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Monday, September 6, 2010

7-8pm -- Hoarders - 19 - Claudie
This family of 14 was the Brady Bunch of the block--until mother Claudie's hoarding tore the family apart and turned them all into the pariahs of the neighborhood. The house is so bad that Claudie is now sleeping in a homeless shelter. Her husband moved away and sent her divorce papers with an ultimatum: clean up or sign.

8-9pm -- Hoarders - 07 - Augustine
14 years ago Jason was removed from his mother Augustine's home by Child Protective Services because of her hoarding. She was never able to clean up enough to have him return. Now, as an adult living on the other side of the country, he is filled with shame and resentment, but unable to turn his back on her. Her hoarding has become so severe that she has lived without water, gas, heat or appliances for the last four years--bathing only once a week at her sister's house. Complaints from neighbors have instigated a court ordered clean-up and she is now facing fines and the threat of jail time. We follow Jason as he tries one last time to rescue his mother from the filth he escaped from years ago.

9-10pm -- Hoarders - 26 - Adella/Teri
Just weeks before he died, Adella's estranged husband asked their daughter to help her mother clean up one last time. Adella's hoarding has already cost her a previous house, her marriage and relationships with her children. Now, despite years of conflict, her daughters feel they must honor their father by helping to save their mother's home from being condemned by the city. Teri's husband is so fed up with her hoarding that he is threatening divorce. The couple's two young children are forced to live in a home so cluttered that the front door doesn't fully open. They suffer from severe asthma, and each child shares a bed with parents who no longer speak with one another. Conditions are so bad that Dr. Zasio feels legally compelled to call Child Protective Services soon after arriving at the home.

10-11pm -- Hoarders - 25 - Gordon & Gaye/Sir Patrick
Gordon and Gaye, along with their two grown children, have been given 72 hours to vacate their house. City Code Enforcement has served them with a condemnation notice if they don't clean up a lifetime of hoarding. Animal Control has removed seven cats with no possibility of regaining any of them without cleaner living conditions. Now they are forced to clean up or risk permanently losing both their home and their pets. Sir Patrick is living in a treasure trove of a hoard that he fondly refers to as Camelot. Every inch of his home is filled with his treasures--goblets, dolls, oriental inlay screens, fountains and artwork that have put him in debt to the point where his church is now paying his electric bills. Sir Patrick hopes to stave off bankruptcy by auctioning off his prized possessions--but are they truly worth what he thinks?


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

7-8pm -- The First 48 - 92 - Dead Sleep/Tag Team
Cincinnati Homicide Detective Kurt Ballman investigates a brutal beating death in the close-knit East End neighborhood. In Memphis, Lieutenant Toney Armstrong and Sergeant Mason use surveillance footage to track down the killer of local teenager. 

8-9pm -- Criminal Minds - 05 - Broken Mirror
When the daughter of a powerful federal prosecutor is kidnapped, Gideon and the team are in for quite a shock--the kidnapper steals a page from their book, profiling them and taunting them with their weaknesses.

9-10pm -- Criminal Minds - 06 - L.D.S.K. 
When an "L.D.S.K.," or long distance serial killer, shoots and wounds six victims, the team's profile suggests that the LDSK might be a cop.

10-11pm -- Criminal Minds - 07 - The Fox 
The team tracks a serial killer who preys on families, takes them hostage, pretends to be their father, and then kills them.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

7-8pm -- The First 48 - 91 - Inked in Blood
In Memphis, Sergeant Connie Justice investigates the murder of a 32-year-old tattoo artist shot to death during a robbery. The victim's husband, who survived the robbery, only knows the suspects' nicknames. Armed with stencils of tattoos the customers received before the robbery, Justice must identify and track down the multiple suspects. 

8-8:27pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - 179 - Love on the Run
Today Dog finds himself looking for more than one fugitive. He starts the day looking for a woman who has skipped out on her court date. But he soon learns that since she disappeared she has teamed up with a woman whose criminal exploits have attracted the attention of local media. Word on the street is that they are on the run together. In this case love isn't the answer--in fact, it might be the problem.

