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TV Guide says that (after being cast as the Russian commander in Babylon 5, in the lower center of the photo on your left),
Claudia Christian (35) played prostitutes,
drug addicts and strippers, and posed nude in Playboy
magazine, and now she wanted to do something her 2 little
sisters, age 15 and 16 could see.
So now she's the voice of Helga in Disney's
"Atlantis: The Lost Empire."
And she produced,
directed and
wrote a family film called
"The White Buffalo."

Babylon 5 episodes on the Sci Fi channel

All are shown in letterbox
17-APR-04 9:30am  BABYLON 5: LEGEND OF THE RANGERS (letterbox, movie)
    repeated 15-MAY-04 9:30 AM 
       No episodes have been scheduled after December 2003
Babylon 5 Previous broadcasts (2003) on the Sci-Fi Channel

Previous broadcasts in 2002

Babylon 5 movies:

"The Gathering" 1993
A 23rd-century space station is the setting for an interplanetary summit meeting. Michael O'Hare, Tamlyn Tomita
"In The Beginning" 1998
This prequel to the series tells the story of the Earth-Minbari War, the conflict that led to the creation of the Babylon 5 space station. Lenonn: Theodore Bikel, Dukhat: Reiner Schone, Sheridan: Bruce Boxleitner
"Thirdspace: A Babylon Adventure" 1998
Scientists try to unlock the secrets of an alien artifact discovered in deep space in this tv-movie, set between the 4th and 5th seasons of the tv-series. Archaeologist Trent: Shari Belafonte
"The River Of Souls" 1998
The space station is targeted by a Soul Hunter (Martin Sheen, whose son starred in the B-movie Soultaker) after an archaeologist steals an artifact believed to hold the secret to eternal life. Garibaldi: Jerry Doyle
"A Call To Arms" 1999
Interstellar Alliance president John Sheridan (Boxleitner) leads Earth's defense against surprise attack by the Drakh forces.
Babylon:Crusade episodes joined the Sci Fi Channel lineup 3/02 starting with movie/pilot Legend of the Rangers. Crusade broadcasts on the Sci-Fi Channel:
17-APR-04 9:30am  BABYLON 5: LEGEND OF THE RANGERS (letterbox, movie) 
    repeated 15-MAY-04 9:30 AM 
       No episodes are scheduled after December 2003
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