AM ET Annapolis   
  5:45AM ET Eight Below   
  7:50AM ET Sam Peckinpah's West: Legacy Of A Hollywood Renegade   
  9:30AM ET Jaws III   
  11:15AM ET Dogma   
  1:30PM ET Grand Canyon   
  3:50PM ET City Hall   
  5:50PM ET Eight Below   
  8:00PM ET Annapolis   
  9:45PM ET Dogma   
Monday, Nov. 19
 12:00AM ET Grand Canyon   
  2:20AM ET Eight Below   
  4:20AM ET Sorry, Haters   
  5:50AM ET An Unfinished Life   
  7:40AM ET Twelfth Night   
  10:00AM ET Waiting To Exhale   
  12:05PM ET Sorry, Haters   
  1:35PM ET A Family Thing   
  3:25PM ET Breakfast On Pluto   
  5:40PM ET Twelfth Night   
  8:00PM ET Waiting To Exhale   
  10:05PM ET An Unfinished Life   
Tuesday, Nov. 20
 12:00AM ET Surviving Picasso   
  2:15AM ET Bucktown   
  4:00AM ET The Big One   
  5:40AM ET Little Man Tate   
  7:30AM ET August   
  9:05AM ET The Great Escape   
  12:15PM ET Phenomenon   
  2:30PM ET The Sea Inside   
  4:45PM ET The Big One   
  6:20PM ET August   
  8:00PM ET Phenomenon   
  10:05PM ET Little Man Tate   
  11:50PM ET The Sea Inside   
Wednesday, Nov. 21
  2:00AM ET The Landlord   
  4:00AM ET Blue Velvet   
  6:05AM ET The Spanish Prisoner   
  8:00AM ET The Sugarland Express   
  9:50AM ET Shakespeare In Love   
  12:00PM ET They Call Me Mister Tibbs!   
  1:50PM ET Poetic Justice   
  3:45PM ET The Remains Of The Day   
  6:05PM ET The Spanish Prisoner   
  8:00PM ET Shakespeare In Love   
  10:05PM ET Poetic Justice   
Thursday, Nov. 22
 12:00AM ET Blue Velvet   
  2:05AM ET The Remains Of The Day   
  4:20AM ET Eight Below   
  6:30AM ET Boy Called Twist   
  8:30AM ET Jaws: The Revenge   
  10:05AM ET Roommates   
  12:00PM ET Eight Below   
  2:00PM ET Grand Canyon   
  4:20PM ET The Fabulous Baker Boys   
  6:20PM ET Christmas On Division Street   
  8:00PM ET Miracle On 34th Street   
  10:00PM ET Eight Below   
Friday, Nov. 23
 12:05AM ET The Fabulous Baker Boys   
  2:05AM ET Roommates   
  4:00AM ET The Insider   
  6:40AM ET Powder   
  8:35AM ET A Family Thing   
  10:30AM ET F/X   
  12:20PM ET The Warrior   
  1:50PM ET Powder   
  3:50PM ET Instinct   
  6:05PM ET A Family Thing   
  8:00PM ET The Insider   
  10:40PM ET London   
Saturday, Nov. 24
 12:15AM ET Instinct   
  2:20AM ET Face The Music   
  4:00AM ET Paths Of Glory   
  5:30AM ET A Civil Action   
  7:30AM ET Pandaemonium   
  9:35AM ET Mass Appeal   
  11:20AM ET I'll Do Anything   
  1:20PM ET Low In Europe   
  2:15PM ET Crazy/Beautiful   
  4:00PM ET Mass Appeal   
  5:50PM ET Pandaemonium   
  8:00PM ET Crazy/Beautiful   
  9:45PM ET I'll Do Anything   
  11:50PM ET A Civil Action   
Sunday, Nov. 25
  1:50AM ET Same Time, Next Year   
  4:00AM ET Poetic Justice   
  5:50AM ET Ladies in Lavender   
  7:40AM ET A Bridge Too Far   
  10:45AM ET The Vanishing   
  12:45PM ET Sarafina!   
  2:35PM ET The Big One   
  4:15PM ET Little Man Tate   
  6:00PM ET The Vanishing   
  8:00PM ET Poetic Justice   
  10:00PM ET Ladies in Lavender   
  11:50PM ET Raging Bull   
Monday, Nov. 26
  2:05AM ET Sarafina!   
