10/1/47 USAF launches first intercontinental missile
10/2/42 First flight of a turbojet aircraft, a Bell P-59A
10/2/77 Bodies of Elvis Presley & his mother are moved to Graceland after someone tried to steal them from Forest Hill in L.A.
10/3/67 Record speed of 4,534 mph set by secret X-15 flight
10/4/22 Canada nationalizes railroads & creates Canadian National Railway
10/4/57 Sputnik launched into orbit by Russia, the CIA assures Preident Eisenhower that it is not a weapon
10/5/65 First successful USAF launch of an orbiting satellite
10/5/62 The Beatles release their 1st single, Love Me Do/PS, I Love You, and it's heard on Radio Luxembourg
10/5/69 Art Linkletter's daughter leaps to her death, he says she was on LSD "It isn't suicide, it's murder"
10/6/1913 First military aviator badges awarded
10/6/1866 Reno Gang first robs train, Jackson County, Indiana
10/6/76 Rick Dees' spoof of disco, "Disco Duck" goes gold and eventually hits platinum, only the 4th record to ever do so
10/7/57 RCA gets a million orders for Elvis Presley's Christmas album, but had only made 200,000 copies
10/7/49 USAF reports availability of atomic bombs for immediate use if needed
10/7/57 Russia announces it has tested a hydrogen bomb
10/8/12 Yom Kippur and Columbus Day, US government offices closed, Thanksgiving Day in Canada
10/8/40 RAF announces formation of first WW2 squadron composed of US volunteers, the Eagle Squadron
10/8/66 LSD is made illegal in the US as "a dangerous & illegal substance"
10/9/1883 US Congress sets transcontinental railroad gauge at 4 feet 8-1/2 inches, matching wagon wheel axles
10/9/1918 Over 250 bombers & 100 pursuit planes attach enemy in France
10/10/47 Patent issued for Norden Bombsight invented in 1930 but kept secret for 17 years
10/10/62 BBC bans Boris Pickett's Monster Mash as "offensive" to minorities or the handicapped
10/11/11 Full Moon, lock Larry Talbut in his room
10/11/58 Pioneer 1 lunar probe launched by USAF
10/11/75 1st broadcast of NBC's Saturday Night Live, host George Carlin. 
         The following week Simon & Garfunkel reunite to sing on the show
10/12/1918 First night air pusuit operations by American pilots in France
10/12/62 A local group known as The Beatles open for headliner Little Richard in Liverpool
10/12/69 "Turn me on, dead man" is heard by playing a Beatles song backwards on the air
10/12/73 Elton John album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road goes gold, his 3rd hit album
10/13/25 Margaret Thatcher born
10/13/57 Little Richard flies to Los Angeles to be baptised after renouncing "rock & roll" music
10/14/47 First Mach One flight, Chuck Yeager breaks the sound barrier in secret tests
10/14/72 The themesong of horror movie "Ben" by 13-year-old Michael Jackson hits #1 on the popchart
10/15/58 The X-15 research aircraft unveiled
10/15/64 British rock star Screaming Lord Sutch runs for Parliament
10/15/73 The Supreme Court refuses to rule on the FCC's right to order radio stations to censor song lyrics
10/16/1917 Final tests of Army's airplane radio at distance of 25 miles, maximum due to curviture of Earth
10/17/11 Boss's Day, thank yours for your job
10/18/84 First flight of the B-1b bomber
10/18/59 Russia announced the 1st photos of the Moon's far side by their Lunik III 
         satelite 3 weeks after the US announced TV video of Earth from Explorer VI
10/20/1911 Wright Army plane delivered to Smithsonian Institute
10/20/76 Born-again Christian Cliff Richard get his first solo Top-10 hit, with "Devil Woman"
10/20/77 3 days after releasing an album showing the Lynyrd Skynyrd band in flames, 3 band members are killed in a plane crash
10/20/79 Born-again Christian Bob Dylan sings his new Gospel-rock song "Serve Somebody" on Saturday Night Live
10/21/61 Bob Dylan records his 1st album at a cost of $400, accompanied only by his guitar & harmonica, he signs his tax form Blind Boy Grunt
10/21/66 The Who performs songs from their latest album including "Batman Theme" with smoke & flash powder
10/21/59 US Army space research & activites turned over to NASA
10/22/52 Patricia Ann Reagan born
10/22/55 The F-105A hit Mach One on its first flight
10/23/83 President Reagan is informed of Marine base bombed in Beirut by Islamic extremists
10/23/58 Nobel Prize awarded to author of "Doctor Zhivago"
10/24/11 United Nations Day
10/25/42 US planes bomb Japanese occupied Hong Kong
10/26/11 New Moon, werewolf threat level green
10/26/1909 First US Army officer solos in an airplane after 3 days of lessons by Wilbur Wright
10/27/1904 First New York subway opens
10/27/56 Frogman Clarence Henry's Ain't Got No Home is released and become a hit
10/27/57 Devaluation of the French franc extended to all imports
10/28/1924 US Army planes broke up cloud formation with electrified sand
10/30/1919 Reversible pitch propeller tested
10/30/72 Elton John becomes the 1st rocker to give a command performance for Queen Elizabeth II since the Beatles in 1963, he would later get $1,000,00 to sing at Rush Limbaugh's wedding
10/30/78 Animated primetime movie KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park airs on NBC
10/31 Halloween, lock your doors, lock your windows
10/31/68 President Johnson orders suspension of bombing in North Vietnam