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Movies so far include: The Hulk (he's incredible), Ffolkes (Roger Moore vs. Tony Perkins), 007 movies "Diamonds Are Forever" (deathray in orbit), The Spy Who Loved Me, and "Live And Let Die" (Jane Seymour as psychic voodoo priestess). Point Break (surfin' FBI agents), the four Matt Helm movies (1960s) are seen occasionally, as well as Westworld and Futureworld, The Guyver (Mark Hamill), and Lifeforce (vampires from space), Big Trouble In Little China (Kurt Russell vs. 3000 year old wizard), Godzilla movies inc. Godzilla Vs. Mothra, The Omen, Halloween movies, Spawn, Darkman, Lawnmower Man 2: Jobe's War, Highlander movies, The Fly, John Carpenter's The Thing, Pulp Fiction, Aces: Iron Eagle 3, Irwin Allen's When Time Ran Out, Marooned (aka MST3000's Space Travelers), Pirates Of The Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl (a cursed pirate ship with a real skeleton crew), Freddy Vs. Jason, Taps (developers want to shut down George C. Scott's military academy), Red Dawn (Patrick Swayze vs. Commies parachuting into Colorado), Yor, The Hunter From The Future, Supercop (Jackie Chan vs. druglord in Hong Kong), Bram Stoker's Dracula, Alien Intruder, Heavy Metal (animated space/zombies), Child's Play, Bride Of Chucky (Child's Play 4), Hot Shots!, Comedy movies including Austin Powers, and others.
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                                     September 2007
A.T.F. [TV14]·Action·1999·(1:27)
Agents of the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Division heed
the lessons learned in the disaster at Waco, TX when they
infiltrate a paramilitary group responsible for a fellow agent's
murder. 9/4,20,25,29.

AKIRA [R]·Action·2001·(2:05)
In post-apocalyptic Neo-Tokyo, two childhood friends and
gang partners become involved in a government conspiracy
surrounding a mysterious force known as Akira. The
remastered version of the anime classic! 9/4,15,19,28.

ALIENATOR [R]·Science-Fiction·1989·(1:33)
A convicts escapes from a space station prison and is hunted
down by an unstoppable 'hunter unit.' 9/7,24.

AUGUST FIRES [R]·Crime·1993·(1:32)
A prostitute hooks up with a policeman searching to find his
partner's killer - and the path leads them straight to
dangerous territory. How many will die before the truth is
revealed? 9/5,10,14,30.

BERLIN TUNNEL 21 [TVPG]·Drama·1981·(2:22)
A group of West Berliners attempt to rescue family and
friends from East Germany through a passage under the
Berlin wall. Nature and East German intelligence officers
threaten their plan. 9/3,7,20,26.

BLUE STEEL [R]·Crime·1990·(1:42) Jamie Lee Curtis.
A police rookie loses her badge, gains a boyfriend and hunts
the .44-caliber Magnum killer. Directed by Katheryn Bigelow.

A BREED APART [R]·Adventure·1984·(1:41)
A scheming mountaineer deceives a backwoods
conservationist and a widow while planning to steal rare
eagle eggs. 9/1,13,21,25.

A BRIDGE TOO FAR [PG]·Action·1977·(2:56)
Near the end of World War II, the Allies are pushing the
Germans back, leading to a decisive battle for the last key
bridge. With an all-star cast, including Robert Redford, Sean
Connery, Anthony Hopkins, Gene Hackman and more.

Sam Peckinpah directs this seedy tale of an American
(Warren Oates) and a prostitute seeking a one-million dollar
bounty. 9/30.

THE BROTHERS GRIMM [PG13]·Action·2005·(1:58)
The rollicking tale of two con-artist brothers who sell
protection from menacing spirits to gullible small towns - a
profitable business until they are faced with battling real evil
creatures in a haunted forest! 9/8,17,25.