  3:45AM ET Diplomats: The Book of Hip Hop: Chapter One   
  5:00AM ET The Vanishing   
  7:00AM ET Come On, Get Happy   
  8:35AM ET Annapolis   
  10:20AM ET Phenomenon   
  12:30PM ET Grand Canyon   
  2:45PM ET Peter's Friends   
  4:30PM ET Race The Sun   
  6:15PM ET Annapolis   
  8:00PM ET Grand Canyon   
  10:20PM ET Phenomenon   
Tuesday, Nov. 27
 12:30AM ET A Breed Apart   
  2:15AM ET Annapolis   
  4:00AM ET Airport   
  6:20AM ET Gleaming The Cube   
  8:10AM ET Romancing The Stone   
  10:00AM ET Roommates   
  11:50AM ET Eight Men Out   
  2:00PM ET Evita   
  4:20PM ET Heart Of Dixie   
  6:05PM ET Roommates   
  8:00PM ET Romancing The Stone   
  9:50PM ET Gleaming The Cube   
  11:35PM ET Eight Men Out   
Wednesday, Nov. 28
  1:40AM ET Evita   
  4:00AM ET Double Standard   
  5:40AM ET An Unfinished Life   
  7:30AM ET The White Countess   
  9:50AM ET Dogma   
  12:00PM ET Wild Man Blues   
  1:45PM ET Twelfth Night   
  4:05PM ET Unforgettable   
  6:05PM ET Woman Wanted   
  8:00PM ET An Unfinished Life   
  9:50PM ET City Hall   
  11:45PM ET Dogma   
Thursday, Nov. 29
  2:00AM ET Hoodlum   
  4:15AM ET The Good Wife   
  6:00AM ET Dreamchild   
  7:40AM ET Ladies in Lavender   
  9:30AM ET Shakespeare In Love   
  11:35AM ET Last Of The Mississippi Jukes   
  1:05PM ET The Roots Present   
  2:35PM ET The Warrior   
  4:05PM ET Rush   
  6:10PM ET Ladies in Lavender   
  8:00PM ET Shakespeare In Love   
  10:05PM ET Raging Bull   
Friday, Nov. 30
 12:20AM ET Don't Come Knocking   
  2:15AM ET Diplomats: The Book of Hip Hop: Chapter One   
  3:30AM ET The Last Detail   
  5:15AM ET Ladies in Lavender   
  7:00AM ET The Greatest Game Ever Played   
  9:05AM ET King Of The Hill   
  10:50AM ET Class Action   
  12:45PM ET Little Man Tate   
  2:30PM ET Waiting To Exhale   
  4:35PM ET Thumbsucker   
  6:15PM ET Lost In Translation   
  8:00PM ET The Greatest Game Ever Played   
  10:05PM ET Waiting To Exhale

Saturday, Dec. 1 12:10AM ET Cuba   
  2:20AM ET Tsotsi   
  4:00AM ET Missing In America   
  5:45AM ET Oscar's Black Odyssey: From Hattie To Halle   
  6:40AM ET Bogie   
  8:20AM ET Eat Drink Man Woman   
  10:30AM ET The Cutting Edge   
  12:15PM ET Tora! Tora! Tora!   
