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Ripley's Believe It Or Not

Season 2

Currently scheduled for SYFY's Chiller TV


Episode #201

Darrin Carter will walk across a gorge thirty stories above the ground on a springy nylon cord -- with nothing to catch him if he falls!
Wardrobe in a Bottle
This entire wardrobe can fit into a one gallon bottle: yes, what she is wearing was nothing but liquid! Official website: www.deviantlatex.com
Worm Lover
Brenda Fox loves worms so much that she has been eating them almost all her life!
Backflip Motorcycle
Carey Hart made motorcycle history by doing the impossible... the world's only complete backflip on a 250 lb. motorcycle! He's going to do it again and Ripley's will be there as he prepares to do this truly amazing maneuver! His website: goodtimeswithcareyhart.com
Legless Football Hero
14-year-old Willie McQueen has no legs, but he plays starting defensive tackle for his school's football team -- without the aid of prosthetics!
Croc Doc
A scientist in Darwin, Australia, has developed an unbelievable research method - he sticks his entire arm down the throats of man-eating crocodiles to pull data from their stomachs! Website: www.crocodyluspark.com His email: abritton@wmi.com.au
Knife in the Head
Michael Hill was stabbed in the skull with a seven inch serrated blade and survived!

Episode 202

Clothes Free Fashion Show
You cannot tell which models in this fashion show are wearing beachwear and which are only wearing a coat of paint! is she nude or clothed?
Motorcycle Soccer
These guys play soccer on motorcycles!
Mark Kenny will take the Ripley's Challenge and attempt to climb up and down the treacherous steps of the spectacular Chichen Itza pyramid in Mexico...while walking on his hands!
X-Ray Girl
We can see this woman's internal organs through her skin when she swallows a 3-foot light tube and, when she swallows a michrophone, we can also hear them!
Tennis Racket Contortionist
Jeff Brennan is a dishwasher with a twist -- a real twist. He squeezed his 6'2", 220 pound frame through the head of a standard-sized tennis racket!
Rescue Rancher
Five-legged cows, six legged steers, two-headed pigs and calves! Paul raises them.
Swimming with Crocs
A swim coach in Australia trains his team to swim faster...by putting a live crocodile in the pool!
Bee Man
Dr. Norman Gary can cover his entire naked body with 200,000 buzzing bees and he can get up to 130 more to enter and buzz around in his mouth! A few bees sting him every time, but their stings don't bother him.

Episode 203

Hanging Out
Greg Gasson jumps from a plane and dangles from his parachute by one arm then -- changes position midair to hang by his feet without a safety chute!
This pool party will feature bathing suits and cover-ups that are not only the latest in fashion, but will act as life preservers if needed because -- they are made of clear bubble wrap!
Maggot Cheese
A unique cheese is considered a rare delicacy in an Italian town, that's because residents only eat it when it's filled with thousands of live maggots!
Isle of Man
Richard Sowa has gone "Survivor" one better -- he lives on his own island that he built with plastic soda bottles!
Pumpkin Chunkin
Every year at harvest time, "chunkin" teams bring their homemade contraptions to Sussex County, Delaware, to hurl pumpkins through the air!
A 9-year old boy survives and thrives despite taking a steel arrowhead in one ear and out the other!
Fingernail Diva
Lee Redmond can drive, cut hair and do household chores and -- she has the longest full set of fingernails in the world!
Man Without A Face
Mark Tatum survived the removal of the top half of his face when his sinuses were attacked by flesh-eating bacteria!

Episode 204

Big Wheel
This man invented a one-wheeled motorcycle which he drives from inside the wheel and, believe it or not, set a world land speed record!
Jail Bird Rodeo
This poker game is life-threatening because...believe it or not...it’s played with a 2000 pound Brahma bull. The last man to get up from a poker table while the bull charges wins, if he survives!
Ashes to Art
This self-taught painter preserves the memory of those who have passed away. No, she is not a portrait painter. Bettye Jane Brokl paints abstracts...with human ashes, starting with her own late mother. Believe it or not!
Three-Footed Man
When Jose Lopez was born in Mexico with a third foot growing from his left ankle, doctors wanted to amputate his whole leg at the hip. Instead he kept it, lived with it and then, after he did have proper surgery in the U.S., he became a top horse trainer.
Ultimate Funhouse
Believe it or not, this 73-year-old roller-skating man enters his house, turns on the lights, rotates his living room 180’ takes a shower, gets a drink and puts away his groceries -- all by pushing a few buttons!
Cat On Wheels
Cat gets a new lease on life after Ripley's has a company build a special wheelchair for Speedy the Cat. Website: www.doggon.com
Human Shark Bait
This man swims with frenzied man-eating Tiger Sharks of Australia's Great Barrier Reef, wearing only a bathing suit. He is armed... with an underwater still camera!
Tara Mead
Beautiful Tara Mead is obsessed with overcoming pain and, for Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, she will enter a controlled environment and lie in an uniquely constructed clear box while recycling center workers dump over a thousand pounds of razor-sharp, jagged glass all over her body!
"Spiderman" Alain Robert will take The Ripley’s Challenge. In less than an hour, he will climb the 33 story Sheraton Hotel in Brussels, without a net and using nothing more than his bare hands! He previously climbed the Sears Tower in Chicago, despite falling 50 feet in a French climb. Believe it or not!
Super Bra
This woman has created the ultimate in self-defense. Believe it or not, it’s a bra that is also a holster! Mace, Pepper Spray or a Stun-Gun, don't mess with the author of "Armed And Female!"
From The Vault
Supernatural beast? A white buffalo was born in 1933, said to be an omen

Episode 205

(from 2/7/01)
Cobra Charmer
Believe it or not, Gordon Cates will kiss a snake that has enough venom to kill an elephant with one bite, a 14-foot King Cobra!
5 Year Old Marathoner
Kyneshi Jeter can run a marathon in under 4 hours and she’s only 5 years old!
Toe Fingers
Three of Mark Pringle’s fingers are really his transplanted toes!
Rope Warrior
For David Fisher, jumping rope is anything but child’s play. With his unique approach to this school yard activity, David can jump rope while sitting on the ground or while encased in a giant rubber ball.
Roach Man
This man has a passion for cockroaches. He collects them, wears them, displays them and has agreed to cover himself with them!
From the archive
This dog had 18 healthy puppies, a record, breaking that of a Dalmation mother the same year
Backwards Racing
Believe it or not, some of the world’s greatest racecar drivers never go more than 60 mph. That’s because they race at world’s only raceway featuring backwards racing!
Modern Day Sword Walker
This man will walk barefoot on the razor sharp edge of a six foot long sword while juggling 3 more swords in his hands.
Long Rifle Sharpshooter
Tom Schiffer can hit a target 2/3 of a mile away with -- a two hundred and fifty year old gun! Websites: www.nrawc.org -- www.buffaloarms.com -- StandAndFight.com
Holy Cows
These two bulls are considered sacred, so local villagers line up to be licked by them for a fee. Those who can't afford the fee, instead consume their urine
Breast Man
A Las Vegas man got breast implants on a $100,000 bet... and decided he liked the attention so much, he kept them!