The story of the American gangster movie, featuring clips
from silents to "The Godfather." Interviews with James Caan,
Chazz Palminteri, Michael Madsen and more. An Encore
Originals production. 9/19.

CASINO ROYALE [TVPG]·Comedy·1967·(2:11)
Retired secret agent Sir James Bond is coaxed back into
service to defeat the evil SMERSH operation by using multiple
James Bonds! An all-star cast in a manic 007 spoof: David
Niven, Woody Allen, Jacqueline Bisset, Orson Welles, more

THE CAVE [PG13]·Action·2005·(1:37)
Bloodthirsty creatures await a pack of divers who become
trapped in an underwater cave network. 9/1,2,23,24.

CHERRY 2000 [PG13]·Action·1988·(1:38)
In 2017, a man seeking to re-animate his beloved sex
surrogate 'fembot' (model name: Cherry 2000) teams with a
sexy tracker on a perilous journey through hellish conditions
to find a replacement 'unit.' 9/1,10,16,27.

CODE OF SILENCE [R]·Crime·1985·(1:40)
A Chicago cop lands in the middle of a gangland drug war
while attempting to thwart a police cover-up. With enemies
on both sides, he takes action - with explosive results.
Directed by Andrew Davis ("The Fugitive", "Under Siege").

COMMANDO [R]·Action·1985·(1:30) Schwarzenegger.
A former leader of a special operations military group is
forced back into the world of political intrigue and adventure
when his daughter is kidnapped. Pity the kidnappers. 9/2,11,22,26

CONAN THE DESTROYER [PG]·Action·1984·(1:41) Schwarzenegger.
Conan returns! The mythic muscleman must foil the
double-crossing Queen Taramis in a quest for a magic key
that will unlock a vast treasure. With Wilt Chamberlain in his
only screen role. 9/15.

COOGAN'S BLUFF [R]·Action·1968·(1:34)
An Arizona deputy sheriff applies his rough-and-ready frontier
justice tactics when he arrives in New York City to locate and
extradite an escaped murderer. Directed by Don Siegel ("Dirty
Harry"). 9/9,17,21.

The lavish, atmospheric story of the spiritual journey of a
legendary warrior - and the extraordinary women in his life -
features breathtaking martial arts action. Winner of 4 Oscars,
including Best Foreign Language film. Fans of Pirates Of The 
Caribbean 3: World's End will recognize the actor who played
the Pirate Lord of Singapore. 8/28.

CYBER WARS [PG13]·Action·2004·(1:42)
In the near future, a sexy bounty hunter operating on the
fringes of virtual reality finds herself an unlikely ally with a
cop who thinks the city's vast computerized tracking system
is being used for more deadly purposes. 9/6,14,19,25.

DARKMAN [R]·Action·1990·(1:35)
When a scientist is disfigured by a gang of maniacal punks
who pour acid over his face, he takes on a new identity and
swears revenge. Directed by Sam Raimi ("Spiderman").

THE DEFENDER [R]·Action·2004·(1:31)
When a government official goes missing, a special forces
operative must protect a terrorist to recover him.

DEN OF LIONS [TVMA]·Action·2005·(1:43)
Hungarian-born FBI agent goes undercover in Budapest to
help the Hungarian government infiltrate the far-reaching
operations of a powerful Russian mafia kingpin - an
action-packed tale of international intrigue. 9/15.

The continuing adventures of a renegade team of World War II
GI's, this time on a suicide mission to rescue scientists
involved in a top-secret chemical-warfare project. Telly
Savalas, Ernest Borgnine. 9/4,9,19.

Misfit soldiers encounter hostile Nazis on board the Orient
Express. 9/8,12,23.

DOUBLE TROUBLE [R]·Action·1991·(1:27)
Twin brothers, a cop and a cat burglar, team up to catch a
ruthless diamond smuggler. 9/1,24.

DUCK, YOU SUCKER! [PG]·Drama·1972·(2:37)
Director Sergio Leone ("The Good, The Bad & The Ugly")
directs the explosive spaghetti-western story of a Mexican
mercenary who convinces an Irish demolition expert to help
him rob a bank. 9/30.