  2:40PM ET Harry & Son   
  4:45PM ET Shout   
  6:15PM ET Race The Sun   
  8:00PM ET The Cutting Edge   
  9:45PM ET Eat Drink Man Woman   
  11:50PM ET Missing In America   
Sunday, Dec. 2 1:35AM ET Shout   
  3:05AM ET Oscar's Black Odyssey: From Hattie To Halle   
  4:00AM ET Cache   
  6:00AM ET Turtles Can Fly   
  7:35AM ET The Long Island Incident   
  9:10AM ET The Lady With The Torch   
  11:15AM ET Turtles Can Fly   
  12:50PM ET Derailed   
  2:40PM ET Casualties Of Love: The Long Island Lolita Story   
  4:20PM ET The Visitation   
  6:10PM ET The Astronaut's Wife   
  8:00PM ET Derailed   
  9:50PM ET 54   
  11:30PM ET He Got Game   
Monday, Dec. 3 1:50AM ET The Guys   
  3:20AM ET The Squid And The Whale   
  4:50AM ET The Visitation   
  6:40AM ET Price of Glory   
  8:40AM ET Color Of Love: Jacey's Story   
  10:15AM ET Legends Of The Fall   
  12:35PM ET Buster   
  2:15PM ET Sueno   
  4:10PM ET Price of Glory   
  6:15PM ET The Prize Winner Of Defiance, Ohio   
  8:00PM ET Carlito's Way   
  10:30PM ET Legends Of The Fall   
Tuesday, Dec. 4 12:45AM ET Midnight Cowboy   
  2:40AM ET Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers   
  4:00AM ET Patch Adams   
  6:00AM ET Tobruk   
  8:00AM ET Bicentennial Man   
  10:15AM ET The Grass Harp   
  12:05PM ET Patch Adams   
  2:10PM ET Continental Divide   
  4:05PM ET Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn   
  6:10PM ET The Grass Harp   
  8:00PM ET Bicentennial Man   
  10:15PM ET Patch Adams   
Wednesday, Dec. 5 12:15AM ET Continental Divide   
  2:05AM ET Tobruk   
  4:00AM ET The Piano   
  6:05AM ET Missing   
  8:15AM ET Madigan   
  10:00AM ET Dangerous Minds   
  11:45AM ET Betrayed   
  2:00PM ET Shakespeare In Love   
  4:10PM ET Grace Of My Heart   
  6:15PM ET Dangerous Minds   
  8:00PM ET The Libertine   
  10:00PM ET The Piano   
Thursday, Dec. 6 12:05AM ET The Last Temptation Of Christ   
  2:50AM ET Shakespeare In Love   
  5:00AM ET The Horse Whisperer   
  7:50AM ET The Greatest Game Ever Played   
  9:50AM ET The Great White Hope   
  11:35AM ET Crossing The Bridge   
  1:20PM ET The Three Burials Of Melquiades Estrada   
  3:30PM ET The Horse Whisperer   
  6:30PM ET Friends With Money   
  8:00PM ET He Got Game   
  10:20PM ET The Greatest Game Ever Played   
Friday, Dec. 7 12:20AM ET Tsotsi   
  2:00AM ET Friends With Money   
  3:35AM ET Lila Says   
  5:15AM ET Quiz Show   
  7:35AM ET Memoirs Of A Geisha   
  10:05AM ET The Mighty   
  11:50AM ET The Devil And Daniel Johnston   
  1:50PM ET Hideaway   
  3:40PM ET Quiz Show   
  6:00PM ET Miller's Crossing   
  8:00PM ET Memoirs Of A Geisha   
  10:30PM ET Mobsters   
Saturday, Dec. 8 12:20AM ET Passion In The Desert   
  2:00AM ET Miller's Crossing   
  4:00AM ET Great Balls Of Fire!   
  5:50AM ET The Crucible   
  8:00AM ET 21 Hours At Munich   
  9:45AM ET Hannah and Her Sisters   
  11:40AM ET Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers   
  1:05PM ET The Crucible   
  3:10PM ET Great Balls Of Fire!   
  5:00PM ET The Guys   
  6:30PM ET Proud   
  8:00PM ET Hannah and Her Sisters   
  9:50PM ET Great Balls Of Fire!   