Episode 206

Chip Walker
This man, a paraplegic had no hope of ever walking again, believe it or not, he can now walk!
Blowgun Shooter
This man is so good at using a blowgun he can hit a grapefruit at 75 feet and, his blowgun has no sight to aim through! Website: www.paladin-press.com
Taffy, the Holstein cow, is a world-class champion -- not for milk production, but for cow speed. She is the worlds fastest bovine!
Face of Death
This perfectly normal couple is so fascinated with death that they have assembled a huge collection of morbid artifacts: a yarn doll hand-crafted by Charles Manson, bunk beds from the Heaven’s Gate house, and a self-portrait by John Wayne Gacy. And then we visit a man whose beetles have a job: stripping flesh from bones and skulls for display
Mustache Man
Paul Miller’s mustache takes an hour to groom and turns heads when he walks down the street because...it’s ten feet long!
Real-Life Siamese Twins
Doctors asked if the parents would consider abortion, but after 8 hours of surgery these conjoined twins have been seperated successfully. "God was looking out for us."
Bowling Face
Mark Faje can balance anything -- bottles, bowling balls, even a running lawn mower -- on his chin!
Origami Clothing
This Japanese designer wants women to dress from their bookshelves rather than their closets and these couture clothes come in books costing thousands of dollars. Yes, she is wearing paper!
Barracuda Couple
Barracudas can devour a 25 pound tuna in seconds. But this couple feels so comfortable with these vicious fish they actually feed them by letting the Barracudas rip the food right from their own mouths. Believe It!
From The Vault
In the 1850s, a dentist brought this portable foot-powered drill for housecalls
Lie Busters
Quickly spot someone lying to you. Website: www.liebusters.com

Episode 207

Bulletproof Skull
Believe it or not, Adrian Milton had a bullet in his skull for 25 years and never knew it!
Motorcycle Kid
Robb Lapeen made history when he jumped nine cars on his motorcycle, and he’s only eight years old!
Shark Ballet
This man can make great white sharks fly as high as 12 feet above the water. Website: www.ocean-pix.de/whales.de
Hair Wars
Michael Turner, a Detroit hair stylist, has created a helicopter made of hair, complete with a moving propeller!
Sports Dog
Zeke Hammer is a dog with amazing abilities, he plays more than seven different sports!
Tiny White House
John Zweifel has spent 40 years and more than a million dollars creating an exact miniature replica of the White House--faithfully capturing everything from hand carved chairs and oil paintings to tiny, working TV sets!
Eye Guy
This man has a high threshold for pain. To prove it he will drag a person across the floor with hooks that are latched onto his eye sockets!
Mother Daughter Lifters
When Collen Fisher and Kelly Nelson put on tiny bikinis and flex their muscles, it’s hard to believe that they’re mother and daughter, aged 73 and 44!
Rollerblade Hospital
A hospital in Thailand is becoming more effective by putting their staff on rollerblades!
Human Hamster
Jaime Garcia has an unbelievable sense of balance. To demonstrate, he will walk and then jog on top of a 100’ tall rotating ferris wheel with no safety equipment.

Episode 208

Child-Like Actor
This young boy looks like he's 12 years old. Believe it or not, he's 28!
Human Kabob Festival
In Amman, Jordan, there is a forbidden Muslim sect that regularly praises Allah by testing themselves with knives and rods. One man has even passed a sharp sword through his stomach without bleeding!
Camel Racing
Cowboys of Virginia City, Nevada, race camels!
From the archive
In 1934, these New Yorkers called "Snow Birds" took a swim in the frozen Niagara River during one of the coldest winters on record
Boom Car
Eight times louder than a 747 jet, this Ford Bronco is so loud that it makes your hair stand on end!
Believe it or not, modern-day trepanist Amanda Fielding drilled a hole in her own skull and is now encouraging others to get their heads drilled too. Ripley's will be there when a doctor performs this ancient operation on one of her followers.
Falcon Fleets
Believe it or not, a specially trained fleet of falcons are keeping planes from crashing at JFK airport.
Helicopter Skateboarder
After 5 operations on his knees in the past year alone, Danny Way, one of the best skateboarders in the world, is now ready to get back on his board. To prove it, he will jump out of a helicopter! His website: www.DCshoes.com
Anti-Gravity Punk Band
This Japanese punk band can rock out 30 to 40 minute sets suspended from metal frames -- completely upside down!
Leopard Girl
This beautiful girl is slowly transforming herself into a spotted leopard!
From The Vault
This item is a noisemaker that some people use on New Year's Eve, but during WW1 it was a warning sound that Germans were using Mustard Gas and if doughboys didn't get their gas masks on quickly enough, it was the last sound they ever heard

Episode 209

Jet Engine Survivor
Naval petty officer John David Bridges was sucked into the air intake of a jet engine and survived! And, it's all caught on tape during 1991's Operation Desert Storm!
It stands 40 feet tall, weighs 60,000 pounds, breathes twenty foot flames, and crushes cars with 24,000 pounds of force. One man controls this mechanical monster from the inside by driving with his feet and controlling over 20 functions with a keyboard! Website: www.robosaurus.com
Gentle Jellyfish
A phenomenon has occured in the island lake of Palau, creating a species of jellyfish which are completely harmless to touch!
Ultimate Taxi Driver
Cabbie John Barnes offers a ride you'll never forget...complete with a disco ball, smoke machine, drum kit, gift shop in the trunk and an Internet camera that allows people to see what's going on in the Ultimate Taxi at all times.
Human Wishbone
Believe It or not, Ben Sherif will be lifted off the ground held only by hooks threaded through his back and chest in opposite directions!
Monster House-cat
This all-white cat is over three feet long and weighs three times as much as the average cat in Scotland, and a vet says he could live another 15 years!
Armless in Arizona
Barb Guerra has no problem cooking, cleaning, driving, putting on make-up, playing piano and taking care of her newborn son. This armless woman does it all with her feet!
Typewriter Artist
This artist in 1953 creates his masterpieces on a manual typewriter!
Lightning Jouster
Austin Richards will be jolted by 1,000,000 volts of electricity and the only thing protecting him is a homemade mesh steel suit. Watch the destruction he leaves as he redirects giant lethal bolts of lightening generated by a huge Tesla coil!
Splash Art
This artist regurgitates paint onto canvas in about an hour. What he calls "barf art" goes for big bucks!
World's Biggest Water-fight
In mid-April, Thailand welcomes in each New Year with a nation-wide water fight, with hoses and buckets of water!
Life Casting
This artist helps people freeze a moment in time -- he casts parts of their bodies in latex, plaster or bronze. Website: bnglifecasting.com
From the vault: Asia
These toe rings were lethal when used in battle, the spikes contained poison