EXECUTIVE DECISION [R]·Action·1996·(2:13)
An anti-terrorist joins a commando team in saving an airliner
hijacked by Islamic militants. 9/5.

EYE OF THE TIGER [R]·Action·1986·(1:32)
An ex-con hunts down the motorcycle gang that murdered his
wife and daughter. 9/30.

F/X2 [PG13]·Action·1991·(1:48)
A special effects expert turned high-tech toymaker teams
with his old buddy, a cop turned private eye, to solve a
complicated murder case. Big action sequences and
ingenious sight gags highlight the sequel to "F/X." 
Watch out for robo-clown! 9/12,27.

FALLEN [R]·Crime·1998·(2:04)
After a disturbing death-row talk with a convicted serial killer,
a detective is slowly convinced that a new series of murders
is being committed by a supernatural spirit - but some
suspect the cop himself in this eerie thriller. 9/7,22.

FIRE BIRDS [PG13]·Action·1990·(1:27)
A non-nonsense Army instructor must whip new Apache
helicopter warship pilots into shape to battle a Columbian
drug cartel that has their own attack helicopter. With Sean
Young. 9/5,9,13,29.

FLESH + BLOOD [R]·Action·1985·(2:05)
In 16th century Italy, a mercenary leader commands a violent
gang of thieves who seek bloody revenge against an
aristocrat who cheated them out of a lucrative payday. From
the director of "Starship Troopers" and "RoboCop." 9/21.

THE FOG [PG13]·Horror·2005·(1:40)
A seaside Oregon town gets ready to celebrate its 100th
anniversary when an eerie - and murderous - fog settles in
and begins a mysterious reign of terror. 9/5,14,24,29.

FOXTRAP [R]·Action·1986·(1:29)
Tough L.A. detective is hired by a rich industrialist to find his
missing niece. 9/7,30.

FILM [TVMA]·Documentary·2006·(1:28)
Prepare to enter the nightmare world of the slasher film,
re-visiting such favorites as "Nightmare On Elm Street" and
"Halloween" with horror icons Wes Craven, John Carpenter,
Rob Zombie, Tom Savini and more. A Starz Original film.

THE GREAT RAID [R]·Action·2005·(2:13)
The true story of a daring rescue mission in the Phillipines
during World War II - a young American officer leads a team
of Army Rangers thirty miles behind enemy lines to liberate a
Japanese POW camp. 9/7,12,15,18.

HOLLYWOOD FLIES [R]·Crime·2004·(1:32)
An Italian beauty and her brother take off on a road trip to
L.A. - but meeting up with murderous bank-robbing
kidnappers, a runaway stripper and her violent,
wheelchair-bound boyfriend turns their holiday into a
vacation from hell! 9/4,8,17,23.

HOODLUM [R]·Black·1997·(2:10)
Two gangs in 1930s Harlem - one headed by black godfather
Bumpy Johnson and another by white hothead Dutch Schultz
- fight for control of the numbers racket. With Vanessa
Williams, and an early role for Queen Latifah.

HOT SHOTS! [PG13]·Comedy·1991·(1:25)
Hilarious spoof in which a talented but unstable "Top Gun"
fighter pilot, drummed out of the Navy, is called back for a
secret Middle Eastern operation. From the creators of Scary
Movie 4 and the Naked Gun comedies. 9/4,8,12,20,21,30.

A Marine strike force team must stop terrorists planning to
crash a jet into a U.S. Military Intelligence base.

JIN-ROH: THE WOLF BRIGADE [TV14]·Action·2001·(1:42)
A traumatized member of an elite para-military police force
falls for the sister of a female terrorist who died in front of
him. 9/4,9,17,22,26.