  11:50PM ET The Crucible   
Sunday, Dec. 9 2:05AM ET Make It Funky! ...It All Began In New Orleans   
  4:00AM ET Soldier's Daughter Never Cries   
  6:10AM ET Patch Adams   
  8:10AM ET Scandalize My Name   
  9:15AM ET Shakespeare In Love   
  11:20AM ET The Squid And The Whale   
  12:50PM ET Fear   
  2:35PM ET Forever Lulu   
  4:20PM ET Shakespeare In Love   
  6:35PM ET The Squid And The Whale   
  8:00PM ET Patch Adams   
  10:05PM ET Fear   
  11:50PM ET Shakespeare In Love   
Monday, Dec. 10 2:05AM ET Forever Lulu   
  3:50AM ET Whirlygirl   
  5:30AM ET The Ambush Murders   
  7:10AM ET Missing In America   
  9:00AM ET Ladies in Lavender   
  10:50AM ET Missing   
  1:00PM ET Fallen   
  3:05PM ET Shout   
  4:35PM ET London   
  6:10PM ET Ladies in Lavender   
  8:00PM ET Missing In America   
  9:50PM ET Fallen   
Tuesday, Dec. 11 12:00AM ET London   
  1:40AM ET Semi-Tough   
  3:35AM ET On The Set: Memoirs Of A Geisha   
  4:00AM ET The Prize Winner Of Defiance, Ohio   
  5:45AM ET Pocketful Of Miracles   
  8:05AM ET A Day In October   
  9:50AM ET Dorothy Dandridge: An American Beauty   
  10:50AM ET Quiz Show   
  1:10PM ET The Prize Winner Of Defiance, Ohio   
  2:50PM ET George Washington: The Forging Of A Nation   
  4:35PM ET George Washington: The Forging Of A Nation   
  6:15PM ET A Day In October   
  8:00PM ET The Prize Winner Of Defiance, Ohio   
  9:45PM ET Quiz Show   
Wednesday, Dec. 12 12:00AM ET Color Of Love: Jacey's Story   
  1:35AM ET Nobody Knows   
  4:50AM ET One Of The Hollywood Ten   
  6:40AM ET Sweet Smell Of Success   
  8:20AM ET Oscar's Black Odyssey: From Hattie To Halle   
  9:20AM ET The Greatest Game Ever Played   
  11:30AM ET Sleeping With The Enemy   
  1:10PM ET The Child   
  2:50PM ET Buster   
  4:30PM ET The Astronaut's Wife   
  6:20PM ET Sleeping With The Enemy   
  8:00PM ET The Greatest Game Ever Played   
  10:05PM ET 54   
  11:40PM ET Restoration   
Thursday, Dec. 13 1:40AM ET The Astronaut's Wife   
  3:30AM ET Cache   
  5:30AM ET 21 Hours At Munich   
  7:15AM ET Turtles Can Fly   
  8:50AM ET Patch Adams   
  10:50AM ET Miller's Crossing   
  12:50PM ET Derailed   
  2:45PM ET Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers   
  4:05PM ET The Devil And Daniel Johnston   
  6:00PM ET Patch Adams   
  8:00PM ET Derailed   
  9:50PM ET Miller's Crossing   
  11:50PM ET Wolf Creek   
Friday, Dec. 14 1:35AM ET 10th & Wolf   
  3:30AM ET Derailed   
  5:20AM ET Continental Divide   
  7:05AM ET The Children Of Times Square   
  8:45AM ET The Cutting Edge   
  10:30AM ET Choose Me   
  12:20PM ET Soldier's Daughter Never Cries   
  2:30PM ET A Room For Romeo Brass   
  4:05PM ET Wolf   
  6:15PM ET The Cutting Edge   
  8:00PM ET Playing By Heart   
  10:05PM ET 21 Grams   
Saturday, Dec. 15 12:10AM ET Wolf   
  2:20AM ET Wal-Mart: The High Cost Of Low Price   
  4:00AM ET Price of Glory   
  6:00AM ET The Horse Whisperer   
  9:00AM ET Cast A Giant Shadow   
  11:30AM ET Bicentennial Man   
  1:50PM ET Finding Home   
  4:00PM ET Critical Assignment   
  6:00PM ET Price of Glory   
  8:00PM ET Bicentennial Man   
  10:15PM ET The Horse Whisperer   
Sunday, Dec. 16 1:10AM ET Critical Assignment   
  3:00AM ET John Ford Goes To War   
  4:00AM ET The Libertine   
  6:05AM ET Grace Kelly   
  7:50AM ET On The Set: Memoirs Of A Geisha   
  8:15AM ET Missing   
  10:20AM ET The Grass Harp   
  12:15PM ET Legends Of The Fall   
  2:30PM ET Missing In America   
  4:20PM ET The Libertine   
  6:20PM ET Friends With Money   
  8:00PM ET Legends Of The Fall   
  10:15PM ET The Deer Hunter   
Monday, Dec. 17 1:20AM ET Missing In America   
  3:10AM ET Friends With Money   
  4:45AM ET Madigan   
  6:35AM ET The Brink's Job   
  8:20AM ET Field Of Dreams   
  10:10AM ET The Greatest Game Ever Played   
  12:10PM ET Derailed   
  2:00PM ET Grace Of My Heart   
  4:00PM ET A Day In October   
  5:50PM ET The Greatest Game Ever Played   
  8:00PM ET Field Of Dreams   
  9:50PM ET Derailed   
  11:45PM ET Valmont   
Tuesday, Dec. 18 2:05AM ET Hideaway   
  4:00AM ET One Of The Hollywood Ten   
  5:50AM ET The Mighty   
  7:35AM ET Race The Sun   
  9:20AM ET Shout   
  10:50AM ET Great Balls Of Fire!   