Episode 210

Sailor Surgeon
Believe it or not, Viktor Yazykov performed surgery on his own arm -- alone at sea, without anesthesia and...he videotaped his own surgery!
Backwards Biker
Roger Riddell is so confident when it comes to motorcross racing, he’s going to compete in his next race riding backwards!
Bug House
This nature lover likes real live slugs in his shower, ants on his woodwork and spiders in his windows! Frogs & geckos keep the insect population under control
Motor Skates
Motorized in-line skates with 100 mpg 2-stroke motors
Hand Skier
Mike Seipel water skies backwards at 40 mph, on his hands, with a person sitting on his back. Originally seen in: www.WaterSkiMag.com
Log Riders
Every 6 years, the men of Nagano, Japan test their bravery and risk their lives by riding enormous 50 foot, 13 ton logs down extremely steep slopes at speeds of 30 mph!
This Restaurant Has Gone to the Dogs
This Canine Cafe has been open for about a year in Paris, which welcomes both humans and dogs at $15 a plate, half price for the dog's chicken, rice and meatballs
JC and the Ball
J.C. Payne of Denton has rolled a barbed wire ball almost 12 feet in diameter, weighing 11 1/2 tons! Ironically, the world's largest hairball, in the Ripley collection, came from a cow
Pop Eye
John Shaw will inhale a kernel of popcorn up his nose and push it out his eye! Websites: "www.anatomical.com" and "www.lww.com"
Iguana Fan
This man is so obsessed with iguanas, that he not only photographs them in costume but shares his home with them! His website: www.Henrylizardlover.com
Spy Cye
A compact personal robot to monitor your home is controlled by you via the web! Website: www.Personalrobots.com
Most people enjoy flying in an airplane, but George Olsen prefers to pull one. Website: www.Charlesatlas.com
From the vault
Mortician's Cooling Table, used in the old West to display bodies of unidentified gunfight losers so their friends or family could recognize them and pay the undertaking bill

Episode 211

Skull of Steel
Nigel Bam’s face was smashed so badly in a boating accident no one could tell what he looked like, let alone if he would live. But 9 titanium plates, 20 bolts and 7 operations later, Nigel is alive and looks better than ever!
Blind Goalie
Mario Ros is one of the best goalies of his hockey league. Believe it or not, he’s completely blind!
From the vault
These people were human sacrifices between 2000 and 3000 years ago, preserved by the bog they were thrown in
Coffin Furniture
Believe it or not, every piece of furniture in Mark Zeabin’s house and office doubles as a casket. Website: Casketfurniture.com
Cow Jumping
Believe it or not, horse whisperer Bruno Isliker of Switzerland has trained his cow to jump like a horse over a 3 foot gate. It’s a Ripley’s exclusive!
Bird Legs
After an attack from another bird, this rare cockatoo was the first bird ever successfully fitted with usable artifical legs
Monster Motorcycle Truck
Frank Schettini drives his one-of-a-kind, monster truck standing up, steering with handle bars and other motorcycle controls...he will attempt to jump it over 8 cars, a distance of 100 feet. So far in his career, he has broken his back twice. Websites: Monsterjerky.com and Unlimitedcustoms.com
Baring It All
Nude weddings have become an annual event in this town; including family, friends and guests
Electric Cook
This man in India can light up bulbs, turn on televisions, and cook an egg with 11,000 volts of electricity flowing through his body.
Hula Hooper
This woman can whirl hula hoops around her arms, legs and body -- 82 of them at the same time! She was born the year they were first sold. Website: www.hula-hoops.com
From the archive
This car drove from Detroit to Chicago with one wheel missing on purpose!
Cat Man
Believe it or not, an Arizona man is transforming himself into a wild cat, complete with fangs and claws! His Lakota tribal name is Stalking Cat
From the vault
Lockjaw opener, for 19th century people dying from tetanus

Episode 212

Homemade Jet
Bob Bishop built the world’s smallest jet. Believe it or not, it weights 432 lbs and flies at over 300 mph!
Quad Walker
Roberto Ramirez was born in the Dominican Republic and as he grew the bones in his legs started to bend forward at a ninety degree angle causing him to have to walk like a horse. He was left walking on all fours! Doctors were able to operate and today Roberto walks upright.
Scuba Diving Dog
When Dwane Folsom goes scuba diving, his dog Shadow goes with him -- wearing his own doggy scuba gear!
Well Racing
These daredevils drive motorcycles and even a car around the inside walls of a two-story high wooden well.
Tumor Woman
Porter Colley has built a legacy of kindness and enlightenment despite being afflicted with tumors all over her body. www.CTF.org
Clothes Pin Man
Kevin Thackwell can put more than 120 clothes pins on his face.
Mile High Bungee
Dave Barlia will rise 11,000 feet in a helicopter, attach himself to 1,800 feet of bungee cord and dive off . When the cord is fully stretched, it will extend longer than any bungee jump ever has -- one mile straight down!
Tattoo Lady
Julia Gnuse has tattoos all over her body, including her face!
11 O’Clock Nudes
Four women are anchoring a web-based newscast and while they’re reading the news they strip down to their birthday suits.
YouTube clip (no frontal nudity)

Episode 213

Ice Sculptures
Believe It Or Not, Randy Finch and Derek Maxfield create miniature works of art like mechanical double ferris wheels and working merry-go-rounds -- out of ice. For Ripley’s they will use their chain saws to create a full-sized, working pool table complete with cues and balls! Website: www.IceSculpturesLtd.com
Eye Periscope
Believe it or not, Dr. Arthur Cotliar implanted a miniature periscope into the eye of patient Wlodzimierz Nazaruk, enabling him to see after being blind for 45 years!
Motorbike Bath
Believe it or not Edd China has turned his motorcycle into a bath-cycle.
Knife Dog
Believe it or not, an x-ray showed this 18 inch long puppy swallowed a 15 inch serrated knife – and lived.
Egg Parka
Believe it or not, this Japanese designed motorcylists safety vest has six hidden chambers that inflate to protect your chest, neck, spine and tailbone in half a second!. www.EggParka.com
Living With Mummies
Believe it or not, people of the Dani Tribe in Indonesia draw strength and wisdom from the presence of their 300 year old mummyfied warrior ancestor who is brought out each day from the men’s hut and placed in an old wooden chair before the village people.
One Arm Bandits
Victor Rosario’s softball team competes and wins games with able-bodied teams from all over the world, even though his players are all missing limbs! Website: OneArmedBandits.com (original website no longer exists, this screencapture archived in 2001)
Egg Man
A father of three and a drug counselor for the past 14 years, David Nakfoor can catch a hard-boiled egg in his mouth, thrown from 180 feet away!
Rocket Racer
Believe it or not, Billy Copeland, wearing only the usual gear, will power his downhill luge with rockets, 24 of them, and attempt to reach a speed of over 100 miles an hour. He will stop the luge as he usually does...with his feet!
Chocolate Clothes
Believe it or not, these world-famous designers create “haute couture” clothing, from bikinis to wedding dresses, out of chocolate! Website: www.ChocolateShow.com
Lap Man
John Gardner has had over 9,584 women from all fifty states and over 70 countries sit on his lap.

