Jesus Christ, Superstar

Peter's Denial

movie poster 1973 Movie Cast:
Jesus: Ted Neeley
Judas: Carl Anderson
Mary: Yvonne Elliman
Caiaphas: Bob Bingham
Annas: Kurt Yaghjian
Simon: Larry Marshall
Pilate: Barry Dennen
Herod: Josh Mostel
Peter: Paul Thomas
(written by: Tim Rice)
Maid by the Fire 
I think I've seen you somewhere 
I remember 
You were with that man 
They took away 
I recognize your face 

You've got the wrong man, lady 
I don't know him 
And I wasn't where 
He was tonight 
Never near the place 

That's strange 
For I am sure I saw you with him 
You were right by his side 
And yet you deny it? 

I tell you 
I was never ever with him 

Old Man 
But I saw you too 
It looked just like you 

I don't know him!!! 

Mary Magdalene 
Peter don't you know what you have said 
You've gone and cut him dead 

I had to do it 
Don't you see? 
Or else they'd go for me 

Mary Magdalene 
It's what he told us you would do 
I wonder how he knew? 

Pilate And Christ

Who is this broken man?
Cluttering up my hallway?
Who is this un-for-tu-nate?

Someone Christ, King of the Jews

Oh so this is Jesus Christ
I am really quite surprised
You look so small
Not a king at all
We all know that you are news
But are you king?
King of the Jews?

That's what you say

What do you mean by that?
That is not an answer
You're deep in trouble friend
Someone Christ, King of the Jews
How can someone in your state
Be so cool about your fate?
An amazing thing
This silent king
Since you come from Galilee
So you need not come to me
You're Herod's race (laughs)
You're Herod's case

Hosanna, hey sanna, sanna sanna ho
Sanna hey, sanna ho, sanna
Hey JC, JC, please explain to me
You had everything, where is it now?
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