JUDGE DREDD [R]·Action·1995·(1:36) Stallone.
In a terrifying futuristic society where the law officers known
as "Judges" act as judge, jury and executioner, a "Judge"
finds himself on the wrong side of the law. Co-starring 
Diane Lane and Rob Schneider. 9/10,16,26.

THE LEGEND OF BILLIE JEAN [PG13]·Action·1985·(1:35)
A Texas girl and her brother accused of a shooting become
folk heroes when they run from police. 9/6,10,14,29.

LONE WOLF MCQUADE [PG]·Action·1983·(1:47)
A rugged, weathered, two-fisted, two-footed Texas Ranger
throws down his guns to indulge his talents in the martial
arts. 9/3,9,17,21,27.

LOST IN SPACE [PG13]·Action·1998·(2:10)
Danger Will Robinson! The cult classic tv space family
Robinson embark on a mission to save the earth, but the evil
Dr. Smith sends their ship spinning off course into the
cosmos! With Gary Oldman, Heather Graham, Matt LeBlanc.

MALONE [R]·Action·1987·(1:32)
Based on the novel "Shotgun" by William Wingate, this drama
depicts a burnt-out secret service agent who stumbles into a
real estate swindle/murder plot in Oregon. 9/14.

MARS ATTACKS! [PG13]·Comedy·1996·(1:46)
Naive earthlings misread the intentions of visiting martians in
a parody of '50s sci-fi films. Directed by Tim Burton. 9/1,16

MEMORY OF A KILLER [R]·Crime·2005·(2:03)
A weary professional hitman finds himself being chased by a
deadly trio - the police, his own bosses when he refuses a
job, and periodic amnesia caused by Alzheimer's disease. A
taut, intricate thriller. 9/2,10,14,18,23.

MILLENNIUM [PG13]·Science-Fiction·1989·(1:46)
A crash scene investigator trying to solve the mystery behind
a horrific airplane accident discovers a bizarre, time-twisting
intersection between the present, the past and the future in
this sci-fi cult classic! 9/2,3,13,17,22,26.

MILLER'S CROSSING [R]·Crime·1990·(1:55)
The right-hand man of an Irish mob boss plays all the angles
in a Prohibition gangland story - from the creators of "Fargo."

MIMIC SENTINEL [R]·Sci-Fi/Horror·2003·(1:16)
The third part of the Mimic trilogy finds the Judas Breed
roaches have returned and are hungry for new victims.

MIRAGE OF BLAZE (E1) [TV14]·Anime·2002·(:25)
Two high school friends discover they are the reincarnation of
ancient warriors who soon realize they are locked in a deadly
battle with the spirit of a long-dead evil warlord. 9/8.

MIRAGE OF BLAZE (E2) [TV14]·Anime·2002·(:25)
Two high school friends discover they are the reincarnation of
ancient warriors who soon realize they are locked in a deadly
battle with the spirit of a long-dead evil warlord. 9/21.

MIRAGE OF BLAZE (E3) [TV14]·Anime·2002·(:25)
Two high school friends discover they are the reincarnation of
ancient warriors who soon realize they are locked in a deadly
battle with the spirit of a long-dead evil warlord. 9/22.

ON THE SET: THE CAVE [TV14]·Documentary·2004·(:14)
Behind the scenes look at the making of "The Cave" featuring
Cole Hauser and Morris Chestnut. 9/9,18,25,26.

The host of a controversial tv talk show is convinced to join a
plan to expose friends believed to be Russian spies - but is
the threat real or a set-up? Taut intrigue rules director Sam
Peckinpah's final film. 9/5,14,25,29.

THE PACKAGE [R]·Thriller/Suspense·1989·(1:48)
A sergeant in U.S. army realizes he is being used to help
instigate an international conspiracy. 9/3,9,21,22,25.

THE PARK IS MINE [TVMA]·Action·1985·(1:41)
An emotionally disturbed Vietnam vet throws NYC off balance
when he launches a one-man siege of Central Park. With
Yaphet Kotto. 9/7,11,24,29.