Episode 214

Man With No Esophagus
Believe it or not, Jonas Scott's esophagus and stomach were so damaged he was unable to eat and doctors had to do a surgery to connect his small intestine to his throat, giving him the ability to eat again.
Valentino Scissorhands
Award-winning hair stylist, Valentino LoSauro, can do the work of 4 to 8 pairs of scissors. This real life Edward Scissorhands cuts hair with ten mini razors attached to his fingertips!
Lip Plate
Believe it or not, women in a small village in Ethiopia wear clay lip plates stretching their bottom lips to 15-20 centimeters in diameter all for the sake of beauty! Website: africa-adventure.com
Real Life Survivor
Believe it or not, Mark Hogg will show us how he uses his survival training to eat all different bugs and worms.
Aqua Man
Believe it or not, Andy Le Sauce can hold his breath for over 7 1/2 minutes underwater!
Sea Foam
Believe it or not, a weird weather phenomenon caused a small town in Uruguay to be covered by sea foam.
Milk Squirter
Jim Cichon has an amazing ability to drink milk through his nose and squirt it out of his eye.
Half Man Mountain Climber
Believe It Or Not, Warren MacDonald will attempt to climb this sheer rock face - an impressive feat in itself, but what makes it truly unbelievable is the fact that Warren has no legs! Website (archived in December 2001) www.partanimal.com
Dog Hair Clothing
Colette Wilson uses handmade yarn to knit, crochet and braid beautiful clothes sewn from dog hair!
Ring Head
Luis Antonio Aguero Torregosa has over 300 holes in his face, and believe it or not, he will fill all of them with metal.

Episode 215

Lightning girl Scorpion man
Lightbulb Girl
Believe it or not, Cynder Moon is a beautiful woman who can shoot lightning bolts from her tongue and fingers!

Scorpion Charmer
Russell "Scorpio" Rogers will allow 500 African Emperor scorpions to crawl all over his unprotected body!
Impaled Pizza Man
A steel rod rips through the skull of Ezra Bias, a pizza deliveryman, as he is driving. He crashes down a 10-foot embankment and lives to tell Ripley's about it.
Glow-in-dark tattoo Glow-in-the-Dark Tattoo
Greg Kulz uses his own homemade tattoo ink under a black light to give people tattoos that -- believe it or not -- glow in the dark!
From the archive: UPSIDE-DOWN HOUSE
In 1960 this house was built with everything on the ceiling, including the car in the garage, as a publicity stunt by the builder
Face Threading
During a popular cultural ritual dancers put themselves into a trance-like state, thread wires through their faces over 20 feet long and then walk back and forth!
Angel Under Glass
In the catacombs beneath the Santa Maria della Concezione church, lies the pristine, preserved body of Rosalia Lomabardo, who died in 1920.
Rooftop Cyclist
Eder Franco will ride his bicycle on the ledge of a 150 foot high building...while surfing the bike like a surfboard...no hands!
Ball of Bras
Artist, Nicolino has created a giant 1,000 pound ball made out of bras, Believe it or Not!
From the vault: DEADLY RING
This ring can actually fire up to 6 bullets! Developed for self-protection, it was confiscated from a gang using it to hold up banks

Episode 216

Rattlesnake Wrangler
Texan Jackie Bibby will show his affinity for snakes by holding 15 in each hand, 8 in his mouth, and then lie in a clear casket filled with 109 poisonous rattler snakes. In the past he has been hospitalized 5 different times, let's hope for the best tonight!
C-Cell speeder
This man will drive a car almost three hundred miles per hour powered only by, believe it or not, over 6,000 flashlight batteries!
Anatomic Art
Dr. Gunther Von Hagen, injects corpses with silicon to isolate different body systems and take mummification to a new level of science and, according to his gallery, art.
Credit Card Camera
The world's thinnest digital camera. The size and shape of a credit card, you can hide it in your wallet and take up to 140 pictures downloadable to your computer! Website: SMALCAMERA.COM
Ice Golf
Annika Ostberg will challenge Arctic Circle cold, snow and glaciers to defend her championship at the World Ice Golf Tournament.
Lightbulb Changer
When the lightbulb on the very top of the Empire State Building needs changing, there's only one man they call to climb the top-most antenna. Believe it or not, he climbs up some 1400 feet with a bulb and changes it! 16 stories above the tip of the roof, the ladder sways as much as 4 feet under him
Finger Sacrifice
The Dani people of the Baliem valley mourn the death of a close relative by cutting off their own fingers or the tip of their ear in order to honor their ancestral spirits.
Knife In The Back
A 62-year-old woman walks to the store, grocery shops then walks home 20 minutes each way---all while never realizing she has a knife in her back 4 inches deep.
Tongue Tricks
Chris has a tongue almost twice as long as normal, and can do tricks with it including waving at you
Super Dog
This super dog can skip a rope 75 times in one minute, and will break his own world record tonight!
Belly Billboards
These sexy football cheer-leaders are selling advertising space, in the form of temporary tattoos on their bellies!
From the vault: THE PEAR OF AGONY
In the Middle Ages, this "pear of agony" was heated red hot and dropped down the throat of its victim

Episode 217

Barbed Wire Pyramid
Believe it or not, Harley Newman will bear the weight of a half-ton human pyramid while lying on a bed of razor-sharp barbed wire...after failing the first time!
Car Hopping
It's the ultimate feat of a low-rider. Believe it or not, Armando Nuñez can make the front end of his car jump over seven feet above the ground!
Parachute Jump Gone Wrong
While bungee jumping during a parachute jump, Greg Jones falls over a mile when the bungee cord snapped, breaking his back on camera and ending his sky-diving career.
Root Canal
In Israel, dentist Mina Kuchuk will perform a successful root canal...on herself!
Hubcap Queen
Lucy Pearson has dedicated her life to preserving hubcaps. She has over 200,000 in her collection and they're worth well over half a million dollars! Want a gold one for a 1957 DeSoto? Sorry, that one's not for sale
Scorpion Restaurant
At this Beijing restaurant, patrons pay to eat live scorpions! The house specialty is the "Live Scorpion Pagoda" which is crawling with the poisonous creatures.
More than the Iditarod
These people race 350 miles over the Alaskan Range in the dead of winter, through 3 foot deep snow drifts, 60-mile-per-hour head winds and 90-below-zero windchills...on bicycles!
Motorcycle Surfer
Wearing specially designed titanium shoes, Gary Rothwell will jump off his motorcycle grab onto the back and, while standing on his feet, be pulled along at 156 mph!
Demolition Dojo
Wolfgang Manicke and his friends have an amazing hobby--they're a human demolition company able to knock down a house with their bare hands! On their first attempt, the karate master and his students demolished a house in world record time and today will do another one for our cameras even faster
Long Legs
This 6' 3" woman has legs over 40 inches long!
Giant Grasshoppers
"Spot The Not" Original photo not available, but check out this whopper from New Zealand
Some Pig
Name your pig Napoleon in France and it will get you thrown in jail! The law passed by Napoleon himself is still enforced
From the vault
The Witch Catcher, placed around the neck of an accused witch, containing razor sharp spikes