8:27-8:30pm -- Criss Angel MindFreak - 06 - Preview
A preview of the new season of Criss Angel Mindfreak.

8:30-9pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - 177 - Mister Mom
It's been quite a while since Tim Chapman put down his mace can and bulletproof vest to care for his growing family. When his old friend Dog calls asking for help tracking an elusive felon Tim jumps into action. Can he shake off the cobwebs and man-up for a bust or has he spent too many days being mister mom?

9-9:30pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - 164 - True Identity
Dog knows that looks can be deceiving and today's hunt makes this point crystal clear. The fugitive is pretty, petite, and trouble. She stands accused of settling an argument with the help of a box cutter. What Dog does not anticipate is how deceptive this femme fatale can truly be!

9:30-10pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - 182 - Jump Start
A big heart can be a problem for a bail bondsman and today's hunt is a case in point. Dog gave a break to a young man with a drug problem who promised to enter drug rehab. But this commitment to rehabilitation seems to have ended when he bolted from the car on the way to the drug treatment center and went on the run. Now Dog has to track him down. Can he also set him right?

10-11pm -- Criss Angel MindFreak - 96 - Levitation Vanish
With Criss' chaotic schedule, including his live performance of BeLIEve ten times each week, the taping of his hit TV series and moving into Serenity, his new home, Criss decides to escape the city for the Valley of Fire deep into the Mojave desert. In this remote and mystical place, Criss will attempt to miraculously levitate more than 100 feet up into the sky and then vanish.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

7-8pm -- The First 48 - After the First 48: 08 - Bait and Switch
On a Sunday night in June 2007, Christian Marton and his girlfriend Monica Stafford drove two hours from Axtell, Texas to Dallas where Christian had arranged to buy a car. By the end of the evening, Christian was dead--shot in a robbery attempt. Lead Detective John Palmer and his partner, Armando Perez used both surveillance footage from a fast food restaurant and cell phone records to build a case against the man who planned the robbery. For the man who actually pulled the trigger, Palmer relied on both his fingerprint found at the scene of the crime and an id by Monica. Both men were charged with capital murder. The case went to trial in February of 2009.

8-9pm -- The First 48 - 136 - 10 Pounds
In Birmingham, Detective Chris Anderson returns to his childhood neighborhood to investigate the murder of a man killed over ten pounds of marijuana.

9-10pm -- The First 48 - 131 - Last Wish
In Miami, after a celebrating his 46th birthday with family, a man is found dead on a residential sidewalk. The investigation, supervised by Sgt. Johnny Herrera, uncovers a tangled plot of false leads and secret lives--the victim's past proves as puzzling as his death. After initial leads become futile, the homicide team makes a public plea and gets a shocking lead, sending them on a hunt to catch a potential killer on the run to New York.

10-10:30pm -- The Squad: Prison Police - 06 - Conspiracy
Prison crime doesn't rest for Special Agent John Fisher's birthday. With inmate drug use at an all-time high, the Squad searches for the source of drugs coming into the prison. John goes undercover to monitor prisoners' visitors, search an entire cellblock for evidence, and work with an inmate informant to set up a sting on the outside. But ultimately, the investigation leads John to the last place he wanted to look.

10:30-11pm -- The Squad: Prison Police - 02 - Murder in Unit 14
After an altercation inside the cellblock, an inmate collapses and dies from multiple stab wounds. Special agents John Fisher and Joe England collect forensic evidence, parse surveillance video and explore a possible connection to the deadly El Salvadoran gang MS-13. The case turns on the master interrogation skills of Special Agent in Charge Jason Woodall.


Friday, September 10, 2010

7-8pm -- The First 48 - 57 - Moment of Truth/Cat and Mouse
In Dallas, a woman is shot in while sitting in her car. Detective Eddie Ibarra and the homicide team focus in on two suspects swept up in a robbery investigation, and the pieces of the murder mystery begin to fall into place. In Detroit, a young woman and her daughter are shot dead in their apartment. Detective Ernie Wilson immediately gets the name of the shooter, but finding him is a game of cat and mouse.