PASSPORT TO TERROR [TVPG]·Drama·1989·(1:35)
An American woman is wrongly accused of smuggling
antiques and is sent to a Turkish prison. 9/6,11,19,30.

Two cousins try to get rich quick with a racehorse and mob
money in New York's Little Italy. 9/3,11,26.

THE QUEST [PG13]·Action·1996·(1:34)
A surprisingly inventive and exciting directorial debut for
Jean-Claude Van Damme, who stars as a small-time New
York pickpocket who bumbles his way into the world's most
prestigious martial arts tournament. 9/3,8,18,23,27.

QUIGLEY DOWN UNDER [PG13]·Adventure·1990·(2:00)
A low-key American cowboy takes a job in Australia, but finds
out his new boss wants his sharpshooting skill for genocide.
When he rebels, the boss leaves the cowboy for dead - but
doesn't count on his thirst for revenge! 9/1,5,16,20,28.

RAID ON ROMMEL [NR]·Action·1970·(1:38)
Richard Burton fights World War II on the sands of North
Africa. John Colicos, Clinton Greyn. 9/10,20.

RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD, PART 2 [R]·Action·1985·(1:36)
In this sequel to "First Blood," Rambo undertakes a special
mission in Vietnam to find missing P.O.W.'s still being held
captive. 9/2,10,15,28.

REAL MEN [PG13]·Comedy·1987·(1:26)
A CIA agent forces a meek insurance agent to double for his
dead partner as they tackle an increasingly strange and
dangerous case - and then the aliens show up! 9/6,11,14,26.

RENEGADE [R]·Action·2004·(2:04)
Vincent Cassel, Michael Madsen and Juliet Lewis star in this
psychedelic western tale and the search for a lost treasure of
gold. 9/10,15,24,28.

THE RETURN OF THE MUSKETEERS [PG]·Adventure·1989·(1:42)
Third film in the series of Richard Lester swashbucklers
based on the Alexandre Dumas classic. Michael York, Kim
Cattrall. 9/7,23,27.

SILENT HILL [R]·Horror·2006·(2:05)
A mother takes her traumatized daughter to an eerie ghost
town called Silent Hill, hoping to cure the child's demons - but
when the girl disappears, a deadly game of gory, nightmarish
scenes begins! Not for the squeamish! 9/8,12,18,23.

SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT II [PG]·Comedy·1980·(1:41)
Sheriff Buford T. Justice chases a trucker and his girlfriend
hauling a pregnant elephant to Dallas. With 
Jackie Gleason, Jerry Reed 9/2,11,15,19,27.

A man is recruited by a company to join the mysterious
Special Duty Combat Unit department whose purpose is to
fight alien forces that threaten the Earth. 9/13.

SPECIES II [R]·Science-Fiction·1998·(1:33)
Michael Madsen and Natasha Henstridge co-star in this romp
of a sequel. An astronaut infected with alien DNA runs amok
on earth, and his team members must track him down before
it's too late. 9/9,19,28.

SPEED 2: CRUISE CONTROL [PG13]·Action·1997·(2:05)
Annie Potter survived a madman's runaway bus plot in Los
Angeles only to board a Caribbean cruise ship rigged for
destruction by a disgruntled computer expert who plans to 
hijack the vessel and steal precious diamonds. Sequel to 
Speed. With Willem Dafoe. 9/6,15,19,24,25,30.

STATE OF GRACE [R]·Crime·1990·(2:14)
An undercover cop must confront his roots when a case
draws him back into the Irish mafia in New York's Hell's
Kitchen. With Gary Oldman, Robin Wright Penn, John Turturro,
John C. Reilly. 9/5,10,19,29.

STRAW DOGS [R]·Cult·1971·(1:57)
An American mathematician, disturbed by the violence in
American society, moves with his wife to an isolated Cornish
village. Beneath the peaceful surface lies a savagery which
destroys his hope for peace. 9/9,22.

