Time-jumping is a criminal's dream. Want to get rich? Go back to 1929 and rig the stock market. Got a score to settle? Go back 60 years and kill your rival's grandmother before she spawns; get rid of your enemy and his annoying brat kids. After all, who's gonna stop you?

Officer Jack Logan of the Time Enforcement Commission, that's who. He'll go anywhere and anywhen to defend the timeline. He doesn't play by the rules, he doesn't like paperwork and he doesn't take "no" for an answer.

He's a Timecop; a time-jumping criminal's nightmare.
             Currently Scheduled:
11/10/2006  TIMECOP episode marathon -
           08:00 AM  A RIP IN TIME    
           09:00 AM  THE HEIST    
           10:00 AM  STALKER    
           11:00 AM  PUBLIC ENEMY    
           12:00 PM  ALTERNATE WORLD    
           01:00 PM  LOST VOYAGE    
           02:00 PM  D.O.A.    
           03:00 PM  THE FUTURE, JACK,THE FUTURE 
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Timecop is in no way a copy of any British tv-series about a time traveler...