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Raise The Titanic (1980)

movie poster Remember the Titanic movie by that guy who directed The Terminator?
This isnít it. This oneís based on Clive Cusslerís best-selling novel and stars Jason Robards. Lord Lew Grade wanted a first-rate British movie so he hired a bunch of American actors and built a 55-foot-long elaborate model of the RMS Titanic (which at the time hadnít even been located on the ocean floor yet). Itís an ok movie, but ran so far over budget that it sank at the box-office. The Hollywood Hall of Shame by Harry and Michael Medved says:
The U.S. Navy learns of a killer chemical more powerful than H-bombs but which lies inconveniently at the bottom of the sea. The container that holds this potent treasure is that lovable old hulk, the steamship Titanic. How did this secret weapon end up inside the sunken luxery liner? Donít ask! And . . . it takes them nearly an hour to get it up. Everything went wrong with this Lew Grade presentation, which won particularly low grades for preproduction planning.

The filmmakers spent $350,000 for a devastatingly detailed 55-foot model of the old ship, only to find it was too large for the studio tank in which they planned to shoot much of the film. The solution? Build a brand-new tank with a few extra feet on all sides, at a cost of an additional $6 million. With this sort of quick thinking, no wonder the pictureís overall budget rose to $40 million (making it Britainís all-time biggest bomb), before it sank without a trace- bringing in less than $7 million at the box office.

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Like I say, itís an ok movie. It isnít really a sci-fi movie, and a better Navy-rescue movie would be "Gray Lady Down" (1978) starring Charlton Heston. But at least check out the scene in which the Titanic breaks the surface.
112 minutes, 122 minutes in Britain. Additional cast:
Alec Guiness, Richard Jordan, David Selby, Anne Archer, J.D. Cannon
Directed by Jerry Jameson
Besides, itís still better than Sphere

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