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ack.gif ack2.gif action.gif alpha.gif angry.gif at-work.gif at_work.gif atwork.gif atwork2.gif baloon.gif bar.gif biblio.gif bl_paw.gif blank.gif blanksmi.gif blnkbut.gif blue-arr.gif blueardn.gif bomb.gif book.gif book2.gif box.gif brush.gif btn_a.gif btn_b.gif btne.gif btnk.gif btnl.gif btnm.gif bulb.gif button_m.gif camers.gif casset.gif caution.gif cdrom.gif chart.gif check.gif check1.gif check2.gif check3.gif check_in.gif checker.gif checkyes.gif clef.gif clock.gif clockbut.gif closeup.gif connec.gif construc.gif copy.gif copyrigh.gif critter.gif cy_paw.gif delete.gif dialog.gif dig.gif dirbtn.gif disk.gif doc.gif docscont.gif docsdown.gif docsleft.gif docsrigh.gif docsupar.gif draw.gif drunk.gif dumpbutt.gif earth.gif eq-btn.gif erbtnbar.gif ex1.gif ex2.gif exclaim.gif eyes.gif eyesleft.gif fabc.gif factory.gif faq.gif fbang.gif fbin.gif fcamera.gif fcase.gif fcaution.gif fchart.gif fdrive.gif feye.gif ffilm.gif fglobe.gif files.gif film.gif film2.gif find.gif finkwell.gif fire.gif first.gif fixed.gif fkey.gif flock.gif fmac.gif fmbox.gif fmodem.gif fnote.gif fnuke.gif football.gif form.gif found.gif fpaper.gif fprojctr.gif fraidbut.gif frames.gif fright.gif fsound.gif ftp.gif ftpdir.gif glass.gif globe.gif globe2.gif gmarcube.gif gr_ar.gif gr_ar_dn.gif gr_minus.gif gr_paw.gif gr_plus.gif graph.gif greensta.gif help.gif help2.gif hlp_butt.gif home.gif homepage.gif hot.gif icon_bul.gif icon_cap.gif icon_cli.gif icon_dal.gif icon_eye.gif icon_geo.gif icon_key.gif icon_l'a.gif icon_mai.gif icon_mod.gif icon_not.gif idea.gif index.gif info.gif info_but.gif infor.gif inform.gif jroger.gif justice.gif kewl.gif key.gif last.gif lb_minus.gif lb_plus.gif lefttri.gif letter.gif letter2.gif lips.gif list.gif listbox.gif litebrit.gif litlcloc.gif litldiag.gif lope.gif mail.gif mail2.gif mailbox.gif mailbut.gif mailbut2.gif mailto.gif mana_blk.gif mana_blu.gif mana_grn.gif mana_red.gif mana_wit.gif manybook.gif mbox.gif medlogo.gif millbutt.gif mini-til.gif mosaic.gif mouth.gif movie.gif movie2.gif mr_yuk.gif multi.gif multicub.gif navigati.gif new-feat.gif new.gif new2.gif new3.gif new_butt.gif next.gif next2.gif note.gif ok.gif order.gif palette.gif pbrush.gif pencil.gif pi_ar.gif pi_ar_dn.gif pi_minus.gif pi_plus.gif picture.gif pie.gif pmarcube.gif pr_ar.gif pr_ar_dn.gif pr_minus.gif pr_plus.gif prev.gif prev2.gif previous.gif print.gif private.gif projectr.gif q_mark2.gif q_mark3.gif qbblnksm.gif qbsidesm.gif qbsmile.gif qubtnbar.gif questmul.gif r_hand.gif rd_paw.gif recycle.gif refer.gif sad.gif scissors.gif script.gif scroll.gif scrollbu.gif search.gif search2.gif sidesmil.gif signpost.gif skullt.gif slashno.gif smile.gif smiley.gif sound.gif soundbut.gif speed0.gif speed1.gif speed2.gif speed3.gif speed4.gif spill.gif spkr.gif staffbut.gif subscrib.gif technic.gif terminal.gif th_dn.gif th_up.gif tm.gif toc.gif top.gif topic.gif trash.gif treasure.gif upbar.gif updated.gif usa5_2.gif view.gif warning.gif wh_minus.gif wh_plus.gif whatsnew.gif world.gif worldsm.gif www2.gif xback.gif yl_ar.gif yl_ar_dn.gif yl_minus.gif yl_paw.gif yl_plus.gif

Instructions for editing a GIF with GIFWorks.
1. Right click on the image.
2. Choose "View Image" and then highlight & copy the URL.
3. Go to GIFWorks.
4. Choose "Open GIF..." from the file menu, and paste the URL into the field for "Open URL from Remote File Location".
5. Have fun!

These images are for Angelfire members only. To copy an image, right-click and "Save As."
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