  12:40PM ET The Visitation   
  2:30PM ET The Mighty   
  4:20PM ET One Of The Hollywood Ten   
  6:15PM ET Race The Sun   
  8:00PM ET Great Balls Of Fire!   
  9:50PM ET The Mighty   
  11:35PM ET The Visitation   
Wednesday, Dec. 19 1:30AM ET Cast A Giant Shadow   
  4:00AM ET Cache   
  6:00AM ET Charlie Bubbles   
  7:35AM ET Ladies in Lavender   
  9:30AM ET The Devil And Daniel Johnston   
  11:30AM ET The Horse Whisperer   
  2:30PM ET Crusoe   
  4:10PM ET Fear   
  5:50PM ET The Three Burials Of Melquiades Estrada   
  8:00PM ET Mobsters   
  9:45PM ET Carlito's Way   
Thursday, Dec. 20 12:15AM ET Extremities   
  1:45AM ET The Three Burials Of Melquiades Estrada   
  3:50AM ET Fear   
  5:30AM ET Crusoe   
  7:10AM ET Make It Funky! ...It All Began In New Orleans   
  9:05AM ET The Grass Harp   
  11:00AM ET The Libertine   
  1:00PM ET London   
  2:35PM ET Tsotsi   
  4:10PM ET Fallen   
  6:20PM ET Whirlygirl   
  8:00PM ET London   
  9:35PM ET The Libertine   
  11:35PM ET Fallen   
Friday, Dec. 21 1:45AM ET The Kitchen Toto   
  3:30AM ET London   
  5:05AM ET Tora! Tora! Tora!   
  7:30AM ET The Crucible   
  9:35AM ET Friends With Money   
  11:05AM ET Sleeping With The Enemy   
  12:45PM ET Barton Fink   
  2:45PM ET The Squid And The Whale   
  4:10PM ET The Crucible   
  6:15PM ET Forever Lulu   
  8:00PM ET Friends With Money   
  9:35PM ET 54   
  11:15PM ET Sleeping With The Enemy   
Saturday, Dec. 22 1:00AM ET The Squid And The Whale   
  2:30AM ET Friends With Money   
  4:00AM ET George Washington: The Forging Of A Nation   
  5:40AM ET George Washington: The Forging Of A Nation   
  7:20AM ET Field Of Dreams   
  9:10AM ET I'll Do Anything   
  11:10AM ET A Day In October   
  1:00PM ET The Prize Winner Of Defiance, Ohio   
  2:45PM ET Casualties Of Love: The Long Island Lolita Story   
  4:20PM ET Dreamchild   
  6:00PM ET I'll Do Anything   
  8:00PM ET Field Of Dreams   
  9:50PM ET The Prize Winner Of Defiance, Ohio   
  11:30PM ET A Day In October   
Sunday, Dec. 23 1:15AM ET Scandalize My Name   
  2:10AM ET Field Of Dreams   
  4:00AM ET Guinevere   
  5:50AM ET Ladies in Lavender   
  7:45AM ET The Greatest Game Ever Played   
  9:50AM ET Great Balls Of Fire!   
  11:40AM ET Memoirs Of A Geisha   
  2:05PM ET Crossing The Bridge   
  4:00PM ET Sueno   
  5:50PM ET The Greatest Game Ever Played   
  8:00PM ET Memoirs Of A Geisha   
  10:30PM ET Great Balls Of Fire!   
Monday, Dec. 24 12:20AM ET Wolf Creek   
  2:00AM ET Crossing The Bridge   
  3:50AM ET Lila Says   
  5:30AM ET On The Set: Memoirs Of A Geisha   
  5:50AM ET Memoirs Of A Geisha   
  8:20AM ET Patch Adams   
  10:20AM ET Playing By Heart   
  12:30PM ET Cache   
  2:30PM ET Wal-Mart: The High Cost Of Low Price   
  4:10PM ET The Visitation   
  6:00PM ET The Libertine   
  8:00PM ET Playing By Heart   
  10:05PM ET Patch Adams   
Tuesday, Dec. 25 12:00AM ET The Visitation   
  1:50AM ET The Three Burials Of Melquiades Estrada   
  4:00AM ET The Horse Whisperer   
  7:00AM ET Tora! Tora! Tora!   