Episode 218


Limbo Girl
This girl can limbo under 18 cars in India, on roller-skates...and she's only 4 years old!
Skydiving Marathon
Texas airline pilot Mike Zang set a world skydiving record by jumping out of an airplane 500 times in 24 hours: that's one dive every 3 minutes.
Man With Half A Brain
In 1987, fourteen year-old Ahad Israfil was shot in the head and lost half of his brain and skull. Believe it or not, the other half of his brain took over all functions and he graduated with honors from a local junior college! So if you have at least half a brain and are a dropout, what's your excuse?
Tree Cafe
This working cafe is built inside the world's largest baobab tree and holds up to 56 people! Over the past century, it has been used as a warehouse and even a blacksmith shop
Honda's Robot
Automobile manufacturer Honda has built a robot with arms and legs named Asimo that can walk and work among humans
From the archives: Tumor Tribe
Believe It or Not, the males of this tribe of nomadic Indians grow large tumors on their necks to cushion the weight of canoes they carry on them!
Toe Donation
Bronco Lane successfully climbed Mount Everest in 1976, but on the way down his toes and five fingers got frostbite and had to be amputated. Nearly 30 years later, he visits those frostbitten toes and fingers in the London Army Museum!
Crab Invasion
Believe it or not, millions of these crabs invade a small remote island in the Indian Ocean. It happens every year on Christmas Island
Tough Guy Race
There are other eco-challenge races but many of the toughest athletes agree: Billy Wilson's 8-mile race in England requiring men and women to climb under barbed wire, scale electric fences, wade in 17 degree muddy water and crawl through rat-sized tunnels has been the most difficult race in the world since 1986, based by him on what WW1 soldiers had to endure!
Bikini Meter Maids
These bikini beauties patrol the streets of Australia putting money into expired parking meters sponsored by businessmen who were losing customers. Though technically illegal, police don't dare stop them!
Illegal Chickens
In Georgia, if a chicken crosses the road, its owner is subject to fines
From the archive
Hundreds of contestants in England try to find a single needle in a haystack (1952)
The Plane Truth
Airplanes land and take off just over the heads of beach-goers at one end of the airstrip on St. Maarten!
From the vault
This 5 foot long whale penis was saved by a whaler in the 1800s

Episode 219

Ray's Hell
Ray's Hell
Just before his fifth try at breaking the world record for long distance car jumping, Ray Baumann takes a practice jump, finally breaking the record and, believe it or not, also breaks his back!
Chimney Sweep
Believe it or not, the skeleton of a man is found in a chimney 15 years after he allegedly tried to rob a shop in Natchez.
Human Shish-Ka-Bob
These two men were skewered through their chests when their motorcycle collided with a truck carrying a metal pipe in Thailand. Believe it or not, they lived to tell about it!
Garbage Artist
This amazing artist makes beautiful furniture out of poptops, bottle caps and swizzle sticks!
Ostrich People
Many members of the Vadoma tribe have V-shaped feet with only two toes on each foot.
Blind Golfer
Worth Dalton hit a 125 yard hole-in-one in a Wisconsin golf tournament and...believe it or not...he's blind. It was the 7th hole in his 7th tournament. Tiger Woods was impressed!
Floating Fish
Gina Sylvester saved her ailing goldfish by creating the very first life vest for fish!
Ear Bus
Manjit Singh from India will pull an 11 ton London bus with his ear, and then another 200 feet with his hair!
Hot Air Parachute
David Morris parachuted out of a helicopter at 10,000 feet, landed on top of a hot air balloon, changed parachutes and jumped off the balloon.
From the vault: The Car Capsule
This clear plastic bubble protects a car from anything, even a sledgehammer
From the archive: World's Strongest Baby
From 1952: this 4 month old infant can lift his own body weight
Most famous unknown woman
This beautiful woman has appeared on more paperback covers, over 3000 different romance novels, than any cover model, yet is rarely recognized without her makeup
From the vault
This giant spoon was heated red hot. If an accused criminal facing a death penalty could lick the spoon 3 times without injury, he was released

Episode 220

Fastball Slugger
Jim Goldman was born without arms. But, believe it or not, Jim can hold a bat with his neck and hit a fast-ball thrown by a ball player.
World's Smallest Runway
Believe it or not, Andy and Jackie McCain take off and land their airplane from the roof of their car!
Salvage Park
Tom Every has taken over 400 tons of scrap metal and made it into the world's largest sculpture park!
Fetal Surgery
Believe it or not, doctors remove an unborn fetus from the womb, perform brain surgery to save it from deformity and possible death and return it so that the baby can be born healthy two months later!
Water Tower Castle
Believe it or not, Jerry Wallace lives in a 75,000 gallon water tower, perched 5 stories above the beach!
Snake Cure
Believe it or not, to cure their ailments these people put snakes on any part of their bodies, even their faces!
Biting Black Bird
Believe It or Not, this South American Black Bird named "Pepito" is notorious for biting nearly everyone who passes by the tree he inhabits.
The Torture King Revisited
Tim Cridland will walk on metal plates which have been heated to 1600 degrees Fahrenheit -- barefoot.
Underwater Angels
Believe it or not, a new style of glamour photography features beautiful models posing underwater!
"Spot The Not" www.ProjectGastro.com (photo missing or not available)

Episode 221

Suspension Truck Pull
Jennifer Kindelspire, 20, will pull an armored truck from a dead stop over fifty feet--by believe it or not, using hooks in her back!!
SCAD Diving
SCAD Diving, a bizarre marriage of free-fall skydiving and bungee jumping, provides brave divers with the most intense "near death" rush of any extreme activity around.
Human Bone Jewelry
Believe it or not, while other women shop for jewelry, designer Columbine shops for human bones to make her own!
Half Rider
Tony O'Brian lost his left arm and leg in a motorcycle accident. Believe it or not, although he can't walk he can still ride his motorcycle!
Asthma Cure
Believe it or not, asthma sufferers in India believe they have found a cure. Thousands converge on one clinic to swallow 2 to 3 inch live sardines stuffed with secret herbs.
Airplane mechanic and pilot, Ivan Shlutz had no artistic ability but believe it or not, after being struck in the head by an airplane propellor, he now creates critically acclaimed sculptures!
Human Tower
Believe it or not, these people from Spain can form a human tower that's five stories tall. The place of honor on the top is reserved for the smallest, the youngest and the bravest...children of 7 or 8 years old!
Golf On Stilts
Brad Denton plays golf with ten foot clubs and has to stand on stilts to hit the ball!
Cockroach Man
Ken Edwards collects and raises rare breeds of cockroaches in his home, believe it or not, so that he can eat them!
Spot The Not: Hairy Museum Of Natural History