8-9pm -- Criminal Minds - 63 - The Crossing
Morgan, Prentiss, Reid and JJ are on the trail of a stalker and Hotch and Rossi are asked to consult on a murder case to determine whether or not a woman killed her husband because of his constant abuse.

9-10pm -- Criminal Minds - 64 - Tabula Rasa 
After a suspected serial killer wakes up from a coma, the Behavioral Analysis Unit (B.A.U.) reopens the case and uses brain fingerprinting to determine if he really doesn't remember the crimes that had been committed four years earlier in Roanoke, Virginia.

10-11pm -- Criminal Minds - 65 - Lo-Fi
The Behavioral Analysis Unit (B.A.U.) is dispatched to New York, where they have to determine if the shootings of victims at point blank range are the work of a single killer or a team of killers. People who seemingly have nothing in common are shot at random and the B.A.U. discovers it is deadlier to them then they anticipated. 


Saturday, September 11, 2010

7-8pm -- Criminal Minds - 27 - Aftermath
A serial rapist frustrates the team when he displays deep knowledge about law enforcement, and especially how the profilers do their job.

8-9pm -- Criminal Minds - 46 - Doubt
The BAU team, having caught the serial killer, begins to doubt themselves when the case appears to continue. They discover that a groupie is recreating the crimes to throw suspicion off of the serial killer. 

9-10pm -- Criminal Minds - 47 - In Name and Blood
The Behavioral Analysis Unit (B.A.U.) investigates a serial killer in Milwaukee who kidnaps women by baiting them with his own son.

10-11pm -- Criminal Minds - 48 - Scared to Death
The Behavioral Analysis Unit (B.A.U.) tracks down a sadistic killer who exploits his victims' worst fears to torture and kill them.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

7-8pm -- Criminal Minds - 70 - Catching Out 
The team tries to stop an UnSub with a pattern of committing murders in rural areas near railroad tracks. Stars Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Paget Brewster, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler, A.J. Cook, and Kirsten Vangsness.

8-9pm -- Criminal Minds - 94 - Reckoner
The BAU investigate a judge who's hired a hitman to go after criminals that got away when he served on the bench.

9-10pm -- Criminal Minds - 95 - Hopeless
The BAU track a pack of suspects who randomly murder their victims for the thrill of the kill.

10-11pm -- The Glades - 109 - Second Chance
A dead man in a swimming pool leads Longworth and Carlos to a Pompano Beach mansion, and then into the world of high-end horse breeding. Callie, who was once an aspiring jockey, becomes Longworth's secret weapon in the case as she shows him the ins and outs of this competitive and cut-throat world. Callie shows Jim a side of her he's never seen and the two grow closer than ever before.

Monday, September 13, 2010

7-8pm -- The First 48 - 70 - Hard Fall 
In Miami, a former airline executive is stabbed to death in his car. Rookie detective Mario De Los Santos tracks two suspects and finds out that both the suspect and his victim shared promising futures-and a deadly vice.

8-9pm -- Hoarders - 11 - Julie and Shannon
Julie is living a nightmare. A series of tragedies triggered massive hoarding which in turn led to Julie's son moving in with her ex-husband. Now she must clean up or risk losing the two daughters that still live with her. Shannon, her husband Tim, and their four young children live in a house that is filled with garbage and infested with mice. Her dogs roam freely in the clutter and there's a two foot hole in the bathroom floor. She was devastated when Animal Control removed 20 cats from the home three weeks ago. Now, as cameras are rolling, police arrive at the front door with Child Protective Services to remove her children.

9-10pm -- Hoarders - 27 - Robin/Ken
The stench emanating from Robin's home can be smelled from the street. The garbage inside is piled from floor to ceiling and the house is literally caving in around it. The hoard is so bad that the city has condemned the house and has plans to demolish the property and send Robin and her father a bill for $30,000. They have resorted to sleeping in cars, parks and now a low income housing development. Robin's only hope of saving her home is to clean it out. Ken is just weeks from a court date where he faces six months in jail if he doesn't clean up his home and yard. His hoarding has strained his marriage and his wife and three-year-old son moved out when Child Protective Services started to investigate. The kitchen is filled with old food. Piles in the house and yard are three to five feet high and neighbors have complained of rats, mice, roaches and other infestations. Ken must clean up now or pay the ultimate price.