  9:30AM ET Come On, Get Happy   
  11:00AM ET Hannah and Her Sisters   
  12:50PM ET The Great White Hope   
  2:40PM ET Interiors   
  4:20PM ET Critical Assignment   
  6:15PM ET The Cutting Edge   
  8:00PM ET The Horse Whisperer   
  10:50PM ET Hannah and Her Sisters   
Wednesday, Dec. 26 12:40AM ET The Guys   
  2:10AM ET The Cutting Edge   
  4:00AM ET Triumph Of The Spirit   
  6:00AM ET The Battle Of The Last Panzer   
  7:35AM ET Chance Of A Lifetime   
  9:10AM ET The Long Island Incident   
  10:45AM ET Friends With Money   
  12:15PM ET Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers   
  1:35PM ET Proud   
  3:05PM ET Barton Fink   
  5:05PM ET The Squid And The Whale   
  6:30PM ET Friends With Money   
  8:00PM ET The Deer Hunter   
  11:10PM ET London   
Thursday, Dec. 27 12:45AM ET Ladies in Lavender   
  2:35AM ET The Squid And The Whale   
  4:00AM ET Friends With Money   
  5:30AM ET Sueno   
  7:20AM ET Memoirs Of A Geisha   
  9:50AM ET Bicentennial Man   
  12:05PM ET Charlie Bubbles   
  1:40PM ET Wolf   
  3:50PM ET Sueno   
  5:45PM ET Bicentennial Man   
  8:00PM ET Memoirs Of A Geisha   
  10:30PM ET The Piano   
Friday, Dec. 28 12:35AM ET Cache   
  2:35AM ET Midnight Cowboy   
  4:30AM ET Tsotsi   
  6:15AM ET Vincent And Theo   
  8:40AM ET Scandalize My Name   
  9:45AM ET Derailed   
  11:35AM ET Fallen   
  1:40PM ET The Astronaut's Wife   
  3:35PM ET Betrayed   
  5:45PM ET Legends Of The Fall   
  8:00PM ET Derailed   
  9:50PM ET The Astronaut's Wife   
  11:40PM ET Fallen   
Saturday, Dec. 29 1:45AM ET Legends Of The Fall   
  4:00AM ET Nobody Knows   
  6:30AM ET The Mighty   
  8:15AM ET Patch Adams   
  10:15AM ET Quiz Show   
  12:35PM ET Dorothy Dandridge: An American Beauty   
  1:35PM ET Continental Divide   
  3:20PM ET Nobody Knows   
  5:45PM ET Quiz Show   
  8:00PM ET Patch Adams   
  10:00PM ET The Mighty   
  11:45PM ET Continental Divide   
Sunday, Dec. 30 1:30AM ET Fight For Life   
  3:05AM ET Dorothy Dandridge: An American Beauty   
  4:00AM ET Carlito's Way   
  6:30AM ET Calendar Girl Murders   
  8:15AM ET The Devil And Daniel Johnston   
  10:10AM ET Eat Drink Man Woman   
  12:15PM ET The Guys   
  1:45PM ET The Crucible   
  3:50PM ET The Three Burials Of Melquiades Estrada   
  6:00PM ET Miller's Crossing   
  8:00PM ET Carlito's Way   
  10:30PM ET He Got Game   
Monday, Dec. 31 12:50AM ET The Three Burials Of Melquiades Estrada   
  3:00AM ET Don't Come Knocking   
  5:00AM ET The Horse Whisperer   
  7:50AM ET Oscar's Black Odyssey: From Hattie To Halle   
  8:45AM ET Shakespeare In Love   
  10:50AM ET Friends With Money   
  12:20PM ET Fear   
  2:00PM ET A Room For Romeo Brass   
  3:35PM ET The Horse Whisperer   
  6:30PM ET Friends With Money   
  8:00PM ET Shakespeare In Love   
  10:05PM ET Fear   
  11:45PM ET 54  
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