Episode 222

Nail in the Head
Simon Montez was remodeling his house when he accidentally shot himself in the head with a nail gun and he survives extremely delicate surgery to remove the 3 1/2 inch nail without serious brain damage!
Underground House
Tex Edmundson's house and grounds cover 16,500 square feet with a swimming pool, hot tub, guest house and hand-painted murals. The house is surrounded by an Astroturf lawn and fake trees and ...believe it or not...it is all completely underground!
Waterfall Survivor
Jeb Corliss base jumps off a waterfall, gets sucked into the water on the way down, crashes into the rocks 300 feet below, breaks his back in three places but...believe it or not... he is back base jumping again!
World's Fastest Painter
Believe it or not, Morris Katz can create a detailed, realistic and well done painting in under a minute!
Honoring Dead Skulls
Believe it or not, in order to pay homage to the deceased, families remove the cranial portion of dead relatives' skulls and cover the skulls with their favorite earthly foods or vices.
Urban Mountain Climbers
These young men have created a radical new sport. Moving through the city nothing gets in their way... cars, walls, fences and even buildings, it's all fair game for the Yamakasi
Body jewels Mister Freeze
This man, dressed only in a bathing suit, will stand in a commercial freezer where the temperatures will be lowered... to minus 35 degrees!
Street Ski
Believe or not, Doug Lucht can ski year-round at his home in Arizona, and he plans to break his own world record...on pavement
Jewelry Clothing
Jewelry designer Tina Marie Stoker creates dresses out of nothing but rhinestones!

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Sony Pictures Television's weekly look at the world of strange and fascinating phenomena kicks into high gear this summer with all-new episodes of Ripley's Believe it or Not!, hosted by actor Dean Cain (Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman) and field correspondent, Kelly Packard (Baywatch). Ripley's Believe it or Not! originally aired Wednesdays at 9PM on TBS Superstation. It is now seen on the SCIFI channel and sister channel Chiller TV on occasional Sundays and Wednesdays.
Ripley's Believe it or Not! takes viewers through a world of amazing feats, facts, and artifacts that stretch the limits of imagination. This season the series expands on that mission to include opening each show with an event performed before a live audience at such diverse locations as the Hollywood Boulevard, the Las Vegas Strip or stadiums across the country.
The show also features such regular elements as "Spot the Not," a weekly trivia segment in which viewers are challenged to pick the claim that isn't real and special "Ripley's Record" commemoration for people who break a World Record while appearing on the show.

Ripley's Believe it or Not! is produced by Sony Pictures Television, with Dan Jbara serving as executive producer. The series is produced in association with Dean Cain's production company, Angry Dragon Entertainment
Dean Cain Co-host Kelly Packard Dean Cain, host of the original series, Ripley's Believe It or Not! starred for four seasons as Clark Kent/Superman in the TV series "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman". Prior to that, he had spent a season playing "Rick" on the series Beverly Hills 90210. In addition to series, Cain has also starred on television in such movies as Things That Go Bump in the Night, Dogboys, Rag and Bone and Futuresport.

Kelly Packard (Baywatch, California Dreams) co-stars on the original series Ripley's Believe It or Not! as the series' live-event correspondent. She opens each episode of the show by hosting the outrageous feats taped before audiences at diverse locations.
Packard starred for two seasons as the fashion-designing lifeguard "April" on the long-running series Baywatch. Prior to that, she starred for five seasons as "Tiffani" on NBC's popular teen comedy series California Dreams.

Packard began her career in television commercials at the age of eight before going on to win the title of "Miss California Pre-Teen" in 1988. In her early teens, she made the transition to series television with guest appearances in such series as The Wonder Years, Boy Meets World, Step by Step and Living Dolls.
Most recently, Packard has been seen in the Sega video arcade game, "Kelly Packard's Golden Cue." She also recently hosted Secret Beaches, a special for The Travel Channel. She will soon be seen in Mind Wars.

Note: The above episode descriptions are based on TV scripts written in 2000/2001 and are subject to change at airtime. Corrections will be made above after broadcast

A baby born with two faces (craniofacial duplication) in India is otherwise normal: family of the baby has refused medical treatment for the infant, saying she is the incarnation of a Hindu goddess. Website: www.msnbc.com
In Bexley, Ohio, it is illegal to place a slot machine inside an outdoor toilet. The official IRS Manual is 38,000 pages. In 1931, Ripley reported that in Tontogany, Ohio, father and son electrical contractors were named A.C. Current and D.C. Current. And in California, he found a woman named "Cali Fornia" in San Pedro, near Inglewood where "California Poppe" lived, though Ripley reported that Deep C. Fisher of San Francisco hated fishing. You could find the Tuf Steak Market in Lexington, OK, owned by Mr. Tuf

Rare four-horned sheep are considered sacred by the Navajo of Arizona. In 1948, one was sent to Dairymen's Waialae Ranch and discovered a new favorite snack: women's hula skirts. In 1994, a white buffalo was born on a Wisconsin farm, considered sacred by many American tribes, drawing thousands of visitors from as far away as China. According to Ripley's, it was the first since 1933, at odds of at least 10,000,000 to one. According to the Sioux and Cheyenne, it would turn white, yellow, black & red to represent the 4 human races. As the buffalo calf grew up it changed gradually to dark yellow, charcoal black, and is now showing tinges of copper red, indicating a new era of world peace
Visiting Los Angeles? The original settlement's full name was El Pueblo De Nuestra Señora La Reina De Los Angeles De Porciuncula, believe it or not.

Friday is a bad day to be arrested or get a haircut, Monday is a good day to visit a pawnbroker but a bad day to go to a Chinese restuarant, and never check into a hospital on July 1. Why?
If you can't see a Judge to set bail in time to arrange a bail bond you'll be in jail all weekend and Friday is a barber's busiest day so you'll get a hurried cut; pawnbrokers have an old superstition that making a customer happy on Monday will mean a good week, but Chinese custom is to give the regular cook Mondays off leaving a less experienced assistant in charge; medical internships usually start in July, so the trainees will have the most experience 11 months later.
900 years ago an Islamic army attacked Crusader-held Jerusalem, killing every man, woman & child there, then destroyed every building except the Wailing Wall, on a Friday the 13th...which is why the British consider Friday the 13th unlucky to this day.