STREET FIGHTER [PG13]·Action·1994·(1:41)
Acton hero Jean-Claude Van Damme and his commandoes do
battle with evil warlord Raul Julia. Wes Studi, Byron Mann.

STRIKING DISTANCE [R]·Action·1993·(1:42)
A Pittsburgh cop, unjustly hounded out of the department and
drinking hard, hits rock bottom when he joins the River
Rescuesquad - but then he discovers the trail of a
supposedly jailed serial killer in this splashy action thriller.

SUBMARINE 707 REVOLUTION (E1) [TV14]·Action·2003·(:55)
The United Nations of the World creates a united naval force
to counter the threat of mysterious terrorist organization,
USR, and its high-tech, virtually undetectable submarine UX.
SUBMARINE 707 REVOLUTION (E2) [TV14]·Action·2003·(:46) 9/4,13,29

TANGO & CASH [R]·Action·1989·(1:44) Sly Stallone, Kurt Russell.
Supercharged action flick puts rival, and very different, rogue
cops on the same side as they hunt down a sadistic,
high-tech criminal genius. 9/5,18,29.

TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY [R]·Sci-Fi·1991·(2:17)
A decade after Sarah Connor destroyed the original
Terminator, a second killing machine arrives from 2029, but
this time his mission is to protect her son, the future leader of
the human resistance, from an even deadlier Terminator.

TEXHNOLYZE (E1) [TVMA]·Action·2004·(:24)
In an experimental metropolis buried deep inside the Earth,
technologically sophisticated gangs wage a war where
human limbs are replaced with powerful cybernetics. 9/2,14.

Clint Eastwood and Jeff Bridges co-star as a pair of petty
thieves who hook up with some really bad guys to rob a
Montana armory in this high-rolling comic heist adventure.
Bridges garnered an Oscar nomination for his role. 9/13,22.

TRUE CONFESSIONS [R]·Crime·1981·(1:48)
A 1940s Los Angeles detective hounds his monsignor brother
about a pious pimp's tie to a grisly murder. Starring Robert
DeNiro & Robert Duvall. 9/7,11,23.

TWIN DRAGONS [PG13]·Action·1999·(1:29)
Jackie Chan portrays twins separated at birth who find
themselves reunited in Hong Kong amid romance, action,
danger, and mistaken identity. 9/7,13,19,25,26,30.

VENOM [R]·Horror·2005·(1:27)
Combine the mystical Louisiana swamps, a snake-filled
suitcase, Mr. Jangles - a man possessed by 13 evil souls - a
group of sexy young teens, add a dollop of voodoo, and you've
got this gory screamfest! 9/4,16,29.

WARREN MILLER'S JOURNEY [TVG]·Action·2003·(1:38)
Ski-movie mogul Warren Miller follows daredevil skiers from
Aspen to Chile, from Alaska to Morocco in his 54th film.

WINDPRINTS [TV14]·Thriller/Suspense·1990·(1:39)
The story of a young news cameraman assigned to cover the
manhunt of a deadly Namibian renegade. 9/1,10,14,20.

10 TOKYO WARRIORS (E1) [TV14]·Action·2003·(:26)
The Demon King returns after four hundred years to wage
destruction on modern day Tokyo with only the 10 warriors
standing in his way. 9/7
10 TOKYO WARRIORS (E2) [TV14]·Action·2003·(:27) 9/7
10 TOKYO WARRIORS (E3) [TV14]·Action·2003·(:26) 9/9
10 TOKYO WARRIORS (E4) [TV14]·Action·2003·(:25) 9/16
10 TOKYO WARRIORS (E5) [TV14]·Action·2003·(:26) 9/16
10 TOKYO WARRIORS (E6) [TV14]·Action·2003·(:25) 9/18

THE 13TH WARRIOR [R]·Adventure·1999·(1:43)
In 922 A.D., an Arab ambassador joins a group of Norsemen
to defend a village from a terrifying and mysterious enemy.
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