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The mythology of Tarzan began around the turn of the last century with one book, which became a series of novels, then movies, cartoons, and several broadcast versions over the years. Several of the stories are also available on video:

GreystokeGreystoke (1984)
Tarzan'sTarzan's New York Adventure(1942)
TarzanTarzan Finds a Son(1939)
TarzanTarzan(1935 serial)
TarzanTarzan Escapes(1936)
TarzanTarzan and His Mate(1934)
TarzanTarzan & The Trappers/Tarzan the Fearless(DVD, 1933)
Tarzan,Tarzan, the Ape Man(1932)




"Tarzan" movies are available on video and on DVD from Amazon.com

Tarzan radio series (1932-33)

Tarzan And The Diamond Of Asher (1934 serial, all 39 chapters)

Tarzan: The Fires of Tohr radio serial, Carlton KaDell as Tarzan

Tarzan 1951 radio series

Although Arnold Schwarzenegger never played Tarzan, he did star in Hercules In New York

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