The number 6 will face upwards the most often on ordinary dice because the 6 indentations make that side slightly lighter than the other sides. Prairie Dogs appear to be kissing because they identify each other by pressing teeth together. Refined oil is so slippery it doesn't even stick to itself--an oilslick floating on water is only one molecule thick, believe it or not!

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The Chilas of Hindu Kush prize red butter, after it has been aged for 100 years!
Yucatan, Mexico, was named by early Spanish explorers who landed there in the 16th century. They asked the natives what the area was called but they didn't understand Spanish and answered "Yucatan," which means "What do you want?"

The Charlotte, NC, water company sent out a letter in March, 2008, thanking customers for conserving water and increasing rates due to the decreased demand for water. And the same month, YouTube hit the same amount of bandwidth as the entire internet had used in the year 2000.

20 years ago the Australian emu was promoted as the new lean meat. Easy to raise, little fat, and failing ranchers paid as much as $20,000 per breeding pair. By 1998 there were over 100 emu ranches in North Dakota alone. Now you can't give them away. There are only 3 emu ranches left and they're less popular than camels in Australia (another failed enterprise)

An urban legend says that dogs age 7 years every 12 months, which would make a 14-year-old dog 98 in dog years. But dogs actually age 15 years their 1st year, 10 their 2nd, 7 their 3rd, and only 3 each year after. So 14 would be only 65 in dog years.

Polar bears live only in or near the Arctic. The word Antarctic is Greek for "opposite of bear," Believe It or Not!

Lynn Stechik of Philadelphia, PA, says her cat Abbey is fascinated by bubbles in the clear tubes of her dialysis machine and chases them
Abraham Lincoln was once challenged to a duel but chose broadswords as his weapon knowing that his smaller challenger would not be able to wield one and negotiate a more peaceful solution. They remained friends for life after that.

Venetian public gondola boats have been painted black ever since a decree in 1562 banned all other colors. Great Britain abolished the death penalty in 1965 on land, though executions for piracy on the seas was not abolished until 1998

In the 1800s, the Saint Nicholas Nat. Bank of New York issued three-dollar bills featuring the image of Santa Clause. Thomas Edison invented the first string of electric Christmas tree lights just 3 year after perfecting the light bulb, to replace the dangerous practice of placing lit candles in the trees. If you've never seen Santa visit, it's because he moves so fast. To visit all 42,466,666 homes in North America and Europe in one night comes to 983 homes per second! In Australia, Santa's sled is pulled by eight kangaroos--it's too warm for reindeer. New Year's Day was celebrated on March 25th until 1752. After that, if you were still celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas on April 1st, you were an April Fool.

Over a century ago twelve sycamore trees were planted by the Grace Episcopal Church of Plymouth, NC. Each was named for one of Christ's apostles--the one named Judas was hit and killed by lightning. If a plane coated with tungsten landed on volcanic lava, it wouldn't melt. Tungsten's melting temperature is 6192 F, three times as hot as molten lava

The single distance run most often in American sports is 90 feet, the distance between 2 bases in baseball.
In 1974, a "super outbreak" unleashed 148 tornadoes across 13 states. In 1999, there were only 75 tornadoes in the US, but they caused over a billion dollars damage. In 1755, Ben Franklin chased one on horseback and described "trunks and bodies of large trees enveloped in the passing whirl."

In New Delhi, India, cows are considered sacred by Hindus, but finally the government had to hire "cow catchers" to round up the cows causing traffic jams and move them out to the suburbs. Seven years later (2009) the chief veterinarian reported that 100,000 cows had been caught and moved out, with about 20,000 to go. Being crushed by an elephant was once used as a form of execution in India

Most meteors that hit the Earth's atmosphere burn up, but some make it to the ground. The average size of a meteorite found on Earth is the size of a pea. A meteor was once noted on the Eclipse's log as having hit the sailing ship in mid-Pacific, destroying its masts and killing 3, depicted in Ripley's column on 1/12/41. Thomas Jefferson refused to believe that "rocks fall from the sky." A dust storm of silica oxide in Australia blocked red & yellow light, making the full Moon appear to be blue. During WW2, Japan built 400 foot long submarines that could carry three folded-up bomber planes. In 1944, William Patrick Hitler (1911-1987) joined the U.S. Navy to help defeat his uncle, Adolf Hitler. The Tonga Islands involvement in WW2 was to contribute a single Spitfire fighter plane bearing the name of their Queen Salote, for which they are so proud the natives still use blankets bearing a crude image of the named plane. John Mattocks was elected Governor of Vermont in 1843 on the campaign promise to have Thanksgiving twice a year

Mark Noel of Hickory Corners (MICH) carved a 480' long 1,993-link wooden chain from a single piece of wood, though you won't find wooden chains listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Because nothing as effective as banned DDT has ever been invented, an average of two children a minute die of malaria somewhere in the world; the U.N. says that the common fly kills more humans each year than any other creature due to the diseases it carries from person to person.

Captain Thomas West Peyton served in the War of 1812. His son served in The Mexican War, his grandson served in the Civil War, and Captain Thomas West Peyton IV served in WW1. The Mosque of Sangar el Gawly in Cairo was built in 1304 yet not a single window pane has ever had to be replaced: locals believe that if a single glass in it is cracked or broken it will mean doom for Egypt. Andrew Hall (1722-1808), his father and grandfather served as parish gravediggers for 160 continuous years. Burning "Old Man Trouble" is a New Year's tradition by some in America, but in ancient times the giant wicker man was built by Druids on certain holidays and filled with criminals before it was set on fire. The Cecropia Trees of South America have hollow stems containing nests of ants which defend it ferociously

When the Turks were driven out of Saudi Arabia, the palace of the Turkish Governor in Riadh, to show scorn for the Turks, was converted into the capital city's prison.
"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" is the shortest sentence that uses every letter in the alphabet at least once
Antonio Biancani (1699-1746) of Milan, Italy, was born in a prison cell and 47 years later, convicted of treason, he was sent to his death from the same prison cell.

A huge Banyan tree in the Marquesas Islands contains bones & skulls in its branches as it serves as the tribal cemetery. Things are tough all over: owners of pet and work horses in the EU (European Union) have to sign a pledge not to eat their horses
In 1296, Allah-ud-din Khilji invaded India and laid seige to Delhi. When they ran out of rocks for the catapults Khilji had 100 pound sacks of gold loaded in them and continued the bombardment. After several hundred were launched, the city surrendered. Dorothy Catherine Draper, the subject of a daguerreotype made by her father in 1840, was the first photograph ever taken of a person with their eyes open.

