Jonny Quest

Episodes are seen occasionally on the Cartoon Network

Original 1960s episodes only


1. "Mystery of the Lizardmen"
2. "Arctic Splashdown"
3. "The Curse of Anubis"
4. "Pursuit of the Po-Ho"
5. "Riddle of the Gold"
6. "Treasure of the Temple"
7. "Calcutta Adventure"
8. "The Robot Spy"
9. "Double Danger"
10. "Shadow of the Condor"
11. "Skull and Double Crossbones"
12. "The Dreadful Doll"
13. "A Small Matter of Pygmies"
14. "Dragons of Ashida"
15. "Turu the Terrible"
16. "The Fraudulent Volcano"
17. "Werewolf of the Timberland"
18. "Pirates from Below"
19. "Attack of the Tree People"
20. "The Invisble Monster"
21. "The Devil's Tower"
22. "The Quetong Missile Mystery"
23. "The House of Seven Gargoyles"
24. "Terror Island"
25. "Monster in the Monastery"
26. "The Sea Haunt"


27. "Aliens Among Us"
28. "Deadly Junket"
29. "Forty Fathoms Into Yesterday"
30. "Vikong Lives"
31. "The Scourge of Skyborg"
32. "Monolith Man"
33. "Peril of the Reptilian"
34. "Nightmares of Steel"
35. "Skullduggery"
36. "Temple of Gloom"
37. "Creeping Unknown"
38. "Secret of the Clay Warriors"
39. "Warlord of the Sky"

The Cartoon Network has also done some new episodes of Jonny Quest, but they're almost as bad as Captain Planet

Fun fact:
Tim Matheson, the voice of Jonny Quest, co-founded improv group The Groundlings, and is currently acting like a grownup in "The West Wing"

Trivia question: Jonny's friend from India is named Hadji. What does the name mean?

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