10-11pm -- Hoarders - 23 - Carolyn/Jo
Carolyn's seven-year-old daughter is so distraught about her mother's hoarding that she has been leaving notes around the house saying, "It would be better off if I were killed." Carolyn must get control of her hoarding or face not only Social Services but perhaps a much more tragic consequence. Jo's house is a collector's dream, filled with thousands of plates, crosses, pots, glassware, and clocks. But her hoard is destroying her marriage of 48 years to her husband, Ed. He feels robbed of his retirement and has moved out once. If Jo does not address the problem, the marriage could be over.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

7-8pm -- The First 48 - 75 - Bicycle Bandits/First Shot
In Miami, a recent high-school graduate is gunned down and left to die in his father's arms. It's up to Sgt. Eunice Cooper and her team to track down the suspects, two teens who fled the scene on bicycles. And in Cincinnati, Detective Jenny Luke is on the trail of a man who may have taken revenge on a childhood friend he thought snitched on him.

8-9pm -- Criminal Minds - 08 - Natural Born Killer
A federal agent who went undercover in the mob is missing and the team fears that the Iceman, a serial killer and mob hit man, may be involved in the disappearance.

9-10pm -- Criminal Minds - 09 - Derailed 
When a paranoid schizophrenic takes hostages, the team profiles his delusion and plays along with his fantasies to stop him from killing the hostages.

10-11pm -- Criminal Minds - 11 - Blood Hungry 
The team goes on the hunt for a psychopathic killer who drinks his victims' blood.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

7-8pm -- The First 48 - 47 - Memphis Blues/Knife to the Heart.
Miami detectives respond to the stabbing murder of an elderly man found dead in his home. After collecting key evidence on the crime scene and talking to witnesses, Detective Rolando Garcia starts to suspect the victim's emotionally unstable nephew may have committed the murder. In Memphis, Sergeant Caroline Mason investigates the murder of a young man outside of a liquor store. She uses all her interrogation skills and street smarts to find her suspect.

8-9pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - 158/159 - Midnight Run
This fugitive has a bad reputation and a knack for running from the law. The pursuit has Dog and team traveling through an urban dystopia of suspicion, false leads and mistrust. And the more they learn about their target, the more they believe that he needs to be behind bars.

9-10pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - 155/156 - Wrong Turn
Dog's target today seems to have a taste for drugs and a record of reckless driving. The hunt has deep emotional resonance for the team because today is the anniversary of the fatal car accident of Dog's daughter Barbara Katie. As the hunt goes deep into the night the team is confronted with a speeding SUV driven by the fugitive, and Dog worries that a similar fate awaits this fugitive.

10-11pm -- Dog the Bounty Hunter - 142/143 - Three's Company
This fugitive is hard to pin down in Honolulu's downtown district--moving from hostel to hotel to apartment high-rise. But as the hunt evolves, Dog discovers that this alleged burglar isn't the only family member wanted by the law.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

7-8pm -- The First 48 - After The First 48: 10 - Disappeared/Red Handed
Now that some of our strongest cases have been adjudicated and many cases have some compelling new developments, we take viewers inside the powerful and dramatic events that unfolded after the arrest, up to and including the trial and conviction.

8-9pm -- The First 48 - After The First 48: Blindsided/Killing Spree
Now that some of our strongest cases have been adjudicated, we can take viewers inside the powerful and dramatic events that unfolded after the arrest, up to and including the conviction.

9-10pm -- The First 48 - 146 - Body of Evidence
When dismembered body parts are found floating in Miami's Biscayne Bay, Det. Orlando Silva and the Miami homicide team work around the clock to solve one of the most brutal murders South Florida has ever seen.

10-10:30pm -- The Squad: Prison Police - 09 - On the Run
The clock is ticking when an inmate escapes Tennessee Prison. Squad Special Agents John Fisher and Richard Metcalfe lead a statewide manhunt to capture the fugitive before he reaches state lines. The stakes are raised when the Squad's investigation reveals that the fugitive is a spurned lover that may be out for revenge.

10:30-11pm -- The Squad: Prison Police - 08 - Death Threat
The warden receives an anonymous letter from an inmate threatening to raise a small army to attack correctional officers. Sgt. Nicky Jordan orders a Trojan Horse-style raid on the cell block, breaks up a secret meeting of the Vice Lordz, and explores a possible Aryan connection--all in a race against time to catch the would-be killer.


Friday, September 17, 2010

7-8pm -- The First 48 - 43 - The Witness/The Trunk 
Miami detectives Ricky Martinez and Fernando Bosch investigate the double homicide of a husband and wife. As they race against the clock to find the killer, they discover that their best witness in the case tragically also has the most at stake. And in Memphis, Sgt. Ron Collins and his team must solve the mystery behind a car discovered on the edge of town. The car's owner had given the keys to her boyfriend three days earlier and he has been missing ever since. Now there is blood dripping from the trunk.

8-9pm -- Criminal Minds - 66 - Mayhem
Hotch's SUV explodes leaving Kate (the head of the NYC's FBI office) seriously injured. Hotch fights to keep Kate alive as the team tracks down the terrorists responsible for the bombing. They discover the bombing is a diversion so that the terrorists can carry out an assassination of a VIP undergoing medical treatment at a nearby hospital.

9-10pm -- Criminal Minds - 67 - The Angel Maker
Recent murders are linked to a serial killer who was executed a year ago. The team determines that a woman who was in love with the deceased serial killer is completing his work as a testament to her love for him.

10-11pm -- Criminal Minds - 69 - Paradise 
The profilers hunt a killer who kidnaps and tortures couples at a resort motel. Stars Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Paget Brewster, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler, A.J. Cook, and Kirsten Vangsness, with guest star Wil Wheaton.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

5:30-8pm -- The Fugitive - 
Movie. Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones star in this heart-pounding thriller, based on the famed TV series. Ford plays Dr. Richard Kimble, the man falsely convicted of murdering his wife. While on his way to prison, Kimble is set free when the train he's on is derailed in a spectacular crash. Jones plays Sam Gerard, the pit-bull U.S. marshal determined to hunt for Kimble in "every warehouse, farm house, hen house, out house, and dog house," and put him to jail. Kimble's desperate attempts to prove he's innocent and Gerard's relentless pursuit make "The Fugitive" one of the best chase movies ever. (1993)

8-10:30pm -- The Perfect Storm - 
Movie. George Clooney stars in this thrilling story about fishermen fighting for their lives as their boat sails into the "the storm of the century," and the remarkable efforts of heroic Coast Guardsmen to save them and another boat caught in the terrible maelstrom. Based on a true story and featuring amazing special effects, this unforgettable film is directed by Wolfgang Petersen (Das Boot) and co-stars Mark Wahlberg, John C. Reilly, and Diane Lane. (2000)

10:30-11:30pm -- The Glades - 104 - A Perfect Storm 
Longworth investigates a string of murders while Carlos and Daniel take extreme measures to save lives as a hurricane bears down on Florida. Stars Matthew Passmore, Kiele Sanchez, Carlos Gomez, Michelle Hurd, Uriah Shelton, and Jordan Wall.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

7-8pm -- Criminal Minds - 23 - The Fisher King - Part 2
As Gideon and the team put the clues together, the crazed killer takes a young girl hostage and continues to target the BAU for death.

10-11pm -- The Glades - 110 - Booty
A famed treasure-hunter is murdered, and the attention is immediately turned to the victim's famous uncle Big Jack Hasker, a legendary treasure hunter and adventurer. Longworth dives into this world of treasure hunting and discovers the victim was hot on the trail to uncovering the mythic Spanish ship, the Magdalena, which is believed to contain billions of dollars of booty. If Longworth can figure out whether or not the victim was actually close to uncovering the prize, maybe he will be able to find the real killer. While working the case, Longworth discovers Callie's passion for treasure hunting lore and guided by her passion and expertise, the two embark on an adventure that could change their lives forever.

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