Only four of ten newborn hyenas survive birth. The first toy advertised on TV in America (1952) was Mr. Potato Head, which required the use of an actual potato. Each year the dates of 4/4, 6/6, 8/8, 10/10, and 12/12 fall on the same day of the week: in 2010 it was Sunday and in 2011 it was Monday. The 13th falls on Friday more often than any other day each year. The 500 foot high Pyramid of Ichang in China is almost identical to Egypt's Pyramid of Cheops yet was created of sandstone by nature. The Basilica of St. Clement in Rome was built in the 12th century over an older church from the 4th century that itself rested on the ruins of a pagan temple. Urns in the Marriage Chapel of the Hapburgs in Vienna preserve the hearts of 54 members of the Imperial family, each of whom was married in the chapel. Almost half the 1100 violins made by Stradivarius have been lost or destroyed over time; just one of them recently sold for $16,000,000.

Torpedoes were not self-powered until WW1. During the Civil War, they were moored in harbors by Confederates who made them by filling beer barrels with gunpowder. Horatio Alger wrote 119 books inspiring boys to labor diligently and save their pennies, yet died in poverty as a spendthrift himself. Barstow, California, was named for the president of Santa Fe Railroad (now BNSF). After the Civil War, Robert E. Lee was president of Virginia's Valley Railroad, but died before its ground-breaking. Hays, Alberta, was named for the president of the Grand Trunk railway (now CN) before he died on the RMS Titanic. And Ripley, California, was named for another president of Santa Fe Railroad, Edward P. Ripley, believe it or not

After the sudden death of Margaret Mitchell, it came out that she had used some of the proceeds from her novel "Gone With The Wind" to put several black-American doctors through medical school. Mary Bruns lived her first 13 years above a Milwaukee Road train station. Born in 1944, her father was the station agent for over 20 years starting in 1938, except for serving in the war 1944-46, when his wife served as station agent. The world's largest silver nugget at 1840 pounds was found in 1894 near Aspen, Colorado

In 1791, a big new tax on whiskey made "moonshine" popular, and it became far more popular during Prohibition, sold from California to Washington D.C. including the White House (President Harding said he was no hypocrite since Prohibition had been passed by Congress over his veto.) In ancient times, making candles from tallow took so much time, they cost about $20 each in the marketplace. Unable to find gold or silver, Columbus sent 500 natives to Spain for use as slaves, but Queen Isabella refused to consider slavery and ordered them returned. Replaced by Conquistadors who did find gold, Spain eventually got rich without Columbus or slavery

On 6/11/27, Charles A. Lindbergh was congratulated at the White House for his New York-Paris flight on May 20. A newsreel company chartered a special train to rush footage of the event from Washington D.C. to New York while the film was developed in a baggage car enroute in just 3 hours 7 minutes, beating a competitor's airplane by a full hour. A rigid airship (zeppelin) had previously made the non-stop trip, but Lucky Lindy was the first to fly it solo

The Gobi Desert is rock, not sand, so a car can be driven is any direction on it. Gobi means "waterless place" in Mongolian. For centuries, the world's finest pearls came from the Persian Gulf. In the 1930s, the Japanese perfected cultured pearls and brought prices down. Thomas Edison and his assistants failed 1000 times before inventing the first successful light bulb. Early light bulbs had such a thick filament, they put out very dim light but lasted practically forever. One in a California firehouse has been burning constantly since 1901, Official webcam site. The hair of Alphonse de Rothschild, head of the bank in Paris, turned white overnight when Germany won the War of 1870 and ordered France to pay a Billion dollars in reparations

Skunks often share a burrow with a fox or raccoon as they are not good at digging their own, and who's going to mess with a fox or raccoon with that room-mate? Rudolf Diesel, inventor of the diesel engine, disappeared while crossing the English Channel in 1913 and was never seen again. US Postage 1825 to 1845 was 6 cents for up to 30 miles and 25 cents for 401 miles or more, per sheet of paper, so a three-sheet letter sent over 401 miles would have cost 75 cents. Railroads reduced the cost to just 2 cents per ounce anywhere in the 48 states by 1885. In 1932 the postage rate per ounce increased to 3 cents. During WW2, American railroads hauled almost a million troops per month in troop trains and hospital trains, a total of 43,700,000 between December 7, 1941 and August 1945, not counting troops that traveled on their own in passenger trains

The first mass-produced typewriters were manufactured by Remington Gun Company. For John Wayne's movie "The Alamo" a full-scale recreation of the much larger Alamo as it looked in the 1830s was built on a Texas ranch and still exists there. Boston was one of two other US cities that bid on the Statue of Liberty. Egypt considered using the Statue of Liberty as a light house if the US didn't raise enough money to install it. In 1868 Ohio made it illegal to illuminate railroad passenger cars with anything but candles, rather than new-fangled oil lamps or gas lights. Railroads supplied candles to passengers who didn't bring their own.

Due to continental drift, California and China are six feet closer every year. The 1909 Baker Electric was 100% electric and could go 80 miles on a charge; at the time a third of all cars sold in the USA were electric. Olympia, Washington, is the northernmost state capital in the USA not counting Alaska. Denver, Colorado, is known as "The Mile High City" but Santa Fe, state capital of New Mexico, is actually higher above sea level. The original version of Aladdin was written by a Frenchman based on a Chinese story set entirely in China. Quebec, Canada, produces 77% of the world's maple syrup.

The painting of Dorian Gray by Ivan Albright used in the horror/suspense movie "The Picture of Dorian Gray" is on display in the Art Institute of Chicago; so far the man in the painting hasn't aged. Most hospitals do not allow doctors to use hand sanitizers because 20 seconds of hand washing using soap and water cleans better according to the CDC and multiple studies. Soft pretzels date back to the 7th century, Germany began making the looped shape in the mid 19th century and Americans were the first to bake hard ones. Lucky Luciano, head of the Mafia, was enraged when Nazi Germany invaded Italy and ordered the Mafia to help America defeat the Nazis. Gameboy was invented by a maintenance worker at Nintendo.

Dolphins literally sleep with one eye open to watch for danger. The bark, leaves, sap and fruit of the Manchineel tree are poison, Columbus called its fruit "death apples." The tree grows in Latin America, the Caribbean and even parts of Florida. Switzerland has not been involved in a war since 1815. A bartender in Springfield, Oregon, was given a lottery ticket as a tip in 2013 that won $17,500. Five years after a scuba diver in Hawaii lost her camera, it washed up 6000 miles away in Taiwan with pictures still intact on its memory card.

In 2012, an elderly woman in Russia found a drunk burglar sleeping under her bed. Brigham Young objected to a national park in Utah being given the religious name Zion, so for many years Mormaons refered to it as "Not-Zion" National Park. The Illinois towns of Romeo and Juliet near Route 66 eventually changed their names to Romeoville and Joliet. In the year 1900 about 88% of Americans had blue eyes; in the 2010 census it was down to about one in six. A century ago LOL stood for Lots Of Love.