Muppet Show broadcasts with host names

Muppet Show Guest Hosts

Muppet Show is on the Odyssey/Hallmark channel. Here are the show's guest hosts so far:
singer/actress Julie Andrews
actor Alan Arkin
Charles Aznavour
singer Joan Baez
singer Pearl Bailey (1978)
comic actress Kaye Ballard
foreign film star Meriza Banson
Shirley Bassey (1980, sings her 007 hit "Goldfinger")
singer/actor Harry Belafonte (1978)
Marissa Berenson
actress Candice Bergen (1976)
ventriloquist Edgar Bergen
comic Milton Berle (1977)
singer Blondie - see Debbie Harry
Disneyland Golden Horseshoe Review comic Wally Boag (1980)
comedian/pianist Victor Borge (1979)
comedian Carol Burnett (1980)
actor/comic George Burns (1977)
Ruth Buzzi (Laugh-In) 1976
comic/actress Dyan Cannon (1979)
Linda Carter, at the time starring in tv series Wonder Woman
singer Johnny Cash
singer/actress Carol Channing (1980, Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend) performer Petula Clark
singer Roy Clark
comic/actor John Cleese (Monty Python) 1977
actor James Coburn (1980, tries calm down Animal)
comic actor James Coco
singer Judy Collins
singer/actor Roy Clark ("Hee Haw" host at time)
husband/wife singers Kris Kristofferson & Rita Coolidge
rock singer Alice Cooper (does Welcome To My Nightmare with "his own" muppets)
singer Mac Davis (1980)
comic/actor Dom DeLuise (1977)
singer/actor John Denver (1979)
singer/actress/dancer Sandy Duncan
singer Lola Falana (1979)
actress Mia Farrow hosted "The Muppet Valentines Day Show" (a 1974 special)
comic/actor Marty Feldman
Bruce Forsythe
singer Crystal Gail (1978, "We Must Believe In Magic")
actress Phyllis George (hosts the Muppet Academy's Awards)
jazz singer/trumpeteer Dizzy Gillespie (1979)
actor/dancer Joel Grey (1976)
singer Arlow Guthrie
Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) see homepage for details
singer Debbie Harry (1980)
actress Florence Henderson (Brady Bunch) 1976
magician Doug Henning (assistants dressed as muppets)
comic/actor Bob Hope (1977)
singer, Lena Horne
actress Glenda Jackson (takes over the show with her pirates)
singer Elton John (1978)
comic/actress Madeline Kahn (1977)
actor/singer Danny Kaye (did Inchworm song from movie Hans Christian Anderson) 1978
actor/dancer Gene Kelly (said he'd do the show if he didn't have to do Singin In The Rain...but the muppets were relentless)
singer Gladys Knight
comic actor Don Knotts (1977, calm as ever)
comic actor Harvey Korman (1976)
husband/wife singers Kris Kristofferson & Rita Coolidge
actress Cheryl Ladd (Charlie's Angels)
singer Cleo Laine
British standup comic Chris Langham (1980)
singer/actress Linda Lavin (1978)
actress Cloris Leachman (1977, pigs take over show)
Liberace (2nd half of show is all music)
actor/singer Hal Linden (1980, does Christmas/4th of July tribute at the same time)
impressionist/actor Rich Little (1977)
singer Melissa Manchester (1980)
comic/actor Steve Martin (shows up for open auditions)
singer Ethel Merman (1976)
singer Roger Miller (chickens take over show)
actress/singer Liza Minelli
comic actor Dudley Moore (1979)
actor Roger Moore (1980, stalked by enemy spy muppets)
singer/actress Rita Moreno (1976)
comic actor Zero Mostel
wierd stage performers Mummenschanz
singer Anne Murray (1980, "Snow Bird")
actor/comic/singer Jim Nabors (1976, Scooter joins cast)
ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev (1977)
actress/singer Bernadette Peters
actor Vincent Price (1976)
singer/actress Juliet Prowse (1976)
comic/actress Gilda Radner (intro as Emily Latella)
John Pierre Rampau
actor/singer Tony Randall (1980, turns Piggy to stone)
singer Lou Rawls
singer Helen Reddy (1978, sings "Angie")
actress Lynn Redgrave (1978)
actor Christopher Reeve (1980, of Superman II, before his accident)
Buddy Rich
Western actor/singers Roy & Dale Rogers
country singer/actor Kenny Rogers
singer Linda Ronstadt (1980)
singer Diana Ross
singer Leo Sayer
comic Avery Schreiber (1976)
Inspector Clouseau (Peter Sellers, 1977, after the 5th Pink Panther movie)
teenage actress Brooke Shields as Alice in Wonderland (1980)
performers Shields & Yarnell
actress/singer Beverly Sills (spoofs opera)
singer Paul Simon (1980)
Luke Skywalker - see Mark Hamill
actress Elke Sommer
actor Sylvester Stallone
actress Jean Stapleton (All in the Family)
actress Loretta Swit (1980)
actor Richard Thomas
really thin Twiggy (1976), sings "Choices"
singer Leslie Uggams
actor Peter Ustinov
actor/dancer Ben Vereen
comic actress Nancy Walker (1977)
actress Leslie Ann Warren (in TV's Mission Impossible at the time)
actress Racquel Welch
Senor Wences, Ed Sullivan Show ventriloquist (1980)
singer Andy Williams (1980)
singer/actor Paul Williams (1976)
comic/actor Jonathan Winters (1980, show is under a Gypsy curse)
Wonder Woman - see Carter
Yarnell - see Shields & Yarnell
Leonard Maltin Presents is sometimes on Saturday mornings, which usually includes classic old comedy shorts like Laurel & Hardy, Keystone Kops, etc. Individual titles no longer listed on Odyssey
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