Believe It Or Not!

1985/1986 Season

Episodes, by date
(rerun, with promos of season premier next week) The Dead Sea Scrolls; elephant battle armor; a 13-year-old test pilot; the longest passage in English literature; *solar-powered plane
Marie Osmond joins Jack as co-host in the 4th season opener. Segments include *hypnotism in dental science; Hugo Ball's "Sound Poetry" is recited by Marie Osmond (mp3 file, over 700k); the 5-year photographic journey of a red couch across America; Chef Klinmahon from Thailand; space shuttle astronauts fly untethered; famous faces that adorn U.S. currency
An Italian inventor who bilked the French government of $100 million; a Japanese gameshow that tests contestants' courage; automobile safety equipment; scientific technology to aid the disabled; a man who collects junk mail; a woman who designed a Victorian mansion from her dreams and nightmares: The Winchester Mystery House; a windmill restorer
WW2 German postage stamp 10-13-85:
The Dead-Letter Office of the N.Y. General Post Office; how postage stamps helped make Adolf Hitler a millionaire; unusual bronzed mementos; a London shoe store that requires an appointment for a fitting; the hay-fever helmet; a boy born with no immune system; a car shredder
10-20-85:(no episode due to Game 2 World Series coverage by ABC)
A musical number that can be performed by anyone on any instrument; the bizarre fatal downbeat of orchestra conductor Jean-Baptiste Lully; performance art; sculptor Duane Hanson; the development of commercial aviation; aircraft safety; an autopsy performed on a 2500-year-old murder victim found in a British bog, so well-preserved that police were called!
(no TV Guide listing this week) *A man who lives in a golden pyramid; Japanese scientists building a pyramid to prove pyramid-building theories; Marie follows a heart from doner to transplant patient; Houdini bio by Walter B. Gibson
A 1916 Quarter that was recalled for being indecent; *The Mummy Museum of Guanajuato, Mexico; *Human remains that are launched into orbit; revolutionary medical devices; the Russian space program; sonic sculpture; the unique sound of the Stradivarius violin; a natural art treasure
An Adolf Hitler-sponsored exhibition of "degenerate art"; *a dog that can ski and SCUBA dive; voice-activated cars and mechanisms; *a photographer who uses homing pigeons to deliver undeveloped film; the development of the aircraft carrier; a light-covered car made by sculptor Eric Staller; a man who cares for a collection of over 400 turtles
The man who pioneered the study of the human stomach; the development of television from the late 1800s to 1985; Soviet Russian assembly-line eye micro-surgery; the world's largest TV set; widely held myths about Old West legends; a "beebeard" contest; Cleopatra's poisonous asp
How a gallery owner sparked interest in an ignored painting; mud bog racing; motorists who pray at the "Temple Of Safe Driving" in Japan; Ben Franklin's proposed phoenetic alphabet; miniature artwork; British Royal Marine basic training; a mystic artist; restoration of Leonardo Da Vinci's "Last Supper" painting
A 75-year-old fake newspaper story that caused a Texas town to be torn apart; using hypnotism to control and prevent pain; a thermography machine; Arabian courtship customs; George Willig's illegal climb up the outside of the N.Y. World Trade Center; rock climbing without equipment; cliff parachuting; an 18-year-old deaf woman studying to be a musician; the Leaning Tower of Pisa; a man who transforms ordinary objects into musical intruments; *world's tallest man; a cobra catcher; did Beethoven steal his 4th Symphony?
12-15-85: (rerun from 9/29)
12-22-85: (rerun of 10/13 ep)
1-5-86: (rerun from unknown date)
Explosive sculptures, a blind Scottish artist, kidney stone explosives
1-12 to 1-26: (no info available at this time)
The man who bilked the Portuguese out of $15,000,000; a torantula ranch
The best-kept secret of World War 2, a look at medicines from plants & animals
2-13-86: (no info available at this time)
2-20-86: (rerun from 12/8)
* These are segments that were redone in the later 2000-2003 series

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They said this woman would never live, with nothing below her waist, yet she is now a wife and mother At the 1992 Academy Awards, Jack Palance did one-arm push-ups on stage just to show how healthy he was. He considered himself a rancher first (Tehachapi, CA) and acted onscreen just as a way to pay for his beloved ranch.
Flag of denmark The oldest national flag currently in use is that of Denmark, which has been this white cross for 700 years

Hula-Hoop was a financial disaster for its manufacturer, Whammo, which had it in full production when the fad suddenly ended, leaving the company with thousands of dollars of unsold Hula-Hoops in storage. It only netted $10,000 from the craze due to all the unsold hoops. The company got its name from the sound of its first product, a slingshot, hitting a target.

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