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I Spit On Your Grave (1978)

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This flick is considered "the most disgusting movie ever made" by Ebert the Wimp and Siskel the Simp, who went on TV for two, three years tellin everbody that it makes men want to rape women, which is why the theaters quit running it. But it's the most feminist drive-in movie ever made. The most likely thing that'll happen after a man watches this flick--especially the bathtub scene--is he won't be able to walk straight for a week. A combination of Deliverance, Deathwish, and Straw dogs, this one has the second best title of the '70s (best is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and is a catagory all unto its ownself. Camille Keaton (granddaughter of Buster), Eron Tabor, and Richard Pace all give Drive-In Academy Award performances, but specially Eron Tabor, who is the finest crudhead slimeball woman-hater ever portrayed on the big screen.

The speech this guy gives about why it was necessary for him to rape Camille is a classic, and Meir Zarchi--one of those directors who is world reknowned for just one movie, this one--develops ever single scene so that, even though you already sorta know what's gonna happen, you're always surprised by what really does happen. Also has the best line in history: "This woman just chopped, burned, maimed, and mutilated four men beyond recognition--and no jury in the world would convict her."

A 94 on the Vomit Meter. Screenwriting Hall of Fame, for the following line, spoken by a drunk rapist standing over a battered corpse-like woman: "Total submission. That's what I like in a woman. Total submission." Best Drive-In Picture 1978. 4 stars

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* Originally released as "Day of the Woman," replaced by the well known "I Spit on Your Grave," also screened as "I Hate Your Guts" and "The Rape and Revenge of Jennifer Hill."

* The scar displayed on the left side of Jennifer (Camille Keaton)'s face in the post-trauma scenes is real, the result of an automobile accident in the actress's youth. In these scenes, it was exaggerated by the make-up artist, and in the opening and closing scenes, it was hidden under a thin layer of foundation.

* The film has no music score. Director Meir Zarchi intended to add some library music to his film, but found none that was suitable, so the only music we hear in the film comes from the church organ, a snatch of Puccini on record, background music in the store and a few stray riffs from Johnny's harmonica.

* The complete and uncut version of this film was originally classified 'R' in Australia in July, 1982. It was released on the Palace Explosive Video label in 1984. A conservative classification board banned it in March, 1998. However, copies of the video are still easily available from many video stores across the country. Moreover, it was re-released on video in early 1998, just prior to its ban. This uncut re-release just added to the futility of banning the film, since hundreds of copies are still in existence around Australia. The previous video release in the U.S. was heavily censored.

* Available on DVD. Video re-release date: July 6